Open Letter to Rahul Gandhi

October 21, 2011 at 5:41 am 10 comments

Open Letter to Rahul Gandhi

You must be getting a lot of feed back of your strutting across India, of your utterances and non utterances and I hope these are uncensored by your sycophants and coterie that surround you and your mother. If uncensored then you will get a correct assessment of what Indians think of you and your ambition to become the Prime Minister. After all we are a rich poor country –a rural urban one and though you like to fool the people by saying that you belong to the poor India, they are not zombies to take that at face value. You may peep into a dalit house-you may share a couple of rotis with a dalit man-you may hop on to a motor bike and be given a ride by a criminal but you and all these gimmicks cannot change to a fairly large extend the impression one gets from your inability to connect to the nation. You are trying no doubt, and in the process making yourself a laughing stock. Unlike your grandmother and great grand father you cannot connect to India and her people- except that you come from the Nehru Gandhi family and that is not enough for the nation to accept you as a PM. But what is shocking is the fact that you can even think of such a possibility because it is a disaster

With this preamble let me context it to the ‘Globalization excludes as much as it includes’ (21st Indian Express)would not blame you for the ideas therein because on your own you are incapable of even essaying that. You and your mother are both apt draft readers. But since for record sake you are given as the author let me clarify on it.
You are talking of processes-urbanization, globalization and you missed Industrialization though that’s the main gel that is significant in the example you gave namely: of the cart and the car. You must realize that thanks to the British India was kept out of industrialization process and prodded to jump into urbanization. This suited the British’s policy. Had we gone into the sequential stage wise growth then industrialization of the country would not have spread pauperization of the rural. And there would not have been this wide spread of slums. The rural areas were overlooked even in basics and the small towns that the ‘sahibs ‘resided saw a proliferation of slums-the unskilled labor. The poverty stricken rural folks who had to migrate to the towns to become cheap labor-head load workers for cotton and jute bales. It is this jump from rural to urban missing the industrialization that enabled you to give the example of a cart and car. We have the latest cars on your road speeding fast and we have the bullock carts jogging along. Why this scenario

Worse still was the policy of an English education system because the ‘sahibs’ had to understand the local employees. While the other countries were industrialized with our raw materials we remained where we were-rural vastly. But time ticked and the nation was sucked into the vortex of urbanization. The government mostly of your Party quickened the process by putting in facilities in urban centers.
Globalization is facilitated by communication technology. To repeat your examples-Why is it that the rubber from our country is not processed in India and had to go to Germany? Why the metal mined in Bellary need to go to Japan to be processed and shipped by Korea. So you see how our political culture was such that they kept the country under developed as far as technology was concerned but entered into pacts with the foreign countries of course with kickback to process our raw materials.

You still think that you belong to ‘poor India’ but you and your mother jet across. Our hospitals are not good enough for the family,our transport system not powered enough so jets from the Arab world and from the filthy rich of the ‘globalized is alone good for you. You think Indians are at your disposal. You fail to realize that the policy followed by the Congress-the party of yours and you are one of its General Secretaries is the root cause of this great divide-of having carts and latest model cars on the road side by side. Co-existence I suppose.
So in this process it is natural that the voiceless, asset less and powerless are left behind. But then it gives you ample space for sermonizing to them of the ‘green pastures’ that await the poor and the humble. And typical of you that’s how you have signed off ‘Globalization excludes as much as it includes’ by bringing in compassion. Of course you have mentioned a sentence on justice and rights but that should have been the main central theme. This patronizing attitude is killing and reveals a mindset that is not upholding justice and rights. The people of this country have been in the process of globalization denied justice and rights. It is not the Food security of the National Advisory Council that we need. It is not the compassion that we are lacking. Indian hoary past is seeped in compassion and patience and that’s one of the reasons why people like you can utter nonsense and fool the people. We want our rights-we want justice and towards this be it the cart and the car examples we will not any more tolerate the sermon being thrust down on us. What is good for those who are excluded should be good for you and your mother/So do not run away and holiday and celebrate b’days in UK but eat two rotis in a dalit house and sermonize of the ‘excluded’ in the process of globalization to prove that you belong to the ‘poor India’. This is adding insult to injury. Have you and your party any idea of the concept of Justice? If so then why in the same news paper we had the article on ‘Government goes extra kilometer for Congress in UP’ Rural basic facility of road the majority needs to be in Congress constituencies.

How different are you from the invaders and the British who squeezed the rural poor. Your constituency of Amethi has been sanctioned 25 projects in contrast to just one project sanctioned for Pilibit represented by Varun Gandhi-a 75 lakh Rs for 1.8 km of rural road. Are the poor and the powerless in Pilibit different from those in Amethi? Did you peep into a dalit house in Pilibit? This basic discrimination right from our planned development period cannot see Justice as part of globalization and Industrialization. The cart will always be there along with the speeding latest cars because we have people like you-nay we have a Congress party seeped in vested interest and greed. A party which abets scams one per day at least. And you talk of ‘compassion’ Can you have compassion without Justice and can you empower people without pauperizing them? Yes change challenges –only if Justice is at the core of your perception. Rights of others are as important as your own-There is no two opinion of that but your party and you believe only in words-hollow they sound and now these infuriated the people because they see it as a foolery game.(Tell Digvijaya Singh to be silent for some time he is causing more harm than good for the party).For this to be realistic you must be able to realize what it is to be asset less and powerless. Do not sit in an ivory tower and talk of compassion like the priest who sermonizes to the hungry congregation Sunday after Sunday and reminds them that the hungry will have their fill in the next world while he then goes back and consumes a sumptuous breakfast.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,


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  • 1. dakul  |  October 21, 2011 at 9:34 am

    It was on Twitter some one remarked that Rahul Gandhi has outings spending time / sharing with villagers. Why doesn’t he ever invite them to share his meal at his house?

