Rahul did a Modi

Rahul did a Modi

According to Shalaja Bajpai(Indian Express-3rd Dec) ‘Rahul did a Modi’ in her analysis of the sound bytes in the different TV channels. While Modi has toned down-Rahul has become aggressive she adds. Well within a year as PM, Modi has evolved as a Statesman. This is because Modi had the abilities and the capabilities to evolve. He also had the training for a hard life. But on the other hand Rahul Gandhi is a pampered one. Thanks to the Indian people and their tolerance. But when RG becomes aggressive he is simply exposing frequently his utter lack of political maturity. So he thinks he can dare the PM and faults him from running away. Why should RG think that Modi is running away? He came the hard way up and is not afraid to speak out and stands up for what he believes in .Modi has no place to run neither Italy, Britain nor Bangkok where he can hide out for 57 days. Unlike RG he has no sycophants and ‘chammchas’ to be his spokesmen/women. He does not need the boardroom boys to write down what he has to say. He is unlike Sonia and RG not a draft reader.

It must be accepted that intolerance was and is ‘manufactured’ by the Congress and the other Opposition parties for political gains. In the process the Congress is becoming anti-national. Look at the effect. The whole focus is attack on Modi  -in a country of 1.6 billion it is not shocking that there are a few cases of intolerance both in speech and in action. But why blame Modi for everything. That he did not immediately condemn the Dadri lynching-that he did not drop V.K.Singh as a Union minister for his ‘dog’ analogy that he did not speak out. According to Mrs Sonia –the silence of Modi indicates he endorses these incidences. This is far from the truth. The Prime Minister cannot be condemning every incident. Did Mrs Sonia  and Manmohan Singh speak up when it came to the communal riots in Bihar in Mumbai? Did they condemn when Swami Laxmimananda was brutally butchered   in Odisa? Must it be a dalit and /or a Muslim as victim for condemning? Is not every human life sacred? How did they react when the 59 kar sevaks were roasted in the train compartment for no fault of theirs except that they were kar sevaks who were reciting the holy name of Sri Ram …Could the PM and Sonia Gandhi not condemn this -perhaps that would have arrested the backlash. Was there even a word of condolence by the then Home Minister? If one carefully and objectively looks at the two incidents the first of lynching in Dadri one must admit that it was tragic and should not have happened. But to expect Modi to condemn it was not necessary and that does not mean that his silence indicates that he endorses these incidences. Does that mean Modi is encouraging intolerance? Then what about the Emergency? The Indian people have shown such deep tolerance that they have moved on. Had it been the BJP which clamped down the Emergency the Congress would have been harping on that to indicate that it is the most intolerant party.

But then what when tempers are aroused and what went before the lynching and afterwards also matters. As to Singh’s ‘dog’ analogy it is sheer nonsense to say that he compared the dalit children to dogs. An analogy does not make the object the subject. It only is used to focus on the sheer absurdity but does not make the dalits dogs.This is reading wrong the use of the analogy. Like one would say that beggars are not choosers does not make the choice maker a beggar. Or to say that one is like the dog in the manger does mean that one who cannot use something and does not allow others to use it too- becomes a dog. It is the politicians who have made a mount of a mole hill because it suits them and it is the media which abets these insignificant periphery issues as the main focus to hit headlines or for a scoop…The worst part is that the Congress is foremost in the Opposition blaming Modi for not apologizing is sheer small and petty mindedness. It also exposes its own ‘genetic intolerance’ But look at the consequence. Rahul Gandhi has no better issue. He first blamed Modi for his expensive suit when he went to the US-then his boardroom boys coined the slogan of ‘suit boot ka sarkar’ he thought no end of himself and went about repeating it with a vengeance. The truth that neither Mrs Sonia Gandhi nor Man Mohan Singh had dropped ministers when they were involved in scams makes the Congress guilty of double standards.

Similarly RG goes about standing with protestors-be they students of the FTII ,the fishermen, the farmers et al. And prods them on to continue their protests, assuring them that he stands with them. Picking at Modi he pours oil in the burning fire and tells them that Modi has time only to visit all the foreign countries but does not come and stand with you. ‘When Narendra Modi is flying to England Rahul Gandhi standing here amongst you in your fields. Congress is standing with you and will die and will keep standing with you.’ These are the words that RG uttered. What do these indicate? His utter lack of understanding . He knows very well that Modi has to be visiting other countries- must represent the nation inclusive of the farmers and Rahul Gandhi.This task RG cannot perform but it is the Constitutional duty of Modi to do so.. So why does he incite and prod on the farmers feeding their discontentment? Modi had not disappeared to Bangkok for 57 days on a pleasure trip. What does it matter if the Congress stands with the farmers or not. What had it done for the past 50 years and more? Why this sudden shift in the posture. Why had it not stood with farmers during the UPA’s tenure? Why had the Congress kept the farmers in perpetual poverty? One should have an iota of honesty and show a bit of leadership. Instead RG is just frustrated and wants by hook or crook to become the PM and towards this he and his sycophants will go to any length .Modi unlike RG is  not seeking personal pleasure by his travels. RG says ‘But see me-I am here with you. Is he so ignorant that Modi has to do his job and establish better relations with the other countries and cannot be running to the farmers and condemning issues like one instance of lynching? Did his mother Sonia Gandhi and the lame duck Prime Minister of a Manmohan Singh meet the farmers who committed suicides and other sections of protestors? Farmers’ suicides are not a recent phenomenon. So why this special demand for Modi to do so? There is the minister for Home Affairs to attend to these. His mother Sonia Gandhi appears only when she wants to garner votes and then she makes promises that the crumbs will be thrown to their out stretched hands. Thus the Congress regimes have kept the people permanently with out stretched hands for the crumbs to be thrown.

There was absolutely no governance during the tenure of Manmohan Singh.And yet he found no time to visit the affected poor. Rahul Gandhi can afford to visit Kaladevi and share rotis-he can strut around the country for nothing better to do and incite the people against Modi. Has he any positive thing to say-He damns every initiative Modi has taken and moreover he has seen that everything is blocked in the Rajya Sabha. Rahul Gandhi is thus not anti Modi but anti people. He does not care whether people are affected and development is blocked. For him it is child’s play. Having been pampered throughout his life he is now indulging himself as a spoilt child. He does not act as a 45 year old man and one of the leaders of the Opposition.

One has only to look around the world and see if there is any country with no discrimination. This is not to say that we can okay discrimination. We need to fight against it .Towards that we need an united effort. The Opposition has to play its role in this – the united effort of both the government and the Opposition. This is the meaning of a democracy. Every time Modi is damned the Opposition must know that they are damning the people who elected him. Every time Rahul Gandhi hits at Modi he is hitting at the people who voted for him. Every time the Opposition blocks the Bills in the Upper House it is blocking development of the nation and is hurting the people of this country and making the country weak. That the BJP also had blocked Parliament from functioning is not a valid excuse for this oldest party which talks and lectures on democracy, to do the same.

The Congress has no right to talk of the Constitution and pick at the RSS and Modi. Where was Sonia Gandhi then and even after she became the extra constitutional power centre she exhibited her intolerance of democracy and all that it stands for. When Rahul Gandhi tore the ordinance passed by the UPA government when Manmohan Singh was abroad he showed his scant respect for democratic institutions and functions. When Sonia Gandhi set up her NAC and became the chairperson of it she and the Congress exhibited the truth that they had no respect for the Constitution.Rahul Gandhi must grow up and learn to talk with courtesy when he refers to the PM of this country .Even his barbs at Modi’s 56 inches chest were mean and cheap. Nobody talks of a PM thus. Physical references in attacking one’s opponent only reveal a poor sense of probity and culture. His father Rajiv Gandhi also had that streak-when he make a reference to Arun Shorie’s handicapped son and again remarked that Jaipal Reddy’s mind is as crooked as his body in Parliament. This when Jaipal Reddy was with the Telugu Desam. So like father Rahul Gandhi has also that streak of insensitivity and makes ungentlemanly remarks.

