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The dead Horse


“When you discover that you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to
dismount and get a different horse.”

However, in government, education and corporate life, more advanced
strategies are often employed, such as:
1. Buying a stronger whip.
2. Changing riders.
3. Appointing a committee to study the horse.
4. Arranging to visit other countries to see how other cultures ride dead
5. Lowering the standards so that the dead horse can be included.

6. Reclassifying the dead horse as ‘living impaired’.
7. Hiring outside contractors to ride the dead horse.
8. Harnessing several dead horses together to increase speed.
9. Providing additional funding and / or training to increase dead horse’s
10. Doing a productivity study to see if lighter riders would improve the
dead horse’s performance.
11. Declaring that as the dead horse does not have to be fed, it is less
costly, carries lower overheads and therefore contributes substantially more
to the bottom line of the economy than do some other horses.
12. Rewriting the expected performance requirements for all horses.
And, of course,
13. Promoting the dead horse to a supervisory position!
Right ?

The above was sent to me by a friend without any comments .As I went through it I found it so aptly describing the Congress led UPA government. Day in and day out what we read in the papers are  the scams.There seem to be no end to the scams and the corruption. If the Congress is really concerned – and sensitive on the issue of corruption then it should support Baba Ramdev.Instead all these years it has been abetting and directly involved in corruptions when the Civil society and the Opposition thunders and roars about corruption instead of lending all support it finds fault and points at Karnataka.The PM urges the party to fight ‘canard,and falsehoods.Does he mean that all these scams and corruption are canard and falsehoods.?

It is ridiculous to find it sent the CBI to harass and probe Jaganmohan Reddy.Till recently he was with the Congress and everything was fine. Did he accumulate all his wealth and assets after he left the Congress party ?The CBI is the whipping lash of the Congress.It holds it ready-Every time it wants to take revenge or threaten then the whip is used .Otherwise it is held back. This is the reason why Mulayam and Mayawati are very cautious. That such a functioning is anti people is no concern of the Congress.Power by all means-it has no political morality or public accountability.It has klost all credibility of being people’respresentatives.Because even in this it cobbles up an alliance even with diametrically opposing ideology and principles.It is least concern with some sense of right and wrong.

Adimuthu Raja can now visit Tamilnadu.He has been fed and well taken care of with the tax payers money for the last one year.He poises as a hero and I am sure will also get a hero’s welcome in Tamilnadu.Kanimozhi struts around as a heroine.The fact is that all those who are involved in scams and are alleged in corruption cases are shameless and walk around as heros and heroines what is the problem. That public probity is at zero level.

The media is no doubt doing some public washing of dirty linen but not entered into a cleansing mode. It is more obsessed with Modi and the BJP.Not a day passes when the papers are void of Modi bashing and the internal problems of the BJP.But when it comes to the Congress which is anti-democratic-dynastic, monolithic and one woman rule there is no bashing. If a Congress man in Kanyakumar has to sneeze he has to get the okay from the High Command.This the media simply ignores it..

 Why this obsession and  phobia for Modi?Is the media apid to do this?It even watches out who shook hands  with Modi-how long the hand shake was-who hugged Modi and who exchanged pleasantries with Modi.Is it not  simple courtesy to shake hands with a CM ?When one can hug and shake hands with Pakistani counterparts and Chinese officials why not Modi?Is Modi the enemy of this country? Similarly I found it rather cheap and uncalled for the news item of Nitin Gadkari touching the feet of Baba Ramdev.

“Gadkari falls at Ramdev’s feet”This became even a topic for a panel discussion on one of the channels. What is so intriguing in this. It is the culture of India to respect every swamiji and this is expressed by touching their feet.If the feet of corrupt politicians can be touched and even prostrated before why not gurus ? What is there is read into it? Did not Indira Gandhi prostrate before Swamijis?Did not Rajiv Gandhi go to the tree abode of a naked swamiji and seek his blessings which he gave by placing his foot on RG’s head? So what is strange and new in this gesture of Nitin Gadkari touching the feet of Baba Ramdev?Is it because the gesture was by the President of the BJP party and the swami was Baba Ramdev?

The open bias of the media is complete wrong because the media has a role to play. To project that which is correct and not give its own version.This it can do in its editorials.But why this special treatment for the BJP and Modi.?

Now to come to the dead horse which I mentioned reflects the Congress led UPA government’s non/governance. If there is any governance at all.From the time Manmohan Singh was and is the PM it is a committee/panel raj. Now it is the Group of empowered ministers’ raj.What are the ministers usual routine work? Why every time an issue comes a Go E M is being formed to deal with it. Should one think that in the normal routine the ministers have no powers and no work but gather their salaries and their perks and use the tax payers money unabashedly? Parliament has ceased to be a constructive forum and major decisions are made outside the Parliament

If the dead horse does not run then get a stronger whip-otherwise write it off as less productive and say that in the bargain it brings government profit because there is no expenditure on it. Another strategy is to harness other dead horses with it and see if some strength comes into it. Rewrite the expected performances of horses-dead or alive. Form an empowered group of ministers to study the dead horse and its non functioning. Take a few years to get the report ready. If this is not feasible then a retired SC Judge can be engaged for a huge salary to look into all the aspects why the dead horse is not functioning. This and more to come….The enormous waste of time-funds and lack of sensitivity to the problems of the aam admi and the nation can be gauged by the programs the NAC has envisaged. Like arm chair democracy which we have these programs are structured theoretically  and not practically

Take a look at one of the flagship programs of the UPA It was simply unrealistic to think and envisage that this would eradicate poverty or help the aam admi to get one square meal for the whole family. But it was Mrs SoniaGandhi’s pet project-as though it was her brain child.One of the ministers have found fault with it the NREGP.Suddenly this minister(Ramesh Jairam) is enlightened. How can one go on creating community assets he asks. This program in a smaller way area wise was implemented in the late 60s under the Food for Work program. It was then community assets creating. Silting of ponds,leveling of land,planting of trees etc.Now the ponds have disappeared and the land under the grab land movement of the political class have all become individual assets so where is the community asset creation for this NREGP?It is a huge waste-A corruption channel created by the NAC for its own reasons.So then lets get a new a few more dead horses and tie them up to the first dead one and see whether it has strength to run.

