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‘A test of freedom’ by Fali S.Nariman (IE17th Feb) was confusing. Being a senior advocate and an eminent jurist I thought he would throw more light on Section 124A.The eminent jurist was not right when he points out at the Kedarnath judgment. I thought the court upheld the constitutionality of Section 124A.While the five judge bench upheld, the constitutionality its operation was specified to activities involving incitement to violence intention to create disturbance of public peace. This is exactly what the students of the JNU were involved in. How could Fali Nariman state that ‘sedition’ in India is unconstitutional’ it remains an offence only if the words, spoken or written, are accompanied by disorder and violence’. He terms the disturbance of peace and the incitement made by the Kanhaiya Kumar ‘ mere hooliganism’, disorder and other forms of violence, though punishable under other provisions of the penal code and other laws, are not punishable under Section 124A.Perhaps to an ordinary lay person like me I fail to comprehend what amounts to incitement  to violence, intention to create disturbance of public peace.

If one careful scrutinizes the speech made by Kanhaiya Kumar his motive is very clear. First he raises the question and heralds himself as the champion of Afzal Guru and Kasab.There by he supports the action and the intention behind the actions of these two. Are these two not terrorists. Targeting the Parliament is not a simple point reaching where Afzal Guru was pushed to that point to target the very soul of our democracy. Similarly Kasab was not pushed to that point by the Indian nation to target innocent people and gun them down. These two are terrorists. One is a separatist and the other is a trained terrorists. To champion these two makes the President of the JNU student union a traitor. Did India and its people push these two to commit such acts to redeem their honor? No, if one is to answer Kanhaiya Kumar the answer is that they are trained jihadis. Does KK champion the separation of Kashmir? It seems so. Is that not sedition. Is that not incitement and towards  ‘mere hooliganism’. He coolly shuffles the blame on some unidentified people who raised the slogans of ‘Pakistan zindabad’ Is that what KK says and wants us to believe it. Did he object to these slogans which decried India and upheld Pakistan zindabad. As a president of the JNU student union he is responsible for what happened within its campus and in the rallies he organized. There were other slogans also which were shouted. How did these unidentified persons get into the campus if he had not permitted and known of it? Why has he turned the JNU into a hot bed of politics. It cannot be that he got a brain wave and suddenly raised all these questions on Dalits and throws challenges to the RSS. He is using the student body to incite violence and cause disturbance. Hence even according to Fali S.Nariman it is sedition. To want to separate Kashmir is nothing short of sedition. To take up the cause of Kasab is nothing short of supporting jihadi terrorism. So what else should there be as the causative factors to incite violence and to divide the country. His business is to study and to account for the taxpayers money spent in maintaining the JNU. After he finishes his studies he could easily join politics or even start a political party and have his own agenda .He has no business to use the campus to incite and propagate his own political agenda and  he cannot mislead other students and waste taxpayers money. He should organize public meetings outside the campus and not misuse the campus and then fault the police for its role. Hence I hold Kanhaiya Kumar guilty of sedition.

The media cannot be one sided. It is easy to play to the gallery. In this context one must seriously question the roles played by Rahul Gandhi and Kerjiwal. It need not be words but their very presence sanctioned and blessed the anti-India activities of Kanhaiya Kumar and his followers Did they till date condemn the slogans shouted against India and pro-Pakistan .Is that not also amounting  to incitement? Why should political leaders make a beeline to the campus? Afzal Guru and Kasab terrorism were not during the time of the NDA but during the UPA. Will Kanhaiya Kumar answer for the innocent lives lost? Why now under Modi these have been raked up? Is there not a sinister motive? The visits by Rahul Gandhi and Kerjiwal surely point out at their ulterior motives-destabilize the present government. It is a sad day for the nation. Will any country in the world countenance such behavior and the use of the university to become a hot bed for anti national activities?

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja, Vadodara


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Rahul Gandhi exposes his utter ignorance of india WHAT IS SEDITION

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  • 1. Sita  |  February 23, 2016 at 6:16 pm

    Dear Ma’am, Thank you for speaking against these seditious agitators who wear a mask of Freedom of Expression ,which they deny to Ramdev Baba when he was supposed to addressa conference there on Yoga. Another point worth mentioning is the near blanket support for these tratorous people by our MainStream Media. Only a few notable exceptions among journalists outside the openly BJP supporters,like Kanchan Gupta. As expected & not very surprisingly Rajdeep came out that he is an ‘anti-national’very proudly too. The Con Establishment has infiltrated every institution, subverting them against the nation,itself.

  • 2. Vikas  |  March 4, 2016 at 5:30 pm

    Superb. Befitting reply to Fali Nariman who thinks he is the law.


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