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I read Mr Julio Ribeiro’s ‘I feel I am on a hit list’(Indian Express dated 16th March)I did not react immediately because I wanted to let  it sink and see if there was any foundation in what he stated. To me who am 78 the whole accusation of his seems to have no foundation. As of Julio Ribeiro- my ancestry also can be traced to Hinduism. While he agrees on this the question arises why we are Christians today. How did it happen? What kind of inducement-allurement and what strategy of proselytization were used those days for my ancestors to become Christians? Unlike Julio Ribeiro I do not feel threatened-neither do I fear that I am on a hit list and I feel very much an Indian no matter who says what. The point to note is that the Catholic Church to which Julio Ribeiro and I belong has a parampara of a persecution mania. This is  because we have inherited and are born through persecution. Not by the Hindus but by the Dutch, the Portuguese, the French and the English. This is precisely why though Julio Ribeiro acquiescence that his DNA if tested, it will not differ markedly from Mohan Bhagwat’s. The same can be said of our Hindu ancestors. Then what happened down the line.

We must agree that there was persecution, forced conversion by the conquerors. It was a question of torture and death to which the Hindu ancestors were subjected to. This is not fairy tales but recorded history when thousands of temples were destroyed, houses were ransacked and people were brutalized Those who indulged in this human rights violations were treated as Saints by the Vatican and raised to Sainthood .But now we raise a hue and cry against ‘ghar Vapsi’ What was good for one is not good for another. It is not though these were in the hoary past. Even today most of the NGOs do indulge in this proselytization. I wish the government of India ban all foreign funds. If China could develop without  such NGOs and the foreign funds why should India not?

I must bring the Vatican’s mind set in this context because it is relevant .When it comes to conversion it will go the extra mile .Look at what it indulged in during the regime of PiusXII. He did not hesitate to join hands with Hitler who attacked Yugoslavia. Hitler partitioned the country into the Catholic Croatia and the Orthodox Serbia  Then followed a massive ethnic cleansing The aryanisation process which separated the Jews,Serbs  as undesirables. These were deported to concentrated camps. Children were not spared. The ethnic cleansing was done by the open support of the clergy-priests and nuns supervised and Vatican followed the ‘omerta” and looked the other way. Special death camps were set up for children. Several commandants and officers at these death camps were Catholic priests.Francisan monks supervised the mass execution. This ethnic cleansing thus had the blessings of Vatican..There were monetary gains for the Vatican from the Holocaust in Croatia. In the certificate of conversion which was sold for a few hundred of dinars the Vatican netted millions. Vatican was well informed and yet the Pope maintained silence. In fact not a single member of the clergy was held accountable.-though the commandants of the death camps were priests. When after the war, Archbishop Stepinak was arrested for war crimes by the Yugoslav government Puis XII excommunicated everyone who had taken part in the trial. Later the Archbishop was presented as the champion of religious freedom! It is interesting that in 1998 Pope John II traveled to the Republic of Croatia to announce the beatification of Archbishop Stepinak

It must be noted that the Vatican abetted and colluded with Mussolini and Hiltler in all their brutality. It stood to gain both in terms of power and money. Yet we often hear the word ‘Fascist’ being thrown against the BJP and the saffron brigade. This is part of the christian  parampara of the Catholic Church to which Julio Ribeiro and I belong to. Yet we are scandalized by the ‘ghar Vapsi. What about the Inquisitions held in India-in Goa .With so much of baggage how can we point a finger to others-to the saffron groups and then pretend that we are being victimized and discriminated? All rapes are abominable and need to be condemned in the strongest terms. But why only the rape of the nun-be it in Orissa and now in W,Bengal be internationalized? Why and how can the Vatican interfere and want to send a delegation?

