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Rahul Gandhi the loose cannon

When Rahul Gandhi accuses Narendra Modi of ‘personal corruption’ one must not be shocked-because RG always makes wild false charges- when he opens his mouth. He says Modi has killed thousands of people. RG forgets that it was his party henchmen who killed thousands and his father justified the genocide. It runs in his blood this cheap publicity stunt. It must be also remembered that he and his party never believed in democracy hence never abided by its principles. The Nehru-Gandhi family can never sit in the Opposition and thinks that it alone must rule. Look how the party functions within itself. How can it respect democracy when it does not have democracy within it? It is always resorts to unruly behavior when out of power. It is recorded history that the party when out of power is frustrated and loses all sense of decency. What did Rajiv Gandhi do when he had to sit in the Opposition? Promising outside support he wanted Chandrasekaran to form a minority government knowing well that he could pull off the support and enjoy the discomfort of Chandrasekaran and then have the sadistic pleasure to see a government fall. Playing with democracy was the game the Gandhis always resorted to and this is exactly why I repeat that the Gandhis never had any respect for democracy. Toppling non Congress governments was the game it indulged in forgetting that they are insulting the people and making the nation weak. Similarly using throat power it formed   the ‘shouting brigade’ to block Parliament and toppled one after another governments headed by IK Gujral and Deva Gowda.Same gimmicks is now exhibited by Rahul Gandhi –block Parliament and then cry hoarse that the PM is running away from Parliament because he is afraid of RaGa! It must be admitted that RaGa is well versed in corruption- That is his legacy-the Nehru Gandhi family has been throughout corrupt. Right from Nehru’s period down to his father’s with the infamous Bofor the family is steeped in corruption. Now that the Agusta West and the National Herald cases are coming up Sonia Gandhi-Rahul Gandhi and the Congress are in jittery. Sonia Gandhi sits in Parliament only to prod the Congress members to rush to the well.Is that democracy? People’s elected representatives must remember that Parliament is not a street to exhibit theatrics and unruly behavior. They are paid handsomely to represent people’s aspirations-their needs and discuss and debate the problems. They can dissent but not carry placards and rush to the well. This they are free to do on the roads and in other public places .But under the Congress the sanctity of Parliament has been destroyed whenever they are in the Opposition. And when it was in power dented every aspect of democracy. This is a clear indication that the Congress does not believe in democracy and yet RaGa has the audacity to preach to the PM to listen to the people!

The fact is that RG does not know his own family history and hence thinks he can blame Modi –twist the whole truth to suit his political ambition. The family is afraid of Modi because he is the only politician who is strong and who can dare the Gandhis.From the time he took over as PM the Gandhis are scared. Now RG accuses Modi of corruption. It is apparent that he is frustrated .He reveals his fear and his ignorance and shows that he is devoid of political morality. If RaGa has proof of the PM’s personal corruption why not reveal and expose Modi? Why all the hollow words that Modi is ‘terrified’ and that Modi lip reads him and that Modi is running away from Parliament. RaGa had ample time to speak in Parliament instead he preferred to agitate outside Parliament. No wonder the President cautioned the Opposition on this. The Congress MPs rush to the well of the House-why had RG not made it known within the Parliament to the Speaker that he intends to make a statement- that he needs to speak on something which will create a ‘storm’…Why has he not revealed the storm creating information to the media? Why just these hollow threats. RG must realize that his lies will not work because these are falsehoods. How has Modi robbed the poor and grabbed their money to enable the corporates to repay their loans from the banks. How can a man who is the VP of a political party utter such trash? He must be hauled in the court for making such false accusations and misleading the people

Now that the National Herald case is coming up and the Agusta West scam points to ‘the family’ Rahul Gandhi and the Congress are terrified. They want to divert attention. RG must go ahead and substantiate his accusations because he has made it against the PM of this country-Modi’s hands are clean-he will not run away- unlike RG who can run away to Italy and or UK .RaGa one thought was a joker but now he reveals himself as a desperate man who will not hesitate to stoop to any level. He must not be allowed to get away with it. A frustrated desperate man is dangerous. He thinks that because he is a Gandhi nothing can touch him –that he is immune-no wonder the Gandhis did not even want to submit to security checks when they travel .As far as his slogans are concerned they are cheap –If all cash is not black and all black money is not cash-then what is it. Nobody had said that all cash is black. Look at the amounts of money that has flowed into the banks from the so called ‘poor’. RG is knowledgeable in this because he knows how to stash money off shore-how it can be invested in benami lands. His brother-in-law would have given him some tips on this. So let RaGa  spill the beans-let him not keep talking off his hat.We are waiting for the ‘storm’ because Modi can face a tsunami also.

Having tried his best to project himself as pro poor RaGa has made himself a real laughing stock. The Nehru Gandhi family has swindled the poor why if he is so clean  does he not tell his mother to vacate 10 Janapth-that does not belong to ‘the family’ Let her pay her water, electricity, maintenance charges. Is this not swindling the poor? Having enjoyed all the ill-gotten wealth and having his Italian relatives also to loot India’s poor RG sheds crocodile tears for the poor. At times I do feel sorry for RG because he has not grown-he is fixed and static at a particular age and hence immature. He has not uttered a word against the hoarders of lakhs of crores of money. From where did they get it and how? Why this selective amnesia?

RaGa and the Congress must answer why they kept the people poor-why for more than sixty years they did not alleviate poverty? What was its road map? Why this sudden love of the poor? Rahul Gandhi is the rich poor man who has a warped personality structure. He thinks no end of himself but everyone knows how hollow he is. This poor rich man has his holidays abroad-his birthday bash in UK and his hideouts abroad-God knows for what. But he thinks that by taking up the cause of the fisherman, the farmers, the dalits he can project himself as the champion of the poor. One simple question Rahul Gandhi must answer why did his family loot the poor-why had it kept vast majority of the people poor. Rahul Gandhi has no substance-is a big failure and unfit to be in politics-leave alone lead the people. We have had enough of the Nehru-Gandhi gimmicks and hypocrisy. It is time for the Indian people to assert and to throw them out lock stock and barrel. The fact is that Rahul Gandhi and his mother are terrified of Modi and hence Rahul Gandhi’s projection that Modi is terrified of him. Is it not the joke of the century? Modi is strong, is firm is a thoroughbred patriot and above all has a vision for the nation. He is above personal aggrandizement and personal corruption. For him country first and country above everything else, towards this he will not hesitate to sacrifice anything and everything-even his life. That is the stuff Modi is made of.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja-Vadodara.

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