In Defense of Anna and his team

November 7, 2011 at 7:08 am 10 comments

In Defense of Anna and his team
The media is abuzz of late regarding Anna and his team. Did Anna make a ‘U’ turn-?He is being misled, he wanted to change the structure of the core team ,how democratic is the Anna team, what about the donations and the nameless donors etc etc.These and more have been debated and questioned and clarified and scrutinized by both the print and the electronic media. There is always Digvijaya Singh to add spice to the whole thing and now the latest is the Maharastra CM-Chavan who says that Anna is being edged into becoming political. Apart from these there is the question of harassment. Let is starting with the economy class and the Business class travel of Kiran Bedi, the IT notice to Kejriwal and the phone tapping-apart from the ‘U’turn of Anna-the political ambitions of the Anna team and the falling back of the Congress of parliamentary traditions to justify the ‘soon’ time limit for passing the Lokpal bill.These clearly go to show that the Congress is jittery and wants to harass the opponents.

Let’s look at these objectively. The main focus must be the issue that Anna team is focused on. Its members do not matter so much because no one is perfect. Kiran Bedi case it is like comparing a small pickpocket misconduct with the white collared crime of looting and fleecing the country. One must make a distinction between graft and these misconducts-bringing an enormous loss to the nation, misleading the people and betraying the trust that the ministers and MPs took on their oaths solemnly promising to act without fear or favor. Where has that oath gone and is that not a total betrayal of the people?

Regarding the IT notice to Kejriwal it is like going after a needle in a haystack. The lakhs of crores of rupees which Hasan Ali Khan has to submit as tax, the black money stashed in tax havens which for years and years are just hanging in the air while Kejriwal was given an income tax notice for the 9 lakhs that he is alleged to pay as tax. Is there no proportion and rationale behind these .What is the comparison? It gives Digvijaya Singh some ammunition to start a smear campaign.

How democratic is the Anna team. One fails to understand the legitimacy of the Congress spokespersons to raise this; because that party has no internal democracy and neither does it believe in democracy. How was Rahul Gandhi made the General Secretary-for that matter Digvijaya Singh. Is democracy even as a concept accepted by the Congress? Then it will not have the National Advisory committee. Who appointed the NAC and how democratically its members are elected? Mind you, the NAC is being paid by the tax payer. Who sanctioned this budget? Did Parliament go into the NAC’s budget and sanction it-for that matter even the very structure has no Constitutional sanction and legitimacy. What right has the NAC to advise the PM.? How can it usurp the role of the cabinet and made the latter superfluous. All this means money. The people have a right to know the total expenditure of the NAC. And this is the Congress that rakes up donations and nameless donors. Has the Congress any moral right to do so. Let it first set its house in order before it talks of democracy and donations and donors.

To come to Anna’s ‘U-turn-where is the ‘U’ turn he made and if he made he is justified in it because as issues rise and as smear campaign gains momentum he needs to change his stance. He is not under any oath and there is no hidden agenda. Even if he had one he cannot be blamed. As to his becoming political and the team having political ambitions is no sin- Anna cannot fight the corruption without fighting the Congress –because both are synonymous. To fight corruption will automatically lead to fighting the Congress. And to fight the Congress will mean giving an advantage to the next biggest national party-namely the BJP. Not that it is without corruption. The lesser evil must be chosen. So what is strange in this? To be political is not a sin. Do Chavan-the CM of Maharastra and the Congress leaders think that to be political is their exclusive right? The Congress thinks it has the mandate to two things-one corruption-it is its birth right and the second is dynasty rule-the divine right to rule

The sparing between the Anna team and the Congress on phone tapping one must realize that the Congress is past masters in this hitting below the belt technique. Even in the days of Ramakrishnan Hegde phone tapping was resorted to by the Opposition Congress under SM Krishnan. It is the usual strategy of the Congress.