In a population of nearly one and a quarter billion- human rights violations and inhuman acts are bound to happen. These need to be severely put down not politicized. It is the NGOs which create a kind of phobia .Foreign funds flow and towards this they organize dharnas and rallies. Any violation and discrimination is being attributed to the Modi’s government. But then these things had not suddenly surfaced. There is a long gestation period of discrimination-of injecting a fear psychosis. The politicians have communalized the communities.

 India is known for its secularism-it is not because the Constitution made it secular. Even before the Constitution the hindus welcomed all religions. Butchery and compulsion and forced conversion were introduced and followed by the Dutch, Portugese the French and the English. Earlier the basic tenet followed by the inhabitants of this great country was Sanatana Dharma. Even today that is the guide and the dictum

I am 78 and thought it is time to speak out .The ordinary people like me are happy and content –feel no persecution or discrimination and are not on the hit list. Even if we are, truth cannot be hidden. In fact it was the Church which had crucified TRUTH and continues to do so. Perhaps there may be aberrations to this. It must not be forgotten that Julio Ribeiro was hounded by a minority community for the alleged human rights violations in Punjab. It was not the Hindus who were behind it. So may be JR has some deep seated fear within him. But then to generalize this personal fear into the whole fabric of the Indian populace is too far fetched

I want to appeal to the government of Modi to ban the foreign funds flow into this country. We should be able to manage with what we have. Why take a begging bowl to other countries and disrupt the peace within. If other countries can manage so can we. I would like to mention about the good works done and which are being done by nuns. But then they have enormous assets. When the foreign invaders left this country they turned over all their land and houses to the churches. As if these are their grandfathers’ possessions. By all legal rights these should have been turned over to the government of India. So the Churches had at their disposal land and finances to start with. There is no accountability. Look at the Minority education Institutions which run on their own rules and regulations. Why did the Constitution founders submit to such a request and enshrine it in the Constitution? Is that not discrimination? I have studied   from LKG to PG in Minority Institutions. Later I was a faculty in one of the elite colleges in Chennai. I know how they function. The least said about them the better. Yes good work they do there is no denying but it has a price. Money flows into Vatican. There is wealth beyond measure in these Church allied institutions and in churches. So when mammon triumphs where is TRUTH. The same lenses must be used to scrutinize Mother Theresa’s work in India.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,



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Our political netas champions of secularism-selectively. The Congress and its democracy

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  • 1. ayya  |  March 21, 2015 at 7:56 pm

    Thank you Dr Mrs Hilda Raja. I really enjoyed reading your blog post response to Mr. RIbiero’s news article. I am sure there are many who think like you but only few are compelled to respond. I wish this is published in our mainstream media publications.

    • 2. hildaraja  |  March 29, 2015 at 10:15 am

      Dear ayya,Thank you for your response and appreciation.Do stand up for the truth-no matter what it costs.Pray that I too should do the same.Time is running out for me…you must take up the baton and continue.Wishes.HR

  • 3. srisri4  |  March 21, 2015 at 9:49 pm

    I went through fully Madam. I appreciate your boldness as well as frankness. God bless you is my prayer. With best regards, tgranganathan

    Jaya Sri Ramana!


    • 4. hildaraja  |  March 29, 2015 at 10:35 am

      thank you-you have always been a great encouragement.Pray that I uphold truth till my last breath.Regards.HR

  • 5. P. Venkatasubramanian  |  March 22, 2015 at 10:33 am

    Excellent madam Truth indeed must be told Look at the TV channels they propagate false news to malign the Govt

  • 6. VENKATASUBRAMANIAN P (@venkataa)  |  March 22, 2015 at 10:37 am

    Excellent madam

  • 7. Rahul Dewan  |  March 22, 2015 at 10:50 am

    Thank you for writing this ma’am. Please consider writing for

  • 8. flying colours (@c_chithra)  |  March 22, 2015 at 1:04 pm

    Recently on Twitter we have had people commenting on many aspects of Mother Teresa’s work. It hasn’t gone down well with established columnists & media channels. ‘They won’t spare even a saint’, screamed “Times Now”. I dared not post the articles on Facebook for fear of offending my friends (Hindus) indoctrinated into believing in her purity and selflessness. Same friends (known them all my life) had no qualms in believing the worst of Sri Jayendra Sararaswati when he was arrested and tried.
    “Indian Express” had refused to publish opinions of other Christians.

