Forked tongued Congress and National Shame

January 14, 2012 at 11:09 am 13 comments

The forked tongue Congress and the national shame

Batla House encounter is real says P.Chidambaram.Batla House encounter faked claims Digvijaya Singh. Now both belong to the Congress. The UPA government is the Congress government for all purpose. And the Home Minister asserts that Batla House encounter was real. But a Congress party secretary claims that it is faked. Whom are we to believe? Does the Congress think that they can take the UP voters for a ride? Or does the Congress think that it can say yes and no at the same breathe- and get away with it? Does the Congress think that confusing the people it stands to gain? Whom do we believe the Home Minister or the Congress secretary?

What is the underlying reason for this dichotomy? Why this double talk. Take what suits you but let us have the Muslim votes. The Congress party when it wants tries to distance itself from the Government but Mrs Sonia Gandhi holds the remote control. Why this petty vested interest even at the cost of the national security? Cutting the branch on which the Congress sits will not help it. It looks that the Congress will stoop to any level to gain the Muslim votes. But it forgets that the Muslim voter is no fool-he can be fooled for some time by but some but not all the time by all.

Where does Rahul Gandhi stand in this-with the government or with his party? Stoic silence-is not the answer and cannot be a leadership attribute. Digvijaya made his claim in the presence of RG. Does he endorse his views? What is ridiculous in a way but very troubling is the fact that Chidambaram states that right from the beginning this was the view of Digvijaya Singh that the Batla encounter was faked and he respected his view. What should one make out of this? That the Home Minister respected the view of Digvijaya Singh that the Batla encounter was faked?And yet to be told that the encounter was genuine. Is this not childish and double speak? If P.Chidambaram and the Prime Minister holds that the Batla encounter was genuine but Digvijaya Singh holds the view (along with Rahul Gandhi) that it was a faked encounter then either the PM and the HM are lying or Digvijaya Singh is lying. All three cannot be right. Which ever side is lying ultimately it is the Congress which is lying.

Just for vote bank politics and to appease the Muslims Digvijaya wants to absolve the two Indian Mujahideen terrorists who were killed while two IM terrorists were arrested and another fled.If the Batla encounter is faked then the IM must be absolved and the two arrested freed.May be they have already been freed. And we have to believe that Police Inspector Mohan Chandra Sharma laid down his life for a faked encounter. What a sham story Digvijaya wants to reel out.All this towards garnering Muslim votes. So the national security-the lives that are lost by the terrorism of the IM needs to be wiped out and a new chapter must be written under the authorship of Digvijaya Singh-supervised and approved by Rahul Gandhi. These are the men whom the nation should trust. Can we really trust them?

Apart from the Batla encounter which puts the PM in a bad light-to lie or not to lie we have him recently comment on the under nutrition of children The reports reveals that 49 percent of Indian’s children are under nourished. This PM states that is a national shame. Any analysis will prove that the Congress is the national shame for bringing in about this disastrous situation. Calling itself the oldest national party of 125 years and having been in power the longest period to put forth this report in 2011 and call it a national shame is a shame on the PM. There is more to come

Indian bureaucracy has been rated worst in Asia with a 9.21 rating out of 10 is a greater shame. Should we come even worse than Vietnam and Indonesia with a rating of 8.54 and 8.37 respectively? Is this not a national shame? If one has to reckon with the deeply engrained corruption in the political scenario one understands why this national shame. Yet it was a civil society which had to awaken the conscience of the government and an Opposition which had to urge it to enacting a strong Lok Pal. But this failed because corruption is the warp and weft of the Indian political fabric. It is not easy to divest the fabric of corruption unless we divest the politicians of their roles. But then everyone swears in democracy. Do we have one?

