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The Great Indian multi-faceted Dalali

It is now a public secret that Rahul Gandhi is a misfit for his job as VP of the Congress party. He is a disaster because he has no sense of history and likes to pick up some slogans and repeat them. He has hardly known what it is to work hard-has  been pampered all throughout his life. We had Kapil Sibal the other day reminding us not to forget that RG is from the Nehru family. So what? Must he be cocooned? Now it is apparent that his speech drafters and advisers are no better. Hear what Randeep Surjewala had to say to the Defence Minister’s expose that there were no surgical strikes conducted in the past-“We vehemently dismiss and strongly condemn remarks made by Parrikar today and on two occasions”(Indian Express 13th Oct).No strong words can refute what Parrikar stated because that is the truth. They were ‘covert operations’ asserted Parrikar. May be Surjewala must distinguish between surgical strikes and ‘covert operations’. I do not think Surjewala is a better reference for us. So what does he want –Modi should apologize to the armed forces-he accuses Parrikar of insulting the valor of the armed forces…..The Congress has no moral,legal and political right to make such an assertion because right from the first chapter of Indian Freedom Movement it was the Nehru -Gandhi family that defamed and exploited the valour of the jawans and the armed forces. They used the soldiers and the armed forces for their own vested interest.Right from the time of Nehru down to Sonia Gandhi the business of the Congress was to trade in the blood of the jawans and the armed forces for power. This is history. One can go on narrating to the likes of Surjewala and of course his leader Rahul Gandhi the logic behind what is stated. There need be no reasoning because it is simple facts of history. Hence we had the Partition, hence we have the Kashmir problem, hence we have the POK et al.One must not forget what Rajiv Gandhi did when he sent the IPKF to Sri Lanka-it was not only the blood of the jawans that these Gandhis traded on but even on the blood of Sri Lankans of Indian origin.The IPKF rampaged, looted, butchered and raped the Indians there. What was the result and why had Rajiv Gandhi stoop to this treachery? He was made to pay for it by one of the rape victims Dhanu-Priyanka Vadra preens herself and calls it a “sacrifice”. Well before Rajiv G’s assassination the Congress lost in all the States that went to the polls but after his assassination the Congress won in all the States. How and why. I have seen posters depicting the bloodied mangled body of Rajiv Gandhi with blood dripping and the hand below cupping the blood and in the name of that blood requesting people to vote for the Congress. So who is a ‘Khoon ki Dalali’.Rahul Gandhi and Surjewala must be ashamed for their ignorance and must not think that Indians are like them with no sense of history and with no shame? I have not repeated the instances like the genocide of the Sikhs when the Congress traded in the blood of the innocents because every Indian with common sense is aware of it.Be it  farmers suicides- dalit oppression and lynching there RG and the Congress  to broker on these for votes. What does one call it-not just Khoon ki Dalali but also a multi-faceted Dalali who trades on the sweat, tears blood oppression and starvation of the poor for votes.For power is what the Congress wants and towards that it will stoop to anything. The Congress cannot try and hide a bumpkin in a plate of rice. This is exactly why I say that the Congress –RG and Surjewala and his likes have no moral right to demand an apology from Modiji-who unlike RG sweats out and works hard for the nation. He does not run away to his hideouts for pleasure-he does not go to the gym thrice a day and plays with his dogs because he has no time for such trivialities. All his energies and his time are devoted towards the development of the nation. The Congress must remember that nemesis will follow it. A party which Partitioned India-a party which enforced Emergency should have been long ago wiped out from the political frame of India-we have had enough of the Nehru Gandhi treacheries. Even in the family name it has been a Dalali. Can it stoop to any lower level?

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja Vadodara


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