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‘A test of freedom’ by Fali S.Nariman (IE17th Feb) was confusing. Being a senior advocate and an eminent jurist I thought he would throw more light on Section 124A.The eminent jurist was not right when he points out at the Kedarnath judgment. I thought the court upheld the constitutionality of Section 124A.While the five judge bench upheld, the constitutionality its operation was specified to activities involving incitement to violence intention to create disturbance of public peace. This is exactly what the students of the JNU were involved in. How could Fali Nariman state that ‘sedition’ in India is unconstitutional’ it remains an offence only if the words, spoken or written, are accompanied by disorder and violence’. He terms the disturbance of peace and the incitement made by the Kanhaiya Kumar ‘ mere hooliganism’, disorder and other forms of violence, though punishable under other provisions of the penal code and other laws, are not punishable under Section 124A.Perhaps to an ordinary lay person like me I fail to comprehend what amounts to incitement  to violence, intention to create disturbance of public peace.

If one careful scrutinizes the speech made by Kanhaiya Kumar his motive is very clear. First he raises the question and heralds himself as the champion of Afzal Guru and Kasab.There by he supports the action and the intention behind the actions of these two. Are these two not terrorists. Targeting the Parliament is not a simple point reaching where Afzal Guru was pushed to that point to target the very soul of our democracy. Similarly Kasab was not pushed to that point by the Indian nation to target innocent people and gun them down. These two are terrorists. One is a separatist and the other is a trained terrorists. To champion these two makes the President of the JNU student union a traitor. Did India and its people push these two to commit such acts to redeem their honor? No, if one is to answer Kanhaiya Kumar the answer is that they are trained jihadis. Does KK champion the separation of Kashmir? It seems so. Is that not sedition. Is that not incitement and towards  ‘mere hooliganism’. He coolly shuffles the blame on some unidentified people who raised the slogans of ‘Pakistan zindabad’ Is that what KK says and wants us to believe it. Did he object to these slogans which decried India and upheld Pakistan zindabad. As a president of the JNU student union he is responsible for what happened within its campus and in the rallies he organized. There were other slogans also which were shouted. How did these unidentified persons get into the campus if he had not permitted and known of it? Why has he turned the JNU into a hot bed of politics. It cannot be that he got a brain wave and suddenly raised all these questions on Dalits and throws challenges to the RSS. He is using the student body to incite violence and cause disturbance. Hence even according to Fali S.Nariman it is sedition. To want to separate Kashmir is nothing short of sedition. To take up the cause of Kasab is nothing short of supporting jihadi terrorism. So what else should there be as the causative factors to incite violence and to divide the country. His business is to study and to account for the taxpayers money spent in maintaining the JNU. After he finishes his studies he could easily join politics or even start a political party and have his own agenda .He has no business to use the campus to incite and propagate his own political agenda and  he cannot mislead other students and waste taxpayers money. He should organize public meetings outside the campus and not misuse the campus and then fault the police for its role. Hence I hold Kanhaiya Kumar guilty of sedition.

The media cannot be one sided. It is easy to play to the gallery. In this context one must seriously question the roles played by Rahul Gandhi and Kerjiwal. It need not be words but their very presence sanctioned and blessed the anti-India activities of Kanhaiya Kumar and his followers Did they till date condemn the slogans shouted against India and pro-Pakistan .Is that not also amounting  to incitement? Why should political leaders make a beeline to the campus? Afzal Guru and Kasab terrorism were not during the time of the NDA but during the UPA. Will Kanhaiya Kumar answer for the innocent lives lost? Why now under Modi these have been raked up? Is there not a sinister motive? The visits by Rahul Gandhi and Kerjiwal surely point out at their ulterior motives-destabilize the present government. It is a sad day for the nation. Will any country in the world countenance such behavior and the use of the university to become a hot bed for anti national activities?

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja, Vadodara

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Rahul Gandhi exposes his utter ignorance of india

Rahul Gandhi exposes his utter ignorance of India

It is distressing to say the least when one observes the actions and the utterances of Rahul Gandhi. And to think that he and his mother are eager to make him ascend the Prime Minister’s chair is nothing short of a calamity and disaster for the country. Look at what he has been undertaking in recent days in Hyderabad. One can understand or even forgive if he was genuine in his sensitivity towards the youth of this country committing suicides. But then he picks up only those cases from which he will garner votes. This is exploitation of the worse order and even suicides have become a vote catching mechanism. Can there be anything more debasing than this. This exposes the selfish and self centeredness of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. Like vultures they are looking for the dead-and these have to be SCs- citing their concern and the discrimination they have been exposed to- these two are all out to exploit them.

