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‘I’m very Happy 2014 happened ,it taught the Congress a hell of a lot.’(Express Interview –Rahul Gandhi-5th May)

Pity Rahul Gandhi-his ‘brutal campaign’ is one of his show pieces and urging us to credit him of his three term elected membership of the Lok Sabha of his capabilities! He can get elected any number of times but that does not prove his capabilities-what he utters what he asserts what he acts on and his habitual falsehoods are what certifies his capabilities/incapabilities. And his capabilities are well know when he often puts his foot in his mouth-when he muddles up his half-baked ideas when he gets his arithmetic wrong –when he thinks that he is the man who can in 15 minutes discussion with Modi demolition Modi. His arrogance is evident and obvious but the faked Gandhis were always arrogant that was their hall mark.This nearly 50 year old man wants us to believe that he is a democrat when he is a dynast.How and who elected him as the President of the Congress party.For that matter can anyone other than the faked Gandhis be the President of the Congress party.How can he believe in democracy when he and his family do no go by that theory in their actions. What you do not have you cannot give.

Look at the number of U-turns he did in his interview-Has he a mole in the PM’s office to report what and how the PM takes action. He wants us to believe that Modi is an autocrat-this from the grandson of the autocrat and dictator Indira Gandhi.His attack on Modi has always been abusive and of low taste. He had jibed on his 57 inches chest-nobody makes such person remarks. He even stated that in the Rajya Sabha it will be reduced to 54 inches. It was he and he alone who first coined ‘Chowkihar Chor Hai’,Now he attributes it to a group of youngsters standing in his rally who ended his ‘Chowkidar’ by  Chai Hai.This is a lie. After he had on multiple occasions used the slogan ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’ then in one of his rallies he paused after uttering  ‘Chowkidar’to allow the people to end it with Chor hai.It seemed to me that they were coached to say it. Why had he to apologize to the Supreme Court if he had not coined that slogan and went around using it? In fact he even stated that now the SC also agrees that Chowkidar is a Chor. ‘I am thankful to the SC’.As though the SC did him a favor and supported his slogan. So it is ingrained in RG to be uttering falsehoods. He taunted Modi by saying that the Chowkidar had allowed Nirav, Mehul Chokshi and Vijaya Mallay to loot and escape. The fact remains that they looted during the regime of the UPA and under the great economist of a former PM the one whom RG says he respects and loves –Manmohan Singh. Everyone knows how MMSingh was handpicked by his mother to be the PM. Was it his love and respect that made RG to tear the ordinance passed by the MMSingh’s government and that too when the latter was abroad. How glibly he brushes it aside and says that may be the way it was done was wrong. Mind you, this three term MP wants us to believe in his capabilities. All his utterances and his actions script the opposite. He is arrogant and thinks that nobody can do anything to him and that he can stoop to any low. This is what makes him think that in 15 minutes discussion he can brow beat Modi.He has the arrogance-he who is just a coronated President of one of the political parties wants the PM to discuss with him-so sharp is his brain and so skillful he is and so deep his knowledge-is what he thinks about himself. He wants us to believe that Modi does not want to face him-another arrogant assumption of his capabilities. He is unaware perhaps that people are laughing at him.

He had maligned Modi-by stating that he does not care for the poor but only for his 15 corporate friends. Now he has made a U-turn and wants us to believe that he is an all-out supporter of the corporates and their incredible work. It is habitual for RG to go on uttering lies. RG is a faked Gandhi and all that pertains to him be it his utterances-his actions his promises-are all faked.He wants us to believe in the mirage of his making .When Modi’s government’s surgical strikes-the Congress did not believe. RG wanted proof. Now they claim Me TOO. Then the nation should have been told what it led to and what the consequences were. Why the secrecy? RG even jibbed that Modi is a koon ka dadal

Yes Modi is an autocrat-that is what RG wants us to believe-unlike Vajpayee.But then RG has a soft corner for Vajpayee. Because he intervened and got RG released from the Boston Customs when RG was caught trying to slip through the Customs with drugs and unaccounted money along with his Columbian girlfriend-the daughter of a drug lord. That according to me was a blunder which Vajpayee made. May be today if the same situation arises, and if Sonia Gandhi pleads with the PM to step in do something-then I am sure Modi will also get RG released. But then according to RG Modi is vindictive .So one cannot be sure!

Coming to ideology-am wondering what was and is the ideology of the Congress but loot-have the dynasty at the helm of affairs-look the other way and allow scams to rain. That is what happened. It is no exaggeration to say that after the Bangla Desh war- Indira became India and India became Indira.Is that the ideology which is being followed and today RG claims it is all Modi and the building of his personality cult .So what. Whose personality did the Congress built all the 70 years of freedom-except building of a personality cult of the Nehru-Gandhi family? Today what unfolds in India-be they awards-Special Days, roads-buildings-airports everything is named after the Nehru-Gandhi family-except the garbage pits and the toilets. The No 10 Janpath Road belongs to whom? Why should the Vadras be given a government bungalow? Is Robert Vadra not capable of employing private security. So in the name of security a bungalow was allotted to the Vadras-who pays for it-what is the amount spent on the three bungalows including No 10 Janpath annually. Whose money is it. And they shed crocodile tears for the poor. But like leeches suck the blood of the poor.

