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Dr Mrs Hilda Raja-Vadodara Secularism in India

The print media reported that the Supreme Court declined to reconsider 1995 order on the meaning of Hindutva and rightly so. But the media quoted the Representation of the People Act ‘promotion of, or attempt to promote, feelings of enmity or hatred on grounds of religion, race, caste, community or language, by a candidate or his agent, amounts to ‘corrupt practice’ and election of the candidate can be set aside on this ground.’ Does the quoting of the RPA by the media in this context support the view of the seven –judge Bench led by the CJ of India which maintained that seeking votes in the name of religion is an “evil”..the Bench continued-‘appeal for votes must be based on principles of secularism….political agitation advancing the cause of religion with an intent to garner votes is not permissible’. No one can fault the stand taken by the judiciary .But what is intriguing is why always when there is an assertion of Hinduism-Hindutva or for that matter any utterance of Hindu religion immediately ‘secularism’ is being called upon. If one says that this is a Hindu country then again it is against secularism. Teesta Setalvad and theatre activist and author Shamsul Islam and senior journalist Dilip Mandal had urged the Bench to check the ‘devastating consequences’ of the 1995 judgment which according to them caused Hindutva to ‘’become a mark of nationalism and citizenship’’.Time and again the moment Hindutva and Hinduism becomes a bone of contention and is being held out to contend that it is against ‘secularism’. So the latest we have is that the TMC will oppose amendment to Citizenship Act 1955 because it is against ‘secularism’. Let us for a moment be objective and analyze the swearing on secularism by the political parties and netas opposed to the BJP. First and foremost why is secularism being used as a whip against the Hindus?Is secularism valid only for the Minorities. Why was it that the Founding Fathers had not clearly included that word when the Constitution was drafted? Why was it later inserted by Indira Gandhi-the one who imposed Emergency and called for the ‘committed’ judiciary? To be honest I think that the very Minority-Majority divide is based on religion. Is there anything in this country which is not communal? Be it Reservation,Minority Rights ,et al. these are based on religion. How can a secular country extend privileges to some adhering to particular religions? Is this secularism? The basis of Minority Rights is ‘unsecular’.So for those swearing by the Constitution it would be good to reflect on this. If religion is “evil;” then why use that as a yardstick to confer privileges. Is it secular to allow the Minorites to manage and administer their own institutions run on the taxpayers’ money? What is the rationale? Is it secularism that Rights become exclusive for some on the basis of religion-Is this secularism? Hence we have even places of worship earmarked in government offices for prayers for a particular religious community. Is this secularism? We have the Wakf board –permitting properties and funds to be owned and controlled by the Muslims –similarly the funds of the Christian churches are controlled by Church leaders. But the temple lands and the temple monies are controlled by the government. Is this secularism? Freedom of speech becomes very exclusive and of course Fundamental right when it is used in the most undemocratic way by persons of particular religions. Hence a former IAS man Christudoss can without any qualms use the TV channel to use derogatory words and even abuse the Hindu gods. It is strange that in this country we have Hindu Gods and Christian gods-and your gods and my Gods. One who is an atheist must know that there is only God-So this former IAS man stated that he has the right to beat Lord Rama with slippers. This is according to him his right. Now is this right only for this former IAS individual because he belongs to a minority religion. What happens if a Hindu adherent repeats the same and claims that he/she has the right to beat the ‘gods’ of the Christian and Muslim faith? Will the assertion of Christudoss not amount to creating enmity-hurting the religious sentiments of the Hindus and does it not justify him to be   hauled up for not just using unparliamentary words   but also because he had incited enmity and hostility against the majority people-not against gods. Because if gods are gods then they cannot be hurt or harmed! If the former PM of UK David Cameron says that the UK is a Christian country-it is not faulted –If we refer to the Middle East countries and refer to them as Islamic countries-it is not faulted but if any one says that this is a Hindu country then all hell breaks loose.

We swear by the Constitution –the Constitution did not fall from the heavens and was drafted in a particular period with a particular background. It is no doubt an anchor and a reference, but to swear by it as though nothing has changed and as though it has been followed scrupulously in all context and in all circumstances and by all people is simply creating a mirage. So when it suits us we swear by the Constitution and this happens inevitably in preference for particular groups. Hence it is biased-at least its interpretation is biased. This is exactly why individuals of a minority religion could blaspheme Lord Rama and get away with it. Similarly there is mass conversion in Tamilnadu and in the NE States-but then it is a matter of Rights to follow a religion of one’s choice. It is interesting to note that often these conversions are based on enticements economic, social benefits. ‘Force’ need not be physical force-but there is psychological force-there is the simple basic need survival compulsion. So for a bowl of rice-for a job for other benefits conversion has been and is being carried on. So what is forced conversion?  I strongly advocate the banning of the flow of foreign funds-if this is done then Evangelization will simply evaporate. But when there is reconversion to Hinduism then it becomes a heated topic for debate.

