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Congress creating a mirage

Congress creating a mirage

At a rally in Dehradun, Rahul said, ‘He is not like one person who takes all credit for Gujarat’. But Rahul must know that he cannot take credit for anything –because he has done nothing. His only credentials are that he is born in a Nehru-Gandhi family. What are Rahul Gandhi’s achievements? While Modi is a self made man. He struggled to come up and can take credit for what Gujarat is today.

Rahul has not spoken in Parliament in the past ten years except twice. His record of attendance in Parliament is one of the lowest and now he goes about attacking Modi who has slogged it out and made what Gujarat is today. For Rahul it is easy. He gets things done without sweating it out, without even putting forward valid reasons. What he wants he gets. He is like a spoilt child. He has only to utter it and it is straight away granted. Take the extension of MGNREGP -He had only to walk into the PM’s office and demand that the scheme be extended to more districts-It was immediately done. He has only to demand that the cooking fuel cylinders ceiling be raised to 12 and the very next day it was done.

Modi is not that fortunate to get things done through the backdoor. He has to work hard and get his bureaucrats co-operate and gear and orient the whole State machinery to development and lead from the front. This Modi has achieved and he has the right to take all credit for it; while others would have contributed their mite. For that matter the UPA cannot claim anything solely for itself because it is the people-the women, farmers, skilled and unskilled laborers all make what a nation is. From pre- Modi days the development scenario drastically changed during Modi’s tenure. When Rahul Gandhi and others talk of Gujarat being what it is because everyone worked towards it-the same implies to everything-then why boast of the achievements of the UPA .Similarly when one talks of former CMs then one must also remember the riots that took place in Gujarat prior to Modi’s tenure. So why blame only Modi for the 2002 riots. Should the previous Congress regimes not be made accountable for the riots during their respective regimes? In the Gujarat riots during Modi’s tenure more than 6500 rioters were charged sheeted and hundreds have been convicted. Even Modi has gone through enquires and the SIT has given him a clean chit. Why then should the Congress-and Pawar and others point at the Gujarat riots every time there is some reference to it Modi is blamed. He is termed as a murderer and Rahul Gandhi takes pot shots at him. He alleges that the BJP is a party ‘practicing politics of blood shed’. Rahul Gandhi cannot play to the gallery and make cheap unfounded allegations. He should substantiate his allegations

By the same yardstick should not the Congress be made accountable for the 1984 Sikh pogrom when 3000 Sikhs were massacred –Sikh women raped, their houses ransacked .For three full days Delhi-the capital of the country saw this blood shed.-What is worse is the fact that Rajiv Gandhi justified this blood letting and ogre. And yet his son Rahul Gandhi accuses the BJP of practicing politics of blood. What moral and legal right has Rahul Gandhi to cast aspersions against the BJP when the Congress Hand is bathed in blood when it carried on a pogrom of bloodshed and inhuman atrocities? ?All the Congress leaders who indulged in it were rewarded. How many have been convicted? Why has the government been silent on this country’s greatest human rights violation? Why till date not a single Congress man has been punished. What right then has the Congress to keep mentioning of the Gujarat riots?

The bible brings out this discrimination and unjust accusation when it says that when one carries a beam in one’s eye he has no right to fault another who has a speck in his eye. Rahul Gandhi goes on uttering sheer nonsense which should be torn apart and thrown out-because he is  scattering and sowing seeds of poison.And does he think that we are ‘buddhus’. The people of this country are intelligent and know history. Rahul Gandhi must take lessons in history.What P.Chidambram stated of Modi is apt for RG. His sense and knowledge of history for that matter of economics can be put behind a postal stamp. He revealed his hesitance and ignorance when at his famous interview which he gave to Arnab Goswami he was not able to answer straight questions. No wonder he does not open his mouth in Parliament-he needs the aid of his boardroom boys to give him the draft and he is unable to debate and discuss relevant points. He has something in his mind-preconceived ideas and gets struck so it is empowerment of women that he is struck with now.

Mentioning P.Chidambaram I am reminded of what he stated in one of his interviews referring to Modi -“I,Me,Mine”.One needs guts to accept the fact that ‘ I-Me-Mine’. I and Me are capable and expose oneself to scrutiny. It is not like hiding behind mamma’s skirts. One needs confidence to openly declare that I have the confidence to lead this country, that I am ME. You can field any question and I am decisive in leading this country of MINE. Tell me does this not reveal a leadership personality structure?

I listened to Ananda Sharma and P.Chidambaram in a couple of TV channels and both were putting forth the view that there is no dynasty because for 30 years there was no Gandhi as the Prime Minister. This is laughable.And this exposes how thoroughly they are trying to undermine the people’s ability to see what has happened in the past 20 years. Starting from Act one the great renunciation-drama-Power without responsibility was what Sonia Gandhi anchored on and the best person to be a puppet and who would fit into her scheme-she zeroed on Manmohan Singh who fitted perfectly in her scheme of things. She created a National Advisory Council to draft bills which were passed on to the puppet Manmohan Singh and he immediately calls for a Group of Empowered ministers which in turn immediately passes it. Thus Sonia Gandhi ruled as the super Prime Minister and her NAC as her Parliament. There by she demeaned the Constitution and Manmohan Singh abetted this violation.

Earlier Manmohan Singh relied on Committees and panels. It was then a panel raj, later he became directly amenable to the NAC’s recommendations. It became evident that the Congress High Command had the powers of this country in her hands .The PM was only a proxy-a lame duck. Even a child will know this .Manmohan Singh hardly functions as a prime minister of the country. Recently at one of his rare Press Meets  he did not speak as a PM of the country but as a mere congressman inaugurating the party’s election campaign and hence he said that Modi as the Prime Minister would be disastrous to the country.

And now the Congress leaders want to deny the existence of a dynasty rule. Who was ruling then for the past 20 years? Rahul Gandhi who is very often heard to talk of procedures and processes and who claims he wants to democratize the party and everything that he is involved in must realize that he and his mother stand outside this process of democratization. There are no processes and procedures when it comes to getting what he wants-How is it that Mrs Sonia Gandhi is the President of the Congress and her son RG is the VP. Is it not dynasty? How is it that a weak RG is being projected as the Prime ministerial candidate? Of course this has not been declared but is obvious. Does it mean that in the Congress party there is no other worthy candidate with a record of better Curriculum Vitae? What about P.Chidambaram himself. Not one Congress man would dare to even secretly make any such claims. As M.J.Akbar has written in his article in Sunday Times (23rd Feb)–genes counted here more than ability .Is this not dynasty mentality? It seems that Sonia Gandhi thinks that no other Indian is capable of leading this nation. She is living in a Fools Paradise and will soon realize it. That much for Rahul Gandhi’s belief in democracy. With no original ideas and with no achievements to his credit Rahul Gandhi is becoming more a copy cat of Kejriwal

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,


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