The hundreds-nay thousands of the Indians who sacrificed their lives and who was fed as fodder at the in the WW 2 thanks to the betrayal of Winston Churchill has no claim to the word -sacrifice .The poor Indians who took part in the Indian Freedom struggle has no mention  and claim to the word sacrifice. It is reserved only for the Congress. The Congress which imposed Emergence-the Congress which  committed genocide against the Sikhs-with Rajiv Gandhi justifying it. So it was worse than Jallianwallah bagh which was gruesome and indiscriminate gunning down of innocent Indians. The Congress silently watched the ethnic cleansing of Kashmir when lakhs of Hindu Pundits were driven away from their homes and made refugees. Every one of the Congress member- and more so the Nehru Gandhi family are abettors of the Sikh genocide. Is this the ideology which RG talks about? The culprits have been honored-one is waiting for never ending bail-the other is hailed as a great Congress neta and another has been made the CM of MP. Can this be held against any other party-Who allowed Warren Anderson to flee after the Bhopal gas leak? Who allowed Quatrrochhi to loot and got his kickbacks defreezed in the UK and escape. RG who incessantly talks of Rafale deal must know that the Gandhi’s are arms brokers.

The history of the Gandhis-the faked Gandhis is a never ending narrative of betrayal of the poor Indians-of the hypocrisy and of false promises-How can the family know what is distress-what is hunger what is poverty and what is unemployment. They live in cocoons and luxury. They have their holidays abroad-they are surrounded by lavishness and Priyanka’s hobby is sports cars and she goes to the poor and asks if Modi visited them? What hypocrisy. This is the ideology of the Congress’ First family and naturally it flows down to the others. The Family which has not worked for a livelihood cannot understand the pain and the hunger of others. So stop this hypocrisy and compassion.

The one idea which people should trust RG over Modi-that was the last question in the interview and shamelessly RG replies, ‘RG listens-is compassionate and genuinely wants to help.’ We do want patrons and patronizing. We demand our rights and we want no compassion(at least RG should have used the word empathy)-we Indians are not at your mercy. We do not want crumbs throw at us from the High table. It is the other way around. We demand not to be looted -not to shed hypocritical tears and do not be a patron to us. We demand our just share and above all leave us alone.  We demand democracy and not dynasty. Above all we demand accountability-please account for your wealth and your mother’s and sister’s billions. Now it is New India RG for the people know they have been cheated for 70 years they are not fools to allow this cheating to continue

Dr Hilda Raja-Vadodara

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Loud thinking on ‘Amethi Lows’(IE 7th May) by Rajmohan Gandhi.

It is intriguing how the Gandhi Nehru family gets away with a halo round its head.I am just an ordinary citizen and under ‘azadi’ I would like to loudly think…Nobody is happy when one is assassinated but then justice and nemesis will take its natural course .Today in the Indian Express Rajmohan Gandhi calls Rajiv Gandhi a fine human person. Let it be so. People are free to have their own opinions. But then can Rajiv Gandhi be absolved of corruption. Today for selfish purposes and vested interest the Opposition are trying to rewrite history to their own liking.This is an injustice .The sycophants and coterie built with meticulous care round the Nehru-Gandhi family may want to think that RG was Mr Clean.He was not.Even Nehru was not free of corruption. It was his son-in law who dared him in Parliament with the Mudra scam.Nehru of course had his other interest and at that time people were carried away by what they were made to believe. Today it is not so. Indian history needs to be rewritten with no bias and by persons who are unbiased and objective. The courts may have cleared Rajiv Gandhi because  the courts and all constitutional institutions were at the command of the Nehru-Gandhi family-and naturally under the regime of the Congress RG was given a clean chit.Take for example the puppet Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Nobody blames or faults Manmohan Singh as personally corrupt-but then he abetted corruption-he allowed scams to rain during his tenure. Can that be absolved? What do you call a person who abets corruption?

Rajiv Gandhi is a fine human person-what is the hall mark of a fine human person? Did he not on the floor of Parliament use such derogatory and inhuman remarks on Jaipal Reddy-then an MP of the Telugu Desam-saying that his mind is as crooked as his body? This to a man who was crippled physically.Can anyone with some humanity stoop to that level? Will anybody with a fine human contour of a personality fall so low and point at bodily deformities to make a point. Did Rajiv Gandhi not hit at Arun Shourie by citing his differently abled son by saying ‘No wonder he has such a son,’ Will you Rajmohan Gandhi please explain how a ‘fine human person’ can  resort to such callousness and insensitivity and use inhuman abuses? So anything and everything that the Gandhi family says or utters becomes good.

Was Indira Gandhi not a dictator? Did she not want a subservient judiciary? Did she not impose Emergency? Even today I am unable to justify why she did resort in keeping the Constitution in abeyance. All that is forgotten, and now her grandson and Rajiv Gandhi’s son uses ‘love’ and ‘hug’ to cover up his crude remarks.He was very critical of Modi’s hug diplomacy and hence tries to use it in a different way-it is nothing but ridicule,Priyanka Vadra is no better she too resorts to the same low level attacks and wants to get away. Both of them remarked about the 57 inches chest of Modi-Did Priyanka personally measure Modi’s chest or she like a parrot wants to repeat  her brother’s ridiculous and unrefined jib.RG even stated that the 57 inches will be reduced to 54 inches in the Rajya Sabha.This and more the Gandhi family can utter and ridicule.Yet we need to remember that their father is a ‘fine human person’.Children follow their parents footsteps and learn from them.Here is a typical example. Did the Congress take action against Mani Shankar Aiyer when he used neech against Modi.When the same Aiyer emphatically stated that Modi will never, never hoist the tricolor, ‘if he wants he can come and serve tea to the AICC.’he added- What arrogance? Did you or other Liberals raise a hue and cry? Why? Did the Congress voice its disapproval for the ‘scorpion’ remark of Shashi Tharoor? At the most  the official Congress will ‘distance’ itself from such remarks but will  take no action and say these are the personal remarks. The most recent one is when one of the Congress leaders and candidate accused Modi of being a drug addict. Will Rahul take action? Will the EC take action? To think that all these were against the PM of this country thereby demeaning the constitutional post of the PM. By the way was Rahul Gandhi not detained at the Boston Customs with drugs and unaccounted money? Is that another aspect of the legacy left by his father whom Rajmohan wants us to believe that he was a fine human person. Where did all that decency go then-Gone by the wind-where did his children pick up such trash and abuse and ridicule and jibs? And above all we must remember that Rahul Gandhi aspires to be the PM of this country-is he worthy of it. Will you script him also as you did of his father that he is a fine human person?