 This is the kind of renaming and restructing of programs that has been already there.-from the 20th Point Program till date.The same can be said of the Food Security.Act.The Public distribution system is a very effective and lucrative channel for corruption.The problem with Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her NAC is the fact that they are unconstitutional and undemocractic.Mrs Sonia Gandhi has a patronizing attitude and thus it means throw some crumbs to the straving millions.It does not matter if the rodents are well fed and the grains are rotting.Nobody kicks up a row against Pawar for this.It means there is no storing place-or it means that we had a bumper crop etc.But then why should the people go hunger on both these counts?

Mrs Sonia Gandhi and of course her son Rahul Gandhi do not have sensible questions and hence does not raise these.It is sharing roti with a dalit woman peeping into her backyard and of course strutting round canvassing for the votes to bring in change,.What change is anybody;s guess.Rahul Gandhi is with rural India but lives in urban India.He thinks acts and lives as an ultra urbanite. His sister Priyanka Vadra can with a toss of her head raze a two storied house to the ground in Himachal Pradesh-because it did not suit her fancy.So another one is coming up in .These are the people who shed crocodile tears for the poor and who are going to change the fate of the poor.Callous to money spending-luxurious living and spending have made them insensitive to reality. What can one expect from this family?

To comeback to the dead horse non functioning-meaning here the government- why not send a team to Pakistan to study how poverty is being tackled? The Foreign minister will help in arranging the tour. Yes rewriting the blueprint and creating a new one. Why not? When poverty numbers and PL has been juggled and pulled and stretched to meet the requirements of the Planning Commission’s vision. Why not open to FDI the economy will suddenly bloom. If nothing works why not lease the government or put it for auction to the highest bidder. The present political class has nothing to lose because their kitties are safe and the tax havens are direct routes for their operations. By the way one hardly hears of Hasan Ali Khan and the crores of tax he has to pay. Let’s wait for another Finance Minister to deal with that. Till then the focus is on who will be the next rider of this dead horse. What good a few persons like Modi does must be destroyed in the meantime and the dead horse must become be kept in cold storage. It is the rider for this dead horse which the nation must go to the elections in a couple of years to elect then mount him/her and a make believe world created that the dead horse is fine and will bring redemption to the starving people once  a new rider mounts it. After all this is not very difficult because make believe world is what the Congress wants the nation to believe in.

 We have a PM who cannot see-cannot speak and cannot hear. He is a robot with a remote control connection Lets wait for the rider of the dead horse in the next elections.Long live the corrupt and the scamesters Long live the bloodsuckers of the society.Long live the Congress and its scams,long live the non governing UPA Poor INDIA

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,


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On ‘How to wipe out Islamic terror’

A former student of mine brought this article to my notice and wanted my reaction. Subsequently I found a number of email friends forwarding the web link. The following is my reflection and response on Dr Swamy’s analysis on how to wiope out Islamic terror

My immediate reaction  is that it was brilliant. That the HM-P Chidambaram must be thankful to him and pick up this blueprint and implement these if he really wants to counter terrorism. Instead of creating a mirage of saffron terror and picking on that as an extension of the appeasement policy the GOI is betraying Indians and India’s security. It has defaulted all these years and we have watched this betrayal with hollow promises-we will fight terrorism’ but allowed the Hindus to be led to the slaughter house with their hands tied behind and with absolutely no defensive action .The GOI-has made the Hindus immobile so to say and a soft target with their minority appeasement policy.

Instead of being thankful to Dr Swamy they are raising all sorts of doubts and accusing him of spreading hatred. Where is the hatred in ‘Analysis: How to wipe out Islamic terror”? That Islamic terror is a fact-a reality cannot be denied because it has cost the nation dearly with lives and blood. The recent Mumbai blast on July 13th 2011 after 31  month this terror attack has shaken us to the reality that we have to live and die with Islamic terror-otherwise some soul searching much be done and strategies to defend ourselves must be envisaged and implemented. It is in this context that one would think that P.Chidambaram and the GOI should be grateful to Dr Swamy. Otherwise it is proof that they really are not keen on countering terror but using it against the Hindus and furthering the vote bank by the appeasement policy. It seems to remind us of the tragic situation Hindus are.

The response/reaction of the GOI is not only hollow but hypocritical. The lame duck excuses from a lame duck government are-human error, systems failure, intelligence failure, intelligence gap and finally no intelligence failure because it never picked up the intelligence. Yet we have five Intelligence agencies and with what audacity does the GOI give such excuses for the loss of lives, loss of limbs, pieces of flesh strewn on the roads, streets bathed in blood, families orphaned and untold misery and pain and suffering? Candle lights and flowers to sedate the bruised psyche and the battered bodies?

So Dr Swamy proposes this brilliant defense strategy. Mind you it is defense and not an offence strategy and yet those in the power echelons are trying to spread canards about him and his strategy. They bring in caste-as usual a strategy by which they have divided and ghettoed the nation. The caste of Dr Swamy is not the issue but the issue is terrorism and countering Islamic terror.

P.Chidambaram,Rahul Gandhi,Digvijaya Singh et al are only bothered of ‘Saffron’ terror while more virulent,more blasting more terrifying,more numerically  and more real is the Islamic terror not only in the Indian context but also globally.In the Indian context it is abetted or backed by cross terror from Pakistan.This is a well know fact.Yet these Congressmen want to shadow box the ‘saffron’ terror.What is ridiculous is that while the Mumbai blast of July 13th is being investigated PC is cautioning of ‘saffron’ terror’-which according to him is more dangerous. How has he arrived at such a theory? Facts and figures do not prove his theory.

I have nothing more to add to Dr Swamy’s five goals except that I would shuffle the five goals and prioritize them in the following order

Creating of a Hindu mind set-an essential mental attitude as is put- it is a necessary part of a virat(committed) Hindu.This is what will call for the whole Hindu community becoming one .Nothing strange and new because the Catholic Church has this as a belief. It is called the paschal mystery of Christ. Right from the Pope down to the small lay catholic are all united as one body in Christ. Hence if one part is affected the whole body reacts and is affected. This is exactly why the Kandhamal incident made the Pope sit up-it made the European Union pull up the Prime Minister. This kind of evolving as one is not there in the Hindu community. Each seeks salvation through adhering to Sanatana Dharma. So Dr Swamy is not calling for anything that does not exist in other religions but only inserting it in the Hindu context and giving the call to be united and be sensitize because everyone must feel this Oneness and there must be a collective response to anything that affect one/a few Hindus.I would put this as priority one

The rest can follow if this is acquired. His goal 3 must become second because this can be easily achieved. A common civil code is something that has been demanded by women’s groups and for the empowerment of women. .Wonder why the NAC is silent on this instead of adopting all patronizing programmes and making the women more bonded.

