Give us back our old India of Gandhiji

This is the plea of Ghulam Nabi Azad in the Parliament. It is amusing to listen to this plea because the plea is an appeal to put the clock back. It displays a backward mentality. The world has moved on-progress and development will bring in with it other concomitants which may be harsh but cannot be avoided. Azad must decide to travel in a bullock cart and not go in for high-tech. Along with this plea for the old India one cannot but dissect that everything was not fine and good in the old India. Poverty numbers did not suddenly appear in the last three years. The whole country was steeped in poverty-in communalism in looting. A kind of systematic way of life and of political insulation to the poverty of the people was injected in that old India which Azad now so fervently appeals for. No accountability-raining of scams-looting of the natural resources-grabbing land and keeping the people with empty stomachs and out stretched hands with a begging bowl. This is the picture of old India and this is what Azad seeks. The basic problem is the likes of Azad and the party to which he belonged can never function in a true democracy. It is a dynasty regime they are accustomed to. Hence sitting in the Opposition is not in the DNA of the Congress. A party which does not believe in democracy is not fit to govern and term it democracy.

Yes the old India which Azad and his likes long for have the fundamental characteristics-Raining of scams-extra constitutional power center-a PM which was only a puppet-a regime of looting and easy living- a government which was non- functioning. Azad cannot use the forum of the RS to paint a picture of the charming old world, ‘when Hindus and Muslims gave blood for each other, babies did not get raped’. What the Congress sowed then, we reap now. Is it not logic that nothing sprouts suddenly? The seeds of distrust-the communalism and polarization were all injected into the polity by the Congress. Will Azad place the record of the riots that shook the country during the 55 years of the Congress regime? Will he reel out the poverty figures and convince us of the efforts the Congress government undertook to eradicate poverty. Hence poverty grew in geometrical proportions. Terrorism was abetted right from the days of the Congress. The soft policy towards Pakistan is treason and Azad cannot make the nation believe that the Congress has the sovereignty of the nation as its priority.

A one family rule-a one family became the country’s focus. Except for the garbage pits and the toilets every government structure was named after one family .What did it show-a culture of sycophancy and a crass anti-people attitude. The Congress will never learn or understand that a positive Opposition is needed for democracy to function. It is equally the duty of the Opposition to see that the government functions-that Parliament works. Parliament has to function if government has to function. It cannot hinder and block Parliament to suit its whims and fancies and just to spite the ruling government. This is anti- democratic attitude and anti -people stand.

Today it is easy for the Congress and its leaders to highlight the distress of the farmers and the unemployed. Can the Congress produce its score card on these two fronts? The fact remains that the Congress PMs hardly worked-they took life leisurely starting from Nehru. Manmohan Singh had clearly stated that he was out of the loop and on another occasion admitted that he had not applied his mind. Then what is the role of a PM? The less said of Rajiv Gandhi the better. He used all his gimmicks to topple three governments- Chandrasekaran’s, Dev Gowda’s and Gujral’s. It was simply a play for the Congress. One can notice that the Congress had and has scant respect for Parliament-so it went on blocking Parliament-went on shouting down the government and even formed the ‘shouting brigade’ to shout and drown the voices of the ruling party. It did not allow George Fernandes-the Cabinet Minister for Defense to speak in Parliament. Is this democracy? We had in recent times the ‘darling of the Congress’ according to the puppet Manmohan Singh threatening to reduce the 57 inches chest  of Modi in the Rajya Sabha.So block-everything do not allow the government to function and we must listen to their sentimental appeal for the good old India. This party and its leaders which have not even an iota of understanding of what democracy is and all about. If one is to look into Indira Gandhi’s regime the very fact that she imposed Emergency should be a just case to ban the Congress party. Today Azad talks of freedom of speech, freedom to socialize, freedom to do business. Where did all these freedoms go during the Congress regime? Yes freedom to do business means getting the Italian Quottrrochi to loot the poor of this country. One can go on pinpointing the immense injustices wrought on the nation by the Congress and it is this which Azad wants to bring back. Sentimentality does not work. All that is old is not good and moral and pro-people.

