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The Congress’ double speak

Is it not a deep rooted ailment in Rahul Gandhi to jump into troubled waters? Any patriotic Indian will want to quell the unrest but Rahul Gandhi and the Congress only want to instigate and ferment trouble. Can a party allow one of its old members to invited Nawaz Sharif to come and drive away Modi government. Is that not treason? I am referring to that old Congress man-Mani Shankar Aiyer who has become irrelevant in politics and has nowhere to go-But to keep himself in N Delhi he mouths nothing but treacherous utterances to please the Congress High Command. He cannot go to Tamilnadu-in Mayiladuthurai when he stood for elections on the ‘bell”(mani) symbol he lost his deposit. Now he goes to J&K to sip tea and embrace the separatists. The Congress only distanced itself but had no guts to throw him out of the party. This is because the Congress has the same mindset. Has always thought and believed that it alone has the right to rule India. Now what kind of solution (not soap) do we need to clean this treacherous mind set of the Congress.

Rahul Gandhi perhaps is unaware that he is the laughing stock of the people. His utterances reveal a mindset not only treacherous but imbecile. He has refused to grow-in spite of his mother’s nepotism.His super ego is missing-hence he has only the ID and the Ego. Any place of unrest he rushes.The latest he had his media coverage in Saharanpur.And his repetitive chant is, “The government only listens to the rich and the suited and booted and works only for them”. For heaven sake RG please learn another couple of lines. We are fed up with your repetitive slogans and your hollow words. You are so quick to say, “Dalits are being trampled and oppressed. This is happening not only in Saharanpur .This is happening across India.Everyday crores are being oppressed.”.He gives the example of Rohit Vemula- forgetting that Rohit Vemula was not a dalit.It suited the likes of RG to anoint him as a dalit for their own vested interest.RG has nothing positive to offer to the people as a leader of the Opposition.Only negative acts and utterances. Only faulting and blaming and blocking.

Oh yes RG you claim , “we worked for ten years and brought peace to J&K.And today Narendra Modi is giving a foothold to ant-inationals.”Is that really true-Do you believe in your own words are or you lost in the woods. Who created the J&K problem?If only your grandfather had heeded the advice of Sardar Patel we would not have had the J&k problem.No,  the Nehruand his  clan is too proud to listen to others. You have a habit of always faulting Modi that he does not listen to others.Find out how the Congress Party was run. Why did Pranab Mukerjee and Shukla leave the Congress party? And now is all power not centralized with the High Command? You talk of democracy but does the Congress party have democracy and is it run on those lines. What you do not have you cannot give. What did you work on and work at?

You and your party demand the achievements of the three years rule of Modi and find nothing positive. This again is the conditioning of your mindset and your party’s myopic perception. But we want to ask you the report card of 60 years of the Congress rule. The UPA rule of ten years was an utter failure. The looting in which your leaders and those chamchas of yours were busy at left no time for governance. There was complete paralysis of governance. Is it not simple to realize that after the 60 years of the Congress all that we have is scams and loot and more poverty. Communalism and parochialism your party sowed, the rich became richer and the Luytens was just a conclave of the rich and the mighty-all your family members and connections. The various Trusts and Councils you filled with your chamchas. while the people reeled under hunger and poverty. What does the Italian mindset known with its pasta filled head .Your mother and her relations were given a free run of India and its resources. Towards this we the taxpayers had to provide security too. Can you not even understand the simple logic that when you talk of poverty and the trampling and oppression of the dalits and poor –that it is your party which created and put them in ghettos. With your great grandmother’s Garbi Hatao and then the 20 Point Program which came to naught. Today you are demanding from Modi what he has done. Can I tell you a plain fact -he is cleaning the cess pools of avarice and loot that you and your party created. That itself needs not mere soap and water (no matter what special soap you have)but strong detergent and anti-septic to sanitize the stinking political cess pools which your party had created. Kept the poor in their poverty  so that you could garner the votes. They remained starved and with empty stomachs attended your rallies and listened in a stupor the false claims and promises you made. They were with their hands out stretched-then and now.To redeem this situation the people will and must see that the Congress does not come back to power.That is the one and only remedy to clean up your anti-people mindset.

You demand of Modi: ‘bring the black money’,Where is the black money etc.But why did you create a situation where Black money will be harvested? Why do you not co-operate with the government to bring back the Black money.The looters and scamsters  are with you and they know the ways and means to get it back. The looters like V Mallay did not acquire all that amassed ill-gotten wealth in the last three years.You blame Modi for allowing him to flee India.But why did you allow him to rob India first.This is just one example. With your leaders and their families there is amassed and accumulated wealth in the form of properties across the globe-benami lands etc.What was your Government doing? Now you demand Modi to get it back after you allowing them to loot the poor and to fleece the nation. What rights have you to pretend to be concerned of the poor and downtrodden?

You want Modi to perform a miracle-remember as your dummy lame duck of the former PM Manmohan Singh said, ‘Money does not grow on trees.’ Yes he was right for once. But he allowed the money which did flow from the sweat and blood of the poor to be amassed by the netas-He did not apply his mind he stated once-was it for this that he was handpicked by your Italian born mother-a man who would not and could not apply his mind in governance. Hence the looting was allowed-nay abetted.

Tell me if you are so broken hearted at the poverty why are you and your family members using the hard earned money of the poor. The first thing to prove that your heart is bleeding is to tell your mother to quit No 10 Janpath. First she is not entitled to it- She is only an MP and is entitled to an MP’s quarters. Why is she living in a palatial residence-bigger than that of the PM’s.Have you seen in any country such a dichotomy? Second, we cannot afford  to spend such huge sums towards its maintenance when her son runs around shedding crocodile tears and blaming Modi for the suit and the booted  and promising the poor that he stands with them. Why the same must be said also for Priyanka Vadra. Can her husband not afford to provide her with security and a mansion? Why then through the backdoor are you fleecing the poor while preaching to them that you stand with them? Stop exploiting them .Why and how can you then claim such luxury and luxurious living. Where does the money come from? Is this too much to ask from you? Prove your words and just don’t go around being a coward and a hypocrite. Stop fermenting and instigating unrest. This is nothing but treachery. To question the government is democracy but to instigate is cowardliness.

The Congress is the root cause of all the problems-the nation faces. And now the treacherous mindset is being exposed. The latest being beef fest .Please let those who want to eat beef –let them go ahead and eat to their stomachs fill but why are you making a ‘beef fest’ –Is that not to arouse communal feelings? Stop this double hypocritical role that you are playing. Remember that you are cutting the branch on which you are sitting. The minimum the nation expects is that you and your Party be patriotic and not sell the nation for your own vested interest and power. As a first step to prove this dismiss Mani Shankar Aiyer from the party. If Rijil Makkutty of Kannur-youth Congress leader can be suspended (and rightly so) for calf killing should you not use the same yardstick to throw out Mani Shankar Aiyer for his treason.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,Vadodara

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