Goal number 4 becomes three because the migration policy and the Family Planning are changing drastically the demographic pattern of India.Goal number one becomes goal four and Goal 3 becomes five. Except for the changes in priorities I find the proposal of Dr Swamy not only brilliant but enforceable, achievable and relevant and above all Hindus must start changing the mindset and becoming one. Unless politically too there is a vote bank nothing can be achieved. We are seeing this and politicians understand only this-Why not then form a vote bank on the above mentioned premises?

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

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Rahul Gandhi ashamed to be an Indian

Rahul Gandhi is ashamed he said to be an Indian when he sees the plight of the farmers. He is not ashamed to be in a party which is covered and reeking with scams. What kind of a statement is this coming from one who is all set to handle the reins of governance? Throughout RG has been exposing his ignorance of Indian affairs and his total alienation from the reality that is India. One could understand if he had stated something similar out of disgust for the corruption that the Congress has blotted this nation with.

Granted that the utterance was made in a utter disbelief of the misery of the farmers coming from RG it needs to be dissected. From the time of Independence the farmers have been neglected. This started with the British when all its policies pauperized the rural masses and impoverished the rural people. Farmers fled to nearby towns-settled in the periphery of small towns as unskilled labor and the dehumanized spread of slums started. The farmers lost their dignity and their pride in these guttural urban spread.

The land policy was such that made them sharecroppers/tenants and marginal farmers. The irrigation system was such that the tail end farmers and those who were the marginal  farmers  were directly affected As water became more and more scare the farmers depended only on rain fed lands which hardly gave them sufficient subsistence .Take for example the Cauvery delta lands these belonged to just three rich land lords-one of which is G K.Vasu’s father-late G.K.Moopanar. These lands had three crops harvesting because of the water abundance and the rich soil .Even when land reforms were ushered in people like the then Congress chief late G K.Moopanar was able to wriggle out through the loopholes of the Land Reform Act. Hence the lands were held in Trusts and in benami names. The poor labourers did not know that the ‘pattas’ were in their names but they faithfully and slavishly laboured in the fields and harvested for the rich farmers the produce.

All this, and more during the time of the Congress regime. The same pattern was replicated all over India. Even at a time when India boasted as an agricultural country the farmers were in penury and the rich absentee landlords enjoyed the fruits. No government was able to change this. Except for a period of seven years from Independence till date it the Congress which was and is in power. So what is Rahul Gandhi cribbing about the plight of the farmers. Did this ‘plight’ suddenly befall the farmers or was it contained only in Uttar Pradesh.He is as usual playing politics with the suffering and hardships of the farmers/dalits. This is the game play of the Congress. The scion who talks of change cannot and is not a change agent because he is not prepared to learn. He is not prepared to change himself.

If there is going to be a change it must start with oneself. Rahul Gandhi cannot talk of change at the grassroots  level when change does not touch him and his mother. The Congress party cannot be in the hands of an Italian who does not understand the farmers plight and has no sensitivity to their hardship. The farmers’ plight cannot and should not be used as a vote garnering mechanism. This is worse than terrorism.

There have been suicides in Andhra Pradesh,Maharashtra but nothing substantive had been done to tackle the human tragedy. Sound bytes by the Congress spokespersons are cruel jokes because they only try to score brownie points and not look at the misery and the human tragedy-the enormity of the problem and accept first the failure of the GOI in tackling the problem .Then envisage measures and means not tokenism to alleviate the suffering.

Simply because UP will go to the polls soon RG suddenly became a champion of the farmers. Eating along with them-sleeping in one of their houses is no effective measure to bring the farmers succor. It has been a long standing problem. Come elections and all the political parties are up in arms supporting the farmers. They are then conveniently forgotten. Their hard labour fruits can be eaten by rodents, can fester and rot but is not available to fill the hungry stomachs of the people.

It is in this background that one must analyze the utterance of Rahul Gandhi when he said that he is ashamed to be an Indian. Does he realize that we Indians are ashamed of being Indians because of the Italian connection –because an un-Indian is at the helm of affairs because ignorance and appeasement policy have destroyed the countryside. We have an economist of a PM who is subservient to Mrs Sonia Gandhi.In no country is a political party leader more powerful than the government of the country. But in India it is the High Command-what a dichotomy to have a High command in a democracy.

It is thus not political gimmicks which will safe the country-the farmers and alleviate suffering. It is not teaching Mayawati a lesson that is called for .It calls for the Centre to bring in reforms-land reforms- land acquisition law, Farmers security, Farmers Insurance et al. .It is here that we need to concentrate and make relevant change. Change for the better will call for a genuine reassessment of land, availability of infrastructure for the farmers, storage facilities, holding capacity, marketing, land acquisition, water availability, land usage and land utilization for development.

This cannot happen unless and until the dynasty regime is dismantled and the democratic institutions are set in motion. It does not have room for NAC and least of all for an NAC chairperson. It calls for Parliament to be accountable-for the various ministries to work out strategies and for the PM to act. The Congress party is just a political party and for a democracy to be vibrant all political parties need to function and have their respective roles. Hence  the understanding and tackling of the farmers plight encompasses a whole gamut of actions and reassessment  to be set in motion

To be ashamed for being an Indian because of the farmers’ plight is indirectly striking at the Congress-its total failure and it also unconsciously reveals the real RG and his moorings. Inspite of all the failures, in spite of human tragedies in spite of poverty and penury, no sensible patriotic Indian who knows his/her country will ever utter that he/she is ashamed of being an Indian. Because the other side of the coin of the nation reflects the rich hoary parampara,the resilience of a people, the valor and courage  of a people to put up with this dynasty regime,  the values embedded in its patience, its farsightedness, its ability to still look beyond the scams and the wave of the HAND and proclaim that I am proud to be an INDIAN.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

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Gandhi on Conversion by SM MichaelSVD – my reply

This is my response to the following blog by S.M. Michael.

Fr. Sebastian Maria Michael S.V.D., is professor in sociology and anthropology at the University of Mumbai. Also the director of the Andheri Institute of Indian Culture in Mumbai, he was appointed consultor of the Pontifical Council for Culture, in January 2009. Contributing editor of “MissionToday”, a quarterly published from the Sacred Heart Theological College, Shillong, Meghalaya, his paper on “Christian Sannyasin’s view of Religious Freedom” can be found in”A Dialogue: Hindu-Christian Cosmology and Religion.”


I found ‘Gandhi on Conversion’, a very shallow article of the whole issue of Conversion by  Fr. S.M.Michael SVD(Society of the Divine Word) I would have expected him to be more judicious and prudent in the usages of words and quotes  for clarification, support, or accusations.
I fail to understand why the whole debate on conversion should be straitjacketed with Gandhi’s life and works.- and a few reformers. It is true that when one wants to substantiate one only picks what is relevant. And it is true that Gandhi who is called the Father of the nation and who is being held by the Congress as its unique leader did state that ‘If I had power and could legislate, the first thing I would ban is conversions” It is puzzling why Fr.Michael thinks that Gandhi’s views on conversion are very limited by his location in the social structure from where he came. Does that mean that one’s views will depend on world wide roaming and outside a social structure to make it unlimited? To me it seems a crude and immature way of evaluation of ideas and statements made by renowned persons. For that matter every Indian has a location in a social structure-whether we like it or not. Every country in the world has its own social structure. Be it the UK, USA Australian etc. Does this limitation on the basis of location in the social structure apply only to Gandhi or to Ambedkar, Jotirao Phule et al and even Fr Michael SVD. The validity is that from that location alone one views the community, the nation and the world. Can one have any other choice? Along with this, the experiences one had, has, will also influence one’s perception.Greatness depends on the ability to gauge the merits and the demerits of that structure and strife to remove the oppression of that structure. I think that’s what Gandhi tried to do by his own example and his different works. For a personal note I must confess I am no admirer of the whole range of Gandhian philosophy or his political thought.
In trying to compare the Gandhi’s view on conversion with Ambedkar Fr Michael SVD has tripped on his very premise on conversion.. Each one will have one’s own perception one’s own “charisma” But did Ambedkar become a Christian? Can Fr Michael SVDalso give the reasons why Ambedkar rejected Christianity? Because he found the social structure as oppressive within the official church and its followers as in the outside society. Fr Michael SVD should know that one should not try to remove the dust in another’s eye when one has a beam in one’s own. So when Michael svd falls back on Ambedkar’s statement that he is “born a Hindu but will not die as one” he should go the whole way and not be selective to prove his point- which he accused the votaries of Sangh Parivar of quoting Gandhi on conversion for their selective use of Gandhian views. Not even the Congress party uses any of Gandhian views .For that matter Swami Vivekananda’s remark ‘Be born in a religion,but do not die in a religion’ shows the great heights to which this renowned monk of India attained. Heavens do not follow a divisive policies or a social structure and when one attains that bliss everything falls-there is no religion.
The author has brought in Raja Rammohan Roy(1772-1833) and again made a comparison to Dayanand Saraswati.(1824-1883) I am unable to touch the point which he is laboring to make. Every reformer and religious leader has tried to bring in changes and reform religion. Reform was not only restricted to the Hindu religion. Fr Michael SVD will admit that in Christianity too there are at least two major trends-one progressive and the other conservative .There are many more- neither this nor that and now the recent trend is to simply discard the Roman Catholic church teachings. This is what has happened and happening in Europe. No wonder the Church has focused on India. Islamic countries are closed to them and it will not dare to convert. China is closed and the Christians countries are no longer Christian in the real term so that leaves India for its business of conversion. Even the Popes had their own biases depending on their world vision and their goals.
Every Pope thought he wanted to reform the church and mind you every Pope thought he was infallible. But here we have Hindu religious leaders and Hindu reformers who do not make such dogmatic claims but are striving in their way to purify Hinduism, to invigorate it and to disseminate the substance and remove the chaff from it. We had Pope JohnXX111 who through his Vatican documents wanted to reform the antiquated and stifling church. He brought in pluralism and an openness which was refreshing but did not find full support.
I would not agree that Gandhi’s attitude to the ‘Untouchables’ was derogatory. When he considered them less intelligent than the cows it was only a way of saying that they will not be able to distinguish between the relative merits of Islam, Hinduism and Christianity. May be it was crudely put forth. But this is applicable to the majority of us-the common people are least bothered and will not perceive and discern the differences. Why does the church constantly refer to its followers as ‘flock’ of sheep does it not indicate that Catholics  are as dumb as the flock and that they will simply follow with no ability to question, discern and argue. Why then does the church continue to use this derogatory term even now in the 21st century?At least in comparison the cow is a higher animal-it is worshipped and its milk is next best to the mother’s milk. So Fr Michael SVD need not pull out that remark by Gandhi and use it as a yardstick to pass a judgment that he was derogatory of the Harijans. He does acknowledges that Gandhi repeated harped on the evils of Untouchability, he adopted a dalit girl as his daughter, he decided to live with the Untouchables  to become one with them, he started the Harijan Sevak Sangh and of course he symbolically called the Untouchables Harijans(children of God) all this is swept aside and the comparison to the cow negates everything else. This is simply ridiculous.

Can Michael cite one from the Catholic church who could match the same zeal and works that Gandhi had and did .Yet the Catholic Church wants to convert the Harijans- precisely because till date the poor harijans are not able to discern and not bothered to discern the difference between religions .They are engaged to keep their fires burning, to grapple with the daily needs. It is not to every dalit home that  Rahul Gandhi will visit to realize still in what conditions they are and the Church with its towering spires within a hamlet of the deprived Harijans stand as a defiance of Truth and an arrogance of power and prestige unrelated to the reality. The aam admi is a slogan and the symbolism of which Fr Michael now talks of, is revealed in the various schemes the Congress has worked out  and it is to these signs and symbols that the ‘flock’ was asked to ardently appeal to the heavens to be voted back in power. It is for this party that ‘fatwas’ were issues to the ‘flock’ to keep the symbolism alive. So why look down on tokenism Fr Michael SVD to make an effective thesis on Hinduism and what the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is all about should study Sanatana Dharma –then he will understand what Hindutva really is instead of branding it as militant. It is completely wrong to state that “the concern for social reform at the beginning of the Indian nationalist movement was given a back seat with the emergence of militant Hindu nationalism.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh was established in 1925” precisely to give an impetus to the national movement. We were against not only a colonizer but also the colonizer was a proselytizer. The role of the RSS was accepted by Nehru and other national leaders.It is sheer ignorance to put the national movement and the reform movement on the same level. Michael SVD utters the word ‘militant’ as though it is a bad word! Bad only when Hindus are militant. Are the Evangelical churches not militant-Is the Catholic Church not militant?

