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‘I’m very Happy 2014 happened ,it taught the Congress a hell of a lot.’(Express Interview –Rahul Gandhi-5th May)

Pity Rahul Gandhi-his ‘brutal campaign’ is one of his show pieces and urging us to credit him of his three term elected membership of the Lok Sabha of his capabilities! He can get elected any number of times but that does not prove his capabilities-what he utters what he asserts what he acts on and his habitual falsehoods are what certifies his capabilities/incapabilities. And his capabilities are well know when he often puts his foot in his mouth-when he muddles up his half-baked ideas when he gets his arithmetic wrong –when he thinks that he is the man who can in 15 minutes discussion with Modi demolition Modi. His arrogance is evident and obvious but the faked Gandhis were always arrogant that was their hall mark.This nearly 50 year old man wants us to believe that he is a democrat when he is a dynast.How and who elected him as the President of the Congress party.For that matter can anyone other than the faked Gandhis be the President of the Congress party.How can he believe in democracy when he and his family do no go by that theory in their actions. What you do not have you cannot give.

Look at the number of U-turns he did in his interview-Has he a mole in the PM’s office to report what and how the PM takes action. He wants us to believe that Modi is an autocrat-this from the grandson of the autocrat and dictator Indira Gandhi.His attack on Modi has always been abusive and of low taste. He had jibed on his 57 inches chest-nobody makes such person remarks. He even stated that in the Rajya Sabha it will be reduced to 54 inches. It was he and he alone who first coined ‘Chowkihar Chor Hai’,Now he attributes it to a group of youngsters standing in his rally who ended his ‘Chowkidar’ by  Chai Hai.This is a lie. After he had on multiple occasions used the slogan ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’ then in one of his rallies he paused after uttering  ‘Chowkidar’to allow the people to end it with Chor hai.It seemed to me that they were coached to say it. Why had he to apologize to the Supreme Court if he had not coined that slogan and went around using it? In fact he even stated that now the SC also agrees that Chowkidar is a Chor. ‘I am thankful to the SC’.As though the SC did him a favor and supported his slogan. So it is ingrained in RG to be uttering falsehoods. He taunted Modi by saying that the Chowkidar had allowed Nirav, Mehul Chokshi and Vijaya Mallay to loot and escape. The fact remains that they looted during the regime of the UPA and under the great economist of a former PM the one whom RG says he respects and loves –Manmohan Singh. Everyone knows how MMSingh was handpicked by his mother to be the PM. Was it his love and respect that made RG to tear the ordinance passed by the MMSingh’s government and that too when the latter was abroad. How glibly he brushes it aside and says that may be the way it was done was wrong. Mind you, this three term MP wants us to believe in his capabilities. All his utterances and his actions script the opposite. He is arrogant and thinks that nobody can do anything to him and that he can stoop to any low. This is what makes him think that in 15 minutes discussion he can brow beat Modi.He has the arrogance-he who is just a coronated President of one of the political parties wants the PM to discuss with him-so sharp is his brain and so skillful he is and so deep his knowledge-is what he thinks about himself. He wants us to believe that Modi does not want to face him-another arrogant assumption of his capabilities. He is unaware perhaps that people are laughing at him.

He had maligned Modi-by stating that he does not care for the poor but only for his 15 corporate friends. Now he has made a U-turn and wants us to believe that he is an all-out supporter of the corporates and their incredible work. It is habitual for RG to go on uttering lies. RG is a faked Gandhi and all that pertains to him be it his utterances-his actions his promises-are all faked.He wants us to believe in the mirage of his making .When Modi’s government’s surgical strikes-the Congress did not believe. RG wanted proof. Now they claim Me TOO. Then the nation should have been told what it led to and what the consequences were. Why the secrecy? RG even jibbed that Modi is a koon ka dadal

Yes Modi is an autocrat-that is what RG wants us to believe-unlike Vajpayee.But then RG has a soft corner for Vajpayee. Because he intervened and got RG released from the Boston Customs when RG was caught trying to slip through the Customs with drugs and unaccounted money along with his Columbian girlfriend-the daughter of a drug lord. That according to me was a blunder which Vajpayee made. May be today if the same situation arises, and if Sonia Gandhi pleads with the PM to step in do something-then I am sure Modi will also get RG released. But then according to RG Modi is vindictive .So one cannot be sure!