It is relevant and necessary to analyze the kind of democracy we have. It is called democracy because Parliament is supreme it is said .But still we accept the fact that 60 percent of the Parliamentarians have criminal records and 60 percent are crorepathis. We are told that they represent the people…Can there be a greater irony?
So this fork tongued Congress –with its PM and Home Minister as Congress leaders with a General Secretary of the Congress talking at tangent-we have the PM citing the 49 percent of children below nutrition level as a national shame-but silent on having the most corrupt bureaucracy in Asia It is this most corrupt bureaucracy which runs the government with leaders at the top who pull in different directions. We proudly proclaim this as democracy. Yet we witnessed the Parliamentarians who transacted business with bags of currency within Parliament-we had long ago Buta Singh who purchased votes with a suitcase of cash. Oh I am sorry, one cannot and should not speak disparagingly of Parliament because it is sanctimonious and its sanctity can be defiled in any manner on the floor of the Parliament by the MPs only but which cannot be questioned. This is democracy-rule of a few for the few in the name of the people. I call this a banana Republic in the name of democracy exploiting the Indian masses
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,


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In Defense of Anna and his team Vaiko (MDMK leader)of Tamilnadu’s appeal to the PM

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  • 1. Thirumaran Sankaramani  |  January 14, 2012 at 1:38 pm


    Firstly, it has been a long time since you last wrote and so I am happy you are back with your wise and honest views.

    I also wish you and your family, again, a very happy new year ahead.

    Your sense of outrage about the Congress double-speak is shared by a lot of people across the country right now and I do, really, hope and am, actually, confident that the most fraudulent party in the democratic history of the world will be shown the door by the electorate in the coming general elections.

    19:10 hours

  • 2. Hilda Raja  |  January 14, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    I am thankful for your response and always look forward to it.Yes it has been a long time since I wrote because the whole news and information we get is disgusting to say the least.It depresses me a lot and I was not in a mood even to react.
    This brings you and family our warm New Year greetings-May the year 2012 be one of peace and contentment and may values as honesty and patriotism ever rise.Happy Pongal
    We are leaving for Chennai on the 17th and will be back after a week.This to attend to some problem in the Pension office.
    I too wish with all my heart and soul that the most corrupt and undemocratic party is shown the door.Let it be our fervent prayer and hope.
    Take care and keep well.Please continue keeping us both in your prayers.

  • 3. Sita  |  January 14, 2012 at 5:58 pm

    Thanks ma’am, I was shocked to read that report,how one can speak both sides of an issue &still call himself truthful.And also the blatant pandering to communal feelings of minorities, by offering reservations etc. Today there was an Ink attack on Baba Ramdev because he said he believed the Batla House incident was not fake encounter!and DVS[his parents have named him most aptly] goes on to say that RSS orchestrated it with the attacker,who it turns out is a Con party worker and even contested elections!

  • 4. Sita  |  January 14, 2012 at 6:12 pm

    another issue is PC[another aptly named person] term ed DVS’s beliefs as “valid!?”. Can’t imagine how a fairy tale is equal in validity to Hard Facts! with such rulers who needs Pakistan to come & break us up?

  • 5. Hilda Raja  |  January 15, 2012 at 2:42 am

    Thank you Sita for your two responses.I too was wondering his PC can state that he respected DVS’s views.Which means that the encounter is faked.Then why assert that it is genuine,It cannot be both.The Congress wants to eat the cake and have it too.Can one serve two masters?The Bible cautions about this.The focus of the Congress is just Muslim votes.Do everything to get it.Quota and play down terrorism.Does not matter if these are serving the country and the people.Power at all cost.Soon the Congress will introduce FDI in government too.We have enemies within the country as you have pointed out.Destroying and shredding the fabric of the polity
    The issues are so mired in muck and cheap politics that everyday reading the papersI was in low spirits and getting depressed.Where are the values of honesty and integrity.What about patriotism.Are these valid today?We have the youth icon also playing dirty politcs.His only credit is that he visited Kalavathi’s hut and a couple of dalit homes and ate their food.Mayavathi has experienced dalitness and need not go into a couple of huts to realize what it is.But the youth icon has absolutely no idea of rural India and poverty because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.These cheap gimmicks does not make the man.What a future vision he has?
    We are going to Chennai on the 17th and will return after a week-this regarding some problem in the pensions.
    Do keep in touch.Happy Pongal.
    Love maam

