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The heart that forgives an injury is like an oyster that closes its wound with a pearl

The heart which forgives an injury is like an oyster which closes its wound with a pearl
Much has been scripted and the dying embers stoked on the 10th anniversary of the Godhra carnage and the subsequent riots. But I have yet to see a single line in the media written to condemn the burning of the 59 sevaks. Almost every day the print media had depicted trishul brandishing ugly rioter, put out sob stories of the victims-the pathetic conditions of their lives-the agony and the pain writ large on the face of Qutubuddin Ansari-pleading agonizingly to be left along -some stories of course how they have tried to string back what was left but not a single story on how the families of the 59 charred victims have reconciled and have pushed on in life.
It seems to me that the media does not want the past to be past. It does not want the Muslims of Gujarat to forget and forgive and to move ahead. Even if they want the media and some NGOs will not allow them to .This may look like an accusation of the media and I stand by it. Be it the print media or the electronic media it has been anti-Modi and gives the impression that Modi led the rioters from the front. Facts prove to the contrary. Can the media for the past ten years go on stoking the fires and making that Modi a suspect?? Is there not a duty for the media to be unbiased-to try and do all that is possible to bring in harmony and peace? Look at the TOI front page on the 27th Feb 2012-the headline flashed is ‘action. reaction, inaction’. Each of these words can be analyzed. What is truth and what are mere headlines. The unfolding of the events cannot be called action and the action here means the burning of the carriages and the 59 charred bodies of the kar sevaks. What is meant by the reaction-the subsequent events but that is depicted hour to hour. What is meant by the inaction-surely it points to the administration’s failure to contain the riots. If one is to understand the headline of the TOI.
What it conveniently forgot was the fact that the Indian Express10 years ago acknowledged the fact that the administration of Modi did act and acted effectively. Riots cannot be contained easily. The fact that Modi was ‘quick on his feet’-that he made it clear that nobody would be allowed to subvert the law. It also published in detail the number of convoys, army personnel and paramilitary forces which were deployed. Will these come under ‘inaction’? Is it not strange that when it came to the lives thousands lost in the aftermath of Indira Gandhi assassination the media was lukewarm in its reaction. How long did it keep the remembrances alive? Why had P.Chidambaram requested the Sikhs to put the past behind and to move on? Why the same advice is not held out to the Muslims of Gujarat in particular and the Muslims of India in general?
The politicians see in Modi a threat to their own ambitions and they make use of this rift-of a tragedy that costs lives. It is not as though the 2002 riots of Gujarat was the first of its kind in the State. What happened during the regimes of the Congress earlier? Were not riots the order of the day? Was not curfew clamped almost every other day? Is it the same now? This suspicion and hate is not a result of the events of ten years ago. It has been a long festering wound. It goes to the credit of Modi that he is the only Chief Minister who did something positive to ease this deep rooted hatred. It is to his credit that the Muslims in this State have found prosperity and harmony. Forget the media and the a few NGOs.Narendra Modi is a victim of vilification and of false allegations and accusations.In that respect he is a victim too. How long he has borne the brunt and carried on irrespective of what the media and the Congress spokespers throw at him.
The reality is there for people to see. No amount of Modi bashing and false accusations can bring peace and harmony and it is entirely a falsehood and a betrayal of the people of Gujarat to say that there was a political conspiracy. No Chief Minister would want to take sides-especially not a sharp and intelligent person like Modi. He knows that he needs the support of all-especially of the minorities if he has to push forward and take Gujarat to these heights which it has today. This is exactly why I liked the ‘Time to move on’ stated by Zafar Sareshwala. From a Modi critic even a Modi hater he has evolved into a very understanding, a wise Muslim leader calling the Muslims for a ‘process of dialogue and refrain from confrontation and agitation’. ‘He is one of the few Muslim faces –especially from the puritan school, who wants the community to move on’. This is the right attitude and I hope that the Muslim brethren will heed to such leaders and not fall a prey to the few NGOs (who find in it funds flowing) and politicians for their own political gains. It is the unity of the Indian people of India that is at stake. The Congress especially must realize this. There is a moral duty for all political parties not to divide-quotas-sub-quotas-appeasement policy, all these are harmful and reveal a mindset that is alien to unity of the people.
Ultimately there is the heart which has its reasons- hatred and suspicion and disunity cannot bring in peace and harmony to persons and to the community. For it is in forgiveness and in reaching out that is a healing process. To those who have lost their loved ones it heals the wounds and brings consolation.-sets new horizons in living a full life. To those who have lost their livelihood it enables them to pick up the brokenness and not only mends but built new enterprises. It is heartwarming-reviving and healing. This is why it is said that the heart that forgives an injury is like a oyster which closes its wound with a pearl. May all wounded hearts heal and let new blood and new life resurrect the friendship of the Hindu Muslim unity.
This also pertains to Modi who has stood the test of accusations, bashing almost everyday and yet gone about his work making no difference between communities. This we owe to our beloved country.-this is patriotism of a high order. None shall tarnish that. Let us work towards that. This is the pledge we have to take on days of remembrances and commemorations. Let it be so for the Feb 27th 2002-that’s the Action we need to commit ourselves to
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