We must realize that from the very beginning conversion was resorted to by the Christians and the Muslims. This was not through choice but through force. Hindus did not lead crusades for conversion-Hindus did not block the inflow of peoples of others faiths driven from their own countries on the basis of religions into this country. They were all welcomed and allowed to propagate their own religions and follow their own way of life. But then it should not become like the story of the camel which after being sheltered in the tent drives out its occupant to monopolize the whole tent. This is what one sees in this country. And our political parties are game for it because all that they see and want are votes. Hence we have the inflow of the Bangladeshis-the Pakistanis and the POK and the demand of those who opted to remain in India after the partition demanding their own constitution-their own laws and not just their own space but the space of this nation. The fatwas then become ‘rights, ‘the public roads can be blocked for public assemblies for prayer. This is another Right. Even the use of the outer space for announcements and prayers become yet another ‘right’.The management of the Madrassas  with the tax money becomes a Right.The civil laws of the country cannot be enforced on them because that is not what their holy books state. They even have asserted to the judiciary that they would murder and burn their women if they are not allowed to use the triple talak to put them away. And the Judiciary is helpless .It is yet another right not to sing the national anthem-but they want this land-its monies, the subsidies, its protection et al yet not follow the common laws .

The netas do not hesitate to swear by Dr Ambedkar when it suits them to garner votes. But they use selectively what is relevant. Did not Ambedkar ask the Muslims to leave this country and was one of the demands for justifying Partition? Why is his stand on this not being quoted and followed? Each and every action and inaction in this country is based either on creed and or on caste. Yet we relentlessly use the Constitution and swear by its Rights enshrined in it.In implementation of these Rights we are biased-partial and ‘unsecular’. How does the triple talak empower women? Christudoss boasted that from his wife he learned what equality is all about. Why not he share with us his education on equality followed by the Islam religion and educate us especially in the present context of the Triple talak?

There was an article by Faizan Mustafa- ‘Multiple ways to equality’ (IE dated 28th Oct) His premise is that Muslim men who take more than one whand polygamous Hindu men have no such legal compulsions. Hence he argues that banning polygamy amongst Muslims would simply have an equalizing effect of making the second Muslim wife a destitute and vulnerable as a second Hindu wife. In this context he must remember the famous Shahbanu’s case-why was she simply thrown out without any such financial safeguards. It is one thing to argue a case but it is another thing in reality. It is not just one wife but more than one wife. If then the Muslim men are so fabulously rich to maintain many wives then why do they want subsidies provided by the taxpayer. What happens to the Family Planning.Is it proper to go on begetting any number of children and become a burden on the public funds? Why do the Muslim men want to discard their wives on some pretext or another? To point at Hindu polygamous men is no remedy . Two mistakes will not make a right. Imagine telling the SC that if not allowed then the Muslim men will resort to burning and murdering the wives they want to discard. Are women mere chattels? To be used and thrown away at the whims and fancies of the Muslim men. I also doubt the statistics present in that article stating that polygamy is higher among Hindus than Muslims. In absolute terms may be-but what about the ratio to the population? Statistics can be manipulated according to what one wants to prove. This is like the Justice Sanchar report statistics proving that the Muslims are at the tail end of the development ladder. Naturally, with so many children and mouths to feed it is not small wonder that they are down the development ladder.(But one must remember that the Muslims  also are some of the richest in this country.) Is it not unjust for those to depend on the GOI to provide them with the survival needs when they refuse to control the size of their families? As for the political netas the larger the electorate in poverty the better and easier for them to be manipulated-the poorer the electorate the easier to cheat and take them for a ride. If there are government programmes of FP then the Muslims must co-operate and benefits must be based on the acceptance of the FP. Religion yardstick must not be used for demands. Benefits must be linked with control of the family size. It is public money. If the Muslim religion is against FP then let the Muslim community provide for its members from the enormous funds in the Wakf board and mosques.