  • 6. dakul  |  January 15, 2012 at 4:57 am

    I should take this occasion to remind all of you that the boy who cut the tree sitting on the branch was chosen to bring down the haughty princess.
    The bounty of of Kali made him Kalidasa..

    • 7. Hilda Raja  |  January 15, 2012 at 5:06 am

      Dear Dakul
      How true and apt.Let us hope that the bounty of Kali will make the ‘boy’ Kalidas.No harm in hoping.
      Happy New Year to you.HR

  • 8. Indian  |  January 16, 2012 at 7:25 am

    I am happy to see your column.
    You have put the whole thing in proper perspective.
    Question is how media and muslims still consider congress as ‘secular’. Criticism of congress is little as compared to RSS/BJP.
    See the Lord Meghnad Desai criticising Gandhi for endorsing Gita.
    Congress is enjoying both the words. It has Muslims and Media in its pocket. So it can) get away with it. Lesser said about the judiciary.
    Why Ishrat’s encounter is discussed ad-infinity. But Rajbala (died in after muth of Ramdev episode) is never mensioned.
    Mera Desh Mahan.

    • 9. hilda raja  |  January 27, 2012 at 11:27 am

      Thank you Indian for your response.Ypu are right.The Congress suffers from amnesia also.It is in its pockets the media and the Muslims.Yet with its loot culture-its divisive politics,its scams and corruption it goes to the election campaigning using the same against other parties.The judicary is also biased.Why should it pick at Narendra Modi’s government?There are encounter deaths in every State why probe only Gujarat’s?Rahul Gandhi says Uma Barathi is an outsider for UP.But see who is talking.His mother of a foriegner-he is hlaf and foeringer-Sheila Dikshit is from MP-Manmohan Singh is supposed to represent Assam!There are ever so many cases where the MPs are from other States .Rahul has to learn more and not blabber.Imagine he is the PM candidate for the Congress.To what level have we fallen.
      The vote bank appeasement policy of the Congress is well known.It keeps the people divided and in ghettos.Yet it blames the other parties of the same.It is like the pot calling the kettle black.
      All the best to you.HR

  • 10. nagaraj1395  |  January 28, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    A retired judge of Karnataka High Court, M.F. Saldanha has recently said that Christians in Karnataka State are under an unprecedented wave of persecution. He has also termed Karnataka as “the Rogue State No.1”. Unfortunately for Saldanha, he himself admits that the State has not recorded any killing in this season of “persecution”.

    Despite the horror stories trotted out by Saldanha and his friends about the unprecedented “persecution of Christians in Karnataka” it is interesting to not that there has not been a single instance of Christians fleeing the State and migrating to neighboring states!

    The same retired judge had alleged last year that there were 1,000 attacks against Christians in Karnataka at that time. . Asked for the details of the attacks, Saldanha failed to provide me with the list of names of churches and even dates of attacks. Thus, his baseless charges against the State government now also reflect his shocking ignorance of the real religious situation in Karnataka.

    I have been a freelance journalist writing regularly for several newspapers for the past thirty five years. Like most of those who have to regularly write for newspapers I need factual information. So, I diligently file press clippings so that I don’t slip up on accuracy.

    I am the founder and coordinator of the Bangalore Initiative for Religious Dialogue (BIRD), promoting pluralism, tolerance and understanding for a society, free of all prejudices. It provides a platform for addressing issues which are causes for religious/communal tension/resentment by inviting people of all faiths to share through it the richness of their various religious traditions and experiences.