Ghulam Nabi Azad makes a fervent plea for freedom –he was the CM of J&K-why are the Indian citizens restricted from living and doing business in J&K? When he refers to Hindus and Muslims giving blood for each other he forgets or rather wants us to forget the ethnic cleansing undertaken in Kashmir. So why is freedom restricted on the basis of religion? Why is the Congress not accountable for the thousands of Hindus pundits tortured and massacred-why did the ‘old India’ allow the genocide of the Sikhs?Azad has misused the floor of the RS to paint a rosy picture of the Old India but that old India brings blood shed-acute poverty-denial of freedom and an oppression that is covered with the sheen of a dynasty. It was this and more that we Indians saw-suffered-bore patiently and prayed for the New World and at last it came in the form of Modi and his government. And now we realize that we are safe. Every Indian will be protected-our resources will be guarded-corruption will be uprooted and those who sinned against the poor will not be allowed to get away. But we also realize that this means long hard years ahead-Modi has no magic ward and to quote the puppet former PM money does not grow on trees. Employment will not rain from the heavens. It needs planning and hard decisions and co-operation from the Opposition.

These the common people will understand if they are taken in confidence. But the Congress is back at its deceit lying and untruths are being disseminated. A whole gang of former sycophants are at work-every positive step is being hindered and blocked and the Congress which puts itself above the country does not mind if people continue to suffer. One, it wants to get away with its scams-two it wants to continue to loot and three it wants its coterie to be placed in pivot positions-so that the dynasty can be safe guarded. Shame on the Congress which thinks that the ordinary people can be bluffed and taken for a ride-we can be deceived to think that rule of a Family-nay a dynasty is rule of democracy. We the poor realize that we have been cheated even of that one meal a day-the poor farmers know better than others that there is a gestation period to harvest what is sowed. First the land must be cleared-weeded and make fertile only then good seeds can be sowed and then after nurturing these good harvest can be expected. Tell these to the farmers-Remind them their own cycle of sowing and reaping. They will understand that a four year period of Modi and the BJP in power is insufficient to clear-the weeds and the slime and the slush which is so heavy and deep of the 55 years of rot-accumulated have to be cleared. So prodding them to demand employment-to blame the Modi government for their distress is shortsighted and cunning and deceit-and misleading the poor.

It was the need of the day that Modi put the record straight in Parliament and said all that he had said. For one thing it was the Opposition which asked for it.Azad wanted the old India of Gandhi. So should we not recollect what that old India was? Should we not realize that Gandhiji himself wanted the Congress party to be disbanded? The younger generation must know the history of those times. Rahul Gandhi has absolutely no sense of history and his mother still worse. Both are only draft readers and depend on the backroom boys for slogans and content. They are the oppressors and hence their vision is from the apex of the pyramid-belonging to this 2 percent of the population. And everything in that old India was structured and attuned to serve their interests-not of the nation’s. All this must go into the record and Modi did well in using the floor of Parliament to revisit that old India which he was compelled to. His critics may criticize him but then truth cannot be buried for long. History must record what an ordinary chaiwala’s perception of the old India was and is because it will be the true perspective of the millions of India who are at the bottom of the pyramid. Critics forget that the present of any political party cannot be disassociated with the party’s past. These links in a chain-its parampara-it displays its culture and exposes its roots. It is the ‘baggage’ which it carries-so to fault Modi for delving into the past instead of dwelling only on the present state of affairs is like wanting to look at a dissected piece of the body and not the whole body.

Well done Prime Minister-my salutations to you. We will die in peace as long as we have a PM as you who puts the country before self and party. We bow our heads to you because you are a sign and symbol of true democracy. You had no coronation-you were not hoisted up but you worked up-you made democracy vibrant and meaningful. You proved that India will shine as long as there are people like you to uphold truth and fight for it. You have at last given India democracy. May your tribe increase.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja-Vadodara


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Is it violation of Art 28?