Why does he hypocritically state that he only loves Modi and that neither he nor his party will use abusive remarks against Modi. What are we to understand by this. Is he sane? He uses love as the ideology of the Congress. What is an ideology-It is a pity and a disgrace that we have one like him who makes such hypocritical statements and gets away. Will the EC take action against him for saying that Amit Shah is a murderer but is full of pride? Will the EC take action against his constant ‘chor’ slogan against Modi? Will Rajmohan Gandhi be his advocate and also praise Rahul for being a fine human person, as Rahul Gandhi’s mentor and remote control Sam Pitroda does? What credit do you all give to the intelligence of the Indian people? Why do you want us to believe in the mirage that the Congress and its sycophants create. Modi has been abused as no other PM across the world and yet the Congress and its chamchas pick at one remark or two and blame the EC for its bias. Who is biased? Why this halo round the Gandhis for what they did and not do, for their failures and successes.

Why a critical expose makes the coterie so upset and angry. It has been so right through the Nehru-Gandhi family’s regime. A false edifice built by the sycophants and the family is put up on the pedestal. This is not only a disservice to the family but also an injustice to the nation. I am reminded of the story of the little boy who alone when he saw the king who thought he was decked and dressed in finery shouted out the truth-‘The king is naked’.

For example not that all that Indira Gandhi achieved can be swept aside but when compared to others she had done greater harm-similarly Rajiv Gandhi too .But why so sensitive when they are exposed? Was there no corruption during Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure? Why did the ‘ shouting brigade’ under his tenure blocked  the proceedings of Parliament and pulled down two governments? Why was George Fernandez the Defense minister accused of the coffin scam and not allowed to present his version or speak anything in Parliament? The fact remains that the Congress-no matter who its leader was had never learned to sit in the Opposition benches. It created a false propaganda that Rajiv is ‘ Mr Clean’ to keep that up it heaped on Mr V.P.Singh false accusations that he had off shore investments. Mr VP.Singh was known to be Mr Clean- to demolish that image the Congress started this false propaganda against him and now resorts to the same against Modi who is incorruptible. That hurts the Congress which is known for its arms dealings. Even now a person like Mrs Maino-at her age and experience behaves with no maturity, decorum and sobriety in Parliament-even prods her MPs to rush to the well of the House and in the recent session provided paper sheets to the party MPs to fly paper planes inside Parliament when the FM was speaking. Is this also an aspect of a fine human being? How and why was Chandarsekaran’s Govt pulled down by Rajiv Gandhi?I have mentioned all this because it reveals the legacy which Rajiv Gandhi-as ‘a fine human person’ left to his family.

Finally I am shocked that Rajiv Gandhi is made to look or baptized as a martyr. I am not going into that but just want to point out how this ‘fine human being’ allowed the lynching of thousands of Sikhs. How could he justify it? Why did he allow for three full days Delhi to burn-Revenge, corruption and hatred and a patronizing attitude were the hall marks of the Gandhis.All Liberals are shocked and international media is abuzz when one lynching here and another there are committed by cow vigilantes. All hell breaks loose. How do you justify this double standard? Is the genocide of the Sikhs an expression of the ‘Fine human person of Rajiv Gandhi?  And now Rahul wants us to believe that the Congress’ ideology is ‘Love’ and he uses love and hug to emphasis his twisted personality. Why this mask and cover-up? –why this farce and why use such intrinsic values like ‘love and hug’ for covering his hatred. Mr Rajmohan Gandhi please trace out   the contours of a fine human person with truth and honesty and not allow bias and personal attachments to defy the right of future generations to know the truth and the whole truth of the Gandhi-Nehru family which in your script ‘Amethi Lows’ , miserably failed to uphold.  That I would say is an injustice to the history of this country and to its trusting people.

Dr Hilda Raja-Vadodara

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A reminder to Raul Vince about some facts in history

It is not only alarming but absurd for Raul Vince to be a caged parrot.Even to utter falsehoods and to lie one needs some sense but I find that RV has none and hence he only repeats what his chamchas and sycophants and his backroom boys script.Take for example a few instances – his accusing Modi ji of being a dictator.Was his grandmother a democrat or a dictator? Did she respect constitutional bodies-Why did she under a scheme structure a Syndicate and forced the older leaders to get back to the ground level to work for the party.Why did she call for a committed judiciary.Why did she nuture Bhrindanwallah and then ordered the Blue Star operation in which hundreds of innocent pilgrims and devotees-consisting of women and children were killed-the Akali Tankt was desecrated and everything looted rampaged and Sikhs were killed in hundreds. Why did she impose the Emergency? Why were hundreds of leaders imprisoned and tortured? Why was the press banned and blacked out.If one goes on the Whys will form a long lengthy line. Put this against the queries raised today with Azadi and the right of the media to even publish classified data.Put this against and let us probe if Raul Vince has any legitimacy to fault Modi ji for being a dictator

The assassination of Indira Gandhi was followed by the genocide of the Sikhs abetted by Rajiv Gandhi and his government which simply looked the other way and allowed Delhi to burn.Allowed the brutal genocide –the arson and the rampage of the Sikh settlements.No police interfered they did not have the orders to stop this brutality against the Sikhs. So for three days Delhi burned and Sikhs were massacred across the country in thousands.At the end of it a justification that when a big tree falls the earth around will shake something to that effect.But to sanctify this sanction of genocide those who were involved were shielded and even rewarded. Thus we had Jagdesh Tytler and Sajjan Kumar MPs.They enjoyed the patronage of the Congress and continued as Congress leaders.34 years since that brutality against the Sikhs.Recently Jagdish Tylter was feted and greeted and hailed as a great neta at a recent Congress gathering in New Delhi. What one cannot understand is the fact that the Congress had and has rewarded these men-hence we have Kamal Nath as the CM of Madhya Pradesh.