    In addition, I am at present a member of the Karnataka State Minorities Commission, representing the Christian community in the State. As a member of the Commission I have visited several places where alleged attacks against Christians took place and interacted with the victims of the alleged violence and also government officials to find out the facts behind attacks.

    As far back as 2002, I was part of a fact finding team that enquired into the attack on the Holy Family Church at Hinkal in Mysore. Its report is available on the internet. In the same manner, I was a member of another fact-finding team that exposed the political conspiracy behind the Mangalore incidents of violence against Christians in 2008.

    So, I have the first hand information about several of the alleged attacks against Christians in Karnataka. I can thus confidently say that the incidents of violence against Christians in Karnataka have been few and far between. However, all of them have been blown out of proportion and internationalised by a handful of leaders from the Christian community and by unscrupulous politicians. They are using ordinary Christians as pawns in their hands for their narrow selfish ends.

    Reasons for Attacks

    The reasons for the attacks against certain Christian groups are not difficult to ascertain. Simply put, they are a reaction to the “aggressive faith marketing,” propaganda, and mindless evangelism and conversions through foul and unethical means indulged in by Christian missionaries who denigrate and make fun of Hindu gods and abuse Hindu rituals as barbaric.

    Father Adolf Washington of the Archdiocese of Bangalore wrote in a Bangalore daily:: “There are several groups of people doing the rounds in Bangalore adopting persuasive techniques not just to convert people but also to spread animosity against mainstream Christian denominations. They hurl invectives against the teachings of Christian denominations and even induce people to tender a written ‘resignation’ to the pastor or priest. Since some of these groups do not even accept the divinity of Christ, in effect, their conversion should not be understood as conversion to Christianity but to their organisation. Mainstream Christian denominations do not go on a conversion spree, only splinter groups and cultic groups do so probably for some self-gain.”

    Karnataka has suddenly become the principal target for a wide range of western Christian missions, especially after the BJP government came to power in 2008. The leaders of these groups are determined to spread “the Good News” to Karnataka’s “unreached” people. The tragedy is that politically ambitious so-called Christians like Saldanha who claim to be the spokesmen and defenders of the Indian Christian community spread distress and divisions and fan the flames of hatred against peace-loving Hindu community. They spread the venom of communal hatred like butter on hot bread. To all appearances, these Christian leaders enjoy the grace and favour of the Congress Party-led Government of India. This encouragement helps the growth of powerful elements of separatism and disunity in the country. It is well-known to political observers in Karnataka that Saldanha has been currying favour with Congress leaders and waiting in the wings for a plum post in the Party.

    Animosity against Christians

    Saldanha is ignorant of the fact that Christians are a tiny minority in this country/state. Their attitudes often elicit counter-reaction from the lunatic fringe of Hindu community who sometimes incite violence against Christians. Many preachers of the Christian Gospel rattle off verses from the Bible to preach hellfire and damnation to those who do not agree with their interpretations of the contents of the Bible. They lay enticing traps for people whom they think must be “saved” at all costs. One hopes that the Christian merchants of hate including the retired judge will soon realize that theirs is a losing battle even if they derive their financial and other means of support from foreign funding agencies for their nefarious activities.

    Simply put, the animosity against Christians is a reaction to the aggressive faith-marketing and mindless evangelism by thousands of foreign-funded, cultic, fundamentalist, fanatic and revivalist Christian groups and their half-baked preachers working among the wretched of the Indian earth. They denigrate Hindu gods and abuse Hindu rituals as barbaric. They are the root cause of tension between Christian and Hindu communities. Why should anybody be surprised if the so-called “extremists” among Hindus are offended and react violently? Invariably, incidents of violence against Christians are always bloated out of proportion and internationalized. It is, therefore, urgent that leaders of the established mainline churches, known for their erudition, equipoise, and empathy came out in the open and disowned such provocative acts of intolerance of the fundamentalist Christian groups masquerading as real Christians.