What does Art 28 state-that no religious instruction shall be provided in any educational institution wholly maintained by State funds. It further asserts that no person attending any educational institution recognized by the State or receiving aid out of State funds can be forced to take part in any religious instruction or attend any religious worship unless consented by the guardian. It must be noted that the Art 28 addresses itself to ALL educational institutions which receive government aid. Does it the not include the educational institutions run by the Christians and the Muslims? But it is obvious that the educational institutions run by the minorities –and receiving aid from the government do not adhere to this article. Further Art 26 clearly states that every religious section has the right to manage its own religious affairs-to own and acquire moveable and immovable property. If so then why are the temples assets administered by the government. Why a Hindu Religious Endowment Board with government official hierarchy? Both theses Arts are not addressed only to Hindus but to all religious sections. Hence if the Minority run educational institutions can address the student body and make them recite their religious hymns and Koranic verses-why should the Hindus alone be banned from reciting the Hindu hymns and Hindu scriptures? Here please note that this is different from ‘imparting religious instruction’. Even in such a case the Minority institutions do impart religious instructions to the Hindu students-especially in their schools. It seems apparent that most of the Arts and the Constitution itself is discriminatory and biased when it comes to the Hindus.I hope and pray that the judiciary will not abet  the same bias and discrimination against the Hindus when interpreting the Constitution and supervising its operation.

This is the sheer discrimination. Why should schools and institutions run by Hindus not be allowed to pray-That violates Art 28 it seems. But the institutions run by the Muslims and the Christians are allowed to make children recite the Koran and the Christian prayers. Should the Hindu children then go to Mecca and Medina to recite the Hindu prayers? This country is a Hindu country-(I rubbish the secularism inserted in the Constitution) Secularism calls for equi-distance of the government from all religions. But is that followed. Suddenly the Congress netas have become Hindutva champions and Shiv and Ram Bhakts after having hit at the BJP for Hindutva ideology.

The Constitution must guarantee equality. The Madrasas and the Christian run institutions are government aided-it is the tax payers’ money-How can they alone be allowed to have their religious prayers. Near my former house in Chennai there is a convent run school. My servant maid’s daughters (Hindus) all studied there. They know the Hail Mary and Our Father and other prayers, When asked how they knew these prayers they replied that they were taught in school. I know of Christian schools taking the children (all the children) to the church for prayers. I worked for a short time in a catholic NGO which worked for patients of burned out cases of leprosy. These inmates had to compulsorily attend every day the Mass at noon after which alone they will be served their plate of rice. I served in a Catholic college-everyday morning prayers and a homily is disseminated through the public address system. Then the students should stand and bow their heads. There is nothing wrong in allowing this. But my plea is that the same must be allowed for the Hindu run institutions also.You cannot have one rule for the Minorities and another for the Hindus. Let it not be forgotten that the Hindu religion sprung from this soil. It is ancient, immemorial and ageless. But the other religions are imported. The tolerance of the Hindu religion allowed these religions to take root in India. Temples were the only structures in ancient India-churches and mosques came later-after the invaders destroyed the temples and build their worship places. Now we go abegging for building Ram temple. This is the height of injustice. Let each religion be allowed their own prayers in their respective institutions. In one own’s country one cannot propagate one’s own religion. Is that justice? But the Christian evangelical groups propagate their religions in the highways and byways of this country. The orphanages they run are only a cover up to convert the poor children. In one own country-the Hindus are made refugees-banned from residing and owning land in Kashmir-while the Muslims can. Strange logic this is. Now the objection is that the Hindus cannot make the children studying in their institutions follow the Hindu prayers. This means spreading Hinduism. Even if that is true-what is wrong in spreading Hinduism in this Hindu country? The Islamic countries forcefully spread Islam in their country-and in other countries and in India. Why this restriction for the Hindus in their own country. So the Muslims and the Christians in making the children learn and recite their religious prayers are spreading Islam and Christianity. Is that not proselytization-with the tax payers money?