A Hindu country with its majority people Hindus will talk, act and respond to the colonizer from a Hindu ethos. A nation, a national culture is basically Hindu. Why is it that when catholic/Christians hear the word ‘Hindu’ they suffer from some sort of a phobia? But when one refers to Christian countries, Islamic countries there is no resentment. That was the reality-a Hindu ethos that engulfed this nation. It is in this background that the demand was made by Fr Jerome D’ Souza sj in the constituent Assembly for Arts 29,30 and 31.This on the plea to safeguard the Christian ethos. When you talk of a Christian ethos and demanded for its safeguard in the Indian Constitution a Fundamental Right does the Hindus not have a right to identify nation and national culture as basically Hindu. Hindus do not have divided loyalties. Islam and Christianity had their loyalties outside India and were migrant religions. These did not divest religion from their respective cultures-Muslim culture and Christian culture.

Truth hurts. Hindus can be burned, raped, their swamijis can be butchered-their ashrams can be ransacked, no voice will be raised and neither Rome nor the European Union will even utter a whimper. But rape of a nun, push down a few rickety rackety halls called churches –Rome will through its internuncio ask the government for explanation, the European Union will at its summit express its concern to the Prime Minister who had to confess that the Kandhamal incident was a blot on India. What does this show? That Christians have their leaders and their loyalties outside India. The Hindus- don’t fall back on any outsider because they have no loyalties outside, since they have no masters outside. Even the cause for the militancy is not taken into account. Hindus have been massacred, Hindu pandits have been driven away from the Valley and are today refugees in their land-this has to be taken in their stride and no justice is demanded. Should the Hindus just sit back and watch this show-talk of militancy? Injustice after injustice is being heaped on them and Michael mentions ‘militancy’.
Today if there is a rethink whatever be the motive to inculturation then it clearly goes to prove that Catholic official church was western in its content and Roman in its outlook and culture, The Hindu religion belong and sprang from this soil and was not imported. It is part and particle of this soil. It sprang from within. The Spirit did not move in India two thousand year ago only-but was and is and ever will be. There is surely an amalgamation of nation, nationalism and culture. The point to be noted is with the forcing down of Christianity by the economic and political invaders they tried to thrust their culture also. Because for them religion and culture was one too. Hence we have Christian names –does not matter if they are pagan names. Why is the Catholic Church now going in for inculturation? Because it wants an identify with the Indians is the best explanation; and the worst -so that it can easily proselytize the gullible people –make the
herds of cows into flocks of sheep.
The word ‘militant’ is antithesis for Sanatana Dharma.and to Hinduism.Had it been militant world religions feeling from their own birth countries would not have found a place here. Militancy is something inherent in Christianity right from its inception. I will not blame Michael SVD because in the seminar training the history of the church is only a watered down version. This is done purposely because Church history will put to shame any decent human being-the  violence, the blood letting, the persecution history of the church, its deeply entrenchment in corruption, conspiracy ,the papacy and the kings-the illegitimacy of the papacy, papal power play with politics, all this is world history. The Catholics be they priests and lay people hardly know about this. Today they see the benevolent church patronizing them, feeding the poor and going about doing social work. It is this that Jesus called the white washed tombs and the worm eating corpses within. It is this that Jesus branded as hypocrites.

To whom did the Inquisition belong, from where did the mafia originate? Who burned men and women on the stakes? What were the Crusades? What kind of weapons of torture did Rome use? Some are still kept as exhibits in the Vatican. This is the parampara of the Catholic Church. The past has a link with the present and points to the future. What is hypocritical is the accusing finger pointing towards the Hindus-the Sangh Parivars and all its allied organizations Can anyone accuse the Hindus and Hinduism of this kind of massacre, brutality and perversity? Yes, the caste system can be put at the doorstep of Manu and is the only blot but which today the Catholic Church follows more rigidly. The Congress uses it and perpetuates it for its vote bank politics etching and re- etching it into the soco-political fabric of the nation for its power.This is reinforced by Christianity. Different churches, same church divided
into two-cemeteries are separate-for the Harijans and the upper caste. Even the corpses are segregated and Untouchablity followed in the very letter and spirit. I would reject the tokenism and the symbolic gestures by the Catholic Church.

In our own country what was the spree of conversion? What were the methods used to convert people-if it was open force, destruction of thousands of temples and idols, Hindu icons, Christianization of lives and live styles- today it is camouflaged with social work from distribution of food, to seats in the educational institutions. The destruction of thousands of temples was right and the damaging of a few churches under great provocation today is wrong. The building of churches on every available space-on government poorumboke land is right but the building of Ram temple –the faith of a people is wrong. Should the Ram temple then be built in Mecca or in Vatican?

The whole debate on Conversion should be thrown open and not held within the parameters of Pandita Ramabai,Gandhi,Jotirao Phule,Ambedkar .We are experiencing the tensions, the ruptures, the destruction of the culture ,the invasion of India by other religions, the global interference in our affairs, the poverty exploitation, the cows becoming ‘flocks’, the commercialization of conversion, the business that is conversion all this and more we have data and our own personal experiences. Conversion is a process-a life long of seeking and a free choice make after enlightenment.With ignorance where can discernment come-with hunger eating your entrails where can free option come. So money plays a role and this in the name of god and religion. Let the debate on conversion then spread and be wide open….  It is a destruction of everything ancient and precious of a heritage held sacred. It is the imposition of a superior god making those following other gods as inferior. Is this not worse than a social structure of which Michael SVD pointed as limiting Gandhi’s perception?
The activities of the Christian missionaries are a fraud on the nation because it is not their business to convert Hindus to Christianity. What does that imply-that they have a better and a superior god and that what they follow is better than what the others are following. Conversion is a business and a money spinning one. Apart from that it forgets that religion has its own cultural practices and its own ethos. The Hindus have no two loyalties-unlike the Catholics-one to Rome and another to the political party which is in power. So it is a divided loyalty – goes against nationalism. This is exactly why China closed its doors to Christianity and threw out the missionaries. It has its own national catholic church.