The latest utterance made by Abhishek Manu Singhvi that the parliamentary committee examining the Lokpal bill will complete its work ‘soon’. He added that giving a fixed timeline would be against parliamentary traditions is laughable. The Congress which has violated every parliamentary norm and tradition and institution is now falling back on that to justify a no time limit fixing. Is it not ridiculous? One has waited too long and it is prudent for the congress to give a time limit because the ‘soon’ can be timeless and then it will be late because nemesis will over take the Congress by then.
It is amply clear that the Congress will not fight corruption on the other hand will try its best to defend it because it is sitting on the tree’s branch named corruption and naturally will not want to axe that branch.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

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Open Letter to Rahul Gandhi Forked tongued Congress and National Shame

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  • 1. P. Venkat  |  November 7, 2011 at 12:51 pm

    A very good read as usual. But I have a feeling that Shri Anna is a little ambivalent when it comes to the support of RSS and BJP.

    • 2. Hilda Raja  |  November 8, 2011 at 1:47 am

      I agree with you.But understand Anna-he needs to keep his doors open….to all.Thank you Venkat.HR

  • 3. dakul  |  November 7, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    When children start learning numbers, they are first taught the symbols — which is greater/ smaller.Only Digvijaya Sigh can equate 2G crores with less than a lakh of rupees that Kiran Bedi is alleged to have pocketed, and that for a charity.
    Not one channel questioned his arithmatic.

    It was left to Kabir Bedi to say that they were “minor transgressions.”

    • 4. Hilda Raja  |  November 8, 2011 at 1:54 am

      Digvijaya Singh has also black money stashed in safe tax havens.His regime was full of corruption and today he goes about picking at the Anna team.KB sacrificed her comfort in not traveling by Business class-and that money she saved for her NGO-whats so wrong in it.Diggy does not talk about the crores of IT pending from Has Ali Khan.The case is dragging on while the interest on these crores is ever rising.But he was swift to pick at Kerjiwal.Thats the kind of political class we have and imagine him being a GS of the Congress.There was a good letter written to him by Ram Jethmalani.It revealed all his sins and his mental setup.-it was scathing and lashing at him.Thank you Dakul for being a regular responder to my blog-I learn quite a bit from your responses.Wishing you all the best HR

    • 5. sagar pilare  |  November 11, 2011 at 5:14 pm

      It is not proper to compare only the figures of amounts involved in corruption. The important question is how one behaves when he gets an opportunity to be corrupt. A. Raja, being a minister, had opportunity to make thousands of crores. Kiran Bedi, a retired police officer, when got the opportunity, fudged the bills of a few lacs. Had she been the minister, she would have made a few crores just like Raja. So the important point is corruption cannot be rooted out by delivering sermons from high moral pedestal or by creating a gigantic bureaucratic organisation of Lokpal. It can be rooted out by reducing discretionary powers of babus and ministers, increased use of technology and reducing need of human contact with government offices etc. In short, opportunities for being corrupt should be reduced.Anna and his coterie hasn’t put forward any good suggestions for this to happen. Kejriwal’s NGO pariwartan’s goons, instead, pressurized people not to participate in study on benefits of direct cash transfer instead of corrupt PDS being conducted in Raghuvirnagar area of Delhi.

      • 6. Hilda Raja  |  November 12, 2011 at 10:48 am

        Dear Pilare,You have a valid point when you say that it is not amount but how one behaves when given a chance.May be KB would have fudged crores!But then the issue all these things cannot overlook the issue which the Anna team started -in India I wonder with so much of scams and such high profile white collared crimes will we ever find a person clean?Hence the priorities must not be buried in this mudslinging.The pot is calling the kettle black.He who has not sinned let him cast the first stone-so said Jesus when the sinner Mary Magdalene was brought by the people telling him that she was caught in prostitution.Digvijay,Sonia Gandhi and the rest cannot fault KB.
        All the best to you.and thanks for the input.