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A dirty HAND cannot usher in clean governance

A dirty HAND cannot usher in clean governance.
‘Sonia declines to provide tax information’ was a news item that appears in the papers on the 25th Feb. She has cited person freedom and security risk. One is puzzled on what security risk is there if she discloses her tax returns. Does this security risk pertain only to Mrs Sonia and not to the others who disclose their income tax returns? She has also cited personal freedom. Does personal freedom is an exclusive right of Mrs Sonia. So the others who disclose their income tax returns have no personal freedom. It looks that Mrs Sonia Gandhi is afraid and is not comfortable in this area because she has much to fear. It is a known fact that she has amassed assets and wealth disproportionate to her known income.
It seems that only Mrs Sonia Gandhi has the right to privacy. Transparency is a must for all public servants and Mrs Sonia Gandhi is no private person. If all MPs can disclose their incomes and if others who are requisitioned under the RTI can oblige what is the problem with Mrs Sonia Gandhi.How can she claim to her income tax returns are ‘private in nature’ This cannot be allowed to go without being challenged. It seems that Mrs Sonia Gandhi is not all that clean in this area. There have been time and again the alleged accusations that money-looted has flowed into her kitty. If this is to be disclaimed then it is for her to be more transparent in her money affairs. She is a public personality and has to disclaim these allegations through her readiness to be transparent.
One cannot have two yardsticks-one for the other politicians and one for her. What is this exclusive right she is claiming? I do not know how the Chief public information officer will take this forward. It seems that Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her children are enjoying unfettered rights-they are outside the overview of the ordinary law.
Similarly for the CBI to turn down the plea of Dr Swamy on probing Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s role in Bofors is also unacceptable. The claim of the CBI director that unless new evidence was presented the case cannot be reopened does not hold water. But new evidence will surface only if Mrs Sonia Gandhi is probed .Evidence will not fall from the heavens. When it has been stated by both the CBI records and the Swedish authorities that Indian agencies had failed to interrogate Mrs Sonia Gandhi it reveals a fraud played on the people of India, There seem to be a cover-up. Why this sheltering of Mrs Sonia Gandhi against even justice. She has to be exposed and she should readily accept to be probed if she is clean.
In the disclosure of the income tax returns also Mrs Sonia should be treated as others and compelled to disclose. There seems to be something fishy and stinking. Escaping the disclosure directly points at some thing Mrs Sonia has to hide. It makes her a alleged defaulter and more doubts are created. No matter how high you are the law is above you Mrs Sonia Gandhi. And she goes about campaigning that the Congress is against corruption and wants clean governance. The test of the pudding is the eating of it. It is for Mrs Sonia Gandhi to stand this test of transparent and fight against corruption in her own affairs when it comes to income and probe on the Bofors issue. Otherwise these two will stick to her permanently –who is she afraid of? She cannot demand of others what she herself is refusing to undergo. This is exactly what I had written of the forked tongued Congress. And what is she afraid of? A dirty HAND cannot usher in clean governance.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

