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Open letter to Priyanka Vadra from a humble Chowkidar

It is a pity that you are no better than your pappu brother Raul Vince-now he is  Raul Rafale Vince.You think that your river cruise was a brain wave and a great discovery. I like to point out to you the following:-

1-You like your brother has become a caged parrot-when you referred to Modi ji’s 57 inches

  1. You along with the whole family are frauds and deceivers-hence the ‘Gandhi’ tag to your name
  2. You decried how Modi ji wants to be in power-Modi misused institutions.
  3. You stated that UP has two sons and does not need an adopted son
  4. Only the rich needs Chowkidar

1- Are you not ashamed to refer to Modi ji’s chest measurements? When did you measure or got his chest measured. You mentioned that we do not need a 57 inches chest but a good heart etc .Are you certain that your heart is in place irrespective of your chest measurements? Do you not think that there are political score points in such jibes.On the other hand people will only decry your lack of probity and decency. Are you aware that beauty is only skin deep and that is not what makes a good politician. Are you aware that a 57 inches chest can hold a heart that is selfless and has concern and empathy? Take your example. What is the hall mark of your concern for the poor? Your interest is in fancy cars-you can even afford to break down a new house if it does not suit your tastes. You and your mother and brother have hearts filled with greed and hypocrisy-within the chests smaller and narrow or big.Your heart is stifled with pride and filled with selfishness. How can one whose hobby is of fancy cars understand the suffering of the poor? What sort of a heart it is that so brazenly filthy rich and puts on an air of concern and sympathy of the unemployed. Is that not hypocrisy? Were you by the side of your husband Robert Vadra when he indulged in those land deals-was he not cheating the poor of their land? And you stood by him. What does your heart hold?

2- You are a great deceiver. Hence in name and attire you try to deceive the people. Why not you be what you are.What was and is the need for you to change your customary dress and drape a saree-apply tilak and pretend that you are a devote Hindu. You think you can mislead people by this fancy dress and outward exhibits. I thought you had studied psychology and hence you will not resort to such deception because it does not work. From your name, to your appearance you tried to project what you are not thus you have miserably cheated yourself. That is a shame. By the way why did you quickly drop the surname of Vadra which you are-Why did you-your whole family want desperately   to cling on to  ‘Gandhi’ name which you are not.You and your family are not Gandhis.Hence you are fake Gandhis .Is that not a psychologically aberration to pretend to be what you are not and to pass off with a name which is not yours. Not able to be what you are-not able to even stand by your real names. Your mother-Mrs Maino is a great puppeteer that is why she was able to make the former PM-Manmohan Singh a puppet.She enacted also the drama of ‘renunciation’ to deceive the people that she is not for power. But then became the defacto PM of this country. Why don’t you credit people with some intelligence and stop this sham of a projection. Why are you afraid to be what you are and not resort to masks and pretenses?

3-You stated that Modi wants power rather wants to cling to power.Tell me honestly (if you have an iota of honesty)-what is it you, your mother and your brother want- Power. Your brother had dramatically proclaimed four years ago that power is poison.Now he is anxious to drink it-because he his mother and you are desperate to get power.Towards this you have encouraged crony capitalism-abetted all the looters and the fraudsters and the family too indulged in it. Hence now you and your mother and brother are anxious and hell bent on power- to hide the amassed loot and to continue the looting of the poor. Look what is unfolding regarding the Augusta Westland  choppers.What about the fraud land deals of your husband Robert Vadra. So do not pretend that you are innocent-that you came to save the nation and speak for the distressed. Your family is the main cause of all the distress. You are very much part of the whole sham and the fraud. You accused Modi of misusing institutions. What a travesty of truth.What did your mother-Mrs Maino do? She set up an NAC and became the chairperson-drafting and overseeing what had to go to the PM. Thereby she demeaned Parliament and the PM’s office made both superfluous and misused her role as the chairperson of the NAC. The Congress to which you belong has been known for misusing all constitutional institutions-be it the CBI the ED and the NIA. Its chief misuse was Parliament when it made and unmade governments. Formed the shouting brigade and blocked the working of Parliament. It even bought one vote- with a bag of money by Buta Singh in Parliament because what transpires in Parliament cannot be taken to court. Your party blackened the name of VPSingh and George Fernandes in Parliament.Later they were cleared of all charges.Your father even used the floor of Parliament to insult leaders like Jaipal Reddy in the most inhuman manner by saying that his mind is as crooked as his body.So please do not resort to the same game of blaming Modi for misusing constitutional institutions. Is it because the ED is grilling your husband you say this. Should If the ED and IT and CBI do their job can it said that Modi is misusing these? Does it mean that all fraudsters and scamsters not be investigated? Your grandmother even suspended the Constitution. Remember Pakistan has charged Mushraff a traitor for suspending the Constitution of Pakistan. Indira Gandhi also called for a committed judiciary and misused it towards her goal. Your brother Raul Vince by tearing the Ordinance passed by the Cabinet when he was only an MP misused and dented the authority of the Cabinet. Your mother by continuing to live in No 10 Janpath has misused her status as the wife of a former PM.

