The Washington Post and its postmortem of the UPA2

September 7, 2012 at 8:14 am 10 comments

The profile of Manmohan Singh in the Washington Post has ruffled the feathers of the Congress. This party is like an ostrich which buries its head in the sand. Not a single sentence in The Washington Post can be faulted. It is a true assessment of Manmohan Singh and the government he heads. It is a pity that the Congress leaders fail to learn and to rewrite their  script. Instead it demanded the WP to apologize. Typical of the Congress which cannot stand truth because it does not abide by truth.It was so quick under the prodding of the new combative Mrs Sonia when it demanded that Advani take back his remark that the UPA 2 is an illegitimate government. Well the Washington Post has mirrored its true reflection which means this government has lost its legitimacy. When one is not legitimate what is it then? The author has voiced the opinion of millions of people-and sketched the contours of a PM which is not very flattering. In fact it reveals the true  state of affairs  and the personality of the PM. From an ‘underachiever’ he has slipped down to a tragic figure.
The unflattering profile is cent percent true. Manmohan Singh should have long ago put in his papers- instead he presides over the most corrupt government India ever had-he preferred to look the other way when as the author puts it when his ministerial colleagues were filling their pockets. Is this a sign of honesty? No wonder the paper has drubbed him as intellectually dishonesty. As an economist he refused to usher in any economic reform to arrest the sliding down of the economy-the devaluing of the rupee and the raining of scams. Insensitive to all this Manmohan Singh clung to his power. If he had an iota of self respect and integrity he would either have resigned or at least demanded the resignation of his corrupt ministers. No, he had to pretend that he sees nothing-hears nothing and speaks nothing. Well then he is  PM of ‘nothingness’ Why should Ambica Soni be so agitated that she wants the matter to be referred to the MEA.?Is it because the  Congress leaders are immature that they cannot digest the truth?
This is one of the many fallouts of allowing a super PM to function; a mini parliament –the National Advisory Council-handpicked men and women of Mrs Sonia Gandhi, with the set objective of advising her. Why a NAC? Does all other party presidents have a NAC which the public exchequer funds? If she needs advise as the President of the Congress party then the party should fund the NAC-not the public The drafting of bills and the recommendations of the NAC then finds their way to the PM. And this is a violation of the Constitution because the backdoor advisors-or a mini parliament is not envisaged in a democratic set up. The Prime Minister then finds himself obligated to accept their recommendations. What for and why God alone knows. The gradual nibbling away at the democratic institutions-depleted the vitality of democracy.Manmohan Singh is aware of these but then his indecisiveness-his dithering at every stage demeaned his stature and not enhanced it.
He was a robot-the remote control was Mrs Sonia Gandhi. Everyone right from the top-including his council of ministers down to the man on the street was fully aware of this.Two power centers in appearance but only one power centre that had power-the other was namesake centre.It was No 10 Janpath to which people flocked and the leaders –be they Congress and or its allies went to. The making and the unmaking of a leader depended on the perception of Mrs Sonia Gandhi.This was well known. And where was the Prime Minister in this power play? He was the humble, subservient, grateful vassal of Mrs Sonia Gandhi. How could this not dent the dignity, the credibility and the prestige of the Prime Minister? And why the ruckus and furore when the Washington Post came out with the correct picture?
What is the self-worth of the Congress party which is mired in scandals and scams and is the most corrupt. It somehow lives in an ivory tower and thinks that everything is square and fair with its double speak. Imagine what ridiculous figures the national spokespersons of this party cuts when they bravely utter sound bytes just for the sake of holding on to their positions as national spokespersons. Why should they cut such ridiculous figures in defending the indefensible? Of course one can sweep aside persons like Renuka Chowdry who has no substance to utter but is only a face –but what about the others? Have they no sensibility and sensitivity?
Look at the downfall of Manmohan Singh from a high pedestal of credibility and acumen down to illegitimacy-lack of credibility and abettor of corruption. The question rises then who is more corrupt-the abettor of corruption, or one who directly is involved in the act of corruption-The   one who takes the money and fills one pocket or the one who sees it and pretends that nothing is wrong.
What cannot be missed in this is the fact that the PM is under oath (of course the other ministers too are) that he would act without favor or fear. He is the custodian of the people’s faith in governance and clean governance. He has betrayed that faith-he has violated the solemn oath and hence will belong to the dustbin of history when the history of democratic India is written. This is the price he will pay for being a stooge-a lame duck and one who wanted at all cost to stick to power. Thanks to Mrs Sonia Gandhi who led him down such a lane and brought in this state of affairs.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,


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  • 2. S.Raguraman  |  September 7, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    The Congressmen are so power-drunk that they think that they can get a foreign newspaper to apologize to them. They ‘buy’ or threaten the Indian media to fall in line and therefore, do not realize that they cannot do the same to Washington Post. This is similar to the Congress Branch in the USA, filing defamation cases against an NRI group, for raising their voice against Sonia and getting snubbed by at least three courts, who threw out the cases .