February 26, 2012 at 2:14 pm 6 comments

Theatre of the Absurd

Theatre of the Absurd

The Congress leaders cut such a sorry figure that one really feels like laughing at the whole lot. The special CBI judge O.P.Saini has cleared P Chidambaram. But one must realize that the CBI comes under Home Ministry and naturally the judge’s judgment can be questioned. Is there no bias? Even to a lay person like me it seems that the judge was wrong. A.Raja did have the support of PC. If he did not overtly have then at least covertly he did okay the manipulations of A.Raja.It would have been judicious if PC had resigned and then the special CBI judge came out with his judgment. The full judgment text needs to be carefully studied. The Congress leaders have no right and no justification to claim ‘victory’. First it must be noted that the whole 2GSpectrum scam erupted under the UPA with the Congress as the main party in governance.
What was the role of the PM? Silence and inaction means abetting the conspiracy. The same can be attributed to PC also. He knew very well that not even perishable edible things can be bought at the same price of 2001.Then how can the Finance Minister who was PC remain a silent spectator to this –‘to gift away the important national asset at throwaway prices’ How can Judge Saini say that PC had no role? When there is a conspiracy at the highest level-when the entire approach of Trai was lopsided and contrary to the decision taken by the Council of ministers how can PC be absolved and how can the PM be kept outside this conspiracy?
Dr Swamy’s allegations that he conspired with the then Minister for communication and Information Technology A.Raja to fix Spectrum prices at 2001 and that he allowed Swan and Unitech to off load their shares to foreign companies even before they began rolling out services.It is to these two allegations that the Special Judge O.P.Saini finds no material on record and also that these two acts are not illegal. The Honorable judge furthered his judgment by stating that there is a difference between mere association with a decision and criminal conspiracy. Even a lay person like me finds this difficult to accept. Association with A.Raja to commit a conspiracy is certainly abetting and being a partner to that conspiracy.It cannot be brushed aside as a ‘mere association’in the context of the 2G Spectrum. It is for the learned Judge to still further clarify the difference between mere association with a decision and a criminal conspiracy. When that decision becomes the conspiracy that ‘mere assocation’ to that decision and the associate becomes a partner to the conspiracy and hence a co-conspirator with A.Raja.
If according to the Judge a decision taken by a public servant does not become criminal for the simple reason that it has caused loss to the public exchequer or resulted in pecuniary advantage to others-then may I humbly ask what is the conspiracy of A. Raja? He can also state that he simply took a decision without any malafide and if that happened to cause loss to the public exchequer it is not a conspiracy because he did not act on any malafide theory. As a public servant he took a decision-Is there a record to show that A.Raja resorted to this decision because he gained pecuniary advantage? Is there any record to prove it or is to be conjuctured? The same reasons by which Judge O.P.Saini absolves PC can also be extended to A.Raja to absolve him.
On the other hand the judge reserved the absolution on these counts only for PC while calling A.Raja’s action a criminal conspiracy. How does the Judge conclude that PC did not gain from the ‘other accused’? Gains in these affairs need further investigation and need not expose a direct flow of funds now and immediate. There are various types of gains. PChidambaram needs the support of the DMK in his home State if he must get votes. Is that not a gain? Did the Judge find such a flow of monetary gains for A.Raja on record? It is with these flaws that one can say that OP.Saini erred in his judgment. The same benefit must be extended to A.Raja.
