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Rahul Gandhi and the Congress’ hypocrisy

It is time to expose the hypocrites that strut the political scenario-Kijriwal is a psychopath and a megalomaniac person.If one had noted throughout his target was Modiji-even if someone spits he will cry hoarse that Modi is responsible. He does not focus on the different ministries or the persons directly concerned with the problem but it is Modiji whom he derides. Look how he cries himself hoarse and instigates people to rise in rebellion. The less one talks of him the better-he is not worth all that attention. He thinks he is the savior of this nation. He is an upstart and needs psychiatric treatment.

Another one is Rahul Gandhi who may not even be able to cannot spell the word ‘economics’ but goes around talking nonsense. He does not even know this own family history then how can he know the nations’s. His grandmother was a dictator and yet he points at Modiji and advises that Modiji must listen to the people.Did his grandmother-his father and his mother listen to the people? Of course they had a set of sycophants and a coterie around them. Every step they took was against the very concept of democracy. Scams and looting was the order of the day. Yet RG calls Modiji a dictator.RG does not know what is governance because he never understood what real politics is all about. He and his mother are draft readers-RG simply repeats slogans which his backroom boys coin and thinks that it is really effective. What one cannot understand is the cheap petty way he and his mother are functioning. They who speak of democracy do not have democracy within their party because they do not believe in one and never had upheld it be it within the party or outside. It is all selections and appointments-they who never sweated out to earn their livelihood. Sonia Gandhi warns referring to Modi that there are no short  cuts to greatness. True, because Sonia Gandhi was a schemer –her scheme was to enter the family of Nehru Gandhi.It took long and careful planning. So she holds out to Modi that there is no short cuts to greatness.How did Sonia Gandhi become what she is-how has she now occupied  10 Janpath-with what did she come to India ? Does she have academics and skills-Did she attempt any constructive work-engage in some hard work? She has fascists blood coursing through her veins and yet has the audacity to call the BJP and Modiji fascists. She was a waitress and an au pair-she came into India with a well laid out scheme.Into this Rajiv Gandhi fell. She quietly but stealthily worked her way up. She is the great pretender. Posing as though she wants no power she assimilated and accumulated all power and her coterie headed by Mani Shankar Aiyer called that ‘renunciation’.She pretended that she is apolitical and fell back on her ‘inner voice’ to pick Manmohan Singh as the PM.Is that democracy?

Rahul Gandhi is simply off the track and thinks that he can play out his theatrics and gain power.Manmohan Singh’s choice was well planned and thought out by Mrs Sonia-Why did she not pick Pranab Mukerjee? She knew that Manmohan Singh will be a lame duck PM. So she started her regime as the defacto PM of this country. Is this democracy? Why did she form the National Advisory Council?What was its purpose and goal? To draft schemes according to her whims and fancies-to collect a coterie.The NAC over which she presided drafted schemes. These drafts she passed to the lame duck PM.So she had a mini Parliament function under her-Is this democracy? But then the Nehru-Gandhi (Ghandhi) family never understood democracy. How was Sonia Gandhi qualified to direct the PM of this country? How could RG walk into the PMO and demand the introduction of schemes? Is this democracy? What I sense is a low level of the attitude and resultant attack on Modi is caused by the envy of the RG and Sonia Gandhi. They have fallen so low that they just cannot tolerate the well groomed and strong PM that we have. Modiji is a threat to them and their loot. Not only did they loot the country-they allowed-abetted and tolerated their sycophants’ and coterie to do the same. They just cannot tolerate the fact that Modiji has a vision-that he works hard, that he is strong and that he knows what real governance is all about. Above all they do not believe in democracy and hence cannot think of a chai wallaha performing so well –so well versed in governance and who makes India proud.Yet RG wants us to think that he is all for democracy. What you do not have you cannot give. How has Sonia Gandhi come to live in No 10 Janpath? What right has she to live in it?Is this not one form of looting the poor?She is only an MP And as such is entitled  only to a MP’s bungalow? Does she pay her water-electricity charges? Is this not looting the poor? Priyanka Vadra cannot be given a government bungalow in the name of security- she and her husband have enough of money to hire their own private security. Is this not cheating the poor? How could Sonia Gandhi become one of the top ten richest woman in the world? The nation must know. And Rahul Gandhi shed crocodile tears for the poor. I stand by you. What is the use of his standing by the poor when the family is wading in luxury? Has he sweated out to earn at least one meal a day? Yet he has the hypocrisy to visit Kalavati and share rotis with her. Poor Rahul Gandhi-his pleasure hide outs are kept in great secrecy. Had Modiji gone on a singly holiday they would point fingers.How this RG is so hard hearted that he deceives the farmers-the fishermen,the dalits and the poor –but keeps his high style life a secret. He is like the white washed tombs which Jesus condemned. Just by putting up a show- a simplicity-dressed in jeans and kurtas with rolled up sleeves he wants to mislead the poor. Is this not deception and a  farce, a pretension, a capital sin ?This third rate criticism by him Modi’s suit boot ka sarkar has given the lead to the wretched party-the Congress. Hence Anand Sharma criticizes Modi-that he changes his dress four times a day.So what tickles Sharma? The Congress forgets that when blood flowed in Mumbai after the terrorists attack then then Home Minister Shivraj Patel had time to change his dress four times a day….

