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Hindutva -Development-two sides of the same coin

Hindutva and Development-two sides of the same coin

The IE dated 14th April ((2017) carried two articles of interest-‘Developmental Hindutva’ by Sanjaya Baru was a good expose .Unlike the hue and cry that netas of the  Congress BSP,RJD,CPM,TNC,SP et al raise  when they hear the word Hindutva this article placed the Hindutva in the right perspective .During the UP election campaign many of the Opposition netas faulted Modi for his visit to the temple and for citing facets of Hindutva. In fact many wanted Modi’s government to strictly abide only with Development. It is ridiculous because Development without Hindutva is meaningless and is a parched dry balance sheet of paper with figures, numbers and faceless economics. What about the social, religious and patriotic nationalism of the millions who have borne the brunt of keeping these alive through centuries old civilizations. And this cannot happen-for man does not live on bread alone. Where do culture and its norms fit in? How can upholding the Constitution not include the singing of the Vande Mataram, the National Anthem? Of course when one brings in the  ban of slaughtering of cows the Northeast, and Kerala and those who are beef eaters get agitated and want India not to interfere in their eating habits and impose laws which according to them are tyrannical and outside and above government control. One should remind them that the cow is worshipped by millions and held sacred and hence their religious sensibilities are hurt. Should not the so called minorities show concern and sensitivity to a people whose religious tolerance showed no bounds-whose religious tolerance allowed all religions to find a home in India and allowed these to spread and grow? It was because Hindu religion was and is the most tolerant religion in the world. Its belief is based on the idea of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam-the whole world is one family. This immense tolerance inbuilt in Hinduism was taken as a weakness and exploited making the Hindus second class citizens in their own country. It even allowed an ethnic cleansing of the Hindus in Kashmir . One would blame the netas for this state of affairs – a closer look will reveal that upholding the Constitution means more than appeasement of the minorities. In which country will its citizens refuse singing the national anthem-hoisting the national flag? Why has India become a soft target? Does this not mean that Hinduism has already lost its essence? How can one go to court and argue that singing of the national anthem is against one’s religion petitioning the judiciary to allow them to follow their own consciences? What if the consciences of others make different kinds of pleas-will the judiciary permit it? There are some essentials in binding nationhood and the national anthem is one such. If one hoists the flag of an enemy country he/she will be shot down immediately-not here in India because this is what is Hindu tolerance and this is what the netas expect from the government. To shout azadi and instigate the youth. For this the taxpayers must shell out their hard earned money. Are we not misusing Freedom of speech?

In the same issue of the TIE(17th April) there was an article titled  ‘Crisis of Hinduism’ by Apoorvanand.In this the author warns that marginalizing the minorities  will result in Hinduism losing its essence. Of course the author has run amuck when he writes that “Hindus take pleasure in humiliation of Muslims and also relish the deception and duplicity with which all this is done….”In all my years of living –working with the marginalized I have never come across this kind of ‘pleasure’ the Hindus take in humiliating etc the Muslims. On the other hand I have only recognized and seen the demand, the arrogance and the duplicity of the other side. They cannot be touched. He further adds that “Indian Muslims have often been lauded patronizing for having rejected the call of Islamic State .They have invested heavily in the idea of secular India and stood by it.” One need not enter into a debate with the author on this point because it is far from true and because the Muslims stood to gain when they opted to stay in India but the same cannot be said of the Hindus. What is more telling is the fact that the author refers to Gandhi who warned Hindus that if destroyed in India and Pakistan Islam has other lands to realize its spiritual potential but if Hinduism is destroyed in India ,it has no hope”. It is precisely this which has made Hindus vigilant now and in a way aggressive. Too long they have been complacent and yielding. Let us first take the simple fact on why was Pakistan created-why was my motherland pieced? Jinnah’s one and only reason was that the Muslims will not be able to integrate with the Hindus.Jinnah was right then and now. Hence he demanded Pakistan.If Pakistan was created for the Muslims who could not integrate with Hindus is it not fair and just that they leave this country and go to a land where they can as Gandhi noted realize their spiritual potential. Gandhi was outdated and did not have a vision. He would not have known that not a single Islamic country is prepared to open its doors to the Syrian Muslim refugees. He did not foresee that Muslims will chase the Muslims out of their own countries and sent then as refugees all over the world.

It is often pointed out that the Muslims are citizens of this country and hence one should not arouse conflicts. But reminding them that they go to fulfill their spiritual potential to any other country  should not be taken amiss as arousing conflict.It is simply stating the truth. And truth cannot be hidden too long .If they are citizens of this country then they have to uphold the Constitution, they cannot refuse to sing the national anthem, and Vande Mataram because it was Vande Mataram which was the bugle call given by the freedom fighters to arouse their national spirit- shouting Vande Mataram and upholding the tricolor flag these common poor Indians marched fearlessly-many fell to the bullets of the British. If one is a citizen of this country how can one refuse the singing of these two patriotic songs?

The Constitution must be upheld is the demand made by all the political parties. Nobody denies this but then the Constitution within its binds has Articles which are not secular and which lends to appeasement. For example how can the Minority Rights be upheld when it is based on religion. Even Ambedkar had wanted reservation to have a fixed period. Now it seems that it is never ending and is becoming merely a tool to appeasement. That even after 67 years it had not uplifted the SCs and not reached them reveals that Reservation had failed and to continue netting in more and more castes under the policy is not going to make the cake bigger and bigger  but will diminish the size of the portion of the cake. Look at what Chandrasekharan –chief minister of Telangana has done-increased the quota of reservation to 12 percent for the Muslims.The argument is that is not based on religion but on region.Are we such fools?Every neta wants to go in for appeasement be it illogical and blatantly anti- Constitutional. There have been so many amendments to the Constitution –so why not amend the Constitution. I dare the netas like Mamata Banerjee,Lalu Prasad, Mayawati,Mulyam Yadav, Rahul Gandhi Sitaram Yechury to put a ceiling to this appeasement policy of the Muslims. To get back to Apoorvanand’s  warning that Hinduism will lose its essence I think it has already lost its essence with the netas  and their appeasement policy. Hence to retain at least what remains the Hindus must unite and the party which is in power must do its best to assist in this process.Gandhi was worried that Hindus will have no place to go-that is true and that is precisely why the Hindus must no longer be at the receiving end. They have a right to preserve their culture, their religious aspirations and uphold just not the Constitution but the honor and the sovereignty of Bharat Mata.

Let it be known that the Hindus will not let themselves become second class citizens in their own land. The Kashmiri Pandits were driven out of Kashmir-there was ethnic cleansing-On what grounds  was  this allowed. Old men were tied to the vehicles on either sides and the vehicles were driven till their bodies were dismembered. Why was this not questioned and those involved not booked. And punished? Why was the media silent? Today when one stone pelting boy  was tied to the jeep and driven there is a hue and cry .I cannot comprehend how the Constitution can be upheld in an upside down manner. I am a citizen of this country and I cannot buy an inch of land in Kashmir. Why?Is this the freedom enshrined in the Constitution. Today the Bangladeshis and the Rohingas have been allowed to settle in Kashmir.Is that going to be another Pakistan? How can the Kashmiris be allowed freely to go where they want and settle anywhere in India. Why this double standard .Is that upholding the Constitution. Their youth can go anywhere for their studies-nay they even shout ‘azadi’ in certain universities and ferment unrest. What is the contribution that State makes todays towards development? All the taxpayers’ monies are pumped into Kashmir-why? Who is in POK? It has become a ground for training of militants. Why is the GOI reluctant to send its army and just clean up POK and put an end to such a state of affairs? All this and more thanks to Nehru and his family. Today we are paying for their follies and their betrayal and yet the family wants us to think that they won us the Freedom. Now RG says it is not Hindus-christians Parsis Muslims who fought for freedom-it is the Indians who fought for freedom what a great enlightenment. How many Parses were there then and how many Muslims took party in the freedom struggle. Why does RG think that we are like him lost in the woods?