In this background to have the Congress leaders sing Alleluia seems absurd.As Shekar Gupta in his fine tuned article ‘Raja in jail,entire UPA in handcuffs(The Sunday Express Feb 5th 20012) exposes the phobia of the Congress. Yet we have the Congress leaders shouting themselves hoarse that the Congress has been vindicated-it is innocentetc. Is this not simply absurd? We have Kapil Sibal going to the media asserting that there had been no loss to the public exchequer because of the 2G Spectrum. Now he must eat his words. We have Kapil Sibal demanding the BJP to apologize to the nation. Anything said against the leaders/leader of the Congress brings in such a demand. As though the Congress is equivalent to the nation. But the Congress can bash Modi call him merchant of death and earlier called Vajpayee a traitor- did the Congress apologize to the nation? On the other hand KS must apologize because he claimed that there was no loss to the public exchequer. This is a blatant lie. Misguiding the nation is deception.
As the author Shekar Gupta states the Congress is a ‘victim of delusion’ It must not be forgotten that the Prime Minister told the Upper House that the Finance Minister had agreed with the pricing. Again Manmohan Singh had misled the House. and must be hauled up before the Privileges Committee.If it is true that the FM had colluded to the pricing then PC is as guilty as A.Raja. For example when two thieves break into a house-one simple stands by and the other breaks open the lock-does the smashing and the looting within while the other thief accompanies him-stands by him and hence leaves no finger prints. Though his footmarks are there.Does this mean that the standing by thief is innocent, because his finger prints are not there? Does it mean that he was merely an associate-a man who watches mutely and stands guard? Hence has not committed any damage or personally picked up any article or taken the loot immediately. Whether he will share it later is a conjecture. But both are thieves. One committed the act while the other gave him support through being his associate and companion during the criminal action. This because both came from the same town! Will the Honorable judge O.P Saini absolve the thief saying that he actually did not pick up anything in his hands-he only watched and stood by –so he can be set free? This is strange justice. P.Chidambaram is a co-conspirator-otherwise A.Raja must also be let off the hook.
We have Narayanaswamy saying that the Congress simply followed the NDA’s policy of first come first served. He must read carefully what the judgment says. A.Raja manipulated the first come first served principle .Some firms which had applied already in 2004 0r 2006 were pushed down the priority list and those who had applied between August and Sept2007 got the allocation. Is this the policy of First come first served which Narayanaswamy is pointing at? The Congress leaders fail to realize that the whole episode happened during its rule and hence letting off PC does not absolve the Congress of its criminality .This because the PM is a Congressman who was silent throughout- Even though Dr Swamy had written to him. By being silent he had allowed A.Raja to go ahead ignoring the Prime Minister, the Finance and the Law Ministers. Which means the Congress did not want to shake the boat and felt the best would be to allow the powerful ally-DMK minister to go ahead with this arbitrary and capricious criminal action – causing loss to the nation justified by ‘coalition dharma’ Behind this lies the real motive. It wanted to be in power.
As Mr Gupta states in his article this is a weak government besieged on every side-be it the army,the scientists,the Chief Election Commissioner not to speak of the various scams and to find them in chorus chanting ‘rejoice’ we have done nothing immoral-we simply followed the NDA’s policy.The UPA is a tottering government is in its last stages of life and hence seem to be desperate. In this desperation it has lost all sensitivity and sensibilities. Should we laugh or cry at the delusion which has captivated the Congress party? But the people have no delusion and can think straight. It is this which the PM must reflect on. Why is he silent and why is he accepting the illusory advices given by persons like Kapil Sibal, Narayasamy and Chidambaram. Why is the PM becoming a robot? Can the PM not think and act? Must he be a prisoner of his own making? In the process what stands out clearly is that the Congress is a Judas. Its leaders have not stood by the solemn oaths they took. They have betrayed the nation in almost all fronts and gave away national asset-all for the sake of power.The judgment of O.P Saini is hence no victory for the Congress as claimed by its leaders? It is for the people to judge. What is sheer absurdity is the way the Congress leaders chorus this ‘victory’. They appear like a group of buffoons engaged in buffoonery and expose themselves to be the ridicule of the nation.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