To me it seems that the Hindus have become second class citizens of this country. They must act with restraint and not invoke their gods-their religion and their beliefs. One can identify how every aspect, every programme, every interpretation of the Constitution and its invocation is discriminatory. It is based on religion, caste and communalism. After 60 years being in power the Congress is the main culprit to have kept the various groups in ghettos . A truly democratic polity and adherence to democratic norms would not yield to the creation of a culture of dynasties .That is the litmus test to check whether the democracy by which we stand and the Constitution by which we uphold was really vibrant-and followed. Such an ethos will not permit communalism either. But what one sees is everything is based on communalism-thanks to the netas.The people have been brainwashed into making demands based on caste-not on needs. Hence we have the quota list ever lengthening itself. We have netas who keep promising quotas-we have religious fanatics being nurtured-we have anti nationalism being abetted-hoisting of Pakistan flag has not been seriously viewed as anti-national-refusing to sing the national anthem is again not viewed as being anti-national. But if one speaks of nationalism, patriotism and Hindutva then it becomes a singular case for Teesta and the likes of her to approach the Supreme Court. Then religion becomes ‘evil’ not when it is used to disburse  subsidies-when it is used to extend the reservations-when it is used to allow minority universities to function –when it is used to create tensions when a minority/Dalit dies But when hundreds of the majority people are harassed, denied their rights it is the fashion of the day. Is this democracy?

This is exactly why universities like the JNU run on the tax payers money has become a den of upstarts-Effigies of the PM are burned within its campus and yet it is seen as a right of Expression. Rights and Freedom come with a price-Patriotism now seems to be a much objected word and national patriotism calls for dissection and analysis-Why so? When India is being demeaned and insulted-derogatory terms are used it is viewed as ‘right to freedom of Expression. If I refuse to rent out my flat/house to a Muslim then it becomes a topic for the media to debate on the discrimination meted out to a community in this country. And somehow exhibit that this community is being harassed and discriminated against. We have specialized  TV anchors for such  -spreading muck. Why a few Indians are especially those with Magsaysay awards and Booker prizes champions of such ‘freedom’ to denigrate this country? It becomes fashionable to be such an intellectual. If there is so much of discrimination in this country may I ask why these people who are crying hoarse of being discriminated against not just leave this country and go to  countries which guarantee their freedoms, rights and which uphold the Koran as its Constitution? To even state this truth there will be a cry that they are citizens of this country and every right to belong to it. Then why are they not behaving as citizens of this country? Why are they demanding special rights and special treatment and why are the political leaders acceding to these demands. Why has J&K become a disputed topic and why are separatists being sheltered and housed in POK? Why are some Indians against Indians? Why have Dalit leaders not improved the lot of their own? Why has Mayavati who has wealth disproportionate to her income not rescued her own? Why blame the Modi government for its failure in this respect. Why has the Congress not improved the lot of the Dalits all these years? Now Rahul Gandhi has embarked as dalit ki dalal-shamelessly to garner votes at the cost of their poverty and suffering. Why have a good number of NGOs who are getting foreign funds allowed to function in this country-creating unrest turmoil, discontent? All this and more-in the name of Democracy? We are afraid to own our mistakes-afraid to say that the kind of democracy which we follow has given rise to dynasties is a weak political system. Why are we not bold to rectify and move ahead of times-at least along times? Why has all out political leaders become crorepathis-from where has that money come? What is the accountability of these netas-every single political neta (except one or two) is a leech sucking the blood of the people. How can we have democracy when political parties do not have internal democracy in their own parties? Do we not swear by the Constitution for everything but do not hesitate to dent and tear it apart? Why has the Congress party become a family’s private corporate. If it cannot have internal democracy how will it uphold democracy of the nation? Do you call this democracy? Why has India after boasting to be the largest democracy in the world becomes a soft State? The Congress is the mother head of communalism-all political parties have divided the people on the basis of caste and creed and still swears by the Constitution. Let not the people be deceived by the Opposition when they claim that patriotic NATIONALISM means the BJP ideology-Hinduism. Let me be frank what is wrong in wishing and working to make this country a Hindu country-All are welcomed to live within it provided they follow the Constitution and uphold democracy. Not a warped democracy mentioning and falling back on creed and caste. All who want to be citizens of this country must own allegiance to its flag and its national anthem. They must integrate within the ethos of this country. It is good to hear that unity in diversity—that is long ago. Today it is not diversity but divisive forces that are destroying the country from within. No tolerance must be shown to those hoisting any other flag in this country. Shoot them if they indulge in such treachery. Simply and honestly put we are feeding traitors with the tax payers’ money. This is anti-people. Religion is a private affair and worship cannot be a public demonstration to exhibit numbers. Worship any god but within one’s compound walls. Remember that one cannot cut the branch of a tree on which one sits. All Indians must unite and feel that oneness irrespective of different religions. Towards this O Lord let my country awake.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja-Vadodara



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How shall I address you as Gandhi/Ghandy/Khan.As you indulge in multi Dalali you also have the option to choose your family name and in that also you indulged-nay your grandparents indulged in Dalali by choosing a family name that can mislead people and garner votes-thanks to Mohandas Karmachand Gandhi from whom the suggestion came. So that is your lineage. Do not go about thumbing your 47 inches chest to claim love for the country and its poor millions. You and your family do not have an iota of patriotism. Tell me why your father ran away to Italy with the family during the Bangla Desh war. At that time your father Rajiv Gandhi was a commercial pilot and he was afraid to be available for the war. This is your family’s patriotism. Now you have questioned Modiji and your spokesperson Randeep Surjewala demands an apology from the Prime Minister for demeaning the patriotism of the jawans in the surgical strikes. Do you think that you and your party can continue fooling the people all the time?