Justice in our country is not only slow but more often backs the powerful. Hence most of the accused were given the benefit of doubt. Concrete evidence was not forthcoming because years have passed and the poor can be bought for money-bribed and threatened. Hence that black blot in history continues.Yet this Raul Vince has the audacity to fault Modi and his government.When he carries such a baggage of parampara –He even accused Modi ji of being koon ka dalal .Who was and is Koon ka dadal history has recorded.This 50 year old man does not even know his own family history.

Then take the period of Rajiv Gandhi-the less said the better.Did he respect the President. Did he follow the customary briefing of the President periodically? No RG was too arrogant for that-exactly like his son-He did not care for Zail Singh.And then the abetting and interference of Rajiv Gandhi in Sri Lankan politics.He did  encourage the LTTE and its leader Prabakaran.The later became too ambitious.Sri Lanka was in turmoil. The result is the killings and rape of the Tamils and the ruthless massacre of innocents. The answer for this was the dispatch of the IPKF.The IPKF did what the Sri Lankan armies would do and worse.Out of this rape and brutality arose Dhanu-the human bomb.The rest is history.What needs to be pointed out is that Rajiv Gandhi by them became a liability to the Congress party.The elections that were held before his assassination the Congress lost but the elections after his tragic death the Congress won. Who exposed Rajiv Gandhi to such a gruesome death?Why did the Congress leaders in Delhi- Fatadar and Dhavan not heed the advice of the Tamilnadu Congress leaders that Sriperumbattur was not a suitable place because there it was difficult to provide security in such an area.All this are recent historic facts.It must be emphasized that under Rahul Gandhi the famous Bofors scam erupted.He was directly involved and that led to his down fall.But then Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure saw him accuse innocent V.P.Singh later that was proved to be false.He brought down the Chandra Shekar government –then IK.Gujral and then Deva Gowda.All this brought the country to disastrous restlessless.It also proved that the Congress was an unreliable ally.It wanted power at all costs and had never put nation first.The shouting brigade was formed to shout down the Treasury benches.What was the aim?Raul Vince has that DNA and he is restless. The man who four years ago asserted that power is poison wants today to drink that poison to its dregs. He is power hunger-towards that he will not hesitate to ally with the countries enemies. His secret meeting with Chinese-his leaders given the freedom to abuse Modiji and to openly invite Pakistan –his friendship with Siddhu-his proxy the ‘club’ to file PIL against Rafale deal. Yes now we have come to Rafale deal.I am overlooking the period when his mother dented and abused all constitutional forums by forming the NAC and becoming its chairperson. The subtle cunning in making MMSingh the PM was a clever strategy. She knew Manmohan Singh was very pliable and would easily become her puppet.All this and more India suffered at the hands of the fake Gandhis .But Raul Vince and the Congress party accuses Modi ji of demolishing all constitutional forums. This is the Raul, Vince who as an MP did not hesitate to tear the ordinance passed by the Cabinet.So the cry of the alliance partners and of the Congress is ‘Save democracy’. If democracy needs to be saved the nation must be saved from such netas.

Now Raul Vince struts around with his jibs and his Rafale deal.He demands the prosecution of Modi ji.But during the period of his father and the puppet PM not a single scamester was punished.Even a man like Warren Anderson who was responsible for the death of hundreds and the crippling and maiming of the inhabitants of Bhopal was given a safe exit from the country.The same for Quottrochi-thanks to Margaret Alva who gave ‘Q’ the signal to flee the country.The Italian who looted India made his way out without facing criminal charges.The money he looted from the poor Indians was freezed in London but the UPA sent a special emissary–Bhardwaj to get it released. So Q was able to escape without any hindrance and along with his loot enjoy for the rest of his life.Bhardwaj was later made the Governor of Karnataka.Take for instance the two Italian marines who shot and killed two fishermen in Kerala-they too escaped the Indian justice.They were treated right royally-Christmas vacations and five star treatment and finally the case was forgotten. So Indian lives are cheap-All this because we had at the help of affairs an Italian born woman to direct the government which was more than willing to heed to her. Now Raul Vince goes about as though he is distressed by the distress of the farmers-by the youth who are unemployed-the figures ever high-he is devastated by the poverty and the misery of fishermen-angered at the denial of azadi to the youth in JNU et al. The about narrative is given for him to realize that during his grandmother’s-his father’s and later his mother’s defacto period (during the puppet MMSingh’s tenure)there was abetment of terrorism-unemployment-farmers distress-but more than that the killings and the genocide of the Indians be it in New Delhi and /or  in Bhopal for which no tears were shed.

But this 50 year old who hardly has shed a drop of sweat towards building India is hitting at Modiji day in and out. His hug was the Judas kiss but now he explains that Modi ji needs love and that is why he hugged him.Is RV really off the tract. Does he not need immediate psychiatric treatment? To imagine that he is being projected as the heir apparent to the PM’s ‘kursi’ makes one think that we are all being cheated and taken for a ride.Sitaram Yechury is a full time busy man being the fevicol to glue the alliance partners. But Sitaram Yechury has no ideology because in the State they fight the Congress but in the Centre they ally .This is the kind of netas we have. We have Mamata Banerjee who goes by what the foreign media says and not by what the Indian media exposes.We have Mayawati who will not hesitate to go for her haircut to London but talks about the deprived dalits and wants us to know that she is fighting for their rights. Amidst this ‘aveail’(all veg mix subji) is Raul Vince-One is unsure to which country he belongs because he holds a British passport we are told-He was caught in Boston airport trying to smuggle drugs and sterling pounds along with his then girl friend the daughter of a Colombian drug lord. Thanks to late Mr Vajpayee who released him at the request of Mrs Sonia Gandhi. Otherwise RV would have been in prison now. We are being brainwashed that he is a fit candidate for the Prime Ministership.He is surrounded by his sycophants and chamchas who think that looks and dynasty IS WHAT MATTERS TO RULE India. Is ruling India a recreational activity or a hobby? What a tragedy. So he goes on chanting that Rafale deal is ‘an open and shut case’ that Modi took the money and put it in the pocket of Anil Ambani’-this is the chant of Raul Vince. Let it be clear that what you sow you will reap. History will repeat itself. But one must remember that Indians are no longer ignorant and cannot be taken for a ride.

