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Prologue to the Nanavati Commission Report

The Nanavati Commission report categorically puts down in black and white three major areas-A conspiracy angle to the torching of the Sabarmati Express with evidence to substantiate it. The concerted effort of the Muslim crowd that gathered to prevent the passengers from escaping; and the clean chit given to the government that categorically stated that there was no involvement of CM Modi or any of his ministers or officers in the post Godhra riots.
The infamous torching of Sabarmati Express in 2002 Feb carrying Kar Sevaks hit the headlines on Feb 27th when the nation was shocked and stunned to read and hear the news that 58 innocent passengers of the Sabarmati Expressed were roasted and charred to death-most of them women and children ,and 43 injured. The initial condemnation and horror at this beastly act soon gave way to charges and counter charges with the politicians politicising the preplanned horror human tragedy .At the core of the whole incident was the fact that all those roasted and burned to death were Hindus and those who gathered around the two carriages S-6 and S-7 pelting it with stones to prevent the passengers from escaping-were Muslims. The immediate reaction of the Hindus was to avenge this. Had the media and the government taken timely action the Gujarat riots could have been contained, but as though pouring oil in the burning fire and rubbing salt into the wounded hearts the Centre and the media brought in an accident angle to the ghastly torching. Lalu Prasad the Minister for Railways was quick to grab the opportunity to consolidate his Muslim vote bank so too the Congress under Mrs Sonia Gandhi became the protector of the Muslims. That those who were charred to death were innocent passengers who were unarmed and who were shut in to be burned alive did not stir their hardened consciences. The ‘inner voice’ was silenced. What was the crime of the passengers to attract the hatred and the death by fire? The three dimensional criminality that aroused the hatred and the anger of the Muslims to burn them to death- that they were kar Sevaks, they were in a jubilant mood after having successfully done their sacred duty at the Ram Mandir, -they were chanting Sri Ram Jai. This was too much for the Muslims.
Instead of consoling the families of the dead and injured-assuaging the burned feelings of the Hindus, extending both financial support, and standing by them in their hour of a devastating tragedy which struck them the politicians were busy sending out signals to the Muslims not to worry they will be taken care of. The casualty in this unholy nexus was Justice- the Hindus saw that justice was a far cry for them and this aggravated the pent up anger, hurt, pain and aroused them to retaliate. The riots of Gujarat were the natural consequence of the denial of justice, by the UPA government.It blatant bias and its discrimination and indifference to the death and suffering of the Hindus.
There was no need for Modi or his government to abet the righteous anger of the Hindus to revenge the torching of their near and dear ones. It would have been cowardice for those directly affected to stand silently by.
It is not my intention to fault Vajpayee-then leader of the Opposition and the BJP in not countering the challenge and the injustice effectively. Even before they could gather their wits and their sagging strength the Gujarat riots hit the nation with the media flashing the gory and brutal revenging spree that found hundreds dead and injured-This time the death toll roll read were Muslims. So Godhra’s 58 Hindus burned was quickly given a go by and the Gujarat riots became the volcano which shook the nation and the international community thanks to the NGOs their chelas, and the anti- Hindu media. Two targets were aimed at -the BJP, and Modi .The energizing factor that underlied this ceaseless and vicious campaign against the two targets was the vote bank politics. Towards this Justice must be burned and buried and the Godhra torching of the train must become an accident. The Gujarat riots must be blown out of proportion and the Hindus must become crafted as brutal perpetrators for no reason .The Muslims were painted as innocent victims-their only crime being that they are a minority community. This was the cruz of the whole human tragedy.
A resultant of this-the permanent communal divide-a Congress power dynasty rule in place-an upside down value system. What is black is white-what is communal is secular-what is right is wrong-the end justifies the means. Power at all cost-a country mortgaged to power mongers and a people and their lives of no value and a media which abetted all this and continues to do so for reasons best known to it. The Human Rights organizations year after year exhibits the CDs and videos of the Gujarat riots, a Modi blackened and targeted- and a continuous Modi bashing to the beating of drums to oust Modi is set in motion.An Election Commission selectively blind/and deaf, and suffering from selective amnesia-hence the ‘merchant of death’ is not heard-the communalization of the election campaign by the exhibition of the Gujarat CDs and Videos cannot be seen by the EC-the bizarre story goes on. The Hand and the Cross and the Crescent locked in laison determined to bury the truth and negate justice- a passive Opposition with no guts to counter this sell-out of a people, of a country is what we are presented with today. With Lilliputians as politicians who do not even know what patriotism is all about are leading the country. Dharma is buried; when will the people of India unite to uphold all that is precious-life is only once lived but the nation has to live on-hence it is obligatory for each one to uphold dharma at the cost of one’s own life. Dharma requires one voice-Arise and Awake to uphold Sanantan Dharma – a nationalism born with this nation.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

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