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Chidambaram at it again-

P.Chidambaram is at it again. He is trying to rewrite history and code a message-when he addressed the large gathering of ulemas at Deoband with the following: ‘A nation cannot ignore its minorities-demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992 was an act of religious fanaticism and extreme prejudice. We cannot view Islam as an alien faith-our Muslim brethren are honored citizens of India. This is the land of your fore fathers, this is the land of your birth, and this is where you will live and work. The golden rule in a democracy is that the duty of the majority to protect the minority…it is a rule that is firmly rooted in the universality of human rights…”Mr Chidambaram must answer if this is applicable to all or reserved only for the Muslims. Since he stated that the duty of the majority to protect the minority is firmly rooted in the universality of Human rights. Can he explain why the Hindu pandits have been driven away from Kashmir? Has his government taken up the minority persecution in Pakistan and for that matter in other Islamic countries? Why this indifference? Can the minorities become terrorists and kill innocent people in this country?He brought in the case of Sri Lanka-the party to which he belongs under Rajiv Gandhi sent in the Indian troops not for Peace keeping but to subjugate the Sri Lankans of Indian origin. Now when the Lankan government has started an ethnic cleansing and hordes of Sri Lankans of Indian origin are being driven away why the silence? Is the UPA not abetting the ethnic cleansing undertaken by Rajapakasha’s government by not only welcoming the Indians by not only give refuge but is even toying with the idea of giving them citizenship? Is it not the duty of the UPA government to bluntly tell the Sri Lankan that the minorities have a right to that country and its development and not be driven out? If the golden rule is rooted in Human Rights then it is applicably to all countries.
Coming to history Chidambaram must know that the very Partition of this country was based on the Muslims refusing to integrate with the Hindus. You cannot eat the cake and have it too. Like the camel in the tent slowly but surely the demands of the Muslims are increasing at the cost of denial and discrimination of the Hindus. Is this the golden rule? As far as India is concerned it seems the Muslims are a pampered lot they suffer from no discrimination what so ever. If at all they suffer from a phobia- and are ghettoed in a minority mindset. They can terrorize the people, be involved in serial bomb blasts across the country but cannot be harassed, cannot be investigated and cannot be punished. Is this the golden rule extended for the ‘honored citizens’ of this country? They can denigrate the Hindus gods and goddesses but that is no big issue. The great MF Hussain can give expression to his perverted mind by painting the Hindu goddesses and gods in sexual acts-that is hailed as the freedom of expression of a great artistic mind. Can a Hindu denigrate the Prophet or his family members and get away with it? Remember the Danish cartoonist. Talking about the golden rule in democracy- first Chidambaram and his government must uphold the democratic norms of equality. It cannot proceed with an appeasement policy for the vote bank of the Muslims. A litmus test for Chidambaram-if the Pakistani army invades India will a single Muslim raise his gun and shoot at it? The honest answer to this will then demolish your golden rule. What has happened to all the serial blast cases Mr Chidambaram? Is it because the terrorists were all Muslims the UPA government is most lethargic in bringing them to justice? What has happened to Afzal Guru? Even the SC ruling needs to be put in cold storage? