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Desperate Congress

The Desperate Congress

Lies and more lies the Congress is reeling out in the hope that it can topple the Modi government. The Congress cannot tolerate anyone other than the Congress puppets to hold power in the government. Look at its arrogance. It cannot countenance the simple fact that Modi is popular and for a mere one year record has done remarkably well. What was the score card of Manmohan Singh in the last ten years? How can Sonia call Modi arrogant when the Congress under her is not only arrogant but defiant and thinks that it can hold the government to ransom and get away with it. The falsehoods that the Congress sycophants utter is simply shocking to say the least. If Rahul Gandhi has proof that Sushma Swaraj had taken money from Lalit Modi to keep him out of jail then he should present the proof and give more facts. The Congress was and is the most corrupt party in the country. It was steeped in corruption and now it wants just to blame Modi’s government hoping that people will forget what it was and is for the past 50 years.

According to Manish Tiwari Modi can’t act against ministers due to his own background and he continues to assert that during Modi’s rule in Gujarat the biggest killings since 1947 happened. Manish Tiwari must be talking through his hat-he forgets that after the assassination of Indira Gandhi the pogrom  that the Congress unleashed against the Sikhs has no parallel in Indian history. The worse part of it is that Rajiv Gandhi justified it. So who is the Congress to throw stones at the BJP and Modi while it sits in the glass house ‘.He who has not sinned let him throw the first stone’

The Congress is synonymous with corruption-.arrogance-and disruptive tactics if it is not in power. This clearly shows that it does not believe in democracy and the people’s mandate. If it cannot be in power then it will not let others be in power. Does it think that India is written off and handed over to the Nehru-Gandhi family? Its dynastic politics clearly betrays its arrogance and its craze for power. Who is Sonia Gandhi to dictate to this nation and think that only she and her son can wield power? It is a shame and a disgrace that the Congress which was in power for more than 50 years has papauerized the people-had no development on its agenda except to aggrandize itself and its coterie. Now when the BJP appoints its men and women in power positions it cries its self hoarse. Look at the number of Trusts which Sonia Gandhi heads. From a modest ancestry house in Italy, today she owns a mansion there. From where did all the money come? Did she and Rahul Gandhi sweat it out? What assets did she and her family have when she came to India in the 60s? So Rahul Gandhi must be more circumspect when he blames others of taking money. Perhaps Ahmed Patel will be able to provide the country of the amounts that have been siphoned off and how it has been stashed and who are the benamis to that ill gotten money.

The early invaders of India fleeced India now we have a brand new gang of fleeciers with political immunity –  fleecing the poor and like leeches sucking the blood of the Indian polity. And all the time the Congress sheds crocodile tears for the poor. The Congress will keep the poor and make them poorer only then it will be able to grab power at the cost of false promises and crocodile tears. Hence we have Rahul Gandhi perpetually proclaiming that he stands with the poor. If so what did his party do for the poor-kept them in poverty? That is the only thing the Congress can claim on its score card. Shame on the Congress

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,


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Look who is speaking on mediocrity

Look who is speaking of mediocrity

Rahul Gandhi thinks that politics is a big ‘tamasha’. He has his coterie sycophants to keep prodding him on and makes him believe that all that he utters are great words of wisdom. But we all know RG and his ability! He cannot think straight-focus on issues- nay he even cannot read properly what has been scripted by his backroom boys .He has no sense of history nor has he a vision for this country.

How easily he goes to the FTII and politicizes the whole issue. He was invited by the students it seems. So what-he could politely refuse or else he could patiently hear out their grievance-not blame ‘this government’ and blame the ‘one man who makes all the decisions in this government’   etc.. He talks as though the rest in India are dullards. The one issue which the students ask is a discussion he states. Is that what they are on agitation for? They want Gajendra Chauhan to be removed. It is not the business of the students to seek the sacking of a Director because he has no big achievements to his credit. What is required of a Director is to motivate-to administer and to encourage the students to produce good films. This I am sure Gajendra Chauhan is capable of. Let him be given time to prove his mettle. To fault the government that it has a larger scheme in his appointment-to blame Modi saying that ‘the government don’t want discussion, anything that does not suit their ideology is anti-national …blah blah blah.If this is not communalizing and politicizing the issue then what is it. By the way what is the ideology of the Congress –communalism. The Congress cannot be taking the people for a ride simply because it wants to shield its Vice President who as usual lacked political probity and sagacity. He used the FTII as a political platform to bash the government. This is very cheap of Rahul Gandhi and shows his immaturity in handling issues.

Let us talk straight-what is wrong in saffronizing institutions? Should institutions and Trusts and schemes be all congressied? What is wrong in wanting Hindutuva ideology? Rahul Gandhi must learn to talk in plain terms and not be a juggler of words. He says that in this government only one man makes the decisions he forgets that during the UPA’s regime only one woman-his mother- made the decisions. And his mother was an extra constitution power center. But Modi is not an extra constitutional power centre. What is wrong if this government wants to put its men and women with the BJP ideology at the helm of institutions? Should they then appoint Congress sycophants? What did the Congress do when it was in power for the last ten years-of course earlier too. Every single institution-every power wielding position was packed with Congress men/women.