Granted that Raul Vince is distressed by the poor and the suffering-then he must first rid himself of the ill-gotten wealth.A simple query – all know your mother’s beginnings and with what she came to India.Now if Forbes lists her as one of the richest woman in world the nation wants Raul Vince first to answer how she acquired that wealth. How he and his family have become billionaires. The test is for Rahul Vince to prove that he really means what he wants us to believe-then vacate No 10 Janpath-Sonia Gandhi is not entitled to it. She is entitled to only to an MP’s bungalow. Account for the amassed wealth of the family and then come clean and stand with the poor-that will make sense. But do not be a hypocrite and have two values one for others and one of yourself and your family. It is Raul Vince who has a dual personality-nay a fabricated personality structure. At least Chowkhidar ‘s hands are clean so do not stick to your hypocritical slogan that Chowhkidar chor eh like a broken gramphone record repeating it. That is the biggest lie and falsehood which will demolish you and the rest of the hypocrites along with you.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja


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A few questions to Raul Vince

Before I expand this narrative I would request you to please tell us your real name.How did you attach the tag of Gandhi to your name.Now your sister also has quietly dropped the Vadra which she is and is being cited only as Prinyanka Gandhi.This suits you and the family to deceive people in making then think that in some way you are connected to the real MK Gandhi.Your grandfather is Feroz Khan-your grandmother’s father is a Nehru-and your mother is Mrs Maino.So you should have any one of these tags and in no way demean and exploit the name of Gandhi.His great grandson had also appeal to you and to your family not to use the Gandhi tag.But you continue to do so because it helps.You have multiple passports-which country are you the citizen.This is important because of the recent utterances and behavior of yours.Hate Modi has become hate India.Are you the cheer boy of Imaran Khan and China?Your actions force us to think so.Is there not an iota of patriotism in you?Just four years ago you declared that power is poison but today you are so anxious to drink that poison.You are filled with venom.

I would like you to recollect your meet at Stella Maris College.I was a former student there  and later was on its faculty and hence am concerned with your statements and your whole out reach. You had N.Ram to arrange the meet I was told. By the way he is a former student of my husband.I noticed that you had a clean forehead-the prominent vermillion tilak which you display when you go for your rallies was missing.I suppose you did not want them to know that you are a janu dhari and wears a rudrash because  being in a Christian minority institution you wanted to project yourself as a Christian.Hence there are two references of yours to point to this.You explained that the hug you gave Modi ji in Parliament was because though he blasted  your party and family you were filled with affection for him.What a hypocrite you are.Then why the wink to your friend Scindia?Is to show the audience that you love even your enemies.This you had also stated some time back.And what is the proof of your affection-calling a PM ‘Chor’ even prodding the audience at one of your rallies to repeat it.Tell me where in the world will this be allowed-nay tolerated. You need to be locked up.You demean the constitutional post of the PM-he is elected by the people and hence calls for the minimum decent and probity. You who go about along with your mother accusing him for destroying all the constitutional institutions are systematically doing it.It started with your mother forming the NAC-your tore the Ordinance passed by the government -this when ManMohan Singh was abroad. You are reckless and frivolous and arrogant. You and your netas keep abusing Modi-Raj Babbar even dragged Modi’s mother who is 82 in the political muck when he made a comparison to the rupee devaluation –Your mother Mrs Maino started it all when she called Modi ‘a merchant of death’-one of your party leaders had the audacity to say that Modi will not win ( 2014 ) elections.He could serve tea to the AICC. You did not pull him up.And Modi won with a thumbing majority.You frequently refer to Modi’s 57 inches chest(when did you get it measured I do not know) and threatened that it will be reduced to 54 in the Rajya Sabha.You even stated once that Modi talks at night.Did you snoop on him at night. You even attacked him as ‘khoon ka dalal’.It is not as though the audience of 3000 in SMC which you faced was not aware of all this.Some of my former students were there in the audience. They did not even care to question you or raise valid issues because it was a waste of time many felt.They know your IQ level.This much for your boast of having an audience of 3000 women.You mentoned that you will give 33 percent reservation for women when you come to power. why wait for such a day.Why not now as Naveen Patnaik and Mamata Banerjee had done.Even in the Congress how many women are office bearers?

Oh yes when you put on an air of righteousness when you stated ‘probe Robert Vadra ,but also investigate Modi’.Yes after your National Herald case and your recent land deal with the arms dealer Bhandari is over.Somehow your obsession of Modi will be surface at every stage.You have nothing positive to offer-no vision no dreams of how India should be.But you claim that Modi does not see beauty in the world.How silly you are by trying to think that the audience in front of you are empty headed like you.  You have forgotten that you and your mother are on bail.The audience knew many things but did not want to embarrass you .They also are aware that you are a confused guy.The whole of India knows this except you.

You proudly asked if Modi will come and stand before the 3000 women and answer their questions.As though you had achieved something great. Remember that Modi interacts with thousands every day.Don’t drag him down to your level.Remember that what you sow you will reap.You are not a democract how can you and your party uphold democracy.You are a dynast and you think that India is your fiefdom. This is a New India Raul Vince and hence you cannot take people for granted.