It was not just shocking but a blatant falsehood and an insult when Michael SVD states the “Hindutuva forces which eliminated Gandhi, the Father of the nation, perpetrators of rape, looting and murder now tries to take shelter under Gandhi’s shadow without even having a remorse of their guilt.” Note how Gandhi has been suddenly elevated by him to suit his condemnation of the Hindutva forces. I would like to elaborate on this because Michael is completely in the dark about the church to which he belongs, about the Jesus whom he would claim as his leader, about guilt and remorse of which he accuses others not to have.

Remorse and guilt for what? For assassinating of Gandhi? Political history shows how assassinations on the basis of ideology have been common. History does elevate the assassin after much research and when truth comes out and is upheld by historians. Godse’s last address to the Court was that he had no regret because Gandhi abetted and authored the creation of a theocratic country. This was done by cutting off this motherland of ours .What was the reason because the Muslims said that they will not be able to live with the Hindus-to put it in simple words. Now look at the consequence of that action of Gandhi. Of course Godse‘s soul was secular to its core and he could not reconcile to the fact that part of this country could become a theocratic State. Today the so called secularists who proclaim to be secular are the most communal. But why does Michael fault the present day Hindutuva forces? Is he playing vote bank politics? Sins of your father is on you and hence this is a permanent blot-like the original sin (which most Catholics do not believe) Are all the Sikhs guilty of the assassination of Indira Gandhi? If so then on Michael’s own il/logic then all the Catholics are guilty of the massacre and the destruction of the Hindus in this country. They have to wash their guilt they have to be remorseful. At least let the official Catholic church in India follow Pope John Paul 11 who asked for forgiveness for the past errors of the Roman Catholic Church during a solemn mass in St Peter’s Basilica on March 14th 2000 “we ask for forgiveness for divisions between Christians, for use of violence in the name of truth, and for the diffidence and hostility engaged against followers of their religions” Now either Michael SVD should fault the Pope or adhere to his forgiveness seeking. If he faults the Pope he can get back with his reasons. If he adheres to the Pope then he has to stop faulting others, disengage in hostility against the followers of other religions. Forgiveness means a resolution not to commit the same.-only then can there be absolution. Michael SVD should know that better than me.

Finally desist from picking at one rape here and another rape when it is a nun and play cheap politics by accusing the Hindutva forces. Hundreds are being raped and murdered across the country not by the Hindutva forces But it seems that the Christians wait to catch the Hindus in some violation. With murder and rape right in the capital of this country and in the highways and byways of this country are an everyday affair it is disturbing to find an ominous silence. Does violation become a violation and its gravity depending on the perpetrator and the victim? He who has not sinned let him cast the first stone-does it ring a bell in Michael’s memory?  Women and children are rape within the home, in the workplace, in moving vehicles, in police stations- the Catholic Church is silent as though it does not matter. But if a nun is rape then the whole country is violently shaken like an earthquake. This outrage can be understood if nuns are at least not sexually molested and violated within their convents by priests. It seems that in the rape of a nun there is politics and that is another form of exploitation…Do not continue to crucify the Truth. ‘Amen’(read it too)
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

July 9, 2009 at 7:13 am 8 comments

The UNCIRF and its invasiveness-anti national

The UPA government’s unprecedented step of inviting the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (UNCIRF) to visit Gujarat and Orissa is not only disturbing but also portents greater harm to harmony and unity of the country.  It exposes the country to international policing which has its ramification on areas of the violations of the integrity and sovereignty of the nation. Today it can be a Commission why not later an army? It can be for the purpose of protection the minorities. The basic premise is the same.

Hypothetically let’s imagine that the Commission faults the government of both the States on their failure to protect the minorities.  Should Naveen Patnaik and Narendra Modi appear before this Commission and plead guilty-or plead innocent and with all humility accept the penalty it will impose. Can there be a greater insult to democracy and to the sovereignty of this country. It is invasion-be it territorial, social or  religious- no matter which area invasiveness of any kind cannot be accept by any norm. What then is the role of the Congress led UPA government? Does it not stand indicted for its impotency to curb violence? It cannot abdicate its responsibility and obligation to protect the minorities and rein in the State governments. Hence if this is logically followed then accused no one is the Congress –Manmohan Singh-proof of his political weakness. Which country would tolerate such invasion and interference in its internal affairs? Are we bonded to the USA and its various organizations? No patriotic Indian irrespective of religion would accept the policing of this nation by outside agencies.

Can the CBCI and the INDIAN Churches which objected to such invasiveness 9 years ago now make a U-turn? In the course of five years what has been the persecution witnessed in India.  The Brahmin Pundits killed in hundreds and chased away from J& K under ethnic cleansing has not raised the international community’s concern. The rape of the five nuns in Junabha after wrong reporting was set right when the nuns themselves gave interviews and said that it had nothing to do with religion. In fact those involved were converted tribals . In Orissa the massacre of Swami Lakshmananda and his disciples led to a clash in which not only Christians were victims but also Hindus were killed. The infamous  Gujarat riots are being tried by the SIT. But the earlier versions and the gory stories of brutality and rape and massacres made by the activist Teesta Setalvad were found be faked, cooked up, witnesses and their statements doctored- hence the Supreme Court rejected the bundle of lies.

Against this backdrop the Congress allowing the UNCIRF to enquire into the violence against the minorities is political in intend and has everything to do to further divide the people on religious grounds. Will the UNCIRF be allowed to enter Pakistan or any Islamic country where there is discrimination against the minorities?