    • 9. hildaraja  |  March 29, 2015 at 10:45 am

      thank you Chitra.Yes even my article Indian Express has not published.There is a concerted effort to propogate that which is not true….Best wishes.HR

  • 10. Pradeep Nair  |  March 26, 2015 at 2:30 pm

    Bravo Dr. Hilda. It is through people like you that India can change. A spade, as you point out, is a spade, an you did not hesitate in pointing it out. As a Hindu, I would dearly love to live in an India which is truly secular. where religion is personal and not forced..sadly that is not true and it troubles me. And now and then people like you pop up and give me renewed hope. Thank you!

    • 11. hildaraja  |  March 29, 2015 at 10:31 am

      Dear PRADEEP.
      Thank you for your response and appreciation.My country first and last-my people are all Indians and it pains that there is so much of disinformation and discrimination.In fact the word ‘Minority’ must be deleted because it discriminates on the basis of religion.Hope must be the eternal spring.India is a great land and one which welcomed all religions.Our ancestors made us proud.Let us follow their tradition and their parampara.All the best to you.HR

    • 12. hildaraja  |  March 29, 2015 at 10:33 am

      Dear Pradeep.Do not give up Hope.Our country is great-our ancestors made us proud.All religions were welcomed.In fact the word ‘Minority ‘ is discriminating on the basis of religion.It should be deleted.Let us follow the parampara of our forefathers and mothers…Best wishes.HR

  • 13. Antony  |  March 27, 2015 at 7:19 am

    Your article shows the intellectual side of you. A distorted intellectual side to align to the present day situation. Go back to forty years ago. Or even fifty years ago. Then contemplate on all that you wrote. And what did you do for a living. Whether these things existed or not. And can you change these things now.

    Are these things not happening all over the world. How many students did Stella Maris try to convert to Christianity in all your days at that college.

    What right you have to speak of Mother Theresa. If you feel that she has done for money let us assume for a moment, yes she did. I don’t agree. What is stopping you from doing the same thing. Can you touch a leper or an orphan and give him or her a human love. Did Mother Theresa did that do bring money for the Christian church. Let it be. PLEASE DO SO AND EARN MONEY WHICH WILL BE A BY PRODUCT. BUT GIVE HUMANITY THE LOVE THEY NEED.

    Your intelligence will give a fitting reply or even more. But think. One day you will think and remember that these articles and words don’t spread love. But they spread separation. DO SOMETHING NOW TO SPREAD LOVE TO A WORLD WHICH IS FILLED WITH HATRED. THEN I WILL BE WITH YOU.



    That is where the biblical words come, ” They have hated me before they have hated you.”

    I am quoting from an article by Francois Goiter.

    Conversion belongs to the times of colonialism. We have entered the era of Unity, of coming together, of tolerance and accepting each other as we are, not of converting in the name of one elusive “true” god.

    When Christianity accepts the right of other people to follow their own beliefs and creeds, then only will Jesus Christ’s spirit truly radiate in the world.

    • 14. hildaraja  |  March 29, 2015 at 10:25 am

      Dear Antony.Forty years ago also I was struggling and growing and learning and always stood for that which I believed in.Thank you for your response.When Mother Theresa visited our college some 40 years ago-I walked out….You have a right to have your views.I have grown and evolved into what I am.Wishes.HR

  • 15. Pradeep Kumar K  |  March 28, 2015 at 4:44 am

    Respected M’am. Pranams. You said it right. Thanks for the courage to expose the fraudulent ways of the powerful Church. I am a freelance journalist based in Trivandrum, Kerala, where the Christian population is high. Can i have your contact details?? my email is:

    • 16. hildaraja  |  March 29, 2015 at 10:22 am

      I thank you Pradeep.TVM is close to heart for me-because I grew up there and studied in the Maharajah’s Women’s college-Thycaud.I will contact you.Wishes.HR

  • 17. Rashm7  |  April 2, 2015 at 10:35 am

    Hilda ji I always keep you high in my esteem as a truthful humanbeing. I request you to go for debates on media

  • 18. ayya  |  April 2, 2015 at 9:19 pm

    Another “liberal” Christian’s view –
    Heartened to discover there are more like the learned professor.

  • 19. T.N. Mahesh  |  April 5, 2015 at 7:22 am

    Madam, I am Mahesh, I studied in minority schools and did my college in MCC. I like Christians, Christ, Christianity. But I also see offense in many of their activities like conversion etc.

    It is refreshing to see a person like you with your accomplishments in education and social activities say these words, it soothes a bruised heart.

    May the Almighty God and his only Son The Christ give you wisdom and guide you in your life in the service towards the humanity.

    • 20. hildaraja  |  October 30, 2015 at 8:49 am

      I am glad that you are able to see the offenses the christian instiotutions commit and also the Evangelical churches induleg in against the India.This is been going on for centuries.As though there is only one God and the Xts have him/her…Please read my latest blog article.I know a lot of profs from christian college.In fact the one who HEADS THE SW dept was my student.Since both me and my husband taught in SMC and Loyola we have close association with Christian college and were examiners Board members etc.Thank you for your response.Please do read my latest article in the blog.-God bless you.HR

    • 21. hildaraja  |  October 30, 2015 at 8:53 am

      Thank you Mahesh.My reply to you seem to have been by error posted under Senthil.Yes my husband was a prof in LC and I in SMC.Hence we have close association with Christian college …Wishes and God bless.HR

  • 22. bandoobandya  |  April 7, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    Great.No one from the Christian community has come forward to express regrets about having suspected the Hindutwa brigade,after the Bangladeshi connection, probably with a strong ISI support, has been exposed in the Ranaghat Nun rape case.Why?

    • 23. hildaraja  |  October 30, 2015 at 8:46 am

      Dear Bandoobandya.It is clear why no one has come forward with the truth.In my recent blog posting I have mentioned that 12 Christians along with tribals were the perpetrators.Anything that happens against the Christians and the Muslims it is the Hindus who are faulted.In my experience it far from truth.India has been known for its tolerance.Please read my latest blog posting.Thank you and God bless.Wishes-HR

  • 24. Cliff Rajkumar  |  April 13, 2015 at 7:06 pm

    I really enjoy reading your blogs. You write with a honesty and objectivity that is refreshing. You backed your commentaries with relevant historical facts. Thank you for having the courage and also to make the commitment to defend those who do not have the voice and
    ability to express themselves. India’s future and dignity is safeguarded by people like you.
    Cliff Rajkumar

    • 25. hildaraja  |  October 30, 2015 at 8:42 am

      Thank you Cliff.I am trying to life my values and will not shun from speaking the truth and what I am convinced of.Your response has encouraged me.wISHES.God bless you.HR

  • 26. Arwin  |  April 22, 2015 at 1:44 pm

    I do not know madam who you are and what is your background. But I want to ask how much money do RSS and other such organization get foreign fund? Who keeps account? In fact many funding agencies have stopped sending money to the church (money was sent not for conversion but for social work. There are countless people who have been benefited by this fund. People often speak against charity done by Mother Teresa and the church, because one who speaks against such charity are rich and have no concern for the welfare of the society, neither they are ready to sever the poor). BJP will never stop foreign fund because if they do it is they who are big losers. Moreover, every foreign penny that is received by the church authority is checked by the Government but RSS and such groups can bring any amount of money. Can anyone tell us how much money they have?