Will any of the Islamic country allow such liberty to the Hindus and /or any other minority religious group? – This is like the story of the camel. Giving a little place for the camel out of goodwill soon made the animal occupy the whole tent and displaced its owner. The whole problem is with the Constitution and the Minority Rights. No country will allow such blatant discrimination. Will the Islamic countries allow churches and temples to be built in their countries? Why then should the world (read Muslims and the so called ‘secularists’) seek such from the Hindus? If the Hindus assert their rights then it becomes-polarization-nay even saffronization. It is time for the Hindus to say enough is enough-all that we ask is -EQUAL RIGHTS in one owns country-Bharat .Should the Hindus go begging and pleading for this. Should now the judiciary decide if the Hindus-children of this land be allowed to recite Hindu prayers in the institutions they run. The Muslims even worship in public places-should they not be restricted to worship only within their mosques and their Islamic compounds. Why should the public places be turned into their praying /worshipping place? Why the Hindu tax payer’s money should be used to run Madrasas. Why should there be segregation in education for Muslim children. Should they not be in the main stream? A scrutiny of the happenings in the country reveals that -its netas- judiciary and even its Constitution has yielded to discrimination making the Hindus second class citizens. This was articulated by the former Manmohan Singh when he stated that the Muslims are special and hence they are entitled first to the resources of this country. Hindus should not allow the be administered by the Hindus-Let them mal- administer-that is not the business of the government. Has it ensured that the waqf land, mosque monies, the enormous assets the different Churches and their allied societies-congregations own in the form of land/estates and monies are well administered? The Hindus demand Justice-nothing more and nothing less. The recital of Hindu prayers in institutions run by the Hindus is a right of the Hindus for their children (the others can join if they like) that cannot be any violation of Art 28. If non-Hindu parents are not happy let them remove their wards from such institutions-that is their right.

Dr.Mrs Hilda Raja, Vadodara

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Theater of the absurd

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Storm in a teacup

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Most ‘malicious’ and ‘unfortunate’ letter of Archbshop Thomas Macwan

Most ‘malicious’ and ‘unfortunate’ letter of the Archbishop Thomas Macwan

The letter of Archbishop Thomas Macwan is most malicious and unfortunate. The very thing he has cautioned against by people using it. But he has masked the same with his overt and covert letter. It is projection of his real intent. He has addressed the letter to Cardinals (Eminences) Archbishops (Graces) and Lordships (Bishops) One feels like laughing because it is full of falsehoods. Not a day passes he says without attacks on Christians and the churches. This is far from the truth. The Archbishop should brush up the history of the Catholic Church which purged and committed genocide the world over. What did the RC Church do to the Jews right within Vatican-denied even vaccination to the children-burned women and children within the synagogues. This is just one instance to depict the ‘Humane’ leadership of the R.Catholic church to which Archbishop Macwan belongs. What did the R.Catholic church do with its Inquisitions-all over the globe and right here in India. It destroyed churches-brutalized the poor Indians. I am just citing two instances. So the Archbishop is ignorant of the Church history leave alone the history of India. He has no right to give lessons on patriotism and call for saving ‘our beloved country’. The kind of loot and scams that the RC. Church silently watched even abetted is history. The UPA government dented and shredded the Constitution of India and here comes Archbishop Macwan calling upon for safeguarding the Constitutional Rights. He goes further to state that the ‘secular and democratic fabric’ of the country is at stake. This if analyzed would mean that the Congress must be thrown out of the country (not just Gujarat) because what ONE DOES NOT HAVE ONE CANNOT GIVE. How can a party which has no inner democracy safe guard democracy? How can a dynast for the simple fact that he belongs to one family rule democratically and safeguard democracy?