    • 2. Hilda Raja  |  October 21, 2011 at 10:13 am

      Dear Dakul-that is a good question.He shares their rotis to make them believe that he belongs to the ‘Poor India’ but if he calls them to share his table they will realize what a bluff he is-also there is no vote bank catching in No 10 Janpath.But here the dalits will think that he is ‘compassionate’ and hence his regime will be ‘compassionate’ and their votes are for his dimpled smile and his compassion.
      Thank you for being the first to respond!Have a great day and may Diwali bring you joy and happiness and light up your life path as you walk along

  • 3. Keerthi.N  |  October 25, 2011 at 2:25 am

    Good one. I don’t think Rahul Gandhi will ever become the PM of India. If he does, then he will plunge India into the Poor India he has been harping upon, and nice one to include Digvijay Singh. He is not only causing harm to Congress, but also to India by dividing the people.

    • 4. Hilda Raja  |  October 25, 2011 at 7:27 am

      Thank you Keerthi,
      Whether RG becomes the PM or not it is a disaster for himself and for India.But see how the NAC and Mrs Sonia Gandhi have divided the country into ‘The group’ meaning religious and linguistic minorities,and ‘the others’ meaning the Hindus.The former is perceived as victims and the latter as perpetrators.This needs to be taken to Court as Subramaniam Swamy has done.Hundreds of petitions must be filed in the Police station across the country against them for abetting hatred and violence.If the Police does not take action then on that basis can go to Court.Please try and do what you can.
      May Diwali brings us light and enlightenment.

  • 5. dakul  |  October 25, 2011 at 10:28 am

    Thought I should post it just before Diwali.
    From Twitter –
    “Rahul Gandhi – Withdrawal Symptoms”
    “Why Is Indian Media Scared Of Sonia Gandhi?”
    Thanks for the greetings, lead kindly light…

  • 6. Thirumaran Sankaramani  |  October 26, 2011 at 2:57 am

    Happy Diwali to you and your family.
    Good will prevail over the evil.
    Let us not doubt.

    • 7. Hilda Raja  |  October 27, 2011 at 3:12 am

      dear Thirumaran,
      You have always a positive thinking and that signifies a very open interior.May the diyas light up your path and may you throw that warmth and light on the lives of others-including mine.Happy Diwali.

  • 8. sivaraman  |  October 27, 2011 at 8:18 am

    Dear madam,
    Your preamble reminds me of the inimitable Dr Sarojini Naidu’s famous saying to Gandhiji,”it costs the country a lot to keep you poor”
    “Globalization excludes as well as includes”To expect draft readers to understand this type of recent economic jargons is too optimistic an expectation.The cause/effect of urbanisation and industrialisation is also a post independence phenomena which probably did not strike the draft writers as all of them must have been born after independence to compare them to pre-independence era.
    Ref your concern our raw materials are cornered by developed nations: .When unfinished leather is exported to come back as branded footwear,instead of encouraging big industries to develop this industry,the govt.set up village cooperatives to make footwears,provoking ,Rajaji to say “it is not govt. job to sell
    footwears.”In the name of conserving foreign exchange ,India agreed to Russia’s proposal for rupee payments to our exports to Russia leather and other goods,which they diverted to countries of hard currency,which were in need of this ,at cheap price.
    Sermonising is what our politicians know.How ironical it is for Sonia Gandhi to say she will fight corruption and Karunanidhi claiming that
    people know he is’ fire to corruption.’They forget that money spent on people is people’s own money and the govt. is only a trustee for this.
    People also donot realise it is their money the govt. is giving by way of doles and freebies.The people of Kanyakumari are entitled to expect the same treatment as people fom Delhi.The downtodden are what they are today partly because our forefathers, the so called higher caste treated them as worse than slaves.We have to make atonement by giving them more than what the others get to enable them reach a stage where they get a level playing ground to earn their livelihood.
    Unfortunately,today,the politicians and beaurocrats at all levels are preying on what the downtrodden are entitled to..

    • 9. Hilda Raja  |  October 27, 2011 at 3:02 pm

      Thank you Sivaraman-that was a well thought out script and with ideas which are not new but old and forgotten.Thank you for the inputs.It gives more flesh to what I wrote.Draft readers have no idea of what industrialization, urbanization, globalization is all about.The fall outs from these and the strategies that are needed to hold back the backlash.In these processes all the evils are the concomitants.The breakdown of families-communities,the slums,the crime rate upsurge,the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer.Globalization is wrapper oriented The wrapper is more important than the content.The outside sheen is given more importance.The fall in values and traditions etc.All these and more.The squeeze of the poor -like the example you gave-about leather.The developed countries feasting at the cost of the under developed and so on.
      Happy Diwali-may the diyas always shine and brighten your path.


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