    The real source of danger to the Indian Christian community is not the handful of Hindu extremists but the self-styled saviours of Christianity who assert that they alone are the holders of valid visas to heaven and paradise.

    Yes, no civil society should condone violence. But mere condemnation is not a method to avert the repetition of violence. We have to find out if the violence is deliberate and unprovoked, or due to provocation. If it is the former, then there is one set of solutions, which mostly involves applying the law and severely punishing the perpetrators of the violence. However, if there is provocation, then we have to study the issue in greater detail. We have to understand why there has been a provocation for the violence, and who are the persons or organisations behind the provocation.

    It is high time people like Saldanha made an earnest attempt to appreciate this basic fact. That would be true humility if that is indeed possible for them to manifest. The retired judge and his friends should apologize for their irresponsible and unsubstantiated comments that Karnataka is “the number one rogue state” in the Indian Union. They should also check and re-check their facts before deciding to disparage Hindu “extremists” in their utterances and reports.

    The only way out

    When greater inter-religious understanding and mutual respect is the need of the hour, leveling wild accusations that do not have any foundation is dangerous gamesmanship.

    Hindu “fundamentalism” is a reaction to the provocations of Christian proselytizers. Under attack, Hindus have partly woken up to the need for self-protection and self-preservation. When they attack such Christian proselytizers they generate much criticism, especially from pseudo secularists and from the media world-wide.

    People like me, who have some access to the media and are still in control of our betz cells know that all such propaganda is being peddled in the name of a bogey man called Sangh Parivar. If one is honest in one’s analysis, it is not the Sangh Parivar but certainly the actions of Christian proselytizers and jihadi Muslims who challenge the religious sensitivities of the Hindu majority in the State.

    The Sangh Parivar bogey man will disappear if the mainline Churches in India come out openly and affirm that they are taking a solemn pledge in the name of Jesus Christ to abide by his admonition not to go miles to make a proselyte. If they can do that, the so-called Sangh Parivar will disappear.

    India and its tolerance for the diversity of its religious communities were built up over thousands of years. But, it looks like if individuals like Saldanha and his like-minded friends are not checked and their false propaganda countered, your children and the children of India’s minorities will have no future anywhere near the equity and fairness that they have so far enjoyed despite India being a predominantly Hindu nation.

    Be that as it may, can Saldanha, the self-styled leader of the Christian community, light a candle amidst the encircling gloom spread by the religious conversionists of both fundamental Christianity and Jehadi Islam?

    With malice towards none, and charity towards all, Indian Christians like me remain true to our guide and spiritual leader, the Jesus of Nazareth. Peace, Shanti, Salam, and Shalom!

    (About the Author: P.N. Benjamin is the Coordinator of Bangalore Initiative for Religious Dialogue(BIRD) , Member, Karnataka State Minorities Commission and Freelance journalist with 35 years experience)

  • 11. nagaraj1395  |  January 28, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    I have pasted the above write ;up ;for ;your comments please -This piece was written by Mr Benjamin. -I ;merely posted here for your informa;tion -Nagaraj

  • 12. Hilda Raja  |  January 29, 2012 at 2:55 pm

    From the following you will gauge what I think of JS’s report and his perception.Thank you Mr Nagarajan for the article.

    Justice Saldanha’s report reads like a political party’s demands. It is far from an unbiased probe report.
    To call this an independent Tribunal Enquiry is far from what it reveals.On the basis of this report, Catholic Secular Forum(CSF) and other NGOs have called for action by the Union government.
    The CSF is a misnomer.How can ‘Catholic’ be secular? Can we call the Indian Muslim League the Indian Musliam secular League? The moment one identifies an institution/organization with a religion it loses its allegiance will be with the religion it has identified.

