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Rejoinder to David Curry

It was shocking to read in the IE (26the June-2017) the screaming headlines : ‘Crackdown on NGOs:Delhi may face tough questions’. The crackdown on NGOs should have been done long ago. What are the NGOs indulging in? Nothing short of proseltyzation.I have been in the field of Social work and after my retirement been consultant of several NGOs.All(except  a hand full –that too non- Christian NGOs)to my knowledge were -covertly and overtly indulging in conversion. Once one of the chamchas of the Congress party-Mani Shankar Aiyer proclaimed that he did not know or see any such conversion activity. This he stated in particular reference to World Vision. Many of my students are employed in WV. At the outset already in the interview the questions are directed not to skills and knowledge of upliftment but on Evangelization. For heaven sake why not these NGOs go to China-Pakistan and the Middle East and try their luck with conversion under the guise of feeding the poor-charity Compassion International etc. After all if really these NGOs are interested in charity-why INDIA-is the world poor all congregated in India only. Go to where the poor are –leave India alone. Do not indulge in deception and under the guise of charity convert. Tens of thousands of children throughout India losing access to medical care ,meals and tuition, according to David Curry ,president and CEO of Open Doors USA, why are the doors exclusively open only for Indian poor Look at the past and present foreign policy of the USA Citing weapons of mass destruction in the hands of Saddam Hussein the USA imposed sanctions on medical aid, medicines and other critical emergent necessities including food. What was the result-thousands of children died. Did Compassion International shed a drop of tear? And when it was discovered that there was no weapons of mass destruction –did the kind hearted and compassionate NGOs and the International Community demand the hauling up of the USA.

Do not sit in glass house and try to throw stones on India. Why is India the TAREGT FOR THE COMPASSION? Should compassion not be directed to all those who are in dire need? David Curry states that there is rise in brutal persecution of Christians, Muslims and other religious minorities in India. I am a Christian –20 years lived in Kerala-50 years  lived in Chennai-Tamilnadu and now for the past ten years am in Gujarat. Now as  an ordinary house wife I LIKE TO CHALLENGE David Curry-and tell him to get his  statistics straight-Where is the rise of brutal persecution? David Curry does not recognize brutal persecution in any of the Middle East countries-neither in Pakistan nor anywhere else. It is all vested interests. India has been victim of brutal persecution down the ages from foreign invaders including the Mughals. All came as traders and ended up by indulging in forced conversions. Are the hands of the USA clean? Why the brutality discrimination directed against the Blacks? They are easy targets for killing torture and social boycott. Do not lie and use deception for spreading Christianity-which you think is the god given command to you and the Christian NGOs. Let us live in peace –it said in the Bible that Jesus had advised his disciples to shake off the dust from your feet in the place where you are not wanted and go elsewhere. I remind David Curry of that. Do not force yourself and your compassion on us. Let us dialogue which means we are on the same plane as equals.

Dr. Mrs Hilda Raja


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on tavleen singh’s -a new india rises

Tavleen Singh’s “A new India rises”(Sunday Express-June 18th)has triggered within me the following reactions and thoughts. She seems to have been taken aback by the flood of Twitter messages she received. I think she did well by offering her apologies to those who felt offended. It is clear that she had not meant nor realized that cow urine has a religious significance. It is not easy to understand and comprehend how the ancients related to nature and to all that brought them relief and cure.

I was reminded of an incident: in 1958 when my son was an infant I stood holding him in my arms and watching the milkwoman milking the cow.Those days the cow used to be brought to the gate and milked.She noticed that the babe’s face was puffed and eyes swollen and he was feverish. I was thinking of taking him later to the doctor. She asked me to   bring a vessel and after some time she held it out to me with cow urine.She suggested that I wash his face with the urine twice a day and watched the result.She assured me that the babe will be fine.I followed her suggestion more out of curiosity and also then being ‘raw’ and anxious to somehow relief my babe of his discomfort.I did this twice that day and the next day she gave me again fresh cow urine.I am not exaggerating when I recall that already with one wash the face swollenness had considerably diminished by the evening the face and the eyes had cleared and the next day when she came there was hardly any need for fresh cow urine because the face was just normal and cherubic. Those days the house front yards used to be sprinkled with a cow dung mixed with water–the floors of the houses which had no cement flooring were smeared with a thick paste of cow dung.It looked neat and tidy.The chula and the hearth was also smeared and nicely covered with cow dung paste.On Fridays and feasts days this place was decorated with rangoli(we call it ‘koolam’)Apart from the financial aspect there was no pests, no cockroaches and no snakes coming into the house because the courtyard was cow dung smeared.Today we have HIT to flit and a warning ‘Keep out of the reach  of children’, for these pesticides are poisonous.But we all- children and adults now breathe these poisonous vapours.Another usage of cowdung –straw is cut into small bits mixed with the dung and rolled into balls and then flattened and dried.These made good fuel.All these hardly cost anything.Look at the amounts spend on cooking gas-the accidents and the subsidies all put together costs money as well as lives.All that is ancient need not necessarily be retained-all that is cheap is not to be swept aside.It is not to be laughed at and neither is it below one’s ‘status’ to abide by some of the ancients good sense and good remedies.Now all that is good and judicious-all that is purifying and wholesome is attributed to God .So what is the problem in considering the cow holy.

I am supposed to be a Christian and brought up as a conservative one.I find it abdominal to think that during a religious rite blood is drunk.Yes  the common drink in those times of Jesus wine was the common drink.But on that pretext to continue drinking wine and mentioning ‘This is my body,this is my blood’ makes it rather distasteful.Are we cannibals.Had Jesus lived in Kerala he would have used ‘toddy’ perhaps as the common drink and ‘puttu’ to be shared by him and the disciple.I have done a theology course and in that I had written about this in my test paper!!Somehow it seems to be fashionable and intellectual to bash the Hindus but not say a word against the Muslims and the Christians. This is one of the reasons why the pent up agony and the anger is like an erupting volcano pouring forth.Regarding Tavleen Singh’s  point to note that no renaissance has bloomed as a result of hatred.I disagree with that premise because renaissance is new life-a change over to the new-this calls for vigour,power and energy. The world saw and got democracy only after the blood flowed like rives in France.Had there been no guillotine there would have been no freedom. New life, new birth can come only after pain and must go through the throe of sufferings and hardships.No more the showing of the other  cheek when one is slapped.Hatred is not what I find today but an resurgent Hinduism,renergised people proud of their culture, their religion and prepared to uphold that patriotism and culture at all cost.Can this be called hatred.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,Vadodara


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