  1. You asserted that UP has two sons and hence does not need an adopted son. What you meant is that Modi ji is an outsider. If your brother is a true son of UP do not forget that he is also half an Italian.Your mother is Italian born-does India need her when Bharat Mata has lakhs of true daughters of her own?Why should an Italian daughter made any claim at all? Your perceptive is divisive. It has always been so-your party has divided the people on the basis of caste and creed and regions. The same can be said of you.So do not go on river-Ganga cruise thinking that people will swallow all your untruths. Remember that ma Ganga will not tolerate lies and frauds and deception. Using her as a communication means to disseminate falsehood and hypocrisy is against dharma
  2. Raul Vince thought that he is very smart to repeat the jibes against Modi ji.But all backfired. People look down on those who resort to insult the Constitutional post of the PM.People expect the minimum decency and courtesy. Nobody appreciates the jibes against the Prime Minster.They only reveal a very cheap mentality. These only expose the low level character and a stunted intellectual growth. Now the latest is ‘ Chowkidar’chor hai. And you want to repeat and reinforce the same when you cited that only the rich needs chowkidars not the farmers. Are you totally ignorant that farmers never use chowkidars. They have other means of securing their crops and their farms. Yes you are right when you say that only the rich need chowkidars.Your and your mother Mrs Maino and your brother belong to this category-the rich-nay the filthy rich. Hence you and your husband Robert Vadra-Raul Vince  your brother  and Mrs Maino  need chowkidars.Was it is not on the basis of security that under the UPA regime  a MP’s bungalow was allotted to you and your family the Vadras?The reason being ‘Security’.But why this security for you and your Scot mother-in-law and your family  at the cost of the taxpayers. Can your husband Robert Vadra  not provide his mother and his family private security? When your mother-in-law’s security was withdrawn there was a hue and cry from the family. Robert Vadra cited her age etc.Are you not ashamed to fleece the money of the poor for your security. You –your Scot mother-in-law and the family need Chowkidars. Remember that during your mother’s defacto regime as the PM  scams rained-Nirav Modi ,Chowski his uncle- and Vijaya Mallya et al were looting the banks –the UPA and the then puppet PM abetted this. They were wining and dining. It is only when the Chowkidar Modi appeared on the scene they took to their heels -became fugitives .And you be sure that  Chowkidar Modi will not let India’s poor to be looted any more-that is why the people know that the nation under Chowkidar Modi is and will be safe.But he gives the jitters and fear to those who are frauds and who have cheated the nation-the scamsters- who  are anxious and hell bent on making him lose so that they could escape and enjoy their loot. Defeat Modi-under the name of ‘save democracy’ was triggered .How can parties which believe in dynasties save democracy? Your party makes all sorts of promises, like women reservation-health care Act, minimum basic income. Why were these not done when for 57 long years the Congress was in power? Now it is indulging in deceptions and gimmicks to keep Modi out. All reveal only a hatred for Modi -nothing positive .Past experience will vouch that the Congress had no real reform-not uplifted the poor and only divided the people and ushered in casteism and communalism. The maximum distress deaths of farmers were when the UPA was in power. Communal riots and terrorists attack only produced hollow promises, ‘We will not bend our knees to terrorism’. You know Chowkidar Modi is  a threat to all cheaters- your husband’s land deals and to all those who sinned against the poor. Beware the people are with Chowkidar Modi.

