The youth icon-Rahul Gandhi’s vision

February 2, 2012 at 4:31 am 6 comments

The youth icon-Rahul Gandhi’s vision

Give us five year for development in UP pleads Rahul Gandhi.He forgets that the Congress was in power and no development took place in UP. At least now it has structures of the elephant1RG is living in a world of his own and conveniently suffers from selective amnesia. The Congress has the longest innings in the Centre and yet India’s development record especially in human indices is abysmal.40 percent of our children are under nourished. After 67 years of Independence we still have starvation deaths. Farmers suicides are in thousands-women find no safety and security. National security means only exchanging of dossiers with Pakistan. Fight against terrorism is politicized and communalized. Muslim appeasement has taken its toll on the unity and harmony of the population. Muslims and minorities are perceived as ‘victims’ and the ‘others’ as perpetrators. How can there be peace and harmony with such jaundiced and biased perception?
When it comes to corruption and scams the country is high on the world list. It is even higher than Pakistan and Bangla Desh. Indian bureaucracy is rated the worst in Asia-even worse than Vietnam and Indonesia. Corruption has eaten into the entrails of the Indian polity. Public accountability is nil and probity of the politicians has taken a beating. The PM is a lame duck which suits the Congress President. There have been at least two indictments against the PM by the Supreme Court-one in the CVC case and the other in spectrum 2G for not taking action against A Raja. It is a weak argument if one tries to excuse the PM by saying that it was error or judgment and that he was wrongly advised. These two are serious cases and not just ordinary files which he needs to only sign on the advice of his officers. In the first case regarding the appointment of Mr Thomas as CVC the Opposition had had put in a note of dissent. and in A. Raja’s case Dr Swamy had written specifically to the PM. Why had he not applied his mind and how can there be excuses on error of judgment? These are serious cases. Never in Independent India has the government and the PM been so weak and so mired in scams and corruption. Cabinet ministers involved in looting the public.
Controversy after controversy-be it with the Navy-Army and Air force-this nation watches with perplexity the inability of the government to govern. And with equal perplexity watches the role of Mrs Sonia Gandhi. The blackmoney stashed in foreign banks-the inability of the government to bring to a logical end the Income tax case against Husan Ali Khan,the Public sectors going red while the Corporates wade in profits.The panel raj of Manmohan Singh-every issue is being referred to a panel/Commission or a committee.What is the role of the different ministries and the Ministers? Why every time a problem/issue arises immediately a group of empowered ministers are summoned. Does it mean that each minister cannot handle their respective ministries and sort out the problem? Why this enlarged pay package to the MPs who hardly do any work. Is Parliament representing the people’s needs and aspiration only in name sake and not in reality? Each MP has his and her vested interest and has carved out their domain of self interest. How democratic are we? Is India today not a Banana Republic with a chosen few running the show.
Why a National Advisory Council-Is it to advise the PM and draft Bills which divide this nation into ‘victims’and ‘perpetrators’ thus present a divided nation. Is the NAC a mini Parliament usurping the role of the dejure Parliament and the ministries? Or is it meant to foist Mrs Sonia Gandhi in a cabinet status and give her an extra constitutional status and a self picked parliament to pressurize and lobby? All this exposes the weakness of Manmohan Singh. My intention is not to focus on the Prime Minister but on the Congress because the remote control is with Mrs Sonia Gandhi. It is another thing that the PM does not have the guts to resign if he cannot and is not allowed to function independently. His Council of Ministers hardly work-and when they do are in variance with each other. It is in this background that the Congress has a lot to answer being in power the longest and having the NAC chairperson Mrs Sonia Gandhi holding the remote control.
How can Rahul Gandhi claim to bring in development in UP in five years? Is he aware of what he is talking-because most of the time he is not. Or has he a magic wand? What he and the Congress could not achieve in 50 years they want us to believe that in five years he will bring in development. Backwardness is ever of on the increase. His vision of UP has been mired in quota. The very same point bandied against the Opposition. And religious quota is a violation of the Constitution .But that does not prevent the Congress from promising such because it wants through hook or crook garner the Muslim votes. What happens later is no bother to them.
This youth icon cannot think of a development vision. But the Congress manifesto has made sky high promises-promises which the people are aware is impossible to achieve even in fifty years. Ram, religion and caste he decries against the Opposition but he is on caste and quota-what difference does it make? It is like the pot calling the kettle black.How long is the Congress going to deceive the people? Its manifesto promises a women’s police station in every district-which means the Congress, is aware that under its regime crimes against women will increase. Even in a place like N.Delhi there is no security for the woman on the road. The Kanya Sashahtikay Yogna has been picked up both from Gujarat and Tamilnadu. The Congress shamelessly promises 50 percent reservation for women in Panchayats. We know the reservation for women story. Will it not be hindered by quota and sub quota demands?
As though Justice depends on computerization of all courts the Congress manifesto has promised all courts to be computerized. First let the Congress see that Justice is done-let is do away with corruption within its ranks-in the government. When it comes to education it promises freebies-free shoes, dresses and books to all primary school children.It has not made sure that there are enough of schools and school enrolment. Are there enough of teachers in schools in the present state of affairs. But the promise is one school in every village. When it comes to health even the city based hospitals are bad and give poor services to the poor-but the Congress promises free path labs across the State.20 lakhs of jobs for youth and 50,000 youth as Bharat Nirman Volunteers.
When it comes to minorities the Congress promises funds for Waqf properties .As it is this is a grave injustice because Waqf properties do not come under the government as the Hindu temple lands. There is enormous funds in the waqf boards so why this fund promise- a furtherance of the appeasement of the Muslims. Is there no end to this appeasement policy of the Congress? Just give the Congress five years pleads the youth icon and he will work out miracles with quota and sub quotas. This Congress party which has ruined the country has made promises of making the state of UP flow with milk and honey. Are the people of UP fools? Having divided the nation on communal basis the youth Icon is pointing a finger at the other parties unaware that while his one finger is directed against the other parties when he rolls up the sleeves of his kurta four fingers point to him.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja


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Vaiko (MDMK leader)of Tamilnadu’s appeal to the PM Kapil Sibal the notorious blabberer is a confused person

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  • 1. Amit Shah - Vadodara  |  February 2, 2012 at 4:33 am

    Excellent article. I agree with you. Lets hope that now people of India understand all this.

    • 2. hilda raja  |  February 2, 2012 at 7:28 am

      thank you Amit and like you I also hope that the people will realise what the crafty Congress is up to.Hope is the light at the end of the tunnel.All the best to you.HR

  • 3. dakul  |  February 2, 2012 at 9:35 am

    Take away the media coverage, except Priyanka who else is on his side? His mother?
    TV channels give prominence to his speeches and call him an icon.
    Same as Swetha Nanda became a “style” that time I seiously wondered if young women in Delhi were dressed in a similar fashion (it is a few years since I visited).

  • 4. hilda raja  |  February 2, 2012 at 11:10 am

    Good one Dakul.I mean the comparison to Swetha Nanda.The media is giving coverage only to RG.Yesterday the national channel telecasted his speech but not the speeches of other leaders.The EC should made a note of this violation by the electronic media-I mean the national channel.Equal importance must be given to all the leaders of other political parties.Why only RG’s.Lets wait for the UP verdict.I pray and wish that the Congress bites the dust there.HR

  • 5. Thirumaran Sankaramani  |  February 2, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    A very thoroughly thought provoking article, as always, from you. Problem is UP is very much lower than Tamilnadu. The election results this time around could be more confusing and disappointing. Only because of its sheer size and the Muslim voters who are a decisive factor, UP is in prominent news always.
    All parties will fare badly in the coming elections including BSP and the people will be the losers.
    As far as Rahul Gandhi is concerned, well, you know how ferocious the Congress goons are when it comes to the wretched Gandhi family.
    Sorry. No words of comfort from me this time.
    However continue your crusade.
    We, your admirers, are with you.

  • 6. hilda raja  |  February 3, 2012 at 4:59 am

    thank you Thirumaran,Confort to me or not you are right and deep down I too think that it will be a fractured result and lead to a hung Assempby.That will in turn send the parties racing to horse trading-the bane of democracy and multiparty system.
    The system is in the hands of the Congress goons and they can manipulate it to their advantage.Look at Kapil Sibal-cannot think stright and talk straight.It is dangerous to have him as our Minister for Human Resources.The SC has not indicted the UPA he says but the NDA.The UPA followed the NDA’s policy.Why only in this the UPA chose to follow the NDA’s policy?Why had it not changed the policy?Why had it not opposed thepolicy when it was in the Opposition?If a man cannot think straight how can he head the HR’s ministry?He utters foolish ly and stupidly utter nonsense.The media swallows all that….HR
    Regards to you.HR


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