The Congress and the Christian churches seem to conspire against the Hindus. This is evident when one looks at the pre-election scenario. In April the Catholic Bishops  Conference of India (CBCI) issued ‘Ten Commandments list of dos and don’ts for the Catholics to follow. But it did not indicate which party to vote for. This was followed by a number of churches scripting prayers for the ‘flock’ which was couched in appeals to God to bring in a party which will allow religious freedom. and uphold the same guaranteed in the Constitution. Across India the whole Christian community was galvanized by such covert campaigning. Then in Karnatake a priest had the audacity to openly tell the ‘flock’ not to vote for the BJP. Joining hands with the Muslim leaders the Catholic leaders also issued fatwa-overtly and covertly compelling the ‘flock’ to vote for the Congress. The Election Commission is unmindful of this religious-politics mix and this  blatant communalism. Only when Advani appeals to the Hindu religious leaders the EC becomes alert and people like John Dayal makes it a case for condemnation. He did not hesitate to assert that the Churches do not give any directives nor interfere in the freedom of the Christians to vote for the party of their choice. It is only when the Hindu organizations and BJP politicians appeal to the people the ire of the EC is provoked. Then the media will come out with
its secular advocacy and condemn the communalism of the BJP  and its allies

The churches double speak has exposed its ulterior motive-9 years ago (Sept 2000)when the CBCI had described as  “unwarranted” the proposed hearing on religious freedom in India by the UNCIRF and distanced itself from John Dayal by stating that he was attending it in  his individual capacity. It is relevant to recall what the Christian MPs felt then. They acknowledged the need to curb the influence of fundamentalists over the community and the Church. By disposing before the US panel Dayal has given the Hindu extremist groups valid reason to doubt the integrity of the community and ‘we could just be inviting Hindu extremist backlash’ rued Patty Ripple Kyndiah-who further added that the antics of John Dayal is against national interests. Former Speaker P.A Sagma endorsed the views of  Kyndiah, ‘This is our internal problem. We are capable of solving it’.

What has changed in the last nine years? The number of churches built has increased more than a hundred fold. Christians institutions are given all the financial assistance, Christians have occupied hundreds and hundreds of acres of  promboke land on which they quickly put up a shack and a cross-for further putting up pucca buildings both commercial and religious-this enables them to occupy land, acquire assets-evade tax and even electricity charges. It would be of national interest to make a survey and find out the status of the Churches property wise and cash wise.
The fact that when in so called Christian countries churches are closing down herein India churches are annually increasing in number. Even in Italy the churches are empty but here the churches are full every Sundays and the pulpit is used even against the government but goes unchallenged.

From a poor country like ours money flows to Rome-from congregations working for the poor and the  destitute in India money flows to Vatican. Are these signs of a persecuted church? The flow of money to churches and church allied ‘development organizations have trebled during the last five years. The government of India has these on its record. Is this a sign of a church that is under duress and its people victims of rape and atrocities?  Why then should money from here go to Rome/Vatican? The  Cross is not a sign to camouflage lies and cover truth. The church by its anti national stand is crucifying Truth. Jesus was faithful to his Jewish traditions and to insult that he was crucified naked on the cross (no loin cloth) so the bible states. Why should a people who proclaim that they stand for His values become anti-national and betray their own country and country men? Are non minorities not raped, butchered, victimized in this country? To whom do they appeal? They do not run to international lobbies. This is a sad commentary on the Christian community and its loyalties. One is first an Indian then a Christian-for one cannot change one’s nationality but can change ones religion. The CBCI and the laity leaders cannot do greater harm to the community than participate in the UNCIRF sittings. In fact they should have protested against this unprecedented move of the Congress under Mrs Sonia Gandhi. The Christian community cannot be mortgaged for her ulterior political motives. Religion is an emotive issue and once the people are permanently divided-the national unity will be a thing of the past and at the drop of a hat the country will erupt into a civil war.

Every communal riot if  objectively analyzed was a backlash and the poor people irrespective of religion were the victims. The power games  of the powerful have torn nations apart by war followed by famines leading to a total destruction and subjugation a people. The interference into our internal affairs must be seen on a larger scale frame earlier experience-present position with a projection on the future. Invasiveness of any kind in the affairs of a  sovereign country means two things-the supervisory role of the invasive country/organization and the subjective, subservient level of the interfered country. We have a democracy and a Constitution which has stood us well. Except for some aberrations brought by vest interest politicians the people have always been able to overcome this and to set the tone and tenure for harmonious unity. This is the only country in the world which has opened its arms to all religions and all people and thus became the cradle of world religions. The fringe Christian churches have been  misusing the Freedom of Religion proselytizing, and poaching on other churches creating social tensions. One is not judged by one’s religion but will be judged in the measure of love one has lived with and the Truth one has upheld.

PS-Would the Church permit the UNCIRF to visit the convents which have reported rapes, sexual violations, murders and oppression of women (nuns).

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

June 22, 2009 at 9:51 am 5 comments

Evangelists of capitalism: Is compassion compatible?

My rejoinder to the idea of “Compassionate Capitalism” as articulated in the following article by Infosys Founder Narayanamurthy

Smart sound bytes -‘compassionate capitalism’as I understand  is yet another word coined by the capitalists to justify their assets and illgotton wealth-at the same time to project themselves as saviors of the down trodden. You cannot be both.For one thing the kind of wealth and assests that are owned by MPs/film and media persons,industralists et al  are introducing us to whole new world of deception. Take the Reliance for example the skyscraper  complex is a mini city by itself. This in contrast to the ever spreading slums of Mumbai is an expose to the social sins of the rich-the captialists. To give themselves an acceptance and a social absolution now they parade themselves as saviors of the downtrodden.  Is it not a paradox that the poorest countries of the world have the richest of the world.

I am trying to decode this ‘compassionate captialism.. Can it be-trying to eat the cake and have it- or is it sanctifying the crumbs that fall from the table of the rich and the mighty or allowing wilfully a few more crumbs to fall and watching it with campaissonate eyes and hearts full of love for the poor when they pick up these and hungrily globble them. Does that quieten the conscience of the capitalists or does it give them a benelovence and a social standing as the doers of good-the great social workers. But when the poor hardly have a primary health centre and when there is one it is ill equipped these campassionate captialists fly abroad for their medical ailments- and holiday in the Alps and global resorts. To come back and start throwing a few more crumbs.  It brings the picture of the pigeons being fed in front of the Gateway of India  by tourists.  New coined words do not make substance. Incompatible are the two-compassion and capitalism. You cannot have both and certainly not rolled into one.