Now let me go to the lasts news. You are in a triumphant mood because China did not vote for listing Masood Azhar(ji according to you)as a global terrorist. So you are quick to state that Modi is weak.In 2009  during our mother’s defacto regime and Manmohan Singh the puppet PM Chine had refused.But then you knew that MMSingh was a weak PM with no powers and that was perhaps you did overlook this fact. Modi ji is a determined and decisive PM –the first with such a strong caliber and work schedule that India has. Do you know that Modiji is looked upon by global leaders as a Stateman and not just as a political leader of a party.Do you scan the papers properly or depend only on your media advisors? You are more often ill informed. You are a caged parrot.How can you be so brazen and gleeful because China did not go along the others. You take it as a personal victory.What is your connection and relationship with Masood Azhar?Do you put India first ?Are you an Indian?  -similarly you frequently mouth Pakistan’s language.What are you. One is really anxious about your credentials. Yes your party leaders will immediately come to your rescue and tell us that they do not need lessons of patriotism from others. But it seems apparent and obvious that you need.If something great happens like the surgical strike and Balakot the credit must not go to Modi ji but if something negative happens then it is all the way the fault and weakness of Modi ji.You do not exhibit an iota of patriotism and is eager only for power.How will the nation trust you with its sovereignty?Do you know that during Nehru’s period he embraced the then Chinese premier and everywhere the slogan was China India bhai bhai-all the time the Chinese armies were preparing to invade India. India was attacked while Krishna Menon was at his marathon speech in the UN. So Nehru was weak-And the same Nehru donated the Permanent Security seat of the UN offered to India to China. How can you arrive at the conclusion that Modi is weak simply because China signed off JeM,Do you know the number of countries that rallied round the GOI-“There was an unprecedented consensus in favor of blacklisting Azhar.Apart from the three permanent members ,four non-permanent members –Germany,Poland,Belgium,and Equatorial Guinea. Others who co-sponsored the proposal were six countries-Japan,Australia,Italy,Bangladesh Maldives and Bhutan”.Would you say that Modi is weak? You seem to celebrate the Chinese decision and uses it immediately to attack Modi ji “Weak Modi is scared of Xi.Not a word comes out of his mouth when China acts against India.NoMo’s China diplomacy:1.Swing with Xi in Gujarat.2,Hug Xi in Delhi.3.Bow to Xi in China” ,This is what you tweeted.Proof in black and white that you need  psychiatric treatment. You have touched an all low level. Compulsive obsession and a bloated self-image-a persistent denial and a refusal to learn-a static non growth –a confused and disoriented perspective-all reveals a painfully fractured personality. You are a disaster to yourself and to this country. God save the country.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja-Vadodara

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Open letter to Priyanka Vadra from a humble Chowkidar

It is a pity that you are no better than your pappu brother Raul Vince-now he is  Raul Rafale Vince.You think that your river cruise was a brain wave and a great discovery. I like to point out to you the following:-

1-You like your brother has become a caged parrot-when you referred to Modi ji’s 57 inches

  1. You along with the whole family are frauds and deceivers-hence the ‘Gandhi’ tag to your name
  2. You decried how Modi ji wants to be in power-Modi misused institutions.
  3. You stated that UP has two sons and does not need an adopted son
  4. Only the rich needs Chowkidar

1- Are you not ashamed to refer to Modi ji’s chest measurements? When did you measure or got his chest measured. You mentioned that we do not need a 57 inches chest but a good heart etc .Are you certain that your heart is in place irrespective of your chest measurements? Do you not think that there are political score points in such jibes.On the other hand people will only decry your lack of probity and decency. Are you aware that beauty is only skin deep and that is not what makes a good politician. Are you aware that a 57 inches chest can hold a heart that is selfless and has concern and empathy? Take your example. What is the hall mark of your concern for the poor? Your interest is in fancy cars-you can even afford to break down a new house if it does not suit your tastes. You and your mother and brother have hearts filled with greed and hypocrisy-within the chests smaller and narrow or big.Your heart is stifled with pride and filled with selfishness. How can one whose hobby is of fancy cars understand the suffering of the poor? What sort of a heart it is that so brazenly filthy rich and puts on an air of concern and sympathy of the unemployed. Is that not hypocrisy? Were you by the side of your husband Robert Vadra when he indulged in those land deals-was he not cheating the poor of their land? And you stood by him. What does your heart hold?

2- You are a great deceiver. Hence in name and attire you try to deceive the people. Why not you be what you are.What was and is the need for you to change your customary dress and drape a saree-apply tilak and pretend that you are a devote Hindu. You think you can mislead people by this fancy dress and outward exhibits. I thought you had studied psychology and hence you will not resort to such deception because it does not work. From your name, to your appearance you tried to project what you are not thus you have miserably cheated yourself. That is a shame. By the way why did you quickly drop the surname of Vadra which you are-Why did you-your whole family want desperately   to cling on to  ‘Gandhi’ name which you are not.You and your family are not Gandhis.Hence you are fake Gandhis .Is that not a psychologically aberration to pretend to be what you are not and to pass off with a name which is not yours. Not able to be what you are-not able to even stand by your real names. Your mother-Mrs Maino is a great puppeteer that is why she was able to make the former PM-Manmohan Singh a puppet.She enacted also the drama of ‘renunciation’ to deceive the people that she is not for power. But then became the defacto PM of this country. Why don’t you credit people with some intelligence and stop this sham of a projection. Why are you afraid to be what you are and not resort to masks and pretenses?