Yes, vote for ‘humane leaders’. And what attributes does Archbishop Thomas Macwan give for being humane? Keep the ‘flock’ from birth to death in its clutches. Refuse them the freedom to think and brainwash them with the notion of One and Only God-which Archbishop Macwan has. If that is not oppression and tyranny then what is it? Is it not laughable that the Archbishop who belongs to the R.Catholic church calls for humane leaders? He has forgotten the genocide the burning of the witches at the stake-he has no knowledge of the torture and the Inquisition right in Goa.He has no idea of the forced conversion-of luring the people with a plate of rice /a loaf of bread-he has forgotten that the Mother Theresa indulged to baptizing dying children-refused them even painkillers. All this and more. Yet the R.Catholic church saw in her a saint because of the thousands she baptized. Archbishop Macwan  thinks that the elections in Gujarat is important because it will set the trend for the country. So he has advised and called upon the Catholics to recite the Hail Mary and Holy Mary. Recite the rosary he recommends. What if these Hail Marys and Holy Marys do not bring in the kind of result which Archbishop hopes for? So after the elections will he accept that the people have voted for ‘humane leaders’ and that the Hail Marys and Holy Marys produced that which the heavens wanted? Will he then talk of ‘secularism’ in the same breath and hail the verdict? The whole approach and the letter clearly depicts how ‘unsecular’ the Archbishop’s mindset is-and the R.Catholic church to which he belongs. Where is the relevance for such a call in a secular’ environ? For ages now the Christian churches have destroyed the ethos of this country which was based on tolerance and pluralism. Did the Hindus stoop to conversion and that too through violence and the blood shed as the R.Catholic church to which he belongs? In fact all the invaders be they the Dutch, the Portuguese the French and the English all belonging to the various Christians churches indulged in conversion and forced conversions. The Hindus did not-So who is secular and who is tolerant? Can one forget facts of history? Today so much is made of  a few incidents and attacks. But the bloody battles and the forced conversions are all pushed under the carpet. You get what you sow. There is no need for Archbishop Macwan to hide what he really wants-A few years ago I was in a church in B’lore when from the pulpit the preacher clearly instructed the ‘faithful’ on whom to vote.But one must have some guts to openly state ‘please do not vote for the BJP.’Why has Archbishop Macwan tried to hide his real intention in ‘beloved country’ and ‘Constitutional rights’ and ‘humane leaders’ et al. Still like the ostrich which hides its head in the sand? If he is  honest then he must openly state what his intention is to the Eminences and the Graces and the Lordships’ Calling upon the catholic community to daily recite the hail Marys and the Holy Marys what if the recital of the rosary worked out exactly for the opposite of what Archbishop Macwan has in mind ?.Will he swear by its efficacy? At least one would expect an Archbishop to speak out his mind with some clarity and courage. This is what this country deserves for giving the Minority Rights-which no other country in the world has. Naturally with such a right based on religion how can one expect a country to be secular? So I humbly plead to Archbishop Thomas Macwan to be more open and to pray that the Minority Rights be deleted from the Constitution so that we could really call this country really secular.

(Years ago I was a member of the National Advisory Council of the National Bishops Conference of India)

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,Vadodara

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Theater of the absurd

The Theater of the absurd

It seems that the Congress has lost its sense when one hears and sees what its spokespersons are reeling out. Under the ‘damage control’ of the soft Hindutva which Rahul Gandhi vigorously opted for in his campaigns in Gujarat the Congress leaders are trying to bend backwards and to justify every word and move of ‘pappu’. Suddenly we find RG visiting temples and beholding himself as a devote Hindu with the vermilion tilak on his forehead. But we never heard of RG ever going to the temples in Delhi for worship.It is a worldwide fact that he is Raul Vince-born to the Italian Sonia Gandhi and to Rajiv Gandhi.It is he who stated that Hindu terror is more dangerous than LeT (Lashkar-e-Taiba)more dangerous than the Islamic terror. He never failed to hit at the Hindus and poke fun at them. For one thing there is no soft Hindutva and hard hindutva.There is only Hindutva to which RG and Sonia Gandhi do not subscribe. They do not even know fully well what Hindutva stands for.Like the Archbishop of Gandhigram-Thomas Macwan who appealed to the catholics to pray that the nationalistic forces do not take over.So he and the likes of him including RG and his mother want anti-national forces to take over.No wonder the Congress celebrated the release of Hafiz Saeed-the global terrorist. The Congress could join Musharraf in its admiration for this terrorist.

Suddenly questions are being raised by Rahul Gandhi on what development took place in the past 24years in Gujarat.It is for the people of Gujarat to ask this-they will not because they know well what development took place.But how is RG and the Congress including PC to question what development took place and where is the Achha din promised by Modi.First let them answer what development took place in India for the past 24 years when the UPA was in power and Sonia Gandhi was the power center? From the days of Indira Gandhi all that we had were slogans ‘Garbi Hatao’ and the 20 Point programme which kept the people well locked in poverty. Once we get the answer from the great enlightened Congress leaders on this then we shall explain the development that took place during the tenure of Modi as CM of Gujarat and now as PM of India.

