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How shall I address you as Gandhi/Ghandy/Khan.As you indulge in multi Dalali you also have the option to choose your family name and in that also you indulged-nay your grandparents indulged in Dalali by choosing a family name that can mislead people and garner votes-thanks to Mohandas Karmachand Gandhi from whom the suggestion came. So that is your lineage. Do not go about thumbing your 47 inches chest to claim love for the country and its poor millions. You and your family do not have an iota of patriotism. Tell me why your father ran away to Italy with the family during the Bangla Desh war. At that time your father Rajiv Gandhi was a commercial pilot and he was afraid to be available for the war. This is your family’s patriotism. Now you have questioned Modiji and your spokesperson Randeep Surjewala demands an apology from the Prime Minister for demeaning the patriotism of the jawans in the surgical strikes. Do you think that you and your party can continue fooling the people all the time?

It is one thing to have a low IQ and another thing to have no code of ethics to guide one’s life. In which category do you fall-Both I suppose. Why then did you run away from the ethics committee? Why do you fight shy of facing justice? Yet you have the brazenness to pretend that you are above board? Look at the scams under the Congress regime. It is not only during the UPA period but even during your great grandfather’s time there were scams. Like you he had other interests. Please read what M O Mathai-the long time private secretary of Nehru writes in his book-‘Reminiscences of the Nehru age”.In that book you will also discover how your grandfather Feroz Khan became Feroz Gandhi and why. When you carry such a load of baggage –all acquired by indulging in Dalali why do you blame others. It is said that one who has a beam in one’s eye cannot fault the dust in another’s eye. But that is what you indulge in.It is not that the Congress allowed the country to be looted by the Nehru-Gandhi family alone but abetted the looting by your chamchas and worse still by your Italian relatives. The case of Quottrochhi is a telling example and you will have to carry it to the very end.

Do not try to play the good Samaritan by visiting Kalavathi’s hut and breaking roti with her.All this is a drama-deception of a base kind .Do not shed crocodile tears when you meet the relatives of farmers who committed suicide because you are responsible for them. Why are you not accountable to this country for having abetted poverty and kept the masses half starved? You want a report from Modiji of his two and a half years of rule but what about first giving the country the report card of the Congress’ fifty and more years of misrule. The result of which we now see- more backwardness-more poverty and more netas and upstarts in the political scenario. You created an environment of deception-cheat and a mirage of development starting from Haribi Hatao.Of course your great grandfather,  grandfather and even your father  had hardly time  because they had other interests like you…This is history. You may get your sycophants to write Indian History projecting the Nehru-Gandhi family as the saviors –the more you hid the truth the more truth will resurrect. That is what faith has proved. Look at what the family has done to this country-polarized it on communal basis-provoked mistrust among the different religious groups abetted the creation of ghettos. Take just recent history-your grandmother desecrated the Golden Temple, called for a committed judiciary-threw out all the good Congress leaders with her ‘Kamaraj Plan’ like Kamaraj,Devraj Urs and imposed Emergency-this to name just three. Your father broke the locks of Babri Masjid and proclaimed that Ram Rajya will be established. That created instability-suspicion and unrest and turmoil between communities. Your mother had the gumption to call Modi ji the merchant of death and you accused him of Khoon ki Don’t you think and know that you are accountable to your own conscience-if you have one. But then remember that what one sows one will reap. Do not think that you and the family have the Divine right to rule this country. India is not the kingdom of the Nehru-Gandhi family. It is not a banana republic too and not even an Oligarchyto rallies and make speeches devoid of facts and or misleading the people. You are doing a great injustice not only to this country and the masses but also to yourself.

You faulted Modiji for allowed Vijaya Mallya and Modi  to flee this country with their loot. Did you make sure of the facts? How did they accumulate such billions-definitely not in a matter of two years? You forget that a special envoy was sent to the UK to defreeze Quottrrochi’s bank account and let him flee from the justice of this country. Earlier your father Rajiv Gandhi gave a safe exit passage to Anderson Warren-even provided him with a plane .The Bhopal gas tragedy smothered ,left hundreds crippled and maimed and with respiratory diseases. Even unborn children were affected. What do you call this Dalali of human blood and suffering-that your father indulged in? What moral rights do you and your advisors have to fault and hurl such accusations against Modi ji. These will boomerang

I wonder if your mother has denounced her Italian citizenship. If not then you too are an Italian citizen. You claimed some time back that you are a British citizen. How many citizenships do you have and what loyalty can be expected from you to Bharat Mata. Remember you told a foreign dignitary that the biggest problem in India is ‘saffron terrorism’ Have you facts to support this.

Your party has used government money to propagate the Congress party by naming about 450 government programmes, all the  major national schemes, awards, Ports, airports, roads, bridges scholarships, National Days  Institutions, National Parks, Trusts, Chairs, Projects Research Institutions, Sports-everything under the sun in Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi names. I would suggest that all these be erased-completely wiped. No other country in the world has exhibited such megalomania. This is public money and unashamedly the Congress government has used it to propagate its own name and garner votes. This is also Dalali .If at all the Nehru Gandhi family members names need be remembered by posterity the rightful place would be to  inscribed them on the dustbins  and the garbage pits across the country.

You accused the BJP as a party which killed Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Legally and factually this is far from the truth. It suits you to Dalali on the assassination of Gandhi. Then by the same yardstick you and your Congress party committed genocide of the Sikhs. Which means the Congress party’s hands are just not stained but soaked in the innocent blood of the Sikhs? This is factual because it was the Congress leaders who led the butchers and your father justified it. The best for you would be to relinquish your position and start afresh by studying the history of the country. Do not make yourself a laughing stock and expose your utter ignorance. Do not for a moment think that you can continue taking the Indian masses for a ride.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,  Vadodara


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