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Terrorism does have a religion

It is sheer political convenience and a betrayal of the national interest for political netas to reel out what suits them for their vote bank politics.On Tuesday Feb 26th The MOS(Home) R.P.N.Singh stated in Parliament that ‘Terrorism has no religion” Who said so? It is a globally proved that terrorism does have a religion. Can the MOS (Home) explain why and how 99 percent of terror attacks globally are by Muslims? Can Mr R.P.N.Singh explain what jihadi terrorism is all about? I hope the Minister has read the letter purportly written by Afzal Guru to Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed Salahuddin, ‘Not to be ashamed of Dec 13th”-(the Parliament attack too place on Dec 13th 2001)Two weeks ago the MOS(Home) played second fiddle to Sushilkumar Shinde and found that terror has a colour-namely saffron.Now he plays a different tune because of the Hyderabad twin blasts where the IM is involved. It is only when we see the truth and speak the truth-uphold it and have the courage and the political will to fight out this Islamic terror that India will be safe. Can the country be betrayed for the sake of vote bank politics? Whither patriotism?
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

February 27, 2013 at 6:55 am 6 comments

Bleed,bleed my beloved country

Hyderabad blasts-Bleed, bleed my country
The twin blasts in Hyderabad which left a dozen people dead and more than 100 people injured is yet another attack on the country’s integrity and sovereignty. It is a war that has been unleashed against India by proxy. Innocent people were the victims-those who were attending to their daily work and believing that everything was safe for them. It is the ordinary people who are the victims. The netas and the top leaders of the Congress are all safe- cocooned in their three layer security. What if they get hurt? It is a disgrace that every time terror strikes we have empty promises and hollow words. As Venkiah Naidu stated-compensation and condemnation is all that the GOI can offer. Mrs Sonia Gandhi must realize that under her unconstitutional power the country has witnessed bloodletting-her vote bank politics is demanding a hard bargain and she and the Congress does not care. Anything is fine as long as they are assured of the minority votes. This is the deal.
It is not as though the UPA government was not aware of the terror attacks to be carried in Hyderabad. It is obvious that for reasons best know to the Home Minister he was not specific when he passed on the intelligence report given by an IM operative who was in custody that the Mujahideen operatives had reconnoitered the Dilkush area of Hyderabad in Dec 2012.What was the problem for Sushil Kumar Shinde to pass on this specific information to the CM of Andhra Pradesh? It is very clear that the HM on the other hand wanted the cops to go on a wild goose chase by pointing at the saffron terror and even stating that the BJP and the RSS were holding training camps for the terrorists. This seems to have been done with a purpose to divert the attention from Islamic terror. Even a child on the street will know that the Congress under Sonia Gandhi has been soft on Islamic terror because the Congress leaders are least patriotic and want only their vote bank politics to take the upper hand. The utterance of the HM had given a very good opportunity for the IM operatives to indulge in terrorism while the media, the security agencies and the public were off guard.
So can one not question the patriotism of the Congress leaders-One can understand the lack of this in Mrs Sonia Gandhi because she is not a Indian born national and hence does not burn with that patriotic zeal but what had happened to Manmohan Singh and the rest? Manmohan Singh may be a good man but that is different from being a patriotic man. If he had that patriotism then things would be different. Right from the beginning the Congress under Mrs Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh have been soft on Islamic terror.
While it is a known fact that 99 percent of terrorism across the globe is committed by Muslims these leaders keep parroting that terror knows no religion. This is like the ostrich hiding its head in the sand. Terrorists do not fall from a vacuum. They are groomed and nurtured and trained through a religious fervor. Fatwas are part of it.We do have some pseudo secularists writing or making statements that Islam is a peace loving religion. It is wrong to say so because it is on the contrary a virulent bloodletting religion. It is just not a religion but the Koran is a social, political, religious and all embracing system of life. It encompasses 100 percent of the Muslims’ lives.It is demanding and lays stringent conditions. So for the political leaders to go on parroting that terrorism has no religion is misleading and a gross misstatement.
Mrs Sonia Gandhi,her son Rahul Gandhi and the NAC are engaged in a missive disinformation campaign thereby abetting terrorism.One wonders why the GOI cannot take terrorism head on-why it cannot talk tough to Pakistan and demand that the support it gives to the IM through the various Muslim outfits be they Lashkar-e-Taiba,Jaish-e-Mohammed of the Jammu Kashmir Liberation et al must end.All Muslims are certainly not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims.The sooner the GOI accepts it the better it would be.Tough and stringent punishments are not enforced..On the other hand augmenting the disinformation even Rahul Gandhi had started this ‘Hindu terror’ to the ambassador of the US .Is it then not a purposeful diversion tactic.So this means that the Congress is abetting terrorism because the terrorists are fully aware that they are safe.How does one account for the hollow words of condemnation and statements that the guilty will be punished.How many serial blasts have the guilty been punished?
Is it not shameful that innocent blood letting seem to be taken so casually by the Congress and its leaders. It must be admitted that terrorism is a war against the nation. How has the GOI tackled this so far.You have one one side persons like Salman Kurshid and the top Congress leaders even lifted the ban on SIMI. Fortunately the Supreme Court re-imposed the ban. Does this not prove that the Congress is least bothered of terrorism and is prepared to lose the war against terrorism? This is a challenge ignored too long as Ajit Doval states. One must read Dr Peter Hammond “Slavery ,Terrorism and Islam:The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat”, to realize what Islamization is all about. It is a global perspective with data.
Partition became a reality because Muslim leaders stated that they will not be able to integrate with the rest.The same reason now stands good or has it disappeared? If they could not then would they now integrate? Those who cannot accept one flag one law and one nation concept then need to make their home else where. We had given them their share and we had been patient. Now in Kashmir and in the POK the presence of terrorist outfits are to be reckoned with and the terror camps in the POK must be dismantled and wiped out. If India is not going to be tough and take tough action then we will only loss the war against terrorism and the country will see a bloodbath. The Muslims in India are fully aware that the Congress want their support and vote bank politics stands in good stead for them. They use this vote bank politics of the Congress very efficiently to further their goal of Islamization of the nation.
The weakness of the Congress under Mrs Sonia Gandhi is their strength and they are making full use of it. How very short sighted the Congress and Mrs Sonia Gandhi are. To be in power they are prepared to even lose the country but then where can they be in power then? Look at the scams and look at the amassing of wealth perhaps Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her son will find another haven but what about the Indians in the country. How can they cut the branch on which they are sitting? Too long the people of this country have been exploited and too long they have been patient. The only solution will be to remove the HAND which is bathed in the blood of the innocents.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

February 24, 2013 at 3:02 am 2 comments


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