Take the case of Rohith Velmula of the Hyderabad Central University. Why had Rahul Gandhi picked on this case? Why had he not gone to Villipuram where three students have committed suicides? Perhaps there is no SC issue in these or is there-nobody has yet talked about it. In the case of Rohith his father had gone public by clearly stating that the family is not SCs .He even explains how Rohith’s maternal grandmother got a false SC certificate.(This is a common strategy which the SCs are encouraged to resort  to gain the reservations and other benefits).Is Rahul Gandhi and the Congress more authentic that Rohith’s father in identifying the caste of Rohith? Instead they go on accusing the BJP-saying that they drove him to death and now they want to deny him his identity also. How petty minded-foolish and absurd can the Congress and Rahul Gandhi become? Another valid point to note is that normally suicide notes are authentic documents for the investigating agencies to nab the culprits. In Rohith’s case he has stated that nobody is to be blamed for his action-not his friends and not his enemies. He is solely responsible for the action he is taking. More than this what does one need? It is clear that the Congress somehow by hook or crook wants to blame the BJP and hence overlooks this vital evidence which normally is the sole guiding lead to ascertain the reason for the suicide

It is clear that Rahul Gandhi is seeking to score brownie points and wants to level out with Smriti Irani who can stand her ground. The Gandhis have never met with Opposition and cannot stomach anyone who stands firm and resolute against them and exposes them. Smriti Irani has real guts and RG is not prepared to meet the challenge she poses. Rahul Gandhi sees in her a threat and hence demands her resignation. This will not happen because it is illogic to blame Smriti Irani or for that matter any in the Modi Government in the case of Rohith’s suicide. If  resignation demand of the Congress   is the logical then when farmers committed suicides did Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi resign? Did anyone clamour for it?

It is obvious that Rahul Gandhi is a trouble maker-not a trouble shooter. He instigates, provokes, and augments troubles. This does not augur well for one who wants to become the PM of this country. This time he is on the wrong path because it is the youth in the universities that he has targeted upon for his own power craziness. The students have to work hard-sit for their exams-and make themselves employable. This is a powerful input for empowerment. This is development not only for them and their families but for the country. On the other hand RG has not worked hard. God alone knows what academic qualifications RG has and how. He does not have to be employed because he and his mother have acquired enough of wealth of the poor of India for them to last for generations. Look at the number of Trusts which Sonia Gandhi heads? Did they work for it-or has Sonia Gandhi inherited these from Italy? So RG and his mother are not bothered of what happens to the youth and their future. RG has never had and never will need to work for himself and the family. That has been provided by the poor of India. He has not sweated it out to earn a livelihood. Everything is given to him at the cost of the poor Indian people.

The Nehru Gandhi family enjoys the wealth of the country and throws crumbs as subsidies to the poor. This it boasts is the great reform the UPA has achieved. I am referring to the MGNREGP He does not know the dignity of labor .he only talks and if at all he struts around for rallies or obstructs Parliament then he seeks his leisure and pleasure  for days outside the country.

Do we need a man like him as the PM of this country? If fishermen are in protest-there he is-if farmers are in protest there he is, if students of the FTII-Pune are protesting against the appointment of Gajander Chouhan-there he is to incite them. Now he is has targeted the Central University of Hyderabad. Let us grant that he is genuinely concerned of suicides. If so was this the first of its kind? Let us grant that he has become sensitive to this problem after his sojourns in foreign countries become enlightened and invigorated. Hence he is now aware of the discrimination and the struggles the SCs face .But then where was his mind-what had he studied and learned of India and its past? How has he prepared himself to become the PM without knowing anything of India-its past and its present? Was this a sudden phenomenon? Were suicides of the youth-the students-the farmers and those who have lost hope not been there during the UPA’s regime. When his mother with her extra constitutional NAC was surveying the Indian scenario and drafting reforms and measures for the upliftment of the masses? Were they all ignorant of the reality.

I would like to cite just one area in this discrimination issue. In the 80s I was part of the committee which wanted to focus this issue hence we took up a case of a cobbler named Susai in Chennai who was denied subsidy though he was an SC because he was a Christian. This case we cited and appealed to the SC. The then CJ was Justice Bhagavathi. He stated that Christians do not have caste and we need to prove with more data that there is discrimination and Christians SCs also suffer from the social stigma.. Voluminous data was collected both by the ISIs of B’lore and Delhi to prove the social backwardness and the discrimination the SC Christians suffer from. But nothing came out of it. To over come this denial the Christians who convert from Hinduism were advised to continue using their Hindu identity. I am not justifying anything but only presenting certain facts.

