Is it violation of Art 28?

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What does Art 28 state-that no religious instruction shall be provided in any educational institution wholly maintained by State funds. It further asserts that no person attending any educational institution recognized by the State or receiving aid out of State funds can be forced to take part in any religious instruction or attend any religious worship unless consented by the guardian. It must be noted that the Art 28 addresses itself to ALL educational institutions which receive government aid. Does it the not include the educational institutions run by the Christians and the Muslims? But it is obvious that the educational institutions run by the minorities –and receiving aid from the government do not adhere to this article. Further Art 26 clearly states that every religious section has the right to manage its own religious affairs-to own and acquire moveable and immovable property. If so then why are the temples assets administered by the government. Why a Hindu Religious Endowment Board with government official hierarchy? Both theses Arts are not addressed only to Hindus but to all religious sections. Hence if the Minority run educational institutions can address the student body and make them recite their religious hymns and Koranic verses-why should the Hindus alone be banned from reciting the Hindu hymns and Hindu scriptures? Here please note that this is different from ‘imparting religious instruction’. Even in such a case the Minority institutions do impart religious instructions to the Hindu students-especially in their schools. It seems apparent that most of the Arts and the Constitution itself is discriminatory and biased when it comes to the Hindus.I hope and pray that the judiciary will not abet  the same bias and discrimination against the Hindus when interpreting the Constitution and supervising its operation.

This is the sheer discrimination. Why should schools and institutions run by Hindus not be allowed to pray-That violates Art 28 it seems. But the institutions run by the Muslims and the Christians are allowed to make children recite the Koran and the Christian prayers. Should the Hindu children then go to Mecca and Medina to recite the Hindu prayers? This country is a Hindu country-(I rubbish the secularism inserted in the Constitution) Secularism calls for equi-distance of the government from all religions. But is that followed. Suddenly the Congress netas have become Hindutva champions and Shiv and Ram Bhakts after having hit at the BJP for Hindutva ideology.

The Constitution must guarantee equality. The Madrasas and the Christian run institutions are government aided-it is the tax payers’ money-How can they alone be allowed to have their religious prayers. Near my former house in Chennai there is a convent run school. My servant maid’s daughters (Hindus) all studied there. They know the Hail Mary and Our Father and other prayers, When asked how they knew these prayers they replied that they were taught in school. I know of Christian schools taking the children (all the children) to the church for prayers. I worked for a short time in a catholic NGO which worked for patients of burned out cases of leprosy. These inmates had to compulsorily attend every day the Mass at noon after which alone they will be served their plate of rice. I served in a Catholic college-everyday morning prayers and a homily is disseminated through the public address system. Then the students should stand and bow their heads. There is nothing wrong in allowing this. But my plea is that the same must be allowed for the Hindu run institutions also.You cannot have one rule for the Minorities and another for the Hindus. Let it not be forgotten that the Hindu religion sprung from this soil. It is ancient, immemorial and ageless. But the other religions are imported. The tolerance of the Hindu religion allowed these religions to take root in India. Temples were the only structures in ancient India-churches and mosques came later-after the invaders destroyed the temples and build their worship places. Now we go abegging for building Ram temple. This is the height of injustice. Let each religion be allowed their own prayers in their respective institutions. In one own’s country one cannot propagate one’s own religion. Is that justice? But the Christian evangelical groups propagate their religions in the highways and byways of this country. The orphanages they run are only a cover up to convert the poor children. In one own country-the Hindus are made refugees-banned from residing and owning land in Kashmir-while the Muslims can. Strange logic this is. Now the objection is that the Hindus cannot make the children studying in their institutions follow the Hindu prayers. This means spreading Hinduism. Even if that is true-what is wrong in spreading Hinduism in this Hindu country? The Islamic countries forcefully spread Islam in their country-and in other countries and in India. Why this restriction for the Hindus in their own country. So the Muslims and the Christians in making the children learn and recite their religious prayers are spreading Islam and Christianity. Is that not proselytization-with the tax payers money?

Will any of the Islamic country allow such liberty to the Hindus and /or any other minority religious group? – This is like the story of the camel. Giving a little place for the camel out of goodwill soon made the animal occupy the whole tent and displaced its owner. The whole problem is with the Constitution and the Minority Rights. No country will allow such blatant discrimination. Will the Islamic countries allow churches and temples to be built in their countries? Why then should the world (read Muslims and the so called ‘secularists’) seek such from the Hindus? If the Hindus assert their rights then it becomes-polarization-nay even saffronization. It is time for the Hindus to say enough is enough-all that we ask is -EQUAL RIGHTS in one owns country-Bharat .Should the Hindus go begging and pleading for this. Should now the judiciary decide if the Hindus-children of this land be allowed to recite Hindu prayers in the institutions they run. The Muslims even worship in public places-should they not be restricted to worship only within their mosques and their Islamic compounds. Why should the public places be turned into their praying /worshipping place? Why the Hindu tax payer’s money should be used to run Madrasas. Why should there be segregation in education for Muslim children. Should they not be in the main stream? A scrutiny of the happenings in the country reveals that -its netas- judiciary and even its Constitution has yielded to discrimination making the Hindus second class citizens. This was articulated by the former Manmohan Singh when he stated that the Muslims are special and hence they are entitled first to the resources of this country. Hindus should not allow the be administered by the Hindus-Let them mal- administer-that is not the business of the government. Has it ensured that the waqf land, mosque monies, the enormous assets the different Churches and their allied societies-congregations own in the form of land/estates and monies are well administered? The Hindus demand Justice-nothing more and nothing less. The recital of Hindu prayers in institutions run by the Hindus is a right of the Hindus for their children (the others can join if they like) that cannot be any violation of Art 28. If non-Hindu parents are not happy let them remove their wards from such institutions-that is their right.

Dr.Mrs Hilda Raja, Vadodara


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