February 5, 2012 at 10:14 am 7 comments

Kapil Sibal the notorious blabberer is a confused person

Kapil Sibal-the notorious blabberer is a confused person
It seems a tragedy that we have a Human Resource Minister who cannot think straight-see straight and who thinks that this nation is a fools’ nation. The Supreme Court cancels 12 G licenses and directly indicts Adhimuthu Raja for gifting away national assets at throwaway prices. It not only quashed the grant of UAS licenses but declared it illegal. Yet Kapil Sibal finds that the SC’s verdict is no indictment of the UPA but of the NDA.Is he suffering from some sort of a schizophrenia. Nay it is still worse. He seems to suffer from an utterly confused mind and outlook.
Dr Swamy had taken the UPA to court but not the NDA. The case is against the UPA and the verdict is against the UPA governance with A.Raja indicted. A Raja is a small player. What is the role of P.Chidambaram and the Prime Minister in this? It is not the Supreme court which should indict the Prime Minister and the UPA but the nation should. After all one of the Cabinet ministers had gifted away the national asset at throwaway prices. His blatant disregard to stand by his solemn promise to safeguard the interest of the nation has been violated and where does the Prime Minister stand in this? He too stands equally if not more guilty When one of his cabinet ministers had allowed this loot. It was the duty of the Prime Minister to stand against it and to uphold the sanctity of his stewardship. He failed in this because he wanted to continue in power. He did not want to displease a powerful ally. Manmohan Singh failed miserably in upholding his oath to function without fear or favor.
If Kapil Sibal thinks that the Supreme Court’s indictment is against the NDA policy then the SC should have made it clear that the policy alone is being scrapped. Kapil Sibal must know that the UPA cannot hide behind the NDA’s policy. If the NDA also looted the public exchequer then it is free to file a case against it. Why had the Congress not as an Opposition opposed the policy of the NDA then? Why had it followed the same policy? Why selectively this policy and not other policies of the NDA. Is it not shameless to say that it followed the NDA’s policy? Had you no policy of your own? Granted that the policy during the NDA’s period was faulty why did the Congress follow it? What prevented persons like Kapil Sibal to expose the NDA’s policy? Instead it safely follows it and allows A.Raja to gift ‘national asset at throwaway prices’.
It is the same Kapil Sibal who asserted that the nation had not suffered any loss. That statement of his has been busted. What has he to say to that? Prices and a policy which may have been right in 2001 cannot be right and legal in 2007 when the volume and the concentration of the Spectrum had manifold increased. The verdict clearly states that the 2G Spectrum allocation of 2008 is a scam and quashed the whole deal of 12 UAS licenses. Kapil Sibal may want to just blabber something for the sake of blabbering but he must know that the people of this country has common sense. Even the first come first served policy was tampered and manipulated by the UPA so it is not the same as the NDA’s policy of 2001.
To have Kapil Sibal in the council of ministers and to have him as a Human Resource minister is dangerous for the country. He is a typical example of a person who gives wrong advice to the Prime Minister. And the later with no time to apply his mind simply accepts the blabbering of KS. This is a revelation namely of the type of personalities who run the UPA government .Keep denying and keep making sound bytes-as though these will save their ignominy and their sins of violation and deception. It is a frightening proposition to have men like Kapil Sibal at the helm of affairs. Earlier I had scripted on the forked tongued Congress. Now it is clear that the Congress is not only forked tongued but consists of persons with confused state of minds and visions. Their place is not in the cabinet but somewhere else.
God save my country
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