As far back as 1910 there was blatant discrimination against the SCs and the Nadars even within Catholic Church. This again is a case which I personally know and have authentic information-data. The parish church in the village of Vadankulam-in the district of Kanyakumari and a few kilo meters from Nagercoil-on the way to Tirunelveli was under the Jesuits. The church was built with a wall inside lengthwise about three feet high partitioning the church into two parts. The wall was to keep the SCs and the Nadars from the Pillars and the upper caste. The former had to sit on the northern side and use a different entrance-while the southern side facing the main altar was for the upper caste. The SCs and the Nadars went to court-they lost the case. The Catholic Church authorities- right from Rome down to the local church dignitaries upheld and justified the segregation. In fact it was the Parish Priest a Jesuit who allowed the building of the wall right within the church. Even today quite a few parishes of the Catholic Church maintain separate cemeteries one for the Upper caste and the other for the SCs and other castes.

From time immemorial the SCs have been denied rights to walk through the caste areas-they were not allowed to use foot wears when they pass the caste areas etc. It is just not the Hindus or some saffron fringe groups who uphold discrimination. The Christian churches discriminate them from birth to death. Even the dead bodies are segregated in the cemeteries. So always to blame the Hindus is not right. The sole blame must be placed on the politicians-especially the Congress which has communalized politics and the polity of India by caste and religion

I request RG to study the history of the caste in India-then look into the present reality. Not suddenly pop up to spite Modi and to instigate trouble. Certainly he should not use universities for his own political gain. The SC/ST commission must wake up to realities and take stringent action. But the UPA was not bothered. After all the Congress was in power for more than 50 years what had it done towards alleviating this problem-if not eradicating the problem? It has abetted the communal/caste angle for vote banks. Look at each neta with his own bandwagon of caste communalism. How was the elections won in Bihar-on the basis of caste. How is the PMK in Chennai having its outfit on the single plank of the Vanniars.So RG cannot pick and choose but must be consistent in his approach to the problem and go wherever there is a SC/ST suicide-atrocity, oppression. He should make it his one point program.Rahul Gandhi must remember that education and employability of the SCs/STs alone can empower them. They are now strong enough to fight their fights. They do not need the politicians who have exploited them down the ages.

 Empowerment calls for inputs not exploitation of the SCs again for one’s own political gains. This exploitation has been going on for ages. The result is the SCs are where they were –at the bottom of the social ladder and the politicians want to keep them there so that they could be used as tools for their political gains. This is exactly what the Congress did-kept communalism alive. Created ghettos and fenced them within. How then would one explain why after 68 years of Freedom the SCs/STs are socially backward? How would one explain why and how after 68years of Independence poverty is on the increase-more and more sections of the population are being siphoned as ‘Backward’ Why is there so much of demand and protest for every community to be included in the Backward category? Should the political parties-especially the Congress not be made answerable to this? So all the planning, the poverty alleviation programs, the ‘haribi hato’  have failed and what we see today is a vast pauperized population. The result is the demand for classifying them as ‘Backward’ and the tags are SCs/STs,BCs,MBC,OBCs and so on. Is this the result of good governance, good planning and reach out to the poor? On the other hand look at the neo rich-the netas they are all crorepathis rolling in wealth. Whose money is all this and who is accountable for this deplorable despicable state of affairs. The Congress is the root cause and hence cannot be the answer or solution to upliftment of the SCs/STs and Backward communities.

 Finally as one who was in the field of education I would like RG to stop politicizing the youth and the education institutions. If caste has to be eradicated-if oppression and discrimination must be eliminated then we need educated youth. Towards this every effort must be made to see that universities function and function properly. Colleges ad educational must not become money churning business. It is a long path to freedom-and a man like Rahul Gandhi who wants to project himself as the future Prime Minister of the country must be clear sighted, have a vision and avoid obstructionisms and vendetta politics and stop playing with the youth and their future. This is nothing short of exploitation to continue keeping them where they are. For heaven’s sake leave them alone. See that the schemes meant for them are faithfully implemented and that the SC/ST Commission functions. Let it not be another white elephant draining the people’s money and not performing its duty. Will Rahul Gandhi remember that education is an important input for empowerment of the SCs/STs and hence not exploit this area and make them a tool for his political agenda?

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,Vadodara




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