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Double standards-typical example

There has been media coverage of Modi to such an extent that I think he has been the most published and damned political figure –but with a difference it has been aimed to demonize him. There seem to be no end to Modi bashing. Reflecting a bit I was intrigued on this prejudice of the media. It is not mere prejudice but sheer hate building. The media would stoop to any level be it to spread canards-allegations and even had put Modi to trial and sent him to the gallows. On the other hand the netas do not hesitate from shaking hands with Pakistanis-be they officers, or envoys. The hand shake must be captured in the media and hence the duration accordingly. And these are the people who abet cross country terrorism. But the media scrutinizes those who shake hands with Modi-sit near him-embrace him etc –much is interpreted and read into these gestures of even normal courtesies. Why this double standard?

We must live with Islamic terror and fatwas. The media is rather reluctant to call a spade a spade. But then P.Chidambaram when he was the Home Minister was quick to point out at ‘saffron terror. I beg to ask PC how many instances of ‘saffron’ terror had been detected .On the other hand look at the numerous Islamic terror attacks Why a studied silence? Why not give it a color and condemn these?

To show the bias of the media I would like to cite the example of Muhul Roy’s visit to Chennai after the Tamilnadu train accident near Nellore-in which 32 died and a few others injured. Muhul Roy visits Chennai in grand style. The same platform on which the dead bodies were brought the previous day our Hon’ble minister after a good sleep in a luxurious coach alighted .The platform had been washed-fresheners were set up-and two electricians were ready (least there be a close circuit) and Muhul Roy alights-steps on the platform-wait a minute- a red woolen rug was placed for him to step on. All this when the tears of those who lost their dear ones were not dried. And Muhul Roy did not even apologize but when asked if he would resign-he shot back “Why should I”. Yes these are our netas who forget that they live on our money and they are supposed to serve the aam admi.

The callousness and arrogance of the political class and in this case Muhul Roy was nauseating remember a train accident that happened I think in the year 1960 at Ariyalur-Tamilnadu, Then Lal Bahadhur Shastri was the railway minister. Without a delay and without a fuss he immediately put in his papers owning responsibility-that is dharma. But these days when the train accidents are so many-call it Centre terrorism because it is the lives of people that are lost and people are crippled and injured. Be it State terrorism, riots it is all lives that matter and that have to be accounted for. What happens in State and Centre terrorism quickly the government announces compensation. Again it is taxing the people. Why not dip into the kitties of the political parties which are in power for distributing compensations. This I mention for two reasons. What would have been the media’s reaction had Modi acted as Muhul Roy. The red rug was displayed only in a couple of papers. The electronic media was silent.  Had Modi did the same the media would have flashed his stepping on the red rug and also would have analyzed his indifference and callousness to the loss of lives and suffering of the people?So Modi is treated entirely on a different level while others are given a velvet glove treatment. It is Modi hatred that the media is spreading. May be the media is paid to do so-otherwise what reason could there be for such blatant discrimination and bias?

The second reason why I am mentioning this is to highlight the callousness of the political class. Today they move around as monarchs .The amount of money spent on their visits, the style of functioning even when tragedy strikes people is something one cannot take. There seem to be a total lack of concern, a distance between the people and the elected representatives and a lack of probity in public life. Insensitivity is not the word sufficient to describe the way the political class behaves. The railways are a telling example. How much of money is being spent on security for the ministers but when it comes to the common people it is negligible. The so called people’s ‘comforts’ are atrocious. I traveled in the Kanyakumari Express two weeks ago. There was no water-the wash basins are today small finger bowls-the state of the toilets are intolerable. The people suffer all this in silence. The ministers and the MPs travel in high style at the cost of the people. Why should our Indian culture be associated with dirt and uncleanliness when it comes to public services? The ministers and the bureaucrats visits foreign countries don’t they see the clean public services? Why these foreign jaunts on our money when they cannot try and bring in some kind of discipline in our country? Taking the people for a ride and compensating for their lives with our money. How come that no top persons are involved in accidents-especially in trains-that’s because everything is meticulously scrutinized and put in place. Why not extend the same care and security for the people on whose money the whole governance (non governance) revolves? Shame on the political class! Accountability is totally absent when it comes to services for the people.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

August 7, 2012 at 3:05 pm 4 comments


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