You have a long way to go. Be what you are-do not try to imitate and turn out to be a caged parrot. This country has given you and your family much. The nation has suffered also from the betrayal of the Congress and its leaders. Remember entering politics for selfish interest will not take you anywhere. Do not make it a family business. That is a negation of democracy. What you do not have you cannot give. So forget all the false promises. Above all stop betraying the poor and stop patronizing them and taking them for a ride. This is a New India remember –hence watch your step. The patience of the people is running out.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja-Vadodara.


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Raul Vinci’s ranting- -RV will never grow.Take the following:_ -He stated that Modi is only interested in himself. -That institutions post were filled by RSS .That the country can burn but Modi wants to become the PM. -That if Raul Vinci was given 15 minutes to talk in Parliament Modi would run away. The analysis of all the above four will prove that Raul Vinci will never grow! When the UPA was in power who did they appoint in all the institutional posts?Raul Vince sees red –he is terribly scared of the RSS because unlike him It is a discipline,-hard working cadre and is nationalistic and patriotic to the core..The RSS will give its life for the country.Unlike Raul Vince and his mother who would flee to Italy and to safety if faced with such a crisis. It is the prerogative of a party to fill in with their men and women not with the Opposition’s men and womenThis is understandable and nothing new.The BJP is simply following the precedent established by the previous governments.Even otherwise it cannot fill up the institutions posts with men and women from other parties but only with its own to follow its agenda on the basis on which it was elected by the people.This is simple logic of any political party. The whole world knows that Modi is a great statesman and that is why he was invited to address a dozen of Parliaments of different countries.All the global top leaders have acclaimed Modi to be a great statesman of the century.So that is what is irritating Raul Vinci.The people know that Modi works hard-the people know that we have the first PM who really cares and works for the people and the country. Modi is a fighter-he will not take flight in a crisis.It is not in his personality to want to become the PM at all costs.Even so what is wrong.Raul Vinci and his mother aspire to the PM’s chair-one is an italian and the other half an Italian and the country rejected both.So if the country wants Modi no matter what he wants then surely Modi will and can aspire to become the PM.He does not piggyback ride neither does he claim a coronation of a dynast for the post.He is claiming the people’s verdict to made him the PM –what is Raul Vinci then aiming at?Just a trouble maker and fish in troubled waters.Incapable of even understanding the basics of a democracy. Poor Raul Vinci he has a bloated self image. He says that if 15 minutes he was allowed to talk in Parliament Modi will run away.He must realize that nobody prevented him from talking.It is the Opposition and mainly the Congress which blocked Parliament because they could not would not be able to withstand the onslaught of Modi and his logical reasoning and his convincing thesis of events and happenings. They prevented him from addressing the Parliament and blocked Parliament. Now RV is crying over spilt milk. Talk-talk as much as you can in the well of the House and outside Parliament and notice how people are laughing at you. How you are being so foolish and children are mocking at you.You talk with no logic and substance -I really pity you and your bloated EGO.Modi is a fighter-he will never run away from difficult situations. He fought to survive –he fought hunger and poverty. He is made of a different stuff. You are more a trouble maker than a trouble shooter. You fish in troubled waters augmenting and fomenting crisis after crisis for your own petty ambition-to oust Modi.You want the country to burn and that is why you projected that on Modi.Let the country burn what I cannot have others should not have. This is called projection in psychology. That will never happen. The more you resort to such gimmicks the more you will be turn out, down and off. Raul Vinci make yourself clear and clean you are not worthy to hold a candle to Modi so give up this bloated EGO of yourself. Please grow up. You are a 47 year old man but act as a kid.You -Rahul Vinci and your mother Edvige Antoni Albina Maino should know that, ‘you can fool all the people some time and some of the people all the time –but you cannot fool all the people all the time’.Remember these golden words. Indians are not to be taken for a ride anymore.You your party the Congress and its netas must remember this. Dr Mrs Hilda Raja- A FEW QUESTIONS TO RAUL VINCE

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