The ‘complete nonsense’

October 7, 2013 at 1:59 pm 4 comments

The Media was recently full of the ‘complete nonsense’ made by Rahul Gandhi.There were people who praised him and others who were stunned and shocked at this immaturity.One thing must be clear no body differs with him on his dissent with the ordinance. But three things stand out clearly and disturbingly -One-why did he take so long to utter his ‘complete nonsense’. Second the language he used and third the timing of his outburst. But for these he has the right to dissent and to rubbish it. What shocked me was that some writers praised him to the skies and overlooked what baffled the country and shocked the nation. It was not that RG cannot disagree-he must and should and it was good that he did not agree to the ordinance. Those who faulted him raised precisely these three premises. In the whole ‘Complete nonsense’ issue the whole bunch of Congress leaders looked ridiculous. Those who waxed eloquence on the ordinance made a U turn at the out burst of the ‘complete nonsense’ by Rahul Gandhi.
What worries me is the excuse Rahul Gandhi gave later-after he met the Prime Minister. According to RG he is young and sensitive. A 43 year old man calls himself young and makes that as an excuse to the nation to overlook his outburst and his inordinate words he used .Not even a school boy would be excused if he used such language and here is the 43 year old man the Prime ministerial candidate of the Congress wanting us to overlook his outburst because he is young!. Will the nation be safe under a man who cannot measure his words and who is unable to contextualize his condemnation of the ordinance? Why had he to make the whole cabinet look like a pack of fools. So are we to heed to one who is 43 years old that he is young and hence he can undermine the PM. Brush aside all this why did RG not speak up in Parliament and even later? After all his mother Sonia Gandhi was in the core group which okayed the ordinance and even was in such a hurry to route it outside the Parliament and issue an ordinance. What was the hurry and why did Rahul Gandhi remain silent? These questions have raised a larger issue- can he be trusted with the government because he has revealed himself to be imprudent, ignorant and immature. In fact it is these which one will find in children to be excused. So when he says he is young he agrees that he is immature, imprudent and ignorant.
It is a dangerous proposition to think that the Congress is projecting him as the future PM.This apart one wonders what if the same language was used by Narendra Modi and if he rubbished the ordinance in the manner which RG did? It is absurd that the whole congress leaders rushed to condemn the ordinance after having sent it up to the President and when three stalwarts of the cabinet were called by the President to clarify. Even then they made such a show of the ordinance and made the nation feel that it is an important and significant piece of legislation-namely to shield convicted MPs. Why all this for the simple fact that Lalu Prasad had to be saved. In the process something good happened .The President himself was not convinced of the ordinance and is certain that he would not have signed it.
But now after all the tamasha the Congress wants to give the credit to Rahul Gandhi. What for? Nobody knows. The games the Congress plays is very dangerous. At this rate Rahul Gandhi will never learn.If all the Congress men and women want only to be ‘yes’ people.Have they not a mind of their own? Do they think that this nation is one of fools? At the end of the whole unfortunate episode Rahul Gandhi stands out as one who has no control over his thoughts, and words and one who does not intervene at the appropriate time.This has been throughout evident .When there is a crisis/disaster he is not in the picture. He refuses to learn, grow and mature. Yet he wants the nation to excuse him because he is young. If he could not deal with this how is he going to deal with larger issues? It will all be complete nonsense and rubbish. We the people are not here for such nonsense and rubbish. Let the Congress not tinker and tamper with governance and government of the nation.
Look at the issue of toilets before temples .If Jairam Remesh had said it he did not act on it. Now if Modi says it what is wrong in it. Sanitation and potable water are significant life inputs. It is not the distribution of food grains alone but the basic needs of water and sanitation has to be taken care of. If Modi prioritized these it is good and need to be welcome by the Congress and others. Instead even if Modi says something that is essential and good for the nation it is being faulted. Can the Congress and Modi not be on the same page when it comes to sanitation and potable water? They should. Jairam Ramesh till date has not shown in deed what he stated. So now what is there to apologize to Ramesh Jairam for saying something which is correct but not being able to implement it.
Then it is Congress who should examine whether it has got its priorities right.Food with clean drinking water, clean toilets and proper health services is essential for better nutrition and better health.This the NAC and the Congress have overlooked. Now taking the larger canvas in perception Modi has stated the right thing-toilets before temples. For we have enough, mosques, temples and churches what we lack is better sanitation. After all cleanliness is next to godliness.The gods must be smiling .For gods are where you are-in homes,in schools and within each one of us. Good healthy living, calls for toilets and let there be a campaign towards this. Modi is one up and is right. Just to bang at everything that Modi says makes those who indulge in such bashing and banging ‘complete nonsense’
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

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‘Your dreams are my dreams” Coterie culture of Congress netas

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  • 1. flying colours (@c_chithra)  |  October 7, 2013 at 2:59 pm

    Indian Congress party vice-president Rahul Gandhi has a reputation of appearing without warning and also disappearing without a trace, which is not easy given ubiquitous 24-hour news channels, citizen reporters, conspicuous Z+ security, CCTV cameras, social media activists, etc

    • 2. Hilda Raja  |  October 8, 2013 at 3:38 am

      thank you Chitra.His appearance and disappearance is strange because he is never in the thick of events of things.And in Parliament he hardly opens his mouth.Does he have any leadership qualities?I doubt
      All the best to you Chitra-HR

  • 3. SJBSH  |  October 7, 2013 at 5:32 pm

    If Rahul had half the smarts you have, and millions of other Indians have, he could have become PM 5 years ago. You can not make a thorough bred horse out of a Donkey.

  • 4. Hilda Raja  |  October 8, 2013 at 3:43 am

    You are correct.Commonsense even he lacks.He always says the wrong thing.This poor rich boy sees India as two and says he is with the poor.But all his b’days he needs to spend abroad and his mother cannot trust the Indian doctors-we do have the best hospitals and facilities-yet she wants to be treated abroad.So where does this poor rich boy and his mother stand-with the poor.To throw crumbs from the high table.It is a pit -their patronizing attitude is killing and no inspiration.-You are so correct how can one change a donkey into a thorough bred horse.Never.So there goes the Congress’ prime ministerial candidate.How it judges us Indians?
    All the best to you.HR


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