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The recent interview of Rahul Gandhi was a damp squib

The Interview-a damp squib

Rahul Gandhi’s interview on the 27th Jan with Times Now -editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami was a damp squib. It was not only disappointing but sheer waste of time. Rahul Gandhi came out as one unable to focus and unclear with his ideas. He was often seen fumbling for words and was beating round the bush. No clarity of thought and seem to wrongly informed of men and matters.

He often repeats of wanting to change the ‘system’. One wonders what he means because by becoming the Vice President of the Congress party he has only stabilized the system which he repeats he wants to change-so he states “Beat me to death, nothing will stop me from changing the system” One only wonders what is this system he has in mind.

When he talks about the BJP concentrating power in the hands of one person he is off sync. Because it is in the Congress that power is concentrated in his mother’s hands. Not even the PM can over rule her. Again he talks of a process which he respects when it comes to the PM’s post. It is the MPs who decide and elect. He forgets that Manmohan Singh was simply hand picked by his mother.

He has been an MP for ten years and one should ask him how many times he stood up and spoke of this system’s change which he is now talking of and for which he is prepared to be beaten to death. For that matter how many times did he use the forum of the Parliament to speak on issues which pains him and on empowerment of women and youth? Now he wants people to elect him so that he could empower the youth and women. Is it not ridiculous?

It is a pity he did not speak on corruption on the other hand his actions reveal that he is not going to fight corruption because he wants the Congress to ally with the RJD and the DMK.To this he says that alliance with RJD is an alliance with an ‘idea’.Is it not laughable. Political alliances are not formulated with an idea. Is he serious of what he says or just that he uses any ‘ideas’ that come to his mind. He skirted the question of the Congress party’s unaccounted sources of income. Why should he wait for Parliament to bring the political parties under the RTI. If he is so certain and swears by the RTI then he should bring the Congress party under the RTI and show accountability and transparency. The same kind of vague answer he gave for dynasty. He is against dynasty but then every political party is dynastic…so he legitimizes the dynasty of the Congress! That would be fine had he not stated that he is against dynasty.

Rahul Gandhi is misinformed or is not true to facts when he compares the Sikh pogrom and the Gujarat riots.He wants us to believe that the government did its best to prevent the pogrom and control it. Historical facts are entirely different. The Police chief accepts that for three days there was no police on the roads of Delhi. He also over looked the fact that his father Raijiv Gandhi justified the pogrom. This was entirely different from the riots of Gujarat. According to Arul Jaitley 300 rioters died in police firing-around 6500 rioters were arrested in Gujarat. More than 4000 cases have been charge sheeted and hundreds have been convicted. Even the Chief Minister Modi has gone through enquires. On the other hand the Sikh pogrom was engineered and supervised by Congress leaders who were rewarded with ministerial berths. The cases are still on. Rajiv Gandhi was not questioned why and how the police-nay the army was not called in to quell and control the pogrom. Rahul Gandhi thinks that the people of India are as ignorant as he is.

Many of the questions he did not answer but kept reeling out what was in his mind which were irrelevant to the question. It is scary to think of him as a Prime Ministerial candidate. It is fine for the Congress spokesmen and women to come out in defense of him and call it a new discourse-Are we fools to take this as a benchmark of a new discourse-or rather of how interviewees shuffle and become irrelevant? Why had he to bring in ‘the power is poison” remark? He does not thirst for power we are told but he has power-power is thrust on him. He can walk into the Prime Minister’s office and make demands. He has only to indicate what has to be done and it will be done. If this is not power then what is power? One must finally concede that he ‘is an anomaly in the environment that he is in’-which he accepts.

God save this country from Rahul Gandhi’s vague, ill informed and irrelevant perception. Let him continue to work with the Congress machine-to change his idea. What that idea is God alone knows. Rahul Gandhi was so unclear, lacked clarity and was muddled up and so unspecific in his perception and his focus. Ultimately after the listening to the interview one gets the impression that Rahul Gandhi is a very confused man with no direction.

Arnab Goswami let RG off the hook by not asking Rahul Gandhi the latter’s views on India’s Foreign policy, Economic policy and his vision for an empowered India. We were saved from hearing his nothings and his rubbish. But then Arnab Gowswami seemed to be mild and not his usual best in probing and bringing out the thinking of the interviewee. It has to be Rahul Gandhi who could get away with all this nonsense. It was such a pain listening to the Interview supposed to be the interview of the year. Let us wait for Rahul Gandhi’s ‘idea’ to evolve .The interview was no doubt a damp squib.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,



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The Prime Minister’s Press meet on the 3rd Jan 2014

The Prime Ministers Press Meet on 3rd Jan 2014

The Prime Minister’s Press meet was a damn squib. It was like a Congress leader on an election campaigning. But then one cannot blame him because he had nothing to show off in his score card. His performance is zero. Nay there was no performance to talk about. There was no governance and his retirement will bring such a relief for the nation. He sounded pathetic and was almost hoping that history will be kinder to him. But then Manmohan Singh must know that if history is a true recording of facts and events and of his tenure he will then realize that the media which he blamed today was kinder to him. He will be thrown in the dustbins of history. But what is intriguing is why had the PM called for a Press meet. What were the purpose and the occasion? Was it to anoint his successor? Was it to tell the nation that he is not available for a third term? In both these contexts how does he know whom the people will vote for? If it is was a retirement speech he was pathetic because he had nothing to show of which the nation could be proud of. Yes he had only one fine moment and that was when the nuclear deal with the US was inked. Such is his love for the US interest.