February 3, 2012 at 11:27 am 18 comments

The youth icon-Rahul Gandhi’s vision

The youth icon-Rahul Gandhi’s vision

Give us five year for development in UP pleads Rahul Gandhi.He forgets that the Congress was in power and no development took place in UP. At least now it has structures of the elephant1RG is living in a world of his own and conveniently suffers from selective amnesia. The Congress has the longest innings in the Centre and yet India’s development record especially in human indices is abysmal.40 percent of our children are under nourished. After 67 years of Independence we still have starvation deaths. Farmers suicides are in thousands-women find no safety and security. National security means only exchanging of dossiers with Pakistan. Fight against terrorism is politicized and communalized. Muslim appeasement has taken its toll on the unity and harmony of the population. Muslims and minorities are perceived as ‘victims’ and the ‘others’ as perpetrators. How can there be peace and harmony with such jaundiced and biased perception?
When it comes to corruption and scams the country is high on the world list. It is even higher than Pakistan and Bangla Desh. Indian bureaucracy is rated the worst in Asia-even worse than Vietnam and Indonesia. Corruption has eaten into the entrails of the Indian polity. Public accountability is nil and probity of the politicians has taken a beating. The PM is a lame duck which suits the Congress President. There have been at least two indictments against the PM by the Supreme Court-one in the CVC case and the other in spectrum 2G for not taking action against A Raja. It is a weak argument if one tries to excuse the PM by saying that it was error or judgment and that he was wrongly advised. These two are serious cases and not just ordinary files which he needs to only sign on the advice of his officers. In the first case regarding the appointment of Mr Thomas as CVC the Opposition had had put in a note of dissent. and in A. Raja’s case Dr Swamy had written specifically to the PM. Why had he not applied his mind and how can there be excuses on error of judgment? These are serious cases. Never in Independent India has the government and the PM been so weak and so mired in scams and corruption. Cabinet ministers involved in looting the public.
Controversy after controversy-be it with the Navy-Army and Air force-this nation watches with perplexity the inability of the government to govern. And with equal perplexity watches the role of Mrs Sonia Gandhi. The blackmoney stashed in foreign banks-the inability of the government to bring to a logical end the Income tax case against Husan Ali Khan,the Public sectors going red while the Corporates wade in profits.The panel raj of Manmohan Singh-every issue is being referred to a panel/Commission or a committee.What is the role of the different ministries and the Ministers? Why every time a problem/issue arises immediately a group of empowered ministers are summoned. Does it mean that each minister cannot handle their respective ministries and sort out the problem? Why this enlarged pay package to the MPs who hardly do any work. Is Parliament representing the people’s needs and aspiration only in name sake and not in reality? Each MP has his and her vested interest and has carved out their domain of self interest. How democratic are we? Is India today not a Banana Republic with a chosen few running the show.
Why a National Advisory Council-Is it to advise the PM and draft Bills which divide this nation into ‘victims’and ‘perpetrators’ thus present a divided nation. Is the NAC a mini Parliament usurping the role of the dejure Parliament and the ministries? Or is it meant to foist Mrs Sonia Gandhi in a cabinet status and give her an extra constitutional status and a self picked parliament to pressurize and lobby? All this exposes the weakness of Manmohan Singh. My intention is not to focus on the Prime Minister but on the Congress because the remote control is with Mrs Sonia Gandhi. It is another thing that the PM does not have the guts to resign if he cannot and is not allowed to function independently. His Council of Ministers hardly work-and when they do are in variance with each other. It is in this background that the Congress has a lot to answer being in power the longest and having the NAC chairperson Mrs Sonia Gandhi holding the remote control.
How can Rahul Gandhi claim to bring in development in UP in five years? Is he aware of what he is talking-because most of the time he is not. Or has he a magic wand? What he and the Congress could not achieve in 50 years they want us to believe that in five years he will bring in development. Backwardness is ever of on the increase. His vision of UP has been mired in quota. The very same point bandied against the Opposition. And religious quota is a violation of the Constitution .But that does not prevent the Congress from promising such because it wants through hook or crook garner the Muslim votes. What happens later is no bother to them.
This youth icon cannot think of a development vision. But the Congress manifesto has made sky high promises-promises which the people are aware is impossible to achieve even in fifty years. Ram, religion and caste he decries against the Opposition but he is on caste and quota-what difference does it make? It is like the pot calling the kettle black.How long is the Congress going to deceive the people? Its manifesto promises a women’s police station in every district-which means the Congress, is aware that under its regime crimes against women will increase. Even in a place like N.Delhi there is no security for the woman on the road. The Kanya Sashahtikay Yogna has been picked up both from Gujarat and Tamilnadu. The Congress shamelessly promises 50 percent reservation for women in Panchayats. We know the reservation for women story. Will it not be hindered by quota and sub quota demands?
As though Justice depends on computerization of all courts the Congress manifesto has promised all courts to be computerized. First let the Congress see that Justice is done-let is do away with corruption within its ranks-in the government. When it comes to education it promises freebies-free shoes, dresses and books to all primary school children.It has not made sure that there are enough of schools and school enrolment. Are there enough of teachers in schools in the present state of affairs. But the promise is one school in every village. When it comes to health even the city based hospitals are bad and give poor services to the poor-but the Congress promises free path labs across the State.20 lakhs of jobs for youth and 50,000 youth as Bharat Nirman Volunteers.
When it comes to minorities the Congress promises funds for Waqf properties .As it is this is a grave injustice because Waqf properties do not come under the government as the Hindu temple lands. There is enormous funds in the waqf boards so why this fund promise- a furtherance of the appeasement of the Muslims. Is there no end to this appeasement policy of the Congress? Just give the Congress five years pleads the youth icon and he will work out miracles with quota and sub quotas. This Congress party which has ruined the country has made promises of making the state of UP flow with milk and honey. Are the people of UP fools? Having divided the nation on communal basis the youth Icon is pointing a finger at the other parties unaware that while his one finger is directed against the other parties when he rolls up the sleeves of his kurta four fingers point to him.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

February 2, 2012 at 4:31 am 6 comments


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