The joke of the century was when all the parties except the BJP led by the Italian born Mrs Sonia-tagging along Manmohan Singh   met the President last week to place before him their petition-to uphold democracy and to inform him that under the Modi government democracy is muzzled. Imagine these parties want democracy when they do not have such in their own parties while they do not follow democratic ideology in their parties and in their party systems. You cannot give what you do not have. They believe in dynasty which is just the opposite of democracy. So Sonia has Rahul waiting for the PM’s chair-the fact that he became the VP of the Congress itself is proof that it did not follow any democratic norms. Lalu with his sons all in political power-his wife succeeds him when he had to relinquish the CM’s chair-and he is still on bail-that does not matter that he cheated the dumb cattle of its fodder. It does not matter that lands and houses he owns on benami names. Mulayam Yadav and his sons-his daughters-in-law are all holding power and immense wealth. Not to be left behind Mayawati has nominated her brother for her the crores of money she holds. What baffles me is how did they all acquire such immense wealth-in the form of land-houses and monies-while mouthing that they are working for the poor and are with the poor ?Are these leaders not duping the people of India and how will the world acknowledge the real fact that India is a poor country? Sonia Gandhi of Italian origin was only an au pair-Recently Forbes magazine had named her as one of the six richest women in the world. It is not for India to prove how she acquired it. It is for her to explain to the people how she became so rich .She who came with nothing to India-had a modest house in Italy-has today immense wealth and a mansion in Italy. Her son Rahul Gandhi always utters the hypocritical statement that he stands by the poor-they who betrayed the poor. How and why she is in No 10 Janpath-She is eligible only for an MP’s bungalow. It will take pages to expose the amount of money that is spend in the upkeep of No 10 Janpath-.Whose money is all that-the blood and sweat of the poor. If they have an iota of justice then she and Priyanka should vacate their bungalows. Priyanka has enough of money power to get the best security. Why should that be a plea for her to get a government bungalow in Luytens.

It is not as though the President is unaware of all this. He must have had the last laugh at the hypocrisy of these political parties which represented to him the lack and muzzling of democracy by Modi’s government. Is he not aware of the fact that the NAC functioned as a mini Parliament with Sonia Gandhi as its chairperson? And Manmohan Singh accompanies her to the President with this sob story. What a shame. ‘No freedom under Modi’ is their  accusation .I do not think Indian history had such freedom as under Modi-which country will allow its netas to call the PM a goon, a devil, a merchant of death a Hitler, a koon ka Dalali ,a psychopath. Yet not one of them was booked for their atrocious misuse of freedom of speech.

It is time to search our souls and uphold the spirit of the Constitution. It is also time to amend some of the Articles and delete a few. It takes us nowhere. It is time to stop this appeasement policy-The political leaders who for their vested interest and for power are selling the country-this will only aggravate the polarization. It is time to stop the subsidies for Haj-it is time to either control the monies and land of the churches and the mosques or release the temples of such control. It is time to realize that national policies and programs need to be followed for development of all. Family planning is one such. Or else there should be a ceiling on family size to distribute subsidies. One cannot go on begetting children and ask the taxpayer to pay for their upliftment. This is unfair. It is time to call a spade a spade and those who cannot abide by a uniform Civil code must then also follow their own religious penal code-eye for an eye, hand for a hand-stoning to death etc. you cannot eat the cake and have it too. This is what the Muslims have been doing. They want the best of both. I sincerely and honestly want the poor to be given the maximum benefit-but then the economic criterion must be the yard stick. The religion I follow is my business and that need not indicate whether I can claim the quota and or the subsidy. It is time to restrict public places from crowd worship-it is time for the GOI to stop putting aside working time for prayer for the Muslims. Then allow the others also that time to do what they want. I must have the freedom to settle in Kashmir –otherwise the Kashmiris must not be allowed to settle where they want. You cannot talk of equality and in every act and function only follows inequality norms. If those who cannot abide by such norms they are free to go to countries where they will get more freedom and as Gandhi stated realize their full spiritual potentiality. As far as this country is concerned Hindutva will be the essence and the ethos giving development the inner strength and ‘start up’ towards the economic welfare of the people- The two sides of the same coin- Bharat Mata ki Hai

Dr. Mrs Hilda Raja, Vadodara

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