It is one thing to have a low IQ and another thing to have no code of ethics to guide one’s life. In which category do you fall-Both I suppose. Why then did you run away from the ethics committee? Why do you fight shy of facing justice? Yet you have the brazenness to pretend that you are above board? Look at the scams under the Congress regime. It is not only during the UPA period but even during your great grandfather’s time there were scams. Like you he had other interests. Please read what M O Mathai-the long time private secretary of Nehru writes in his book-‘Reminiscences of the Nehru age”.In that book you will also discover how your grandfather Feroz Khan became Feroz Gandhi and why. When you carry such a load of baggage –all acquired by indulging in Dalali why do you blame others. It is said that one who has a beam in one’s eye cannot fault the dust in another’s eye. But that is what you indulge in.It is not that the Congress allowed the country to be looted by the Nehru-Gandhi family alone but abetted the looting by your chamchas and worse still by your Italian relatives. The case of Quottrochhi is a telling example and you will have to carry it to the very end.

Do not try to play the good Samaritan by visiting Kalavathi’s hut and breaking roti with her.All this is a drama-deception of a base kind .Do not shed crocodile tears when you meet the relatives of farmers who committed suicide because you are responsible for them. Why are you not accountable to this country for having abetted poverty and kept the masses half starved? You want a report from Modiji of his two and a half years of rule but what about first giving the country the report card of the Congress’ fifty and more years of misrule. The result of which we now see- more backwardness-more poverty and more netas and upstarts in the political scenario. You created an environment of deception-cheat and a mirage of development starting from Haribi Hatao.Of course your great grandfather,  grandfather and even your father  had hardly time  because they had other interests like you…This is history. You may get your sycophants to write Indian History projecting the Nehru-Gandhi family as the saviors –the more you hid the truth the more truth will resurrect. That is what faith has proved. Look at what the family has done to this country-polarized it on communal basis-provoked mistrust among the different religious groups abetted the creation of ghettos. Take just recent history-your grandmother desecrated the Golden Temple, called for a committed judiciary-threw out all the good Congress leaders with her ‘Kamaraj Plan’ like Kamaraj,Devraj Urs and imposed Emergency-this to name just three. Your father broke the locks of Babri Masjid and proclaimed that Ram Rajya will be established. That created instability-suspicion and unrest and turmoil between communities. Your mother had the gumption to call Modi ji the merchant of death and you accused him of Khoon ki Don’t you think and know that you are accountable to your own conscience-if you have one. But then remember that what one sows one will reap. Do not think that you and the family have the Divine right to rule this country. India is not the kingdom of the Nehru-Gandhi family. It is not a banana republic too and not even an Oligarchyto rallies and make speeches devoid of facts and or misleading the people. You are doing a great injustice not only to this country and the masses but also to yourself.

You faulted Modiji for allowed Vijaya Mallya and Modi  to flee this country with their loot. Did you make sure of the facts? How did they accumulate such billions-definitely not in a matter of two years? You forget that a special envoy was sent to the UK to defreeze Quottrrochi’s bank account and let him flee from the justice of this country. Earlier your father Rajiv Gandhi gave a safe exit passage to Anderson Warren-even provided him with a plane .The Bhopal gas tragedy smothered ,left hundreds crippled and maimed and with respiratory diseases. Even unborn children were affected. What do you call this Dalali of human blood and suffering-that your father indulged in? What moral rights do you and your advisors have to fault and hurl such accusations against Modi ji. These will boomerang

I wonder if your mother has denounced her Italian citizenship. If not then you too are an Italian citizen. You claimed some time back that you are a British citizen. How many citizenships do you have and what loyalty can be expected from you to Bharat Mata. Remember you told a foreign dignitary that the biggest problem in India is ‘saffron terrorism’ Have you facts to support this.

Your party has used government money to propagate the Congress party by naming about 450 government programmes, all the  major national schemes, awards, Ports, airports, roads, bridges scholarships, National Days  Institutions, National Parks, Trusts, Chairs, Projects Research Institutions, Sports-everything under the sun in Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi names. I would suggest that all these be erased-completely wiped. No other country in the world has exhibited such megalomania. This is public money and unashamedly the Congress government has used it to propagate its own name and garner votes. This is also Dalali .If at all the Nehru Gandhi family members names need be remembered by posterity the rightful place would be to  inscribed them on the dustbins  and the garbage pits across the country.

You accused the BJP as a party which killed Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Legally and factually this is far from the truth. It suits you to Dalali on the assassination of Gandhi. Then by the same yardstick you and your Congress party committed genocide of the Sikhs. Which means the Congress party’s hands are just not stained but soaked in the innocent blood of the Sikhs? This is factual because it was the Congress leaders who led the butchers and your father justified it. The best for you would be to relinquish your position and start afresh by studying the history of the country. Do not make yourself a laughing stock and expose your utter ignorance. Do not for a moment think that you can continue taking the Indian masses for a ride.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,  Vadodara

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The Great Indian multi-faceted Dalali

It is now a public secret that Rahul Gandhi is a misfit for his job as VP of the Congress party. He is a disaster because he has no sense of history and likes to pick up some slogans and repeat them. He has hardly known what it is to work hard-has  been pampered all throughout his life. We had Kapil Sibal the other day reminding us not to forget that RG is from the Nehru family. So what? Must he be cocooned? Now it is apparent that his speech drafters and advisers are no better. Hear what Randeep Surjewala had to say to the Defence Minister’s expose that there were no surgical strikes conducted in the past-“We vehemently dismiss and strongly condemn remarks made by Parrikar today and on two occasions”(Indian Express 13th Oct).No strong words can refute what Parrikar stated because that is the truth. They were ‘covert operations’ asserted Parrikar. May be Surjewala must distinguish between surgical strikes and ‘covert operations’. I do not think Surjewala is a better reference for us. So what does he want –Modi should apologize to the armed forces-he accuses Parrikar of insulting the valor of the armed forces…..The Congress has no moral,legal and political right to make such an assertion because right from the first chapter of Indian Freedom Movement it was the Nehru -Gandhi family that defamed and exploited the valour of the jawans and the armed forces. They used the soldiers and the armed forces for their own vested interest.Right from the time of Nehru down to Sonia Gandhi the business of the Congress was to trade in the blood of the jawans and the armed forces for power. This is history. One can go on narrating to the likes of Surjewala and of course his leader Rahul Gandhi the logic behind what is stated. There need be no reasoning because it is simple facts of history. Hence we had the Partition, hence we have the Kashmir problem, hence we have the POK et al.One must not forget what Rajiv Gandhi did when he sent the IPKF to Sri Lanka-it was not only the blood of the jawans that these Gandhis traded on but even on the blood of Sri Lankans of Indian origin.The IPKF rampaged, looted, butchered and raped the Indians there. What was the result and why had Rajiv Gandhi stoop to this treachery? He was made to pay for it by one of the rape victims Dhanu-Priyanka Vadra preens herself and calls it a “sacrifice”. Well before Rajiv G’s assassination the Congress lost in all the States that went to the polls but after his assassination the Congress won in all the States. How and why. I have seen posters depicting the bloodied mangled body of Rajiv Gandhi with blood dripping and the hand below cupping the blood and in the name of that blood requesting people to vote for the Congress. So who is a ‘Khoon ki Dalali’.Rahul Gandhi and Surjewala must be ashamed for their ignorance and must not think that Indians are like them with no sense of history and with no shame? I have not repeated the instances like the genocide of the Sikhs when the Congress traded in the blood of the innocents because every Indian with common sense is aware of it.Be it  farmers suicides- dalit oppression and lynching there RG and the Congress  to broker on these for votes. What does one call it-not just Khoon ki Dalali but also a multi-faceted Dalali who trades on the sweat, tears blood oppression and starvation of the poor for votes.For power is what the Congress wants and towards that it will stoop to anything. The Congress cannot try and hide a bumpkin in a plate of rice. This is exactly why I say that the Congress –RG and Surjewala and his likes have no moral right to demand an apology from Modiji-who unlike RG sweats out and works hard for the nation. He does not run away to his hideouts for pleasure-he does not go to the gym thrice a day and plays with his dogs because he has no time for such trivialities. All his energies and his time are devoted towards the development of the nation. The Congress must remember that nemesis will follow it. A party which Partitioned India-a party which enforced Emergency should have been long ago wiped out from the political frame of India-we have had enough of the Nehru Gandhi treacheries. Even in the family name it has been a Dalali. Can it stoop to any lower level?

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja Vadodara

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