    I wonder how ‘independent was the People Tribunal Enquiry Justice Michael Saldanha claims to have visited 400 places and examined 3000 witness/victims. Why had Justice and the CSF not brought these witnesses to the notice of Justice Somasekharan?Was he showed these victims and evidences?Did the Forum and the NGOs follow critically Justice Somashkaran’s probe and appear before him-place their objections and ‘crucial evidences?
    Just going through the ‘Highlights and Conclusions’ of Justice Saldhana one gets the feel that it is not only biased but wide and far fetched.
    For example he accuses that the Hindutva brigade was behind the violence and that the CM and the Home Minister implicated and explicitly abetted the Hindutuiva criminals.
    Justice Saldanha should know that unless criminality is proved the allegations of ‘criminals’ is unjust and far from justice. To smugly point at the Chief Minister and the Home Minister as implicitly and explicitly abetting Hindu criminals questions the fairness of Justice Saldhana in his very approach.He should then have cited the ‘implicit and explicit evidences at least annexed these to his Independent enquiry.

    Next he cites the ‘brute force of armed police. state administration and lower judiciary was used against the hapless Christians’.This again calls for concrete proof. Brute force adjective is used in a sweeping manner for the police, administration judiciary et al. The result of this ‘brute forced’ should have resulted in the death of hundreds, and brutalization of the humans. I suppose Justice Saldhana counted the dead, enumerated the crippled and those who suffered injuries and other violations from this ‘brute forced”. This is not specified in the report.
    How the lower judiciary used ‘brute’ forced I am not able to gauge.
    He then states that ‘religious violence was preplanned and executed with great precision for maximum impact and the persecution continued for three years. Reading the media which is already biased against Yeddyurappa one did not get such an impression. Again sweeping statements with no concrete evidence-as least a few instances could have been narrated. How this persecution for three years continued and to what effect? I found that Christian numbers have been growing-they have been able to worship without any hindrance and their institutions have been running smoothly. My friends and relations-quite a few are all harmoniously living in Karnataka and do not report of any anarchy and fear. Is this the picture of a three year long persecution? Does the peace that prevailed in Karnataka reveal the ‘brute’ force, the pre-planned violence, the precision with which it was executed etc reveal anywhere? What was the impact which such precision and planning wrought Justice Saldhana? May be you have information of the pre-plan- a blue print of the plan but do not want to make it public. Then your whole Independent Enquiry crumbles.

    Justice Saldhana goes on to point at the ‘flagrant disregard to rule of law and an atmosphere of anarchy prevails. Justice Saldhana are you really honest and truthful? Was Karnataka embroiled in violence except a few stray cases-was there anarchy? These words are loosely used because people lived and continue to live peacefully. If there was anarchy why did we not have people fleeing the State? Justice Saldhana next mentions of non-state and extra constitutional players. May be he is bogged down by the extra constitution power centre at Delhi and the extra State players there. Hence these words have been thrown in liberally.
    The fifth Highlight brings in the Muslims community-‘its stereo-typing and profiled’, its subject to attacks and lumpens all the ‘minorities’ as living in fear.
    Is this not an exaggeration? Justice Saldhana is more and better informed than this author and hence should remember that when one Muslim(Hanif) was harassed in Australia our poor PM suffered from sleepless nights. Hence had the ‘minorities’ been harassed and forced to live in fear will our PM and the extra constitutional power centre revolving round Mrs Sonia Gandhi just sit back and watch?

    To come to the demands made by the CSF over the Justice Saldanha report

    Justice Somasekhara needs to withdraw comments regarding conversion. Why should he when it is true.Except the Catholics who do not indulge in whole sale conversion business the other Evangelical churches business is nothing but conversion-adding numbers.
    The Catholic Secular Forum wants to ask permission from the Governor to prosecute the CM and the Home Minister. The Governor will be too glad because his one motive is to unsaddle the Yeddyurappa and that was why he was made the Governor of Karnataka.So the CSF has a strong ally in the Governor. But what made nonsense is that these two politicians must be debarred from entering Europe, America and Western nations for abetting hate crimes against fellow citizens and religious minorities.

