Sovereignty of the nation at risk

January 12, 2013 at 2:05 pm 4 comments

Pakistan Troops are jihadis-In a brutal crossborder raid these jihadis of the Pakistani army killed two jawans Lance Naik Hemraj and Lance Naik Sudhakar of the Rajaputana rifles-slit their throats-mutilated them and beheaded them-carrying away one of the heads as a trophy. There is no condemnation from the Prime Minister because the remote control held by Sonia Gandhi is dead. Remember It took seven days for the PM to open his mouth and say something after the brutal rape of Nirbhaya.And now there is a stunning silence.
Salman Kurshid is still bent on dialogue with Pakistan which we all know is a time wasting device.What is the dialogue about. This is exactly what happened under Nehru when he was embracing the Chinese and the sloganing China India Bhai Bhai they were invading the country. The Nehru Gandhi family has absolutely no love for the country because the bandicoots of the neighboring countries are nibbling away the country’s land in the borders- but there is indifference and no action on the part of the ruling class. Now it is Sonia Gandhi’s turn to complete this insolent indifference to the country’s security. Millions of Bangladeshis have migrated into the country and spread out to various parts-the GOI has not had the will power to push out the illegal migrants
Yes I blame Mrs Sonia Gandhi because it well known that she decides. Did not Sushil Kumar Shinde, the Home Minister remind the electorate in Gujarat-specifically in Vadodara that Mrs Sonia Gandhi had appointed Sayed Asif Ibrahim-a Muslim as chief of the Intelligence Bureau? What did he mean? As least for public consumption he should have stated that the GOI had appointed a Muslim to that post. No, he categorically said that Mrs Sonia Gandhi appointed a Muslim. So it is not a secret that Mrs Sonia Gandhi calls the shots. Only when she allows the PM he utters something.
Why is the country mortgaged to the Pakistan and the Pakistanis who are in India or call themselves Indians? Will any country tolerate a foreign flag to be hoisted within its territory? Will any country carry on a mirage of a relationship when there is utter disdain and distrust on the part of Pakistan towards India? Pakistan adopts such an attitude because it knows very well that India is a soft target. For the sake of the Muslim votes Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her coterie will not in word and deed go against the Muslims-in fact it is on a war footing of appeasement to the Muslims in India. What does this show? It shows that the Muslims have their affinity to Pakistan and is more loyal to it than to India. The ruling class for their own power caters to this loyalty and is afraid to rub the Pakistanis hard. Can we not act boldly for the safety and security of the country?
Look what Akbaruddin Owaisi threatened-he cautioned that the 25 crores of Muslims in India can finish off the Hindus.That this country belongs to the Hindus. There is no whimper from Mrs Sonia Gandhi or /and the PM.It does not trouble them. (Only when Dr Haneef of B’lore was harassed in Australia the PM was quick not only to condemn it but said that he spent sleepless nights)What if one of the Hindu leaders uttered such a threat that the 80 percent of the one billion people would finish off the Muslims in the country if they cross the limits? This is the curse which Gandhi bestowed on this country. It should have been live or die then but when the Muslim leaders demanded a separate country for them he willingly partitioned the country-And what was the reason-that Muslims leaders gave-that the Muslims will not be able to integrate with the rest of the Indians. Then they should all have been told to quit this country or to stay back and learn to live by integrating with the rest –There should have been no other option. Now the solution has created more problems. We have them within the country and outside –two threats to deal with.
All because the Indian ruling class is power crazy and think of their own vested interest. Is our army incapable of driving out the Pakistanis out of the POK? Why has this not been done? So we keep running round the mulbery bush in dialogue while the Pakistani army kills and beheads our jawans.This brings me to another dimension of the gruesome incident.Look at sacrifice our jawans make Yet they do not demand No 10 Janpath or a power slot –nay India. Priyanka Vadra once said that no one has made sacrifices as her family had. What about the simple jawans who guard our borders? What do they demand in return? What about their families? Will the GOI give their daughters bungalows in a high security place? Will their sons in law be allowed to grab land? Will their wives be allowed to demand India or at least a high paying post? So the Nehru-Gandhi family must realize that sacrifice is not theirs alone. Rather one cannot call the assassinations sacrifices strictly- because they wanted power and played power games and faced the consequences. Perhaps Rajiv Gandhi’s death the Italian mafia and Quottrochi will be able to explain better. But these jawans had no power but only arduous task of guarding the country’s borders.What was their reward? Well if this does not fall under sacrifice then what does? And why were the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi silent. ? Why was the President of India-the Head of the armed forces not expressed his anguish. Does this sacrifice of the jawans not merit such?
In the ultimate analysis I wonder how Mrs Sonia Gandhi claims No 10 Janpath as her residence. Does it not belong to the people of India? Why does her picture appear always along with Manmohan Singh’s in government adverts? Is this not people’s money? Mrs Sonia Gandhi is only an MP though she may be the President of a political party. All this and more she can have but it must be paid by the Congress party-not by the Indian people’s tax money. She holds the chairperson position in at least 4 Trusts. What makes her deserve all this and more? Sacrifices? By whom? And yet she does not show her loyalty to this country. It is obvious in her silence against Pakistan Till date she has not bothered to reply to the allegation that she holds also an Italian passport. If she does not, then why not state so? All these go to question her loyalty to the nation.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,


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Cry my beloved country The Cornation of Rahul Gandhi

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  • 1. மலர்மன்னன்  |  January 13, 2013 at 2:19 am

    Dear Dr Hilda,
    We all know Sonia has NO worries if Pakistan plays its routine cowardly hit and run game with added vigor since Italy is in no way going to be harmed. As for her, Gujarath is the most dreadful alien land than Pakistan OR Bangladesh. And our baby Rahul has been seeing Pakisran as a separate nation ever since he started glancing through the world map as a tiny tot and that he does not know that Pakistan is an artificially created separate nation just 65 years old. This boy does not know that the birth of Pakistan was out of hatred and selfish ambition of a bunch of fudal Mohmedans of the then United Province as well as some pockets of Mohmedan stronghold in other parts of the Bharath. The wily politicians of Muslim League whipped the communal feelings among the gullible illiterate and semi iliterate Mohmedan masses making them believe that the HIndu majority would avaenge Mohmedans for their past attrocities on Hindus when the British leave them under the Hindu rule. Somebody should teach this brat that Pakisran was born in a frenzy of communal hatred resulting in a blood bath of innocent lives. This Manmohan Singh is an eyesore considering the valor of the self respecting Sikh community that would never tolerate humiliation. He has become a laughing stock before the international audience and the poor felllow is not even aware of it! We are passing through a ridiculous yet a very grave situation, Dr Hilda.

    • 2. Hilda Raja  |  January 13, 2013 at 2:12 pm

      thank you-Happy Pongal
      all that you stated is cent percent correct I fully agree with you.But then I try to keep hoping for the best-at times I do get disgusted and dejected but hope is the eternal spring in my heart which keeps it beating.Namaskarams-HR

      • 3. மலர்மன்னன்  |  January 13, 2013 at 5:20 pm

        It’s true and we all live by hopes. At the same time we need tto express our anxiety too! I am aware this great nation has survived many onslaughts and will soon get over fron the present blues. But the recovery is going to be after we pay a very heavy price.

  • 4. Hilda Raja  |  January 14, 2013 at 8:04 am

    No dispute-in your insightful wisdom you have stated the correct thing-I share the same perspective.HR


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