The secularism of the Congress

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Secularism of the Congress
A great discovery our Prime Minister recently made-that Nitish Kumar is secular- Nitish responded to this that the Prime Minister has said the truth and thanked him for it. And what is this truth-that Nitish Kumar is secular! How truthful has Manmohan Singh been in his tenure as PM? He took the oath just a few days back as Rajya Sabha member and almost in the same breath said that he will be glad to see Rahul Gandhi take over as Prime Minister. He also said that he was happy to serve Assam for the fifth time. Poor Assam-when riots broke out there the PM was not seen or heard. How many times did he visit Assam? Oh yes he is the PM and hence he cannot be running to Assam. But look how the rules of the People’s Representative Act were amended to make Manmohan Singh a Rajya Sabha member representing Assam. He was quickly given a ration card and a house rented for him there. He becomes a representative of the people of Assam.Is not our democracry malleable -it can to twisted and dented and amended to suit the whims and fancies of the Congress.This is the PM who has spoken the truth according to Nitish Kumar.
When he had to speak the truth he confessed that he was out of the loop and when it came to the telecommunication scam in G-8 he did not apply his mind. Now what does he say about the Coalscam? Even a lower division clerk cannot sign something without applying his mind and get away with it. But we have Manmohan Singh-the PM of India who can. He believes in the three monkeys which are depicted as: see no evil-speak no evil and hear no evil. This is the person who has certified Nitish Kumar as secular and whom Nitish Kumar stated as having spoken the truth.
What lies behind that ‘truth’ that Nitish is secular-sheer vested interest and an eye on the coming elections. After all Manmohan Singh is not as innocent as he wants us to believe and he likes to stick to the gaddi-at least keep it warm till that time when the youth icon who is 43 years old decides to ascend it. This is democracy. Yet the Congress sycophants and courtiers were busy mouthing their uncivilized-ill-mannered and uncouth remarks on the elevation of Modi as the election panel chief. First why poke their noses into the business of another party. Second why dissect and denigrated the elevation of Modi when it is a known fact that Rahul Gandhi just walked on the red carpet up the hierarchical ladder.That is a dynastic elevation. RG did not have to prove himself. He is the Rich poor boy who talks with his foot in the mouth and yet all the so called Congress leaders including Manmohan Singh were full of praise for some body who had only a tag –the scion of the Nehru Gandhi family. But when it comes to Modi’s elevation he had to prove himself-This is not a dynastic elevation and hence there will be discussion, dissent and various opinions. How the media and the Congress went at it. Here comes a man who is focused who had from the lower ranks risen up, who transformed Gujarat and made it healthy economically. Gujarat under Modi has the best infra structure and communication system. Yet the Congress sycophants were belittling and berating his elevation. Is this democracy?
Jairram Ramesh must take a few lessons from Mrs Sonia Gandhi as to who is a real fascist and what is fascism because Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s father was a Mussolini man and so she will be well versed in fascism.The same can be said of Mafia.It originated in Italy and I am sure Jairam Ramesh must have read the ‘Godfather’.Mafia goes along with piety and patronage. Hence the throwing of crumbs to the poor.It is in this context that one should read the Food for Security bill and other welfare schemes her NAC scripts. But all the time keep development in the backburner-and poke fun at those who use the development plank for election.Is it not a contradiction that the Congress Party which ruled the longest In India has made more and more people backward? Rural and urban divide-rich becoming richer and poor becoming poorer. What has Rahul Gandhi to say to this? Ultimately the whole nation would become backward. Not just States fighting and lobbying for backward status.
This brings me to the contradictions and dichotomies that makes the Congress party .We have Mrs Sonis Gandhi houseless here in India but who lives in No 10 Janpath which is estimated to be between 300 to 400 crores. Her ancestral house is in Italy.She is so poor that she cannot afford to pay her water tax and her electricity bills. She has no car but has any number of bullet proof cars at her disposal. She has undisclosed illness and travels to the US for treatment rents out a whole facility to be there with her family members. So poor she is that she borrows money from her daughter. So we have an extra constitutional power centre-with all power but no accountability. With no education but decides on who has to be whom. With no money but who can jet across the globe in the jets of undisclosed persons for undisclosed reasons. She does not take a stand or intervene in Parliament but prods her party members to shout and silence the Opposition. One must not forget that this is the Congress which today talks of the Opposition being obstructive when under Rajiv Gandhi had a shouting brigade and which pulled down two governments. One thing I would credit Mrs Sonia Gandhi with-she delved deeply into the personality of Manmohan Singh.She studied it well and handpicked him as the Prime Minister because she realized that he has no spine. History will write him off as the weakest PM of India and this credit/discredit will go to Mrs Sonia Gandhi for her craftiness in selecting him for her agenda.
The Congress Party gets away by calling itself ‘secular’ This is its biggest contradiction-because its secularism is nothing but minority appeasement. Even this, one could countenance if it is really for the welfare of the minorities. It is done for only garnering votes. Strange like the secularism the Congress has-if one talks of Hindus and Hinduism then one is communal but if one talks of Muslims and Christians one is secular. One can glibly refer to Islamic countries and Christian countries. It is well taken. But if one says India is a Hindu country then all hell breaks loose. So I am at a loss to comprehend what communalism and secularism means for the Congress. An objective analysis of the Congress-its strategies, its utterances-its directions will easily make it the most communal party in this country.
Look at the persons and the selection criteria it used to induct new ministers.8 new faces(rather old faces) the Congress brought in. And all the time Rahul Gandhi was talking about youth but can one imagine bringing in old horses to fight the battle. One is even 86 years old Was it good governance-new vision, new energy, new perception and hard work which was used to induct these persons as cabinet ministers and Ministers of State? No, it was simply on communal lines. At every stage the Congress has used only communal criterion for its selection, elevation and entrustment of posts. So who is communal?
What I cannot understand is how and why the media is also swallowing this brand of secularism which the Congress preaches and practices. So Nitish is the new secularist certified by MMSingh, Lalu Prasad another secularist and Ram Vilas Paswan yet another all these call themselves secularists under UPA mother head of secularism. To be frank, point out one of them who is a true secularist. The media should do its homework and must adhere to ethics in journalism-truth and truth alone must prevail. It should not be allowed to be bought or bullied.
Talking about the welfare of Muslims by itself does not make one a secularist. It is sheer opportunism for votes. Built any number of churches and mosques it is secularism but built mandirs it becomes communalism. What sort of secularism do we have?
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,


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