    This calls for special focus. Why has the CSF rushed to extra-territorial boundaries.Does these countries belong to the Indian Christians.Or are the Indian Christians’ loyalties anchored there.Who are they to seek to debar these two politicians? And after all the European countries and America are not heavens and I do not think Yeddyurappa and Dr Acharya are very keen to visit these countries. What do they gain and what do they lose. But what is revealing is how the CSF binds itself to these countries. It will not be irrelevant to bring to the notice of readers and Justice Saldahan and the CSF that more than 3000 Sikhs were brutally butchered by the Congress leaders-three have been names by the Courts-the Bhopal gas disaster the biggest devastating industrial disaster globally found 13000 dead, maimed, crippled and diseased. The Congress Arjun Singh was the Chief Minister at the State and Rajiv Gandhi the PM at the Centre,.Yet these two conspired and Warren Anderson was given a royal safe exit. What happened in Karnataka is it greater than these two human genocides? Did the Christians cry and wail and shun politicians who failed in their duty to bring to justice those responsible for these two massive human tragedies? Yes they only have the Gujarat riots forgetting the 59 roasted and burned to death and then again in Gujarat the human loss was just a fraction of the earlier two mentioned tragedies.

    One of the demands mentions that dereliction of duty in Karnataka must be treated as ‘rarest of the rare crime. What strange logic. Justice Saldhana would know what is rarest of the rare crime.
    The third demand calls for punishing police and government officers who were indicted. Then the same justice demands that starting from Manmohan Singh and Mrs Sonia Gandhi the whole of the UPA must be punished for what we see-scams raining all round-but for the Opposition hue and cry the looters were allowed to fleece the country and thereby hit at the poor. Punish these first. As the Supreme Court stated in the CVC case indicted persons cannot be called upon to punish others.
    The fourth demand shows complete ignorance of those who drafted it as a demand. All Hindu temples’ monies go to the government but not a pie of the Christian churches offerings, donations, foreign funds go to the State government. Hence all Sammelans and Hindu religious functions must be from public funds because their funds are grabbed by the government. The Hindu Religious Endowment Boards in each State contrals the temples and its finances. I am surprised that the CSF did not find this out till date.Lets us be fair and let all the monies of the churches be given to the State and then all the festivals of the churches can be celebrated with the government money.You cannot eat the cake and have it to.Now one should realize the injustice and bias-one religion is controlled by the State and Christian religion has a free run.

    Why are the minorities considering themselves as a different species? Are they not all Indians? So best would be to shed the ‘minority’ tag and phobia from which they suffer. Karnataka has been a State when Hindus and Christians all lived in peace and harmony-it is so today to except for a stray instances. Let us not blow these up when one looks at the world situation of unrest. It is the politicians for their vote bank purposes have divided the communities into minority and majority into caste and creed. Let us shake up these ghettos-for all are one nation.
    Finally the suggestion that the CSF intents to take up the cases with the Karnataka High Court and the Supreme Court is very sensible and wise. But make sure that the court verdicts are accepted and not lend itself to other Independent and not so independent probes on religious lines.

    PS the catholics are being persecuted in NAGALAND.There is human rights violations by the Baptists.Each State two and three Evangelical churches are out persecuting the Catholics. I hope Justice Saldhana and the Catholic Secular Forum are aware of this and could have their Probes conducted there against these Christian churches.
    Dr Hilda Raja

  • 13. Sita  |  February 1, 2012 at 9:17 am

    Ma’am you have given so much information for the Public Through this analysis of the CSF’s Demands.”Thank-you’ seems so meager for the knowledge &awareness you are creating.Recently rahul Gandhi also said something like this :that the Sangh parivar has infiltrated the bureaucracy &they are preventing welfare schemes reaching the Muslim Community[speaking to Urdu news editors].


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