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The Congress – its biased perception.
There is something basically wrong with the Congress in its perception regarding the national security .It seems obsessed by ‘saffron’ terror which is its own imaginary fear while it overlooks and sweeps aside jihadi terror. It cannot call a spade a spade because of its bias and jaundiced vision. This is because of its vote bank policies which has led to an appeasement policy and abetment of Islamic terror-both within the country and from outside the country.
It is not without justification that I accuse the Congress of its flawed perception. For example take its vote bank politics-this is done at the cost of the country’s security. The soft policy towards the Muslims has led the country to a state where in the national security is jeopardized. To cite a small example when Dr Haneef of Bangalore was harassed in Australia our Prime Minister stated that he spent sleepless nights. But now the Hindu minorities’ are being persecuted-tortured and massacred in Pakistan and not a whimper from the Congress as well as our PM. Why this utter indifference and insensitivity? The Mumbai violence was by a group of organized Muslims which went on a rampage-These rioters were given a velvet glove treatment. It is said that the number of arrests in this violence and organized rioting has gone up to 43
In this regard of the Mumbai violence and rioting there had been two articles which are real eye openers.’ Making History, not repeating it(IE17th August) by Javed Anand and Teesta Setalvad welcomed the ‘restraint’ approach of the Mumbai police in the face of an organized mob. They furthered their appreciation of this ‘restraint’ by citing it as a hope that it “may open a new chapter in the relationship between the minority community and the State” And what is this new chapter one must believe in opting-inaction on the part of the police in the face of a riot when the perpetrators are Muslims. So what kind of a police force do we envisage in this ‘new Chapter”? A silent inactive police when Muslims go on rampage. What happens if the rioters are Hindus? Then there is a hue and cry that the police was ineffective and did not take action and that the State CM must resign because he abetted the violence. This has been very succinctly brought out by Madhu Trehan ‘Bending over backwards’ (IE 22nd August) This is what the proposed ‘Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence(Access to Justice and Reparation)Bill 2011 proposed. The Congress-and its law enforcing agencies must start with the assumption that the victims are always the Muslims and the perpetrators are the Hindus. With such a mentality and mindset no wonder the Mumbai police commissioner Arup Patnaik led his force. He later justified that if he controlled the mob by shooting then at least 200-300 would be dead. What kind of an justification is this? Why had the police not gone after the goons? Why this reluctance to control the rioters. Is religion one of the factors to be taken into consideration in quelling a rioting mob? Our PM thinks that non partisan approach on economic issues is essential for national security. Next it will not be too long if the Congress looks upon the Opposition itself as a risk to national security. Why not if it looks for non partisan approach then what is the role of the Opposition?
The Congress is playing with fire-nay it is abetting anti national forces and thus exposing the country to security risks. The Mumbai violence can be traced to the issue of the illegal migrants .This large number of Muslims have been encouraged to settle down in India giving them ration cards and providing them with all that is valid for citizens only with en eye on vote bank. The result is not only the violence in Mumbai but also the whole country is in turmoil with the Bodos-the Assamese finding their rights being encroached. But look at the attitude of the GOI when it comes to the Hindus-be they from the Kashmir Valley or fleeing from Pakistan inactive and most indifferent.
The Congress sees nothing when it comes to the actions and inactions of the Muslim community to National security. Why had it not addressed the Muslim brethren to unite and be non partisan and not let religious divide the nation when it comes to hoisting the tricolor-celebrating Pakistan’s Independence day-accepting a Uniform Civil code. One nation must have one flag-one law and one Constitution. The Congress for the sake of votes has been tinkering and tampering with the Constitutional safe guards. It has not hesitated to violate the Constitution for its own agenda. How can it perceive the citizens on the basis of religion? So why is there a separate budgetary allocation on the basis of religion? Why a Sachar report validity when it was flawed in its approach and its lack of scientific temper? It is absolutely judicious to net in the poor and give as much as possible to make them come above the poverty line-but must this be in terms of appeasement and religion? Can this country then be safe in the hands of the Congress who from its very inception has been communal?
Does the Congress and Manmohan Singh want the rest of the nation to be silent spectators to this discriminatory and bias treatment of its citizens?-Indian history is very clear-the Partition was made on the basis of the plea that there are those who cannot integrated with the Hindus must be given a homeland of their own. This was done. So now what is the problem with the rest who are in India? This separatist attitude cannot bind a nation as a unity and the Congress is refusing to see the dire consequences of the attitude. That is a national security risk. Yet the economist PM calls for a non partisan support on economic issues putting it on par with national security. Has the PM at least once addressed this issue? But when it comes to ‘saffron’ terror the Congress leaders like Rahul Gandhi,P.Chidambaram have cited it as the biggest danger to national security. One has to search for that which is lost in the maze of their biased perceptions. But the whole world knows of the jihadi terror to which the Congress and its leaders go soft. Is this not a national security concern? For the sake of power the obstinate refusal of the Congress to give up the divisive mindset is going to cost the nation heavily. It is like cutting the very branch on which it is sitting.
Dr.Mrs Hilda Raja,

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