    • 27. ayya11790  |  April 22, 2015 at 3:09 pm

      Sir please check this website by the “India Gospel League(IGL)” –
      “One of the reasons we are so attracted to IGL as an organization is their leadership and vision for reaching this country for Christ. IGL set out in 1992 to plant 1000 churches by the year 2000. The Lord had other plans however and to date over 64,000* local, indigenous churches have been planted throughout India through God’s grace!”

      • 28. hildaraja  |  October 30, 2015 at 8:35 am

        Thank you ayya-your response was informative.I hope and pray that we humans stop fight the battle for God-who is all powerful and does not need armies to …All-irrespective of which religion each one belongs is God’s creation and

    • 29. hildaraja  |  October 30, 2015 at 8:40 am

      Thank you Irwin.All NGOs receive donations.Mother Teresa receives scak loads of cheques-which her nuns deposit in the bank-not even one fraction of spend on the poor dying.Her philosophy was that it is God’s will that they are in pain and suffer-hence no pain killers.Many of her nuns had left the congregation.It is also true that in their last agony she and her nuns baptise them.The list of those converted thus goes to Rome-simiplarly money from India goes to Rome-nay the Vatican.After all we are a poor country why send money from here to the Vactican.I am sure under Pope Francis such things will not happen.I am glad your responded.God bless you.Wishes.HR

  • 30. Satish Rao  |  June 1, 2015 at 2:30 pm

    Dear Hilda

    Thank you for your bold blog with factual information which is very illuminating. In this connection I recently read an article by a German lady news reporter which I forward to you with this, if you have not already heard or read this:

    Though long, written by a German. Our own media in India hype the isolated attacks on Christians and give a bad name to India . The facts and figures in this article is an eye opener

    Christians are not under attack in India
    March 30, 2015 · by mariawirthblog

    There is probably no other country where members of other religions were as safe as in India. Hindus always gave shelter to those who were persecuted in their homelands. Jews gratefully acknowledged that India is the one country where they were never persecuted. Syrian Christians under their leader Thomas of Cana (Thomas the Apostle did not come to India) were given refuge in the 4th century. Parsis came in the 10th century to escape the Muslim invaders in Persia. And in 1959, some 100,000 Tibetan Buddhist refugees found shelter in India – only 12 years after the British had left the country, divided and poverty-stricken.

    In contrast, the rich USA with an area three times the size and only a quarter of India’s population allowed only in 1991 one thousand Tibetan families to enter.
    Indians never hesitated to accept those who were in trouble and who wanted to preserve their faith because they did not distinguish between human beings on religious lines. Their attitude was that all belong to one big human family and all have the same divine essence in them. For them “religion” was not an identity but a natural, ideal way of life.

    So what happened that nowadays there is a lot of talk that Christians are under attack in India? Have Hindus become intolerant?

    No. Hindus have not changed. All the so called attacks on churches which were hyped up recently on many TV channels turned out to have been minor crimes unconnected with “Hindu extremists”. In other countries they would hardly find space in the local paper. Why were they flogged for days on TV channels? Why were Christian spokesmen given plenty of airtime to falsely blame the “Hindu right” and claim that Christians are under attack? There seems to be an agenda by the Churches and it would need to be investigated why so many TV channels obliged.

    A smashed glass pane outside one church, a fire due to short circuit in another church, a theft of 8000 Rupees in a convent school, stones thrown by a mixed group of Hindus and Muslim surely don’t warrant hours of hyped coverage.

    Yes, there was also the break-in into a convent school in West Bengal, where not only 1,2 million Rupees were stolen but a 72 year old nun was allegedly gang raped.

    This was shameful no doubt and this news reached in no time all corners of the world. It fitted well into the image that had already been crafted over the last 2 years – of India as a rapists’ nation. The Vatican radio spoke of India’s shame which went viral on the internet.

    It turned out that Bangladeshi Muslims, probably encouraged by the Pakistani secret service, were behind it.

