‘Youngsters like quiet government”

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‘Youngsters like quiet government’ says Jaivardhan Singh-son of Digvijya Singh. He needs to qualify what ‘quiet government’ is .In fact his quiet government may be what Manmohan Singh’s government is-quite incapable, quite knee deep in scams,quite quiet with governance paralysis. This is what Jaivardhan Singh-the 24 year old who is making his electoral debut from Raghogarh in Madhya Pradesh.Like him there are other youngsters who are foreign educated all sons of some of the Congress netas.They cannot connect with India the atypical example is Rahul Gandhi-the poor rich man. All these youngsters have no oratorical skills least of all understand the intricacies of the Indian polity and populace. It is the dynasty rule-that in itself is a negation of democracy. These men have been born with sliver spoons in their mouths-no hard work-no achievement to their credit and no understanding of the pangs of poverty. It is all ready made for them.It is easy for them because they have not worked their way up.Unlike Modi who from being a tea vendor has struggled and worked hard and come up.Yet the Congress whose hands are first reddened by the Sikh pogrom and now blackened by the Coalgate and painted multicolored all over its image with all sorts of scams-with a growth rate of 2 percent talks big. Rather it dares to talk big.
The fact is the Congress and its youth brigade is in jitters. Modi sends down the shivers. Able to establish his connect with the crowd-he has something to say and something to show as achievement. He has a vision which is his mission. Modi had not come the easy way to power and unlike the youngsters who had come the easy way and now think that their foreign education will help them in politics forget that some of our great leaders had not even touched a foreign shore but were great administrators. One such leader was late Kamaraj. Another one who studied only till the 5th standard is M.Karunanidhi.Yet these men proved to be able politicians and administrators. Even Jayalalithaa just completed her tenth standard-but her understanding and political acumen are very sharp. And now we have Modi.The world was his university-hard work his studies and he is a self made man .His passion for the country is apparent and obvious. To think that because one studied abroad gives one the legitimacy of becoming politician is a farce and a mirage.
The Congress must learn from Modi.He is firm-decisive-able to put forth ward his vision and mission with conviction. He is bold and articulate. Which very few of the Congress nehas are. One can only laugh at Renuka Chowdary-Manish Tiwari and others. They are trying to put on a show of courage while they actually cut very sorry figures. This is why when Manish Tiwari compared Modi to Hitler one is puzzled. But on some thinking can understand him. Coming from a fascist party and under fascist tutelage as his leader Mrs Sonia Gandhi he projects what he has imbibed. One can only laugh at these small men/women trying to act big and brush them aside.
So the sons of the Congress nehas –the youngsters’ brigade can under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi form the dreamers club where instead of hearing the bugle call of Modi – sounds to them the trumpet-they can all dream and fantasize for they are scions accustomed to luxurious lives and pampering. Cocooned in their world they find Modi very difficult to comprehend. They want a “quiet government” which means no governance. Let them go to slumber…
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

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