    • 3. hilda raja  |  September 8, 2012 at 12:21 pm

      Dear Raguraman-The Congress is myopic and think that they can bully their way round.This is not the first time such a devasating profile of the PM has come in the Western media.The TIME had called him an under achiever.But then an incisive analysis will show why the media has kept Mrs Sonia Gandhi out of its crtical focus?Does it not know that she is the real reason for this slide down.Now she is said to be the fourth richest woman in the world.From where did she get this wealth-From Italy as her dowry.?We all know who she came to India and we all know her background So when one talks of corruption and no gover4nance Mrs Sonia Gandhi cannot be left out.What about the two power centers?This does not mean that MMS is innocent but then he has not acquired assets personally.His hear nothing and see nothing and say nothing is his sin.Why has he become so spineless?Is there more than eye could see?The western media wants also to put up Rahul Gandhi and hence has kept Mrs Sonia Gandi out of its critical analysis.This is then biased also.What it has said about the PM is correct but only one dimension of the whole picture.Regards.

  • 4. Chithra  |  September 8, 2012 at 10:10 am

    “My silence is better than a thousand answers”.
    PM thinks he is some Buddhist monk.
    This is from Daily Telegraph. I just changed the pronoun..

    “But there’s another reason why the PM is a tragedy in the making, and it has little to do with the economic crisis. Never forget: this man failed to win a general election. Why? The electorate didn’t like him. f

    Whenever he speaks, I feel that he’s talking to someone else. Indeed, I suspect that the whole country – feels the same thing.

    Politicians must have the knack of speaking for people, not just to them. Sometimes this means talking, or dog-whistling, to your natural constituency.
    The reason for his failure to communicate
    is that he doesn’t really know why he wanted to be Prime Minister. I get the sense that he parked that internal discussion until after he’d got the job, and now he’s too preoccupied to address it.”
    Read the original article


    • 5. hilda raja  |  September 8, 2012 at 12:32 pm

      Dear Chitra you are right but then please read my reply to Raguraman also.The whole picture has not been drawn by the Washington Post.Why has it left out Mrs Sonia Gandhi.Is there a motive?The whole world knows that there are two power centers in the government.One almost without power and the other always with power.If MMS is doing or not doing things then it is at the bequest of Mrs Sonia Gandi.She and her NAC imagine drafts bills.What then should the Council of Ministers do.?Of course it is another point that MMS has no guts to throw these back or at least ignore them.He just cannot ignore-why.?Why is he so afraid of Mrs Sonia Gandhi?She knows it and hence keeps him worse than a vassal-ushering him-leading him -watch her body language when she leads him.The Western world is fully aware of all this and yet nothing against her has come out.Power without responsibility-power without accountability and uses the PM as her shield and places him in the firing line.What is she and who is she as far as Indian democracy is concerned?This is not to absolve the PM.All that the Washington Post said about him is true but why has he fallen so low ?It seems to be a mystery.Regards