    Typically, the media fell silent. The BBC ran a scroll that an arrest has been made in the nun gang rape in India. They didn’t mention that he was a Bangladeshi Muslim. Neither the Vatican, nor the cardinal or the bishop apologized for their wrong, greatly publicized pre-judgment of the case that it was connected with the Hindu re-conversion drive of RSS and VHP.

    The campaign of media and Christian representatives against “Hindu extremists” is not likely to end soon. New incidents will come up and the Christian spokesmen will again peddle the “truth” that under Narendra Modi as Prime Minister the Hindus are emboldened to “attack” Christians in hate crimes and that Christians feel helpless and insecure. The TV anchors will continue to prod them: “Do you feel unsafe in India?” and all Christian spokesmen will again reply “Yes” and claim that hate crimes have increased since Modi came to power.

    There are other voices, too, who do not take part in this back stabbing of their Hindu brothers and, probably closer to the truth, blame the Christian clergy for trying to sow discord between communities. Yet those Christians, like Robert Rosario or Hilda Raja, are not likely to get an invitation to represent the Christian side, because they wouldn’t further the agenda to portray Hindus in poor light.

    Mainstream media has tremendous power to shape opinions. Churches have tremendous financial and political clout. Both obviously cooperate to portray Hindus as intolerant and hateful of other religions – contrary to facts. There is a third power that wants India to get a bad image the world over, at least as bad as its own image is. It is Pakistan. The Sunday Guardian of 21th March exposed that the Pakistani secret service increased its budget six-fold to achieve the goal that India is put into the same bracket with Pakistan on human rights issues and downgraded by the US Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF).

    This goal has already been achieved in regard to projecting India as a rapist country. In the west, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are now seen as being on the same level. In fact, India stands out negatively: it is openly thrashed for its ‘anti-women attitude’, while it is politically incorrect to thrash Muslim countries. The German professor who quoted India’s rape culture as reason to reject an Indian shows the huge damage that this false portrayal of India has done.

    Unfortunately, India did nothing to put the issue into perspective when the maligning campaign started, and it seems that India again does nothing to prevent an equally damaging, also false perception that Hindus are prone to hate crimes against Christians. Sometimes I wonder whether Indians are even aware how detrimental to India’s image abroad the media campaign has already been.

    At least the government, if not the public at large, would know that India is neither in the top league of rape countries, nor are Hindus known for hate crimes and discrimination against members of other religions.

    They would know that India has presently a population of 1270 million, and that it is unfair to compare absolute numbers of crimes with other countries. If the crimes that happen in the USA, Canada, in all European countries including Russia plus Australia were added up, then they could be compared with the number of crimes that happen in India. Can the media be made to give a balanced reporting on the issues it takes up? Does anyone remember the hype that media created about AIDS some 20 years ago? “India second only to South Africa” they screamed. Nobody mentioned that India had 1000 and South Africa 50 million inhabitants.

    If the media were fair, they would discern that the charge of 160 hate crimes against Christians in the last 10 months, especially when those include theft and a stone thrown by a drunkard, is no reason to shout “Christians don’t feel safe in India”? Why do they play into the hands of the west which will be pleased to get a stick to beat India with?

    In England, there were over 1,000 hate crimes only against Jews in the last year. This would equal over 20,000 hate crimes in India if it is put in proportion to the population. In USA, several Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims were killed only because they were Sikhs, Hindus or Muslims. Should the USCIRF not put the US and Europe on its watch list, before it even thinks of condemning India?

    There are several indicators that clearly show that Christians are not persecuted in India and are even pampered:

    The percentage of Christians keeps increasing. Their places of worship multiply manifold and are free from government interference, unlike Hindu temples. Many Christians are in high positions. Missionaries have the guts to openly declare that they want to plant hundred thousand churches in India and “evangelize the whole country in this generation” (from a Christian youth magazine called “Blessings”). Christians and other minorities are privileged and get special benefits like scholarships, etc. Christians can teach the catechism in their schools to Christian students, while ethic teachers in those schools must not mention Sri Krishna, or Hindu philosophy to Hindu students. Compare this with the situation in Pakistan and it becomes evident that the “operation equal blame” depends entirely on spreading falsehood and manipulating the world opinion.

    How to counter this mischievous agenda? Certainly not by going on the defensive and giving special attention to Christians. “Justice for all, appeasement for none” is the way to go. The nun gang rape has been carried to the eight corners of the world as a ‘communal crime’ because the victim was a Christian. How would the kin of a Hindu girl feel who has been raped and maybe even killed by Muslims or Christians, yet neither the media nor even the police take any interest in the case, because it is not communal enough when Hindus are at the receiving end? Crimes need to be treated as crimes and religion should be out of consideration.

    Hindus have no reason to be defensive. Spokesmen are dishonest when they claim that Christian are unsafe in India. It will be difficult to find any other country where Christians in minority are as safe and pampered, as among Hindus. If someone needs to be on the defensive, it is the Christian clergy and they may know it. Maybe that is the reason why they act as bullies in tune with the dictum ‘attack is the best defense’. They will stop playing the bully only when they perceive their opponent as strong.

    Strength here doesn’t mean to bully back. It simply means to be clear, stick to truth and stick to dharma. It also means not to be afraid to point out the adharmic, divisive aspects in Christianity.

    We live in the 21st century when science has discovered that there are different levels to reality. The apparent variety in this universe is based on uniform oneness. Our deepest essence is made of the same stuff, as it were. The Indian rishis knew this, ages ago. Where then is there place for a huge fire where billions or maybe trillions of heathens will burn for eternity after the Day of Judgment?

    What is more of a hate crime: when a stone is thrown at a church by a drunkard or when respected clergy declare without any proof that Hindus are damned to eternal hellfire if they don’t become a member of the Church, and when they brainwash Christian children to believe this? Will TV anchors be outraged at such discriminatory, baseless allegation which can lead to real hate crimes? Will Hindus (and other heathen like Buddhists, atheists, etc.) demand an answer from the Churches?

    Christians who originally came as refugees, and later went berserk during the Goan Inquisition, are now on a well-planned mission with huge funds from the west to change the broad-minded attitude of Hindus from “We revere ALSO Jesus” to a narrow-minded “We revere ONLY Jesus”?

    Contempt and intolerance for other religions is inbuilt in Christianity. Its goal is clear: all must follow Christ. Hinduism must disappear. If they say something else in Interfaith Dialogues, it is deception. The spread of Christianity is not in India’s interest. It is not in humanity’s interest either.

    Hinduism unlike Christianity and Islam, has no agenda and never had an agenda to wipe out other religions. In India, there always were innumerable paths to the one truth. It is India’s job not only to honour their valuable heritage and educate their own people and the world about it, but also prevent their people from being deceived, threatened or allured by unfair means to a divisive ideology.

    The Churches don’t succeed anymore to enforce belief in unreasonable dogmas among Christians in the west, yet their financial and political power is mind boggling. They have plenty of funds to defame Hindus and Hinduism the world over. India is no equal in this fight, as most of her own media seems to have switched sides.

    Maybe the Prime Minister himself needs to point out on his visit to Europe that Christian Churches are on a massive conversion spree in India because they have this strange and baseless notion that otherwise Hindus go to hell. They should relax. Hindus won’t go to hell. Most Europeans will agree with him.

    However, I don’t know how much damage the media campaign “Christians are under attack” has already done. I just checked with a cousin in Germany. Yes, he heard already that there were attacks on Christians in India…

    By Maria Wirth

    • 31. hildaraja  |  October 30, 2015 at 8:34 am

      Thank you Satish -I was out of circulation for some time because my husband was hospitalized.Yes I read Maria writh’s article.I thank you for your appreciation and support.People like you help me keep going.Wishes.HR


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