The Congress party is solely to be blamed for the communalization of the polity-of the nation. Starting from the induction of the Indian Muslim League.For that matter even the Constitution of India is not secular when it talks of Minority rights on the basis of religion.Now the people and the communities are so fenced in their particular castes that Rahul Gandhi as the Congress VP as struck alliances with communal leaders promising the skies even unconstitutional promises. So we have the people in ghettos of BCs,OBCs,SCs and now the Pattidars.All these have chota leaders with whom the Congress have struck MOUnderstandings.This gives them legitimacy to communalism-and makes the Indian fabric of nationhood damaged -It is shredded and tattered thanks to the netas.This is the great achievement of the Congress during its long years at the helm of power.Of course the Congress and its leaders like PC in the meantime made hay while the sun shines.Hence we had a raining of scams during the UPA period.Now it has the audacity to question what Modi achieved. Why there is so much of poverty and communalization-so much of polarization-It is for the Congress Rahul Gandhi and the Congress leaders to answer.Instead they pick at Modi

So we have Anand Sharma saying that the Congress too had PMs from humble origins.Yes he cited two-Lal Bahadur Shastri and Manmohan Singh.But did any of them meet with such disdain because of it.MMSingh was handpicked by Sonia Gandhi because she knew that he will keep the ‘kurshi’ warm and also because he will be a robot with the remote control in her hands. That is exactly what happened.He would have been an able Prof but not an able politicians. Who allowed and undermined the Constitution by allowing Sonia Gandhi to dictate. So no one talked derogatory of his humble origins because the Opposition would not stoop to that low.Coming to Lal Bahadur Shastri which is a mystery. The poor man died a mysterious death in Tankskent-Russia.He was not known to be a heart patient. Under what circumstances did he die? Why no autopsy was conducted and no probe ordered. So Anand Sharma cannot fall back on these two to justify that the Congress too had PMs from human origins.Yes were they ridiculed?No because that was not the culture.Today we have the Congress and Rahul Gandhi ridiculing Modi-for his 57 inches chest-which RG promised to reduce that in the Rajya Sabha.-his ‘Suit book ka sarkar’We had his mother the Italian –calling Modi the merchant of death.But then this kind of barbs and jibs the Gandhis are known for because it thinks that the dynasty protects them. We had Rajiv Gandhi when provoked by Arun Shourie said, ‘No wonder he has such a son’,referring to his differently abled son.To the then Telegu Desam MP Jaipal Reddy he remarked in Parliament, ‘His mind is as crooked as his body’.This reveals the mindset of the Gandhis.They hit below the belt and resort to cheap personal jibs which no decent individual will.So RG and his leaders are no better.

Now it is the case of the Modi belittling the post of the PM by meeting Ivanka Trump.See who is throwing this-Ananda Sharma the spokesperson of the Congress. Has the Congress not belittled the office of the PM by making it just a make believe post with the extra constitutional power center with High Command-Sonia Gandhi.Had the Congress not belittled the PM office by saying that under Modi’s regime no woman is safe.When RG took a snipe at Modi saying that he is peeping into the bathroom of Manmohan Singh.For the simple reason that RG could not understand the simile Modi used when he really complimented MMSingh by saying that he was dry when it was raining scams in his regime. Did the Congress leaders like Diggy Singh and RG not talk of Modi’s wife?That he does not take care of her etc.Did not Mani Shankar Aiyer state before Modi became the PM that he can ‘never,never,never dream of hoisting the tricolor in the Red Fort.If he wants he can come and serve tea to the AICC members.’ What arrogance.Was he pulled up. Then the Congress will only distance itself from such remarks and says that individuals have their personal opinion.No there is something called party discipline-he should have been pulled up by the High Command. But then the latest is that Modi cannot speak English well and his pronunciation was bad etc.Well Sonia Gandhi’s English was bad. But then she went to one of the tutorials to learn English because she wanted to earn her livelihood as an au- pair. She could not pronounce English well. She was only a draft reader.Ivanka Trump was the envoy of Trump the President of the US –the PM meeting her is in no way belittling the Prime Minister’s office

We are now told that Rahul Gandhi is a hindu Brahmin.How is he a hindu Brahmin.Calls for some research a bit. His mother is an Italian Catholic-his grand father is Feroz  -who is supposed to be Parsi-He was given the name of Gandhi when he married Indira Gandhi.The parampara of the Motilal-Nehru- Gandhi family is steeped in Islamism.So now to be told that Rahul Gandhi is a Hindu Brahmin is to garner the votes of the hindus especially in Gujarat.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,Vadodara