Right from the beginning the Congress men/women spoke derisively of Modiji-Why because he does not belong to that ‘hypocritical class’ to which they belong.Mani Shankar Aiyer one of the sycophants of the family even advised Modi not to dream of occupying the PM’s chair-‘he will never never be able to unfurl the tricolor at Red Fort ,he prophesized. ‘If he wants he can come and serve tea to the AICC he suggested. What arrogance. And this Mani Shankar Aiyer lost his deposit when he contested in Myiladathurai in TN. He wants by hook or crook to remain in N.Delhi and towards this he will stoop to anything including bashing of Modi and singing hosannas of the Nehru-Gandhi family. One must remember that he headed the ‘shouting brigade’, when Rajiv Gandhi was in the Opposition. This is the kind of sycophants that the Congress leaders groomed and surrounded themselves with. No other PM has been personally attacked and criticized as Modiji. Scant respect for one who is democratically elected leader of this nation is not becoming of any political party. When it stoops so it simply means it is insulting the people who elected him-and must apologize to the people. They are unable to bear the fact that Modjiji in just three years’ time has been hailed as a world statesman by almost all the world leaders.

Ra Ga wants us to believe that he is all for the poor and hence a TV channel which conducted a SWOT analysis of him stated that his strength is his family name-I think that is his drag-he has to carry the baggage of that family which is a drag and a liability .He and his family are responsible for the poverty in this country. For 60 years what did they do but kept the people in poverty. This was their vote bank constituency. Half-starved and with empty stomachs these people were made to believe that crumbs from the high table will be thrown to them. Shamelessly the Nehru Gandhi family enjoyed the resources of the nation-shamelessly it appointed its own chamchas in all possible posts. As far as RG’s strengthens are concerned he has nil-Yes he has a coterie and sycophants who cannot think outside the Nehru-Gandhi family and hence wants to install him as their leader.They are bankrupt of leadership. His opportunities will be the non-availability of strong leaders in other parties-he has only to contend with psychopath and obsessive compulsive netas with their own vested interests like Kejriwala.RG ‘s opportunity also lies in the poverty of the people. Hence he finds it befitting to pretend to be pro-poor-this would mean that the Congress must continue keeping the people poor –so that he will be able to lead them with false promises. His threats-are a strong PM we have today- a mature democracy-a people who are today questioning and are aware of the omissions and commissions of the Nehru Gandhi family. The Nehru Gandhi family is solely responsible for all the woes we have today. As pointed out by TSR Subramanian in his article ‘Don’t join the debate’(IE 24TH Nov) ‘the Congress which had control of the economy for over 60 years brought the country to its knees and was primarily responsible for the hardships the populace’. How can Rahul Gandhi shed tears for the poor and why is he such a hypocrite in going around trying to project himself as the advocate and the champion of the poor. Is it not a farce and a shame? Nay it is a grievous sin to be cheating the people like this.

The Congress was solely responsible for creating a shadow economy for abetting corruption and Sonia Gandhi’s appointee PM –Note the so called ‘noted’ economist has the gumption to call the demonetization organized loot and plunder etc. Has he an iota of honesty he would have restrained himself because he presided over the most corrupt government we ever had. He just abetted and was silent-never moved a finger to arrest the loot and the corruption. Yet he speaks of organized loot and plunder. It is the greatest joke of the century for this ‘noted’ economist to blame the Modi’s government black money cleansing measure as loot and plunder. Yes all agree to the motive but disagree to the method. Then why had the noted economist not suggested an alternative? Why had he not embarked on attacking corruption? Manmohan Singh should know that his hands were tied but then he did not have the self-respect to resign when he was being used as a puppet. And now he faults Modi’s government. A party which was and is seeped in corruption has no moral and political right to fault Modi’s attempt. True enough there would be problems when a reform of such magnitude is being enforced. There is so much of opposition because most of the shadow economy is in the hands of those who do not want demonetization. Be it builders-jewellers-businessmen,estate owners and of course netas.Why was there so much of hard cash available in the hands of the people? If one goes by the queues then it seems that there is no poverty in India Why was payments not made in cheques or through the banks. This can be accountable? How can one explain the sack loads of currency-the lakhs of 1000 and 500 rupee notes in the hands of common people? And there is invariable a sob story-‘hospital expenses-daughters’ wedding etc.The media will swallow all this and think that these make headlines. Nobody asks why they are standing in the queue as proxies-for a commission. Begum Mamata and RG weep because the poor are suffering. It seems that all the netas and the Opposition leaders have suddenly become aware that the poor are suffering-they have become so sensitive to the suffering of the poor-.Are the poor a recent apparition and its suffering a new phenomenon. Were they not responsible for the suffering of the poor all these years? Is this their first instance when they face suffering? Are queues something new in India? Are there not queues for film tickets-for rations for everything under the sun. Now for this cleansing of the economy why not bear some suffering? Right from the Judiciary down to the local leaders all are hurt that the poor are made to suffer. When justice is denied and when it takes years to get justice from the Judiciary nobody cries hoarse. It seems to me that these really do not want to tackle corruption and black money. Yet they keep demanding Modi ‘where is the black money?’.They should know better where it is. As Rajiv Kumar has stated in his article ‘India’s golden moment’ (IE 25th Nov) that “demonetization is an ethical step. It can help us leave behind a culture of illegality, indiscipline, ill-gotten wealth”. But the Opposition does not want such an ethical step-not surprising…so why should it demand Modi to apologize? If the Opposition leaders are really keen on cleansing the system and wiping out the shadow economy then why not help and support, instead why block and create more problems and spread all sorts of canards.I believe that the Opposition leaders do uphold ethics and ethical conduct both in public and private spheres. I believe that they do want a clean economy. I do believe that they do want to rid of black money. I do believe that they will then come to their senses and overcome this phase of blocking the ethical measure which Modi’s government has taken and will extend full support because they want us all to believe that they all uphold ethics and are ethical in their outlook, in their actions and in their public lives.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,



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