Rivals-activists blast Modi

August 31, 2012 at 8:43 am 5 comments

Rivals,activists blast Modi
‘Modi sees malnutrition in new light, sets up a mission’-‘Day after, rivals activists blast Modi for comments on women malnutrition’- These were two headlines screaming across the IE-dated 31st August. One should say that Modi must be thankful because every action, every utterance and every move of his attracts a reaction and an opinion. Modi gets enough of coverage and must be happy that without spending public money he has news coverage. People of Gujarat are no fools and they recognize the anti Modi and vicious propaganda that has been let loose by Modi’s rivals.
Let us take an objective and unbiased view of what Modi stated to the Wall Street Journal. First the WSJ should not have asked Modi such a question on women-namely why they are short and under nourished. It was already loaded .Why did it pick on women-Did the WSJ put forth any statistics which was unbiased and relatively updated? Was there any comparison to the size and weight of women in other States? Why this index on women’s appearance? To this Modi’s reply was that Gujarat mostly a middle class state and is vegetarian. Now this did not mean that he included the malnourishment or the undernourished women of the poor. Show me one state where the poor are not under nourished and do not suffer from malnourishment? So picking out only Gujarat and making it sound-look as though only Gujarat’s women are malnourished is certainly against any scientific finding.
There was nothing wrong in what Modi replied because women in Gujarat as far as the middle class and the lower middle class are concerned they are beauty conscious. His focus was on the middle class-does not the middle class also count? In my experience I have found girls coming from rich families and not so rich families very conscious of their figure and want to retain a slim figure. The others in the family abet this. I have heard mothers asking their daughters to eat less.
This does not in any way refute the fact that all over the country the poor girl child is neglected and suffers from malnutrition. Gujarat is no exception. The sum total when the poor women and the women of the upper class with enough food but with their beauty consciousness are added the numbers to the malnutrition group swells. So Modi is right when he brought into the picture the beauty consciousness of the middle class and the rich. That the poor are malnourished is a global fact.What is being overlooked is that women who can afford proper food also joining the ranks of malnutrition.
Where is the need to bash Modi on this? It seems to me that the rival party-the Congress takes every move of Modi’s and every word he utters for going hammer and tongs at him. It will boomerang. But at least the rival political parties can be understood because they suffer from unfulfilled ambitions and see red when it comes to Modi but what cannot be explained and understood is the need for NGOs to join the bandwagon. In this it was surprising that a Jesuit priest-Cedric Prakash also has a finger in the pie. I have not yet heard him lead a campaign against the corruption in the church to which he belongs-against the sexual violation of nuns and pedophilia rampant by the priests in his church. He has forgotten what the Bible says that one should not raise an issue of the speck in another’s eye when you carry a beam in yours.
I have not heard him and the NGOs take to the streets against the massive corruption of the UPA and the Congress. Why this selective amnesia which goes to prove that they are not against injustices and poverty-they are not against wanting to uphold justice but simply want to denigrate Modi.It is a very narrow and a personal motive-It looks that they have a vested interest including Fr Cedric Prakash SJ. Any NGO worth its salt must stand up against corruption, and injustice-Must speak against the massive scams that are raining under the UPA 2.This kind of Modi bashing then is only for self appeasement and may be they have an ulterior motive. Not that their goal and focus is to fight against injustices. Hence Modi comes in handy because he is worth fighting-because he is strong.
In this context to mention about the 1984 riots is relevant why has it not been a cause for Rev Fr Cedric Praskash and the NGOs to seek justice in the 1984 riots which saw 100 times more the number of Sikhs massacred and butchered and hundreds of Sikh girls raped? What is the motive of allowing the Congress leaders who led this genocide to escape the hands of justice? Why are they not reminding the people that the Congress’s hands are drenched in blood of a minority community? And mind you this as the back lash for the assassination of one woman. There was the justification by Rajiv Gandhi to this brutal reign of terror against the Sikhs. What if Modi had justified the Godhra riots in such terms that when 59 kar sevaks are torched it is natural for a backlash which would find people massacred? When Rajiv Gandhi made such a horrendous, inhuman and insensitive statement there was no horror and condemnation expressed-why? Will Fr Cedric Prakash and the NGOs accept such a statement from Modi? Would not all hell break loose? Why the tapes and CDs of this brutal massacre of1984 right in the heart of India-and that at the capital allowed to last for three full days are not being played before every election? Why the Congress is not being targeted for this inhuman atrocious massacre at the time of the elections?
So this puts definitely a question mark on the credentials and motive of Rev Fr Cedric Praskash SJ and his group. They are simply anti-Modi.They are not pro-poor and prop-people. They are self proclaimed champions for their own glory and publicity. Those who stand for justice cannot be selective-Lives of people are unique and injustice no matter who the perpetrators are must be opposed, condemned and fought against.Fr Cedric Praskash SJ and the NGOs have miserable failed in this-revealing a biased perception and a narrow anti-Modi mindset. This does not auger well for NGOs be they led by priests or by lay persons
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,


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  • 1. Chithra  |  August 31, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    Narendra Modi is taking Qs on YouTubeIndia and it is trending on Twitter. One of the many tweets –
    Pierre Fitter ‏@pierrefitter
    They’re lobbing softballs but there’s no doubt #modihangout makes The Dynasty look like it got left behind in the 20th century.
    Here is the link- comments are pouring in,

    • 2. hilda raja  |  September 1, 2012 at 3:11 am

      Dear Chitra-went to Twitter and fiound it very encouraging.Thank you so much for sending me the ling on Modihangout.All the best to you.HR

  • 3. Chithra  |  September 1, 2012 at 8:30 am

    Twitter reminds me of the “Letters to the Editor” column we grew up with. It is not abridged and agenda driven.
    These days I check the tweets first before #MSM(Main Stream Media)
    That way I get a sense of what is happening as opposed to what is reported. Of course, #MSM informs you about power shut down and traffic diversion; one must be prepared for being caught unawares.

  • 4. Chithra  |  September 1, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    Narendra Modi ‘Hangs’ In Style

  • 5. Kavitha  |  September 7, 2012 at 10:26 am

    Dear Madam, I wish to bring to your notice the following article on “Modi as Prime Minister” by Dr. Tripuraneni Hanuman Chowdary.



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