  • 7. sivaraman  |  November 9, 2011 at 11:17 am

    Anna making a “U” turn.What does it mean?Has he decided not to fight corruption?Anna is becoming political?What prevents him from being political,if he chooses to?

    The problem with Anna is he talks too much and sometimes tries to please everyone who criticises him.He has not deveolped the thick skin,which he has to , if he wants to be in public gaze.e.g. somersaulting in Modi affair.

    If Sonia /Rahul Gandhis have a right to lead a National Party,does not Anna have the qualifications to become a politician?
    All these talks are childish and irrelevant.It is becoming news because we give too much importance to trivialities. There is no need to be apologetic about this.

    If KB was entitled to some thing,it is upto her to decide how to use it?

    The parliamentarians are paid daily allowances on the days they attend.How do they spend the allowances, especially with with the CHEAPEST EATERIES in the world in the Parliament campus?

    How many members are in the Lok/Rajya sabha during the sessions?We see on TV most of the seats are empty. .Are they accounting for their absence and deduct the proportionate amount in their claims. Mr Karunanidhi does not attend Assembly at all.So was Jayalalithaa earlier.Did they forego their allowance?If they decide not to participate in the proceedings,why should they be members.The seat can be given to some other worthwhile candidate after a bye-election

    .How many Ministers make use of the hospitality of their chamchas .Do these honourables not claim allowances during their sojourns.We have had instances of these Greats make foreign trips accompanied by ” Borrowed Families”just because they are entitled to take their Family with them.

    Sonia Gandhi was out of the country , on long sick leave .Where was she all those days? .Had she taken the permission of the speaker for this leave?Who paid for the trip and alleged treatment abroad and how much was it? I doubt whether even Digvijay was in the know of this.Will he have the courage to talk about it?

    Take the case of leading Lawyers,to which tribe DV belongs.
    When they go out of their places,their entire stay at 5 star comforts are looked after by their clients. may be out of sheer courtesy.It will be interesting to know if these professionals deduct these expenses in their Fees.

    Such instances can be multiplied about how these so called parliamentarians misuse their powers.It is really a surprise
    how these people talk about these with such STRAIGHT FACE

    • 8. Hilda Raja  |  November 12, 2011 at 10:58 am

      Dear Sivaraman,No two opinions on what you have cited above-in fact the list goes on.Look at the President taking a jumbo family for holidays.It is the poor people who have to foot her jumbo bill.We are thick skinned when ti comes to spend the taxpayers money.The norm should be that what you have not earned you cannot spend.As far as the political class is concerned they ruthlessly suck the blood of the nation in the form of such expenditure and in scams.The GOI should present a non plan budget also and get the sanction of the people.Why this lakhs of free phone calls-the MPs do not even pay the minimum electricity and water charges.For that matter No 10 Janpath comes under the Delhi PWD and hence that agency pays all the power and water charges.Sonia has not to spend a single pie.Is that not shameless?Her foreign trips in the last three years comes to crores.When she went to the US 0 rooms were booked for her in Hilton hotel.She had a utility apartment.Whose money is all this?Even the poorest of the poor pays for water charges and for power connections.Sonia on the richest in the world and the only MP in the list-the others are all kings and Queens and Presidents and Sultan but out beats all of them with having 18 billions in black money stashed .What moral right has she to speak to the people and to sit heading the NAC to draft out food security bill and a communal bill-yes I call it communal bill-not one to curb communal ism.We seem to accept her leadership.Till the last man in this country every one should rise against her and throw her out along with the Party.
      Thank you for your very educative and valid points.

  • 9. Ram  |  December 8, 2011 at 10:16 am

    Dear Madam,

    Are you okay? No posts from you for a long time.




  • 10. Thirumaran Sankaramani  |  December 23, 2011 at 1:59 pm

    Respected ma’am,
    I haven’t been to your blog for long for variety of reasons.
    But, I have kept you always in mind.
    Wish you and your dear and near ones a very, very happy Christmas and new year 2012.


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