Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill

October 9, 2011 at 11:58 am 12 comments

Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill-2011 as proposed by the NAC

I belong to a minority community and the reading of the so called Prevention of communal and targeted violence bill was shocking to say the least. I have touched only on one aspect-namely the ‘Group’ and ‘the others’ The proposed Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill 2011 seems to be drafted by Nazi mentality persons who are hell bend on communalizing the nation and ultimately destroying this country. It is just not senseless but drafted with malice intention and purport. The very terminology is misleading because this is no Prevention of communalism but arousing and abetting communalism. Again why the term ‘Targeted Violence’? It should have been simply violence. It starts thus with assumptions and presumptions that violence is targeted which means violence is directed against specific targets (read here Muslims) this assumes that the perpetrators are non Muslims. It is flawed right from the caption and the minds that sat down to scribble-not draft this Bill had preconceived notions and a hidden agenda which found its expression in the so called bill.

First I would like to question the authority of the NAC to draft such a bill. Why an extra constitutional body should be engaged in this task. Do we not have ministers-the cabinet and government advisors to the Prime Minister-Group of empowered ministers to take up the task. All these are paid by the common people’s tax money and apart from these a super body with handpicked anti-Modi, anti Hindu persons to form the NAC with an Italian heading it to abet the disintegration of this nation. This cannot go and it will be relevant if Baba Ramdev and Anna team joins together to throw this bill into the dustbin of history. This is their obligatory duty because corruption is one but the survival of the country as a nation comes first. This so called bill cannot go even if redrafted because from A to Z it is flawed. It is seditious and treason.

A blatant and arbitrary division of the Indian people into ‘group’ and ‘others’ is made by the drafters of the Bill, which reveals the mal-intent. It goes beyond mere appeasement of the Muslims but aims at disintegration of the country. The drafters have given the Muslims and the religious Minorities a free run of violence including rape which is a crime but they have the license to commit these and go scot free. The same criminality and violence committed by a Hindu calls for stringent punishment but if committed by the Muslims escape the law (this is worse than the jungle law).This because the Muslims and the Minorities are the ‘group’ and the Hindus are ‘the others’ ungrouped. The people thus are grouped into two-the victims-which is ‘the group’ and the perpetrators which are ‘the others.’ No country in the world except the Nazis had this mind set when it came to the Jews. No civilized country would accept such blatant miscarriage of law and justice. The Congress had right from the beginning been sowing divisive politics in the country- on the basis of region, religion, caste and language. Now it is emboldened to reveal its devilry. Just two camps of people in the country-the victims and the perpetrators. So even before the violence the NAC has envisaged violence and that is directed against the Muslims and Minorities. Indian history does not vouch to this assumption. The drafters of the Bill presume that riots and violence are perpetrated by ‘the others’ (read Hindus)This is not true and not the reality. ‘According to Ms Zenab Banu’s ‘Politics of communalism: a politico-historical analysis of communal riots in post independence India with special reference to the Gujarat and Rajasthan riots” (1989), there have been 74 communal riots between 1953 and 1977 of which 75 percent were instigated by Muslims’ Even today 98 percent of terrorism cross borderand /or Indian born is planned, instigated and perpetrated by Muslims.Only Islam has the Jihad and hence Jehadis. Yet PC could coolly make a reference to ‘saffron’ terror. This clearly indicates the mindset of the Congress.

The Communal Violence Bill is based on hate philosophy but even in this it is skewed. There have been riots in which Hindus were victims and Indian history stands testimony to the atrocities against Hindus, by the Muslim invaders-the destruction of temples and the desecration of Hindu gods and goddesses. In recent time the fate of the Kashmiri pundits will vouch for this. The Hindus have been massacred, their homes have been burned and they have been driven out of the Valley. Till date no justice has been done. Is this because they belong to the ‘others’?

Violence is violence and criminality is criminality it cannot change because of the victim and the perpetrator. These must to be snuffed out and the same penal code must address these crimes. The same laws must be applicable to the citizens of India. This is their Right. The proposed Bill violates the Constitution with immunity not only on Federalism but on Fundamental Rights. How can a Parliament even look at it and waste its time. I shudder to think that the NAC have people sitting in it with such a mindset. And are to pay for them by out tax money? To make this feasible the NAC is proposing to bring out two penal codes-one for the Hindus and the other for the religious minorities. It would be better then to say that the religious minorities do not come under any penal code-they can run amuck commit crimes and indulge in violence .They will not be apprehended. If a nation divides its people on the basis of two sets of penal code; next it will seek two flags for the country-one for the group and the other for the Hindus. So a nation quietly and ingeniously divided into two. Do we need geographical partition? And in this divide which flag will the NAC hold? What about the national anthem? Which flag will be unfurled on the Independence Day? It is simply beyond my comprehension that the NAC could draft such an atrocious bill aimed at dividing the nation and get away with it. They must be charged for treason.