Coming to ideology-am wondering what was and is the ideology of the Congress but loot-have the dynasty at the helm of affairs-look the other way and allow scams to rain. That is what happened. It is no exaggeration to say that after the Bangla Desh war- Indira became India and India became Indira.Is that the ideology which is being followed and today RG claims it is all Modi and the building of his personality cult .So what. Whose personality did the Congress built all the 70 years of freedom-except building of a personality cult of the Nehru-Gandhi family? Today what unfolds in India-be they awards-Special Days, roads-buildings-airports everything is named after the Nehru-Gandhi family-except the garbage pits and the toilets. The No 10 Janpath Road belongs to whom? Why should the Vadras be given a government bungalow? Is Robert Vadra not capable of employing private security. So in the name of security a bungalow was allotted to the Vadras-who pays for it-what is the amount spent on the three bungalows including No 10 Janpath annually. Whose money is it. And they shed crocodile tears for the poor. But like leeches suck the blood of the poor.

The hundreds-nay thousands of the Indians who sacrificed their lives and who was fed as fodder at the in the WW 2 thanks to the betrayal of Winston Churchill has no claim to the word -sacrifice .The poor Indians who took part in the Indian Freedom struggle has no mention  and claim to the word sacrifice. It is reserved only for the Congress. The Congress which imposed Emergence-the Congress which  committed genocide against the Sikhs-with Rajiv Gandhi justifying it. So it was worse than Jallianwallah bagh which was gruesome and indiscriminate gunning down of innocent Indians. The Congress silently watched the ethnic cleansing of Kashmir when lakhs of Hindu Pundits were driven away from their homes and made refugees. Every one of the Congress member- and more so the Nehru Gandhi family are abettors of the Sikh genocide. Is this the ideology which RG talks about? The culprits have been honored-one is waiting for never ending bail-the other is hailed as a great Congress neta and another has been made the CM of MP. Can this be held against any other party-Who allowed Warren Anderson to flee after the Bhopal gas leak? Who allowed Quatrrochhi to loot and got his kickbacks defreezed in the UK and escape. RG who incessantly talks of Rafale deal must know that the Gandhi’s are arms brokers.

The history of the Gandhis-the faked Gandhis is a never ending narrative of betrayal of the poor Indians-of the hypocrisy and of false promises-How can the family know what is distress-what is hunger what is poverty and what is unemployment. They live in cocoons and luxury. They have their holidays abroad-they are surrounded by lavishness and Priyanka’s hobby is sports cars and she goes to the poor and asks if Modi visited them? What hypocrisy. This is the ideology of the Congress’ First family and naturally it flows down to the others. The Family which has not worked for a livelihood cannot understand the pain and the hunger of others. So stop this hypocrisy and compassion.

The one idea which people should trust RG over Modi-that was the last question in the interview and shamelessly RG replies, ‘RG listens-is compassionate and genuinely wants to help.’ We do want patrons and patronizing. We demand our rights and we want no compassion(at least RG should have used the word empathy)-we Indians are not at your mercy. We do not want crumbs throw at us from the High table. It is the other way around. We demand not to be looted -not to shed hypocritical tears and do not be a patron to us. We demand our just share and above all leave us alone.  We demand democracy and not dynasty. Above all we demand accountability-please account for your wealth and your mother’s and sister’s billions. Now it is New India RG for the people know they have been cheated for 70 years they are not fools to allow this cheating to continue

Dr Hilda Raja-Vadodara

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  • 1. Jerome Anto  |  May 30, 2019 at 1:52 pm

    Dr.Hilda, I need to get in touch with you…


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