The whole time bashing Modi and the BJP for being intolerant to make the world think that there is so much of intolerance in India this is unpatriotic and anti-national. The ramification of such ‘manufactured’ and untruth propaganda against India has far reaching and detrimental, disastrous impact on India’s security and peace.It jeopardizes the harmony of Indian peace loving citizens. This is surely anti-national because it creates an environmental conducive to terrorism and even justifies such. Look at what the IS stated:The Islamic State’s new manifesto vows to expand war to India ,…”(Indian Express 3rd Dec)And what is the reason ‘It states that President Narendra Modi(sic) is a right winged Hindu nationalist who worships weapons and is preparing his people for a war against the Muslims”.

Will the Congress take the blame of abetting war and terrorism by its spread of untruths? Let it not talk about democracy and its ideals. We have now a PM who for the first time in democratic India is working hard for the development of the nation. This the Congress wants to destroy- is that not anti-national? We have a Mani Shankar Iyer (who on his own cannot even win an election) the spokesperson of the Congress advising Pakistan to remove Modi if there must be any forward movement in India-Pak talks. Is this not anti-national?                          Has the Congress reined him, asked him to shut his big mouth? Small people with only one focus and that is power. Mani Shankar Iyer has no qualms in sparring  verbal third degree attacks. Not just RG but also his chammchas speak derogatorily of Modi-thereby insulting the nation. How can one refer to the PM of this country as a ‘chap’? Is that what Mani Shankar Iyer was taught in the Don School. Who is this ‘chap’ that he is referring to? Before the General elections he stated that Modi will never unfurl the National flag in the Red Fort. If he wants he can serve tea to the AICC. Such arrogance. This  Mani Shankar Iyer when he stood as an independent in Mayiladuthurai-Tamilnadu on the symbol of  a ‘bell’ lost his deposit. He has absolutely no grass root support and cannot feel the pulse of the ordinary people. He wants by all means to be relevant and stay in N.Delhi. For this his only salvation is to talk against Modi and support the Congress. And earn a membership in the Rajya Sabha.But his words reveal a desperate man with a foul mouth. India allowed Mani Shankar Iyer to get away with this only shows the deep tolerance of the people. The very fact that Iyer makes such nasty comments is a clear indication of the tolerance that prevails in this country. Would the Congress have taken it lying if the same was said of Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her son? The least Mani Shanker Iyer could do to redeem himself is to apologize to the people of India. Modi is too great to stoop to take him to task. The Congress and its ‘chamchas’ will support Pakistan if it wages a war to remove Modi.This is one of the reasons why this ‘manufactured intolerance’ is being bandied. Ordinary people like me find no intolerance. India is one of the most tolerant countries in the world.

What had the Congress achieved in its long innings at the helm of affairs? What was its policy towards Pakistan-its outlook on POK? Having done the damage it had simply let it pass with mere talks and nothing more. Nothing concrete has it done to solve the border issue-the Kashmir issue and the Pakistan cross border terrorism. So now to demand from Modi to articulate his policy towards Pakistan is just arrogance. If Modi shakes hands with Nawaz Sherif then the question which the Congress asks is ‘Why this change of heart? What this handshake signifies? Can anyone believe that a party which boasts to be the oldest political party is so petty and mean? To give another example of the tolerance of the vast majority of the people I like to cite another example: We had Ashwani Kumar –the Congress MP who during the Constitution day asserted that the PM must show leadership. How ridiculous that  this MP who is a close ‘chammcha’ of Manmohan Singh did not advise the UPA PM to show a wee bit of leadership. On the other hand Manmohan Singh was mightily content by becoming a puppet-a lame duck PM .And now we have his ‘chammchas advising Modi to show leadership. To be frank one must admit that for the first time we have a PM who shows leadership. That is what frustrates the Congress. It is envious and frustrated that this ‘chap’ who had the temerity of becoming the PM of this country, had attracted the imagination of the world, and is hailed as a world leader? True his image at home is taking a beating because of the ‘manufactured’ intolerance and the whole set of sycophants, ‘chammchas’ and coterie of the Congress which it nurtured during its long innings at the helm of power did the rest. The awards wapsi, the Amir Khan and Shruk Khan’s interview and utterings etc all a well planned strategy to hit at Modi. But it boomerangs because the simple fact that these people can protest, can say what they said is an indication of tolerance and freedom of speech in India