What has the Congress achieved? In all its more than 50 years of rule it has  Increased poverty, created more backwardness and pauperized the rural people. It also communalized every aspect of government diktats and injected communalism in every sphere of political life. This to the Congress was ‘secularism’. Now Rahul Gandhi  is playing out his role as the VP of the Congress goes to every segment of the people where there is a stir or discontentment. So he tells the farmers that he is there to wipe their tears. He meets the fishermen and asks them to protest against the ban of 60 days. He is with them he proclaims .He tells the rural poor that he stands by them-all this when he is in luxury and does not have an idea of what poverty and suffering is. The poverty of the rural poor-the suicides of the farmers-the grievances of the fishermen-all did not suddenly crop up now when the BJP is in power. Why this double role and why this deception? Why does he choose to go to people who are agitated?-To incite their dissatisfaction and to create distrust with disinformation-at the cost of their sufferings- to indulge in vote bank politics?

People of this country are not that fools. Why has poverty not been wiped out-nay at least alleviated. During the UPA’s rule there was a complete policy paralysis. Nothing happened except the spread of the National Rural Employment program which was picked from Rahul Gandhi’s grandmother’s 20 Point Program and given a new face. Now he visits the FTII and tells the agitating students that this government wants to muzzle the views of people. RG must remember that the biggest blot on Indian democracy was made by his grandmother who imposed Emergency-thereby suspending all rights of the citizens. That is his ‘paramphara’ and he has no right to talk of Modi’s government wanting to muzzle people’s views and opinions.

How and on what basis did Mrs Sonia Gandhi-his mother form a NDA and draft bills to be passed? She became its chairperson-thereby presiding over an extra constitutional body-superseding the Parliament.Who were its members-all Congress men and women.. How had it the right to advise the PM of India? All that was unconstitutional was wrought by his mother and the UPA government. Sonia Gandhi was a puppeteer and made ManMohan Singh a puppet. Now he blames Modi for everything. Look at the obstructionist policy the Congress it is following in Parliament. The fact remains that RG and the Congress do not want Modi to improve the lot of the Indians and make India proud. They want the people to ever remain poor and illiterate towards that they would do anything and everything. If India grows in strength and maturity then it will not auger well for the Congress especially for Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. When today the Congress faults Modi for blaming the  UPA government for non performance in his foreign trips it forgets that Rahul Gandhi demeaned not only Man Mohan Singh but the Indian government when he tore the Ordinance in public when Man Mohan Singh was in the US. Could he not have at least waited for the then PM to return. ?What does it indicate when one tears an Ordinance? Did Rahul Gandhi apologize? Did he not exhibit utter disrespect to the government of India for the foreign countries to see? And who was Rahul Gandhi then-a mere MP. It seems that the Congress and Rahul Gandhi can do anything and get away with it.

Rahul Gandhi must know that he has no right to talk of mediocrity because what he knows and what he stands for are  well known……But he must remember that his ‘tamasha’ will not pay off. He must become sensitive to India’s needs and give up his childish mentality and attitude. For example he cannot be referring to Modi’s  56inch chest which will be reduced to 5.6 inches in Parliament he warns. That is not what Parliament is meant for and that is not how a mature person will talk. His father had also the same mentality and inhuman attitude when In Parliament he referred to Jaipal Reddy-(then in the Telugu Desam )and stated that ‘his mind is as crooked as his body’ .Again while attacking Arun Shourie, Rajiv Gandhi  referred to his son suffering from disability, by saying ‘no wonder he has such a son..’ This goes to show lack of sensitivity -lack of humaneness and lack of maturity. Now his son Rahul Gandhi also does the same. I hope and wish that Rahul Gandhi restraints himself from making such third rate personal remarks.

It is always known that when the Congress is not in power it will not let any other party rule. No government can function. It will use its muscle power and throat power to stall Parliament. That is exactly what is happening. Rajiv Gandhi also did the same hence he had the ‘Shouting brigade’. Now Sonia Gandhi prods the Congress to protest, to rush to the well of the House and to stall Parliament. She has no sense of Indian democracy and is least bothered of what happens to this country. All that she seeks is power and nothing short of that. Towards this the Congress under Sonia Gandhi and Rahul follow three major tactics-communalism, appeasement and vote bank politics. It even communalized terrorism-terming it Hindu terror and saffron terror. It is easy for the Congress now to deny this. I am sure that Rahul Gandhi will detest from making politics a game for amusement and take things seriously. Issues must be discussed-not politicized and communalized. Rahul Gandhi is now 44 and it is time that he shows some maturity…

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja


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