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Vaiko (MDMK leader)of Tamilnadu’s appeal to the PM





Party HQ, Chennai,

To, The Honourable Prime Minister of India,

South Block, Secretariat Bldgs,

New Delhi.

Honourable Prime Minister Manmohanji,

Sub: Opposing Indian Participation at the London Olympics-Reg

When I ponder and reflect on the Indian participation at the London Olympics,

I am at once reminded of a popular Tamil saying which goes thus:

“When a mother is begging for food in the open streets, her children are arranging a charity feast for the poor at the Holy place of Kumbakonam!”

When two generations of the Bhopal Gas victims are handicapped in many respects, thus unable to lead a normal human existence, India’s Heroic Children are participating and playing under the Charity (Donated,) Dome – provided by the very inhuman and indifferent International Criminal (DHOW)Chemical company that openly defies all international laws by abdicating its responsibilities under the open skies!

The company has been declared and defined as an “absconding,” Company by the Indian Courts.

If this tragic event had taken place in a western country, things would have been different.

This is pure “Racism,” practiced by the Western Capitalists against a spineless and boneless third world country like India.

Even the victims of the Jewish Holocaust have been adequately compensated and protected by the west.

In recent times “The Korean Comfort women” used by the Japanese fighting soldiers on the battle field, have been traced and Japanese are compensating adequately with their dependents including .

This is the Land of Buddha, Mahavira, Nanak and down to Mahathama Gandhi. We are proud of our great traditions of compassion, merciful attitude to wards the poorest of the poor, suffering social and economic injustices. This is a separate category of “injustice,” that comes to us as we remain deaf to hear and blind to see their agony and plight.

For Heaven’s sake Prime Minister Manmohanji, stop our Player’s participation. This should not happen under your Leadership as Prime Minister. Let the world wake up and realize that they can no longer fool us, nor ignore our feelings and sentiments.

Yours faithfully,


Your humble admirer.

January 28, 2012 at 11:02 am 3 comments

Forked tongued Congress and National Shame

The forked tongue Congress and the national shame

Batla House encounter is real says P.Chidambaram.Batla House encounter faked claims Digvijaya Singh. Now both belong to the Congress. The UPA government is the Congress government for all purpose. And the Home Minister asserts that Batla House encounter was real. But a Congress party secretary claims that it is faked. Whom are we to believe? Does the Congress think that they can take the UP voters for a ride? Or does the Congress think that it can say yes and no at the same breathe- and get away with it? Does the Congress think that confusing the people it stands to gain? Whom do we believe the Home Minister or the Congress secretary?

What is the underlying reason for this dichotomy? Why this double talk. Take what suits you but let us have the Muslim votes. The Congress party when it wants tries to distance itself from the Government but Mrs Sonia Gandhi holds the remote control. Why this petty vested interest even at the cost of the national security? Cutting the branch on which the Congress sits will not help it. It looks that the Congress will stoop to any level to gain the Muslim votes. But it forgets that the Muslim voter is no fool-he can be fooled for some time by but some but not all the time by all.

Where does Rahul Gandhi stand in this-with the government or with his party? Stoic silence-is not the answer and cannot be a leadership attribute. Digvijaya made his claim in the presence of RG. Does he endorse his views? What is ridiculous in a way but very troubling is the fact that Chidambaram states that right from the beginning this was the view of Digvijaya Singh that the Batla encounter was faked and he respected his view. What should one make out of this? That the Home Minister respected the view of Digvijaya Singh that the Batla encounter was faked?And yet to be told that the encounter was genuine. Is this not childish and double speak? If P.Chidambaram and the Prime Minister holds that the Batla encounter was genuine but Digvijaya Singh holds the view (along with Rahul Gandhi) that it was a faked encounter then either the PM and the HM are lying or Digvijaya Singh is lying. All three cannot be right. Which ever side is lying ultimately it is the Congress which is lying.

Just for vote bank politics and to appease the Muslims Digvijaya wants to absolve the two Indian Mujahideen terrorists who were killed while two IM terrorists were arrested and another fled.If the Batla encounter is faked then the IM must be absolved and the two arrested freed.May be they have already been freed. And we have to believe that Police Inspector Mohan Chandra Sharma laid down his life for a faked encounter. What a sham story Digvijaya wants to reel out.All this towards garnering Muslim votes. So the national security-the lives that are lost by the terrorism of the IM needs to be wiped out and a new chapter must be written under the authorship of Digvijaya Singh-supervised and approved by Rahul Gandhi. These are the men whom the nation should trust. Can we really trust them?

Apart from the Batla encounter which puts the PM in a bad light-to lie or not to lie we have him recently comment on the under nutrition of children The reports reveals that 49 percent of Indian’s children are under nourished. This PM states that is a national shame. Any analysis will prove that the Congress is the national shame for bringing in about this disastrous situation. Calling itself the oldest national party of 125 years and having been in power the longest period to put forth this report in 2011 and call it a national shame is a shame on the PM. There is more to come

Indian bureaucracy has been rated worst in Asia with a 9.21 rating out of 10 is a greater shame. Should we come even worse than Vietnam and Indonesia with a rating of 8.54 and 8.37 respectively? Is this not a national shame? If one has to reckon with the deeply engrained corruption in the political scenario one understands why this national shame. Yet it was a civil society which had to awaken the conscience of the government and an Opposition which had to urge it to enacting a strong Lok Pal. But this failed because corruption is the warp and weft of the Indian political fabric. It is not easy to divest the fabric of corruption unless we divest the politicians of their roles. But then everyone swears in democracy. Do we have one?

It is relevant and necessary to analyze the kind of democracy we have. It is called democracy because Parliament is supreme it is said .But still we accept the fact that 60 percent of the Parliamentarians have criminal records and 60 percent are crorepathis. We are told that they represent the people…Can there be a greater irony?
So this fork tongued Congress –with its PM and Home Minister as Congress leaders with a General Secretary of the Congress talking at tangent-we have the PM citing the 49 percent of children below nutrition level as a national shame-but silent on having the most corrupt bureaucracy in Asia It is this most corrupt bureaucracy which runs the government with leaders at the top who pull in different directions. We proudly proclaim this as democracy. Yet we witnessed the Parliamentarians who transacted business with bags of currency within Parliament-we had long ago Buta Singh who purchased votes with a suitcase of cash. Oh I am sorry, one cannot and should not speak disparagingly of Parliament because it is sanctimonious and its sanctity can be defiled in any manner on the floor of the Parliament by the MPs only but which cannot be questioned. This is democracy-rule of a few for the few in the name of the people. I call this a banana Republic in the name of democracy exploiting the Indian masses
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

January 14, 2012 at 11:09 am 13 comments


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