3-You stated that Modi wants power rather wants to cling to power.Tell me honestly (if you have an iota of honesty)-what is it you, your mother and your brother want- Power. Your brother had dramatically proclaimed four years ago that power is poison.Now he is anxious to drink it-because he his mother and you are desperate to get power.Towards this you have encouraged crony capitalism-abetted all the looters and the fraudsters and the family too indulged in it. Hence now you and your mother and brother are anxious and hell bent on power- to hide the amassed loot and to continue the looting of the poor. Look what is unfolding regarding the Augusta Westland  choppers.What about the fraud land deals of your husband Robert Vadra. So do not pretend that you are innocent-that you came to save the nation and speak for the distressed. Your family is the main cause of all the distress. You are very much part of the whole sham and the fraud. You accused Modi of misusing institutions. What a travesty of truth.What did your mother-Mrs Maino do? She set up an NAC and became the chairperson-drafting and overseeing what had to go to the PM. Thereby she demeaned Parliament and the PM’s office made both superfluous and misused her role as the chairperson of the NAC. The Congress to which you belong has been known for misusing all constitutional institutions-be it the CBI the ED and the NIA. Its chief misuse was Parliament when it made and unmade governments. Formed the shouting brigade and blocked the working of Parliament. It even bought one vote- with a bag of money by Buta Singh in Parliament because what transpires in Parliament cannot be taken to court. Your party blackened the name of VPSingh and George Fernandes in Parliament.Later they were cleared of all charges.Your father even used the floor of Parliament to insult leaders like Jaipal Reddy in the most inhuman manner by saying that his mind is as crooked as his body.So please do not resort to the same game of blaming Modi for misusing constitutional institutions. Is it because the ED is grilling your husband you say this. Should If the ED and IT and CBI do their job can it said that Modi is misusing these? Does it mean that all fraudsters and scamsters not be investigated? Your grandmother even suspended the Constitution. Remember Pakistan has charged Mushraff a traitor for suspending the Constitution of Pakistan. Indira Gandhi also called for a committed judiciary and misused it towards her goal. Your brother Raul Vince by tearing the Ordinance passed by the Cabinet when he was only an MP misused and dented the authority of the Cabinet. Your mother by continuing to live in No 10 Janpath has misused her status as the wife of a former PM.

  1. You asserted that UP has two sons and hence does not need an adopted son. What you meant is that Modi ji is an outsider. If your brother is a true son of UP do not forget that he is also half an Italian.Your mother is Italian born-does India need her when Bharat Mata has lakhs of true daughters of her own?Why should an Italian daughter made any claim at all? Your perceptive is divisive. It has always been so-your party has divided the people on the basis of caste and creed and regions. The same can be said of you.So do not go on river-Ganga cruise thinking that people will swallow all your untruths. Remember that ma Ganga will not tolerate lies and frauds and deception. Using her as a communication means to disseminate falsehood and hypocrisy is against dharma
  2. Raul Vince thought that he is very smart to repeat the jibes against Modi ji.But all backfired. People look down on those who resort to insult the Constitutional post of the PM.People expect the minimum decency and courtesy. Nobody appreciates the jibes against the Prime Minster.They only reveal a very cheap mentality. These only expose the low level character and a stunted intellectual growth. Now the latest is ‘ Chowkidar’chor hai. And you want to repeat and reinforce the same when you cited that only the rich needs chowkidars not the farmers. Are you totally ignorant that farmers never use chowkidars. They have other means of securing their crops and their farms. Yes you are right when you say that only the rich need chowkidars.Your and your mother Mrs Maino and your brother belong to this category-the rich-nay the filthy rich. Hence you and your husband Robert Vadra-Raul Vince  your brother  and Mrs Maino  need chowkidars.Was it is not on the basis of security that under the UPA regime  a MP’s bungalow was allotted to you and your family the Vadras?The reason being ‘Security’.But why this security for you and your Scot mother-in-law and your family  at the cost of the taxpayers. Can your husband Robert Vadra  not provide his mother and his family private security? When your mother-in-law’s security was withdrawn there was a hue and cry from the family. Robert Vadra cited her age etc.Are you not ashamed to fleece the money of the poor for your security. You –your Scot mother-in-law and the family need Chowkidars. Remember that during your mother’s defacto regime as the PM  scams rained-Nirav Modi ,Chowski his uncle- and Vijaya Mallya et al were looting the banks –the UPA and the then puppet PM abetted this. They were wining and dining. It is only when the Chowkidar Modi appeared on the scene they took to their heels -became fugitives .And you be sure that  Chowkidar Modi will not let India’s poor to be looted any more-that is why the people know that the nation under Chowkidar Modi is and will be safe.But he gives the jitters and fear to those who are frauds and who have cheated the nation-the scamsters- who  are anxious and hell bent on making him lose so that they could escape and enjoy their loot. Defeat Modi-under the name of ‘save democracy’ was triggered .How can parties which believe in dynasties save democracy? Your party makes all sorts of promises, like women reservation-health care Act, minimum basic income. Why were these not done when for 57 long years the Congress was in power? Now it is indulging in deceptions and gimmicks to keep Modi out. All reveal only a hatred for Modi -nothing positive .Past experience will vouch that the Congress had no real reform-not uplifted the poor and only divided the people and ushered in casteism and communalism. The maximum distress deaths of farmers were when the UPA was in power. Communal riots and terrorists attack only produced hollow promises, ‘We will not bend our knees to terrorism’. You know Chowkidar Modi is  a threat to all cheaters- your husband’s land deals and to all those who sinned against the poor. Beware the people are with Chowkidar Modi.

You have a long way to go. Be what you are-do not try to imitate and turn out to be a caged parrot. This country has given you and your family much. The nation has suffered also from the betrayal of the Congress and its leaders. Remember entering politics for selfish interest will not take you anywhere. Do not make it a family business. That is a negation of democracy. What you do not have you cannot give. So forget all the false promises. Above all stop betraying the poor and stop patronizing them and taking them for a ride. This is a New India remember –hence watch your step. The patience of the people is running out.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja-Vadodara.


