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Raul Vinci’s ranting- -RV will never grow.Take the following:_ -He stated that Modi is only interested in himself. -That institutions post were filled by RSS .That the country can burn but Modi wants to become the PM. -That if Raul Vinci was given 15 minutes to talk in Parliament Modi would run away. The analysis of all the above four will prove that Raul Vinci will never grow! When the UPA was in power who did they appoint in all the institutional posts?Raul Vince sees red –he is terribly scared of the RSS because unlike him It is a discipline,-hard working cadre and is nationalistic and patriotic to the core..The RSS will give its life for the country.Unlike Raul Vince and his mother who would flee to Italy and to safety if faced with such a crisis. It is the prerogative of a party to fill in with their men and women not with the Opposition’s men and womenThis is understandable and nothing new.The BJP is simply following the precedent established by the previous governments.Even otherwise it cannot fill up the institutions posts with men and women from other parties but only with its own to follow its agenda on the basis on which it was elected by the people.This is simple logic of any political party. The whole world knows that Modi is a great statesman and that is why he was invited to address a dozen of Parliaments of different countries.All the global top leaders have acclaimed Modi to be a great statesman of the century.So that is what is irritating Raul Vinci.The people know that Modi works hard-the people know that we have the first PM who really cares and works for the people and the country. Modi is a fighter-he will not take flight in a crisis.It is not in his personality to want to become the PM at all costs.Even so what is wrong.Raul Vinci and his mother aspire to the PM’s chair-one is an italian and the other half an Italian and the country rejected both.So if the country wants Modi no matter what he wants then surely Modi will and can aspire to become the PM.He does not piggyback ride neither does he claim a coronation of a dynast for the post.He is claiming the people’s verdict to made him the PM –what is Raul Vinci then aiming at?Just a trouble maker and fish in troubled waters.Incapable of even understanding the basics of a democracy. Poor Raul Vinci he has a bloated self image. He says that if 15 minutes he was allowed to talk in Parliament Modi will run away.He must realize that nobody prevented him from talking.It is the Opposition and mainly the Congress which blocked Parliament because they could not would not be able to withstand the onslaught of Modi and his logical reasoning and his convincing thesis of events and happenings. They prevented him from addressing the Parliament and blocked Parliament. Now RV is crying over spilt milk. Talk-talk as much as you can in the well of the House and outside Parliament and notice how people are laughing at you. How you are being so foolish and children are mocking at you.You talk with no logic and substance -I really pity you and your bloated EGO.Modi is a fighter-he will never run away from difficult situations. He fought to survive –he fought hunger and poverty. He is made of a different stuff. You are more a trouble maker than a trouble shooter. You fish in troubled waters augmenting and fomenting crisis after crisis for your own petty ambition-to oust Modi.You want the country to burn and that is why you projected that on Modi.Let the country burn what I cannot have others should not have. This is called projection in psychology. That will never happen. The more you resort to such gimmicks the more you will be turn out, down and off. Raul Vinci make yourself clear and clean you are not worthy to hold a candle to Modi so give up this bloated EGO of yourself. Please grow up. You are a 47 year old man but act as a kid.You -Rahul Vinci and your mother Edvige Antoni Albina Maino should know that, ‘you can fool all the people some time and some of the people all the time –but you cannot fool all the people all the time’.Remember these golden words. Indians are not to be taken for a ride anymore.You your party the Congress and its netas must remember this. Dr Mrs Hilda Raja-

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Impeachment-the Congress and its dirty games. Impeachment is not a political game but that is what the Congress under Kapil Sibal is trying to do-playing politics and in the process will drag itself down the slush to bite the dust For one thing even all in the Congress does not go along this impeachment stand. This has been clearly stated by Ashwini Kumar MP who has emphasized rightly that it will be counter- productive. What will the Congress party gain by this move? In fact the charges are laughable and am surprised that a lawyer like Kapil Sibal is spearheading the move. The five charges cannot be proved. They are as vague as some of the nonsenses politicians talk from the platforms. In fact CJI Dipak Misra is being hounded because he tried to protect the independence of the judiciary and not allowed it to be made a platform to fight political issues. It is clear that his stand is right,Then about the 30 year old land case-It will be good to clear the recent land cases against Vadra and the Congress netas who have been misusing their power to amass assets including land.I charge Edvige Antonia Albinia Maino to make public how she acquired all her wealth.How can she account for being richer than Queen Elizabeth. Was it her inheritance? Was it her money acquired from her high paid salary of an au pair and a hotel waitress? Physician, first cure yourself. We the people demand an account of the 57 years of looting by the Congress and its netas.The party should be impeached .The country need to cleanse itself from this virus- leeches and bandicoots. Virus- spreading communalism-leeches sucking the blood of the Indian poor-and bandicoots digging out the roots of democracy with dynasty form of government .And strangely Kapil Sibal asks, ‘should the people of this country allow the institution to diminish and not protect it from within and without…’.Who is the Congress to undertake this task?Does the Congress represent the majority of the people? Has the Congress got the mandate to embark on this self-defeating task? For that matter we want to rid the country of the Congress which had for 5 decades and more exploited every single constitutional post-cheated the people and pauperized them.Communalized the polity-divided the people and caged them into ghettos of caste ,creed and region-amassed wealth and defeated and made democracy a mockery. Is this the party which wants to uphold the judiciary. All for its own glory -all because it has been made to bite the dust-all because it is angered and hence spits venom? The people threw the Congress party out of power and reduced it to a minority Opposition party and look at the arrogance of it loud mouthed noises made –becomes and acts as the champion of the people to safeguard the judiciary-Its own survival it needs to piggyback ride on other regional parties –this great boast of a national party. Shame on it! A bloodied(Sikh genocide) and blackened Hand cannot clean anything. The problem with the Congress party is that it lives in the past –its leaders have an out of proportion blowup image.Its leader is an immature person and tries all gimmicks. The Congress party must shed and discard its Italian mafia and fascist mentality. Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

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