  • 6. S Balasundar  |  September 9, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    Dr. Hilda Raja is right in saying MMS is hapless personality and venturing to know about the reasons for omission of the UPA chairperson. True, Sonia Maino is all the way leading a life unbothered of the politics or economics of our country.
    Her expression of anger at Advani’s ‘illegitimate’ UPA government remark,when the lifeless ruling party members sat in their seats in the House unmoved ,but their leader got provoked and began indecent gesticulation instantly,is to be particularly noted by the opposition and critics of the Government. Is it not because, power and absolute power has made the lady run mad and she knew the weakness and shortcoming of her party people and henchmen would get mesmerised by her written scripts and tutored outside behaviour.
    Why she is not speaking on vital topics whether it be peoples’ dharna on corruption, where tens and hundreds of citizens sat on fast attracting the attention of the government or the violent protest and vandalism at the Mumbai’s Azad Maidan rally of Raza Academy or the recently held violent protest led by Jagdish Tytler ,where the attack were on law enforcing authority that is police which needs severest condemnation by the political party Heads particulary in her capacity as UPA chairperson by which she is the Chairman of the executive and one ahead than the duly appointed PM of the country in one sense.
    I too wonder alongwith my likemiinded friends as how this is made manipulated position of Sonia is not been properly focussed upon by the international and national press,so far. Is the paid news management is making all safe and protected.? By her connections as sighted and caricatured by Dr. Swamy so far, anything is possible in a free and accountable country but unfortunately SoniaMaino is remaining a ‘mystery'( even now after Manmohan Singh id bared )and she herself is chosen strongest or powerful by publication like “FORBES”! !

    • 7. hilda raja  |  September 13, 2012 at 3:25 am

      Thank you Balasundar,
      All the ills and scams point out to only one direction.It would have been another matter if the PM had some guts.But Sonia Gandhi being Mrs Sonia knew that MMS has no guts anmd no spine.No wonder on the great announciation day she chose him.Now he is permanentlyu tiedto her apron strings.Watch ho she leads him and directs him to his seat ….Why should India have an Italian at the top.Are we such duffers and Fools to be led like this.Mrs Sonia will always be shroud in a mystery because everything she does and hidden with an hidden agenda If she is the most powerful woman in the world and the fourth richest in the world one should ash the valid question what her qualifications are for this?Cheating the country downright-misleading and leading people towards her own agenda-We should blame ourselves for this soerry state of affair.Regards.

  • 8. Chithra  |  September 10, 2012 at 8:08 am

    One renowned doctor from Coimbatore was speaking in the city.
    He said, ‘This lady from Italy is telling who should sit in which chair.Why?’ Needless to say there was thunderous applause.
    Since #MSM (main stream media) chooses not to ask this question,
    people now ignore #MSM, which, one NRI pointed out may be becoming obsolete if non-tech savvy persons like me are spending time @Twitter.
    Do a random search on any day and see whta they come up with.
    Kiran Kumar S ‏@KiranKS
    If there isn’t ONE Nehru, Indira or Rajiv named hospital in India,worthy of treating Sonia Gandhi, why not stop funding them with our money?

  • 9. Abhijith Dev  |  September 14, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    Madam, I just like the way you speak. You are not only speaking, you are also throwing light on the other face of so called Gandhis.

    Somewhere I’ve read ” People call 38 years Rahul Dravid as Old, when he can still perform and do Wonders!!!, and the same people call 42 year Raul Vinci (aka Rahul Gandhi) as young, who is doing blunders!!”.

    True. People see, talk, and then forget. There are only few people who really think, and differentiate between good and evil, and none of them are in Congress.

    Antonia Edvige Albina Maino (aka Sonia) and co are looting India and spill hatred beans among the Indians. After any terror attack happens, one or the other among them(example Raul Vinci), point their fingers towards a Hindu group, though the actual culprit belongs to some other religion. No other parties do so, even thats by a muslim terrorist, they see him like a foreign terrorist and not by his religion.
    And later they call other party as a communal party! and the poor people who still think that they vote for a Mahatma Gandhi/Indira gandhi or to their own ‘hand’ do not realise that they are actually supporting one ‘Eat India Company’.

    Corrupt apart, atleast the so called Gandhis should listen and respect the Indian culture and its innocent people… but, what can you expect from a party that is fully corrupt from Bofors to Coal and Coal to Thorium and I’m sure few more to come.

    Better late than never, high time to differentiate between good and evil; And to survive we have to fight back.(like the one common man in ‘a Wednesday’).

    What if one Anna fails, we are here to fight, educate and pledge against corruption.

    Thanks for enlightening us.

    — Abhijith Dev

  • 10. hilda raja  |  September 15, 2012 at 7:34 am

    Dear Abhijith Dev.
    I like the way you have put across your ideas but the one which appealed to me most is ‘What if one Anna fails,we are here to fight,educate and pledge against corruption’That was the burgle call.Let it resound and spread in ever increasing circles.I will stand by you and your tribe as long as there is strength in this body.But I am happy that leaders are surfacing and will emerge.You are one such.Go ahead-the Sakathi within you will encompass everything.Regards.


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