If one has to be honest one must admit that the Congress and the Muslims have been the most intolerant. A cursory view of the Far East, the conflict and bloody wars between the Shias and the Sunnis-the persecution of minorities in Islamic countries ,the call given for jihadi,the attack against ordinary citizens in the name of Allah-the vow to conquer the world for Allah-these and more clearly illustrate the intolerance of the Muslims. Right from the time of Nehru down to Manmohan Singh one can enumerate the incidents and events which revealed the intolerance the Congress abetted. India especially the Hindus have been too tolerant one should say. Look at the kind of hate propaganda unleashed by Asaduddin Owaisi and his outfit the AIMIM. Look at the number of temples destroyed and temple lands that have been encroached to build mosques and churches. Look at the kind of propaganda made by the Evangelical churches? The proselytisation they indulge in, the restrictions put on Hindu processions and curbing the feasts and rituals .See how the temple lands and temples have been put under government control while the wakf boards and churches are autonomous. Look at the funding of the madrasas with government money with no government supervision and control. Similarly also the Minority Rights conferred on the minorities- the right to administer and manage their institutions while the Hindus cannot do the same. It is the same Constitution by which the Congress lectures to others on equality and secularism. Is this not discrimination on the basis of religion? If this is pointed out then the hackles of the minorities are raised and the Congress and other Opposition parties for the sake of votes prefer to be muted and bring in the ‘intolerance’ issue. Is this not an ominous sign of intolerance of the Congress? How can the pot call the kettle black? So right from the beginning the Congress party was communal and continued injecting its communalism into the polity of India.

Look at the way the Bihar elections were fought. Rahul Gandhi claims to be a strategist for bringing the convict Lalu Prasad Yadav and Nitish Kumar on the same platform. What a combination. And what a strategist! So hence forth one need not fight corruption. It is an accepted norm in politics. The more corrupt one is the better politician one makes. Look at the polarization of the caste in Bihar the Yadavas-the Kurmis and other caste were wooed on the basis of caste. Nobody –least of all, the Congress condemned such a vote garnering strategy. And in Gujarat the Congress candidates used the masks of Hardik to canvass for votes. They appealed to the Patidars and even supported the protest of Hardik and his outfit. Is this not communalism? The Congress with its long innings at the helm of affairs has made this country communal. Today we even have school children in Tamilnadu tying different color threads on their hands to indicate their respective castes. How can the Congress then blame Modi and the RSS for polarizing the people on the basis of religion and caste?

Why has Rahul Gandhi become suddenly aggressive? Is it because he wants to ward away the allegations that are now coming fast against him? Rahul Gandhi’s past businesses-is quietly swept under the carpet. That he proclaimed himself as a British citizen with a UK address in documents related to a company called Backops Ltd. Which The Indian Express (Nov 19th)  had published, the shops other properties and land which Rahul Gandhi owned. Yet he dares to stand with the poor farmers and tells them that he is for them and will die for them. This RG is good at putting up a show of his heart bleeding for the poor while he has amassed enough of wealth. ‘Lock me if you want’ is his arrogant defiance. Poor people of India-se how tolerant they are. And how biased the media is Had it been Modi or one of the BJP leaders the media would have gone on for days deafening the listeners with their sound bytes on this. There is again the alleged role played by Mrs Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi in the National Herald business. No wonder he and his mother want the people to remain ever with a begging bowl and then enact the tamasha that their hearts are bleeding for the poor of this country. Hence they are determined to block all the reforms Modi’s government wants to bring in the Rajya Sabha What a betrayal..


Dr Hilda Raja,  Vadodara,Gujarat

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