Let us hypothetically envisage that this Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill is passed and becomes a Bill. Then posthumously Rajiv Gandhi must be tried and sentenced. The Congress leaders-Jagdish Tytler ,Sajjan Kumar must be put on trial-the Congress government which was in power at the Centre with all those officers then in service must be tried and punished because they failed to prevent the butchering of the Sikhs, the arson and the rapes The Congress party must be banned. The history of this country does not start with the NAC and end with NAC. One should have a sense of history and thus the same Bill drafted by the NAC will be first directed against the Congress party headed by Mrs Sonia Gandhi. It will end the NAC and will throw the Congress party out of the relevance of Indian history. What you sow you reap.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja


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P.Chidambaram Open Letter to Rahul Gandhi

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  • 1. Arup Chakraborty  |  October 9, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    must read

    • 2. Hilda Raja  |  October 10, 2011 at 5:30 am

      Thank you a lot.HR

  • 3. dakul  |  October 9, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    What is amazing is that we have a large population of Muslims.
    The problem arises, when, instead of referring to them by their religion we refer to them delicately as “minority” communities.
    It is psychological and ideological intertwined.
    But what they are actually communicating is a kind of disengagement. There is very little of real wordl where it was drafted.
    Real events are happening elsewhere.

    • 4. Hilda Raja  |  October 10, 2011 at 5:38 am

      The NAC thinks it is qualified even to subvert the Constitution and to draft a new one simply because it is headed by Mrs Sonia Gandhi.But the Congress questions Anna and his team.First of all the NAC is loaded with anti-Modi(read anti Hindu) persons.This cannot go down well.We need persons without bias.The NAC has a private-hidden agenda to get at Modi thereby Hinduism itself will be cut to size.All this with an Italian heading the group.Can you beat it-they are thinking of bring in two Penal codes!Why they could very well ask the Muslims to go under their own Koran dictated criminal code-so that we can have eye for eye-hand for hand etc.But the Muslims wanted only the Shariah for their social aspects and the Indian penal code for the criminal sins.When an Indian is caught in one of the Islamic countries the Islam code is applied.So we have had a number of be headings and choppings and lashings.The same must be directed to them.Why should the NAC be author of such Penal codes.The first think Anna and Baba Ram Dev must do is to unite and demand the disbanding of the NAC.
      All the best to you Dakul

      • 5. Indian  |  October 21, 2011 at 2:09 pm

        If subramanim swamy writes this, he will be put behind bars

  • 6. Sita  |  October 10, 2011 at 6:26 am

    Ma’am ,I was thinking about this bill to along similar lines,though I compared it with the Apartheid of South Africa were also the Laws were pro-Minority,against a powerless Majority.Only here the process of disempowerment of the Majority is an ongoing process.,still,here in India.

    • 7. Hilda Raja  |  October 10, 2011 at 7:54 am

      You are right Sita.Something is basically wrong with the leaders-especially Mrs Sonia GANDHI-she cannot understand reality.Her son is worse.The Hindus must rebel-react and stop this atrocious bill.The drafters are nuts-no country in the world would tolerate this.Even in Islamic countries there is only one Penal code-that is the Koran.Lets enforce that on the Muslims here.

      By the way my mail box was compromised and someone starting writing to all the addressees requesting funds stating that I am stranded in Spain etc.Many recognized it as a hoax.The result is I kept getting phone calls and emails.And my address-box was cleaned up.Now I am building up-this is the second instant when all my addresses were lost.I have changed my password.But these days it is easy to break through.
      Love MAAM

  • 8. sivaraman  |  October 10, 2011 at 11:13 am

    I have a feeling that the intention behind the draft bill on Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence bill is a deliberate attempt to distract the public and media from harping on the scores of scams and also to avoid unearthing many more scams that are likely to be probed. It is a diabolic plot. the drafters are not fools or illiterates and they know fully well to what extent public will react which is want they want..The draft is deliberately worded in such a language so that even a lay man will make the noise and forget about all the other problems . Lok pal bill and this draft bill will see the ruling party thro’ until the next elections,and they can claim MMSingh has successfully completed the full term.By that time,no new scams will erupt and no body knows what type of Govt.will take charge and if by some accident Congress also becomes a coalition partner ,all past will be buried.
    All these criminals ruling the country will go scoftree..


    • 9. Hilda Raja  |  October 11, 2011 at 5:15 am

      I fully endorse your views.Also Digvijaya now bringing about Anna as the President candidate is another ploy to divert and distract people’s attention from black money-scams and price rise.Shamelessly the Congress leaders appear on the TV channels to hold out views which even a primary school child will not accept.Are they so thick skinned?This is what we get when we have an Italian to manage governance.You know Italians unlike other European people are known for their malice-low IQ and treachery.

  • 10. S  |  October 12, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    Dear Ma’am,
    This article has been translated and posted in
    I have commented there to give a link to this article.
    This is the link .

  • 11. Indian  |  October 21, 2011 at 2:02 pm

    “This cannot go and it will be relevant if Baba Ramdev and Anna team joins together to throw this bill into the dustbin of history. This is their obligatory duty because corruption is one but the survival of the country as a nation comes first. This so called bill cannot go even if redrafted because from A to Z it is flawed. It is seditious and treason.”

    Thanks once again for this brilliant article.

  • 12. Ananta Seth  |  March 28, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    I don’t understand why people are so insecure about their majority status. You’re part of the Majority for god’s sake! Muslims Or Christians are not going to take over the nation. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the terminology- Rise above petty issues! The fact is that there is targeted violence against the minorities and it is indisputable Also violence can equally be targeted against the majority community- But how many times has it happened?! And please do not give examples of reactionary actions! But instead state instances when the Minority started a Riot or harmed the majority community. And Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare – the ‘so called’ social activists have political inclinations and should not be allowed to mobilize the crowd who follows them like a herd of sheep without even being aware of the issues at hand. Moreover, Involving them would be dividing the community on communal lines as they are visible Hindu figures- With anna hazare singing Shlokas and Baba Ramdev’s strong hindu inclination. Over the years, Various committees have been formed to draft many a laws which have been accepted including your Anna Hazare’s Lokpal Bill’s standing committee which i believe you will not term as ‘ Extra- constitutional’.

    Okay Firstly,” It goes beyond mere appeasement of the Muslims but aims at disintegration of the country.-
    This language of India’s unity has long been used to suppress the minority in the name of national interests. The fact is that if according to you “Congress had right from the beginning been sowing divisive politics in the country- on the basis of region, religion, caste and language”- Then what has the BJP been doing?! Spreading the message of love and brotherhood between different communities. And Um.. you have heard of the RSS, Right?'( See sarcasm) I don’t understand how anyone can not be Anti- Modi. He allowed the killing of people for his own sadistic religious vested interests.

    As for the blatant division of people into categories- It already exists! So there is no need to cloak The differences due to Hypocrisy or double standards.

    Okay so you think the Hindus are innocent, eh? That’s what textbooks in school have been trying to teach you. And you’re buying into it. What about Babri Masjid,the Anti- Sikh riots in 1984, The gujarat riots in 2002, the recent stripping of dalit girls in a government school in Madhya Pradesh by two ‘ Upper-caste’ Hindu teachers, The attack on newspaper offices by VHP and RSS goons who think they can get away with anything, The rape of Nuns by RSS goons and demolition of churches. What about all of this?

    Also implying that every Muslim is a terrorist is so offensive. I feel sorry for you and sincerely hope that you open your restricted mind and go beyond what school textbooks taught you about muslims. And do not point out to one skewed article by someone who must have been as biased as you are. I can provide you with a list of a hundred articles which prove otherwise.

    Moreover, a stringent Bill is necessary so that people think twice before engaging in killing and maiming members of the ‘other’ community . Be it Muslim or Hindu Or christian or Sikh. I am sure the muslims who kill and maim will not go scot free as our country has various other legal provisions to deal with the same which has been proved bu the recent Judgement on the perpetrators of the Godhra Train incident. The thousand of Hindus who were involved in the Muslim killings have ,however, not been punsihed by the law.

    And if such Bills are not passed. Then this will continue. –

    A bewildered member of the Majority community.


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