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Panchkula everywhere

‘Panchkula everyway’ by Julio Ribeiro-(IE dated 19th 2017)is an honest account of the way the police and uphold-not upholding the rule of the law.If JR could stand up against the netas why not the others.Instead of putting the odium on the political class I would say that the police lacks sufficient training and discipline.What sort of training does the thousands of police man have-it is they who are in the front and encounter the public.To my knowledge the recruitment is bogged with corruption.Everyone wants to become a police man because there is more money –there is a good means to receive bribes and get away with it.Apart from this one would question the caliber of the officers-what sort of training is imparted to them in the police academies across the country. When the political boss want to to rid of an officer he is usual sent as the Director of the Police academy.After all JR stood his ground and was not transferred-Roopa the former DIG of prisons in Bengaluru was not that fortunate.And hence she was transferred and Sasikala in enjoying her VVIP status in the prisons.Most of the top political prisoners when jailed enjoy their stay in the prisons as rest houses-The political netas have resorts to enjoy and their cool their heels similarly the convicted big shots enjoy their prison stay as holidays. One can name any number of film personalities,and political bosses.Why is this so.What has gone wrong with character and uprighteousness?After all the netas can only transfer but cannot withhold the salaries.If JR can stand up so too can others.

I have had person experience with the corruption of the police. I met with an accident-a police jeep coming from the wrong side jammed into the auto in which I was travelling. The officer who was inside the auto disappeared ,while I went to the nearest clinic for medical attention. Fortunately I had noted down the number of the jeep. When I returned I found the auto clean washed and the jeep nowwhere .I went to the nearest police station and gave a complaint.The FIR later I found was not the same as what I had dictated. It did not mention of the police jeep and the officer-but blamed the auto for being stationary and the passenger within (that is me) sitting with one leg dangling outside the auto.I took up the case.I had lost a toe and the other four whole toes of the left leg was cut and dangling by the skin.This was attended to in a government hospital first-the doctor gave me an accurate description of the injury and advised that I go to a private hospital for better medical attention. In the meantime I found from the ADGP who was a friend of ours that the FIR is not the same one which I had given I went to the Police Commissioner who called for the Traffic police Commissioner and asked him to reopen the case.To cut short my accident story I found that at all levels that the police had scant character and did not stand for the truth. That police officer escaped .So what JR says in his article is true- but not always can one blame the netas.The police personnel also lacks the character to make them real persons who will stand for justice and truth. They are easily malleable –corrupt and demand bribes.

I know a number of cases when the police took bribes and let off the offender/culprit and the innocent suffered-even in a case where there was an accident of death. There was no netas interference in these cases. So one cannot say that the only the netas influence will create ‘Panchkula everywhere’,-yes they do, but if the policemen and women have character they would stand up for the right and follow the rules-like Julio Ribeiro, so can prevent Panchkula happening everywhere-at least can restrict it.

True enough almost all the police men/women  are susceptible to lucre and fear transfers –as long as that is there and have such cowards as policemen/women then the netas will have their way so too with the rich. Hence one would conclude that to money and political power the policemen/women are victims of. Another aspect is that they hardly know the laws. Be it criminal and social laws they are ignorant of-almost all those who are in touch with the common people. At least the netas who are anti -people will have to seek the votes of the people once in five years but what about the police force? Is there no way to upgrade them-look at the mass recruitments that take place-here again political bosses play a role? The written tests are a big farce-even the body measurements stipulated are being tampered with .The fact is that corruption at all levels have eaten into the fabric of this country. Character and up righteousness are devalued. One Julio Rebeiro does not make the police force but is an example that if he could stand up for the right and the rule of the law –so can others-His head did not roll and he was not transferred. Even if the police are transferred they are assured of their salaries.

The fact is that we are short of people who are morally strong. When I was in service my colleagues used to warn me not to stand up and speak as I used to when the Principal is there. But I did-my head did not roll. May be fearlessness and moral courage and truth are not appreciated but they are immortal values -values by which we are bound to stand up irrespective of when and in what capacity during our life time and only then can we stand before the Creator with a clean conscience on our reckoning Day.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,Vadodara

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