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Raul Vinci’s ranting- -RV will never grow.Take the following:_ -He stated that Modi is only interested in himself. -That institutions post were filled by RSS .That the country can burn but Modi wants to become the PM. -That if Raul Vinci was given 15 minutes to talk in Parliament Modi would run away. The analysis of all the above four will prove that Raul Vinci will never grow! When the UPA was in power who did they appoint in all the institutional posts?Raul Vince sees red –he is terribly scared of the RSS because unlike him It is a discipline,-hard working cadre and is nationalistic and patriotic to the core..The RSS will give its life for the country.Unlike Raul Vince and his mother who would flee to Italy and to safety if faced with such a crisis. It is the prerogative of a party to fill in with their men and women not with the Opposition’s men and womenThis is understandable and nothing new.The BJP is simply following the precedent established by the previous governments.Even otherwise it cannot fill up the institutions posts with men and women from other parties but only with its own to follow its agenda on the basis on which it was elected by the people.This is simple logic of any political party. The whole world knows that Modi is a great statesman and that is why he was invited to address a dozen of Parliaments of different countries.All the global top leaders have acclaimed Modi to be a great statesman of the century.So that is what is irritating Raul Vinci.The people know that Modi works hard-the people know that we have the first PM who really cares and works for the people and the country. Modi is a fighter-he will not take flight in a crisis.It is not in his personality to want to become the PM at all costs.Even so what is wrong.Raul Vinci and his mother aspire to the PM’s chair-one is an italian and the other half an Italian and the country rejected both.So if the country wants Modi no matter what he wants then surely Modi will and can aspire to become the PM.He does not piggyback ride neither does he claim a coronation of a dynast for the post.He is claiming the people’s verdict to made him the PM –what is Raul Vinci then aiming at?Just a trouble maker and fish in troubled waters.Incapable of even understanding the basics of a democracy. Poor Raul Vinci he has a bloated self image. He says that if 15 minutes he was allowed to talk in Parliament Modi will run away.He must realize that nobody prevented him from talking.It is the Opposition and mainly the Congress which blocked Parliament because they could not would not be able to withstand the onslaught of Modi and his logical reasoning and his convincing thesis of events and happenings. They prevented him from addressing the Parliament and blocked Parliament. Now RV is crying over spilt milk. Talk-talk as much as you can in the well of the House and outside Parliament and notice how people are laughing at you. How you are being so foolish and children are mocking at you.You talk with no logic and substance -I really pity you and your bloated EGO.Modi is a fighter-he will never run away from difficult situations. He fought to survive –he fought hunger and poverty. He is made of a different stuff. You are more a trouble maker than a trouble shooter. You fish in troubled waters augmenting and fomenting crisis after crisis for your own petty ambition-to oust Modi.You want the country to burn and that is why you projected that on Modi.Let the country burn what I cannot have others should not have. This is called projection in psychology. That will never happen. The more you resort to such gimmicks the more you will be turn out, down and off. Raul Vinci make yourself clear and clean you are not worthy to hold a candle to Modi so give up this bloated EGO of yourself. Please grow up. You are a 47 year old man but act as a kid.You -Rahul Vinci and your mother Edvige Antoni Albina Maino should know that, ‘you can fool all the people some time and some of the people all the time –but you cannot fool all the people all the time’.Remember these golden words. Indians are not to be taken for a ride anymore.You your party the Congress and its netas must remember this. Dr Mrs Hilda Raja-

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Impeachment-the Congress and its dirty games. Impeachment is not a political game but that is what the Congress under Kapil Sibal is trying to do-playing politics and in the process will drag itself down the slush to bite the dust For one thing even all in the Congress does not go along this impeachment stand. This has been clearly stated by Ashwini Kumar MP who has emphasized rightly that it will be counter- productive. What will the Congress party gain by this move? In fact the charges are laughable and am surprised that a lawyer like Kapil Sibal is spearheading the move. The five charges cannot be proved. They are as vague as some of the nonsenses politicians talk from the platforms. In fact CJI Dipak Misra is being hounded because he tried to protect the independence of the judiciary and not allowed it to be made a platform to fight political issues. It is clear that his stand is right,Then about the 30 year old land case-It will be good to clear the recent land cases against Vadra and the Congress netas who have been misusing their power to amass assets including land.I charge Edvige Antonia Albinia Maino to make public how she acquired all her wealth.How can she account for being richer than Queen Elizabeth. Was it her inheritance? Was it her money acquired from her high paid salary of an au pair and a hotel waitress? Physician, first cure yourself. We the people demand an account of the 57 years of looting by the Congress and its netas.The party should be impeached .The country need to cleanse itself from this virus- leeches and bandicoots. Virus- spreading communalism-leeches sucking the blood of the Indian poor-and bandicoots digging out the roots of democracy with dynasty form of government .And strangely Kapil Sibal asks, ‘should the people of this country allow the institution to diminish and not protect it from within and without…’.Who is the Congress to undertake this task?Does the Congress represent the majority of the people? Has the Congress got the mandate to embark on this self-defeating task? For that matter we want to rid the country of the Congress which had for 5 decades and more exploited every single constitutional post-cheated the people and pauperized them.Communalized the polity-divided the people and caged them into ghettos of caste ,creed and region-amassed wealth and defeated and made democracy a mockery. Is this the party which wants to uphold the judiciary. All for its own glory -all because it has been made to bite the dust-all because it is angered and hence spits venom? The people threw the Congress party out of power and reduced it to a minority Opposition party and look at the arrogance of it loud mouthed noises made –becomes and acts as the champion of the people to safeguard the judiciary-Its own survival it needs to piggyback ride on other regional parties –this great boast of a national party. Shame on it! A bloodied(Sikh genocide) and blackened Hand cannot clean anything. The problem with the Congress party is that it lives in the past –its leaders have an out of proportion blowup image.Its leader is an immature person and tries all gimmicks. The Congress party must shed and discard its Italian mafia and fascist mentality. Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

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