If you are truely a compassionate person you will not be a capitalist. This because as I understand  there should be the basis of any model of development- Justice-and jUSTICE cannot and will not co-exist with captialism. The scenario is a repeat of the Evangelists who alight from their posh vehicles to preach to the poor-how blessed they are in poverty-distribute a bread r a couple of rotis and then get into their vehicles and rush to the nearest five star hotels to meet their funding agencies and produce proof of their mass congregations-listening in empty stomachs to the green pastures promised in the next world.  Now we have the capitalists garbing themselves as evangelists and the hungry people will swallow anything-no wonder they are kept in hunger for then there is no power to discern-no strength even to comprehend-the gullible people look with awe at these great compassionate captialists/evangelists and go into a trance. That is the sign that they are inbibed with the spirit of God…so starvation and empty stomachs are fertile grounds for the capitalists and for their compassion display.

Another category added to the religious captialist-evangelists. How long are we going to fool the people and ourselves. How long are we going to quieten our consciences and how long are we going to display hell as heaven  The sooner we discard this mirage and shed the mask and be truthful to uphold justice then only Justice will remain and the rest will fall.Into that meaningful state let my country and my country men awake.

Dr.Mrs Hilda Raja,

June 21, 2009 at 3:34 pm 1 comment

Ministry for Minority-Majority Affairs!

According to Minority Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid, “Quota for Muslims is a double edged sword”. He instead wants affirmative action to inject an ability to compete . Surely there is no debate on this perception.  But the point underlying is reservation is at times termed: ‘affirmative action’, and at times ‘positive discrimination’.  So by juggling with words and terms one can make even the ‘affirmative action’ more an academic discussion.  The very setting up of a ministry for Minority affairs is a clear discrimination because it is based on a variable which by itself does not indicate poverty or any disadvantage. To set things right then the Minority Affairs Ministry must justify its existence and validate its functioning by making it Constitutional.

First the Congress must amend the Constitution to use religious variable for identification of a people for any action-be it affirmative, or positive discrimination! Any discrimination or affirmative action based on religion is unconstitutional.  Second the Congress must desist from projecting itself as ‘secular’.  Poverty groups need to be targeted-there is no second opinion.  There is logic in what the Minister stated but be it numerical quota or affirmative action the whole perception must change from identifying the beneficiaries with a religious yardstick.  There are no two opinions that poverty groups must be targeted but how does one net the poverty groups- not by religion.  Call the poverty alleviation with any terminology the crux of the problem is the approach to this should no way denote a particular religious community.  No secular government can be so blatant in its strategy to alleviate poverty.
It is also presumptuous to bring in Sachar report.  The survey of Sachar was biased right from the beginning.  The Universe spread was already pre-determined on religion and the selection of the Sample did not follow any scientific methodology. Even the findings seem to be predetermined. One will find what one wants to find. With such a biased entry point the survey was what it was meant to be. So to base all actions-affirmative or double edged strategies on this flawed survey is not logical.
Salman Khurshid has a very valid reason to oppose reservation.  As Andre Beteille in his ‘Break the Quota Routine’ (TOI-18th June) has stated, ‘It cannot be said that quotas for the SCs and STs have brought no benefits to the wider society. They played a useful role in the colonial period and also in the early decades of Independence. But as the scope expanded after 1980, their social costs began to outweigh their social benefits”.  To some extent this is true.  But when it comes to social benefits the social costs outweighing cannot be a reason to argue against the quota.  The quota – or the reservation started in education was faulty and not implemented in the right spirit. Many exploited the quota, non- SCs, non- STs were able to take advantage by getting false certificates from the thasildhar.  The SCs and STs had not climbed the education ladder to make use of the quota in the Higher Education. The concentration should have been at the school level.  Again it was the already educated and the rich who made use of the quota system. Education had not found placed in  the priority list of the  SCs and STs when survival needs were not met.  Then of course quota became a vote catching slogan.  As years rolled on Backward classes clamored for the quota-and concomitantly the ‘jatis’ categorized under the BCs kept expanding. In Tamilnadu almost every caste came under the nomenclature of Backward Castes-the Vanniyars. Only the Brahmins and the Saiva Pillais were forward castes.  The development cake thus had to be sliced into little bits!

The Christian SCs assumed a new terminology – dalits they too demanded to be included in the SC list.  The demand had a justification because on the basis of religion one cannot extend or deny Reservation.  Caste is a factor inherent and one cannot change the caste into which one is born which is not true when it comes to religion.  The Christian dalits went to Court in the “The Susai versus Union of India” case- the then Chief Justice Bhagawati asserted that the Christian SCs (dalits) had not provided sufficient proof that they are educationally backward and suffer from discrimination.  He called for data to substantiate their case.  It was also held that once the SC becomes a Christian he/she suffers no discrimination.  This is not true because discrimination is deep rooted and is blatantly practised in all the Christian churches from the womb to the tomb.

A very valid argument against Reservation is the dependence syndrome it creates.  Even after 62 years of Independence if the Quotas both in education, employment and other areas have not provided the necessary social upliftment and leveled the social imbalances, then it has to be taken that the policy is a failure.  Reservation was never intended to be a permanent solution.  But it seems that we are going to live with Reservation permanently.  It is here that Salman Khurshid’s rejection of reservation-quotas must be appreciated and must be supported.  Its expansion will reach out to employment, armed forces etc. This will only widen the gap between religious groups. Where is the cementing factor of the nation of Indians?

  • First- religion cannot be an identifying factor to extend any poverty alleviation schemes,
  • second- it will reinforce the communalization of the nation,
  • third- it will be against the basic tenets of secularism.
  • Fourth it is anti-Constitutional because of its discrimination on the basis of religion.

On these four grounds the quotas on the basis of religion need to be rejected.  To extent this thinking logically then one would question the setting up of a ministry for Minority Affairs.  The Ministry is against the spirit of the Constitution. All ministries can be given special instructions and directions on ‘inclusive development’ and rigorous monitoring can be undertaken to see that all the programs of all the ministries have their focus on the poor. But to have one ministry exclusively for the Minorities raises the question what are the priorities of the other ministries and what is the thrust of the whole governance. Is it again tokenism and vote bank politics that is coloring the perception of the government and flawing its whole approach to poverty alleviation? Can social imbalances be leveled out by such biased approach? Can secularism flourish? It will then be logical for the demand of a Ministry for Majority Affairs in the near future. Can the Constitution become a vibrant testimony of a people as a nation?

Dr.Mrs Hilda Raja,

June 17, 2009 at 4:23 pm 4 comments

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