Coterie culture of Congress netas

October 19, 2013 at 11:25 am 2 comments

Coterie culture of Congress netas
So here comes the latest of the Gandhi’s name to be prefixed to a Central Government scheme-the Indira Amma Anna Yojana or Indira Bakshya Suraksha Yojana-either of this according to Union Food Minister K.V.Thomas will be the name of the Food Security Act. It is not shocking because the Congress men and women cannot think outside the Gandhi family. They have a warped perception.Coming from a parampara of anti democracy governance-a dynasty thinking these netas had easy lives by just being sycophants. The Congress party is a fascist party and is a total negation of democracy. The Congressmen and women cannot think afresh-submerged in scams and fascism in working. No wonder their perception projects Hitler in whoever opposes them. Is it small wonder that Manish Tiwari’s sees Hilter in Modi. We call this projection .We understand the working of the minds of these Congress men and women-By being subservient, and groomed in a coterie culture ministers like KV Thomas and Manish Tiwari can be easily deciphered.Their mentality decoded and what they suffer from diagnosed.
To get back to K.V.Thomas’s proposal to name the Food Security bill after Indira Gandhi is not shocking. It is nothing short of sycophancy on the part of the Food minister and it is nothing short of anti democratic thinking. Nobody raises the question of why is the Central government schemes named after the Gandhis. What is the logic for this. The scheme is not funded by the Gandhi family- neither is it funded by the Congress party. Hence how can the Gandhi name be fixed and the gains accrue go to the largess of the Gandhi family.
In a democracy there is no first family and moreover it is against the very spirit of democracy to name the Central government schemes after the Gandhis.This is sheer deception. The Parliament voted for the schemes-in this case for the scheme of the Food Security Bill. In a parliamentary democracy the process for debate and discussion cannot be ruled out simply because this scheme was the pet idea of Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her NAC. But once introduced in Parliament and debated and passed then it becomes the Central Government’s scheme. How can one party claim it as its own? There are about 28 Central government schemes that are named after one Gandhi or the other-this from Indira Gandhi,Rajiv Gandhi to Jawaharlal Nehru.What is the rationale for this ? “Right from drinking water, rural electrification, from pensions to crèches from ambulances to sporting facilities.” Every major item which touches the lives of ordinary people-are all under the Gandhi name. This apart of bridges, airports, awards and all big and small facilities provided by the government goes under the name of one of the Gandhis. This is cheap publicity and wanting to claim something which is not theirs. It must be remembered that these schemes are with public funding-that’s people money.They are not the party’s funds or the Gandhi family’s private finances. So if this is not cheating the people then what is cheating? To usurp the people’s as the Gandhi’s own is deception and falsehood.It is public tax payers’ money .By doing this the Gandhis are not only indulging in deception but making the people of this country beggars.
It seems that the various schemes are the charity of the Gandhis.What audacity and what cunning. Are the people simply living on charity of the Gandhis.On the other hand it is the Gandhi family which is living on the people’s hard earned money. For example what right has Sonia Gandhi to No 10 Janpath road? When her son Rahul Gandhi claims that is with the poor one wonders why such a person with such a poverty state of mind want to spend every birthday of his abroad? Why should his mother not be satisfied with the best medical facilities in India but why does she go to the US for medical treatment. Whose money is all this? The three layer of security for the Gandhis is again the people’s money and the tragedy is that the people have no security.
Rahul Gandhi can think of telling the people: “Your dreams are mine” He further asks them to fantasize-not just seeing helicopters but by wanting to fly in them…Poor people from advising the dalits to break into the Jupiter velocity to fantasizing RG has plunged into providing four rotis a day. So all these schemes for the past 56 years have not ensured the hungry people of India with four rotis a day. After 56 years of the Gandhis being in power Sonia Gandhi finds that Food Security for the 67 percent of the population is needed to see that they do not go to sleep hungry.
This nation has the right to demand from the Gandhis what their regime was all about? Why has it pushed more and more people into starvation and backwardness? Why is Rahul Gandhi not answerable to the Sikh pogrom legitimized by his father? When the Congress so glibly talk of the Gujarat riots it forget that it is carrying a beam in its eye and is accountable to this nation for the Sikh pogrom.
And now for Rahul Gandhi to promise four rotis is cheap politics. To name the Food Security Bill after one of the Gandhis is third rate deception. And on these false promises should we vote for the Gandhi headed Congress? Is it not enough that they cheated the people for 56 years? What credit do the Gandhis claim enough is enough? Do not continue insulting the people and making their dreams yours. Do not ridicule the people by asking them to fantasize Rahul Gandhi cannot connect with the people hence these dreams and fantasies are like soap bubbles-they vanish. So to vote for the Congress is voting for dreams that will not be fulfilled and for fantasies which will evaporate. One hopes that the Food Security Act will not be named after any of the Gandhis-this if the Congress respects democracy and the people of India-who are not living on the charity of the Gandhis.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,Vadodara


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  • 1. hermanhans  |  October 20, 2013 at 6:54 am

    Why name things for a family that has thoroughly looted the country .

  • 2. hildaraja  |  October 21, 2013 at 7:18 am

    You are right.This country has been plundered and looted by one family.Can we vote them back-or throw them out.HR


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