One would think that he had toyed with the idea of calling it a day when Rahul Gandhi did not even wait for him to return from the US but tore into the ordinance and stated that it has to be tore apart and thrown away. What an affront He accepts this as one of the ‘outstanding credentials of Rahul Gandhi I suppose To me it seemed that the Prime Minister had had two points to make one to back Rahul Gandhi and the other to bash Modi.This was not the occasion to be acerbic  and spew venom on the Gujarat CM .

First of all what the PM said is not true. The highest judiciary has given Modi a clean chit and here comes the PM churning the communal cauldron. Look at what he stated that Modi presided over mass massacre on Gujarat streets. May be Manmohan Singh’s memory played tricks.It was Rajiv Gandhi who presided over the massacre of the Sikhs.Here in Gujarat it was  riots but in 1984 it was a pogrom. The Sikh community was exclusively targeted and massacred. Rajiv Gandhi presided over this massacre of thousands of Sikhs. His henchmen organized and supervised the pogrom .They were all rewarded with ministerial berths and even petrol bunks.Even today the cases are on. So Manmohan Singh is not being honest-as a Sikh how does he okay that pogrom? Did not Rajiv Gandhi even justify the pogrom?  Manmohan Singh and the Congress party cannot act like saints and fault Modi.

Modi according to Manmohan Singh will be a disaster. But can there be greater disaster than having had the Congress at the Centre? What had the nation witnessed? Lack of governance, policy paralysis, inflation hitting the roof,one after another scams in almost all major areas of the government, nil creation of job opportunities, wide spread and massive corruption, insecurity of the nation from within and outside. And yet Manmohan Singh says that Modi will be a disaster. Yes, a strong man like Modi with a vision and a mission, with a decisive and focus perception will be a disaster to the Congress. He will work towards freeing India from the clutches of the Congress. Surely this is a disaster as far as the Congress party is concerned.

Manmohan Singh unwittingly revealed that he had no record of achievement, that there was two power centers-one being the extra constitutional power centre of Mrs Sonia Gandhi.He must accept the fact that the first UPA was a panel raj and the second was a NAC raj.Sonia Gandhi presided over a parliament of her own making-the NAC which drafted one after another bills which Sonia Gandhi forwarded to the PM and he in turn called for a group of empowered ministers to go through it. Coming from Mrs Sonia Gandhi Manmohan Singh had no guts to reject or refuse. So it was passed .This was the kind of governance .A demeaning of democracy and a banana republic put in place.

The PM was careful to mention that he got support from Mrs Sonia Gandhi.It looks like a well rehearsed drama. The passing of the baton, the outstanding credentials, the support of Mrs Sonia Gandhi and then of course the chief intent being bashing of Modi.He said all  that sweet to  Mrs Sonia Gandhi and the Congress. But in the bargain he came out as the weakest PM we ever had, as a lame duck of a PM, as a subservient and submissive PM who could not assert. So he indulges in self pity. I was sad he says because he wanted to auction G-2 and coal blocks. Then why and how did he fail? And where have the Coalgate files disappeared from the Prime Minister’s Office? Is he not accountable?

The full drama to be comprehended one must look back at the first scene –the ‘renunciation’.(Which meant for Sonia Gandhi all power and no responsibility) .When Sonia Gandhi handpicked him. She had studied him well and knew that he is malleable, subservient and will fit into the scheme of her intent. There was Mr Pranab Mukerjee seasoned and well versed in handing Parliamentary affairs. In fact it was he who took on all the answering in Parliament not Manmohan Singh. But Mrs Sonia Gandhi knew that the former was a man who had his own will and mind and she would not have been able to manipulate him.(Remember Pranab Mukerjee fell off with Indira Gandhi?)So Manmohan Singh suited her best and he lived up to her expectations. Thus from the first scene one has to go through the ten years of Manmohan Singh’s non governance. The Press meet was the finale to the whole drama. Is it then small wonder that Rahul Gandhi was anointed with his “outstanding credentials” and Modi was termed as a “disaster”. The people of the country will chose in no ambiguous terms Modi for the people cannot see any
‘outstanding credentials’ in Rahul Gandhi except that he is a dynasty continuum

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,


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