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Evangelists of capitalism: Is compassion compatible?

My rejoinder to the idea of “Compassionate Capitalism” as articulated in the following article by Infosys Founder Narayanamurthy

Smart sound bytes -‘compassionate capitalism’as I understand  is yet another word coined by the capitalists to justify their assets and illgotton wealth-at the same time to project themselves as saviors of the down trodden. You cannot be both.For one thing the kind of wealth and assests that are owned by MPs/film and media persons,industralists et al  are introducing us to whole new world of deception. Take the Reliance for example the skyscraper  complex is a mini city by itself. This in contrast to the ever spreading slums of Mumbai is an expose to the social sins of the rich-the captialists. To give themselves an acceptance and a social absolution now they parade themselves as saviors of the downtrodden.  Is it not a paradox that the poorest countries of the world have the richest of the world.

I am trying to decode this ‘compassionate captialism.. Can it be-trying to eat the cake and have it- or is it sanctifying the crumbs that fall from the table of the rich and the mighty or allowing wilfully a few more crumbs to fall and watching it with campaissonate eyes and hearts full of love for the poor when they pick up these and hungrily globble them. Does that quieten the conscience of the capitalists or does it give them a benelovence and a social standing as the doers of good-the great social workers. But when the poor hardly have a primary health centre and when there is one it is ill equipped these campassionate captialists fly abroad for their medical ailments- and holiday in the Alps and global resorts. To come back and start throwing a few more crumbs.  It brings the picture of the pigeons being fed in front of the Gateway of India  by tourists.  New coined words do not make substance. Incompatible are the two-compassion and capitalism. You cannot have both and certainly not rolled into one.

If you are truely a compassionate person you will not be a capitalist. This because as I understand  there should be the basis of any model of development- Justice-and jUSTICE cannot and will not co-exist with captialism. The scenario is a repeat of the Evangelists who alight from their posh vehicles to preach to the poor-how blessed they are in poverty-distribute a bread r a couple of rotis and then get into their vehicles and rush to the nearest five star hotels to meet their funding agencies and produce proof of their mass congregations-listening in empty stomachs to the green pastures promised in the next world.  Now we have the capitalists garbing themselves as evangelists and the hungry people will swallow anything-no wonder they are kept in hunger for then there is no power to discern-no strength even to comprehend-the gullible people look with awe at these great compassionate captialists/evangelists and go into a trance. That is the sign that they are inbibed with the spirit of God…so starvation and empty stomachs are fertile grounds for the capitalists and for their compassion display.

Another category added to the religious captialist-evangelists. How long are we going to fool the people and ourselves. How long are we going to quieten our consciences and how long are we going to display hell as heaven  The sooner we discard this mirage and shed the mask and be truthful to uphold justice then only Justice will remain and the rest will fall.Into that meaningful state let my country and my country men awake.

Dr.Mrs Hilda Raja,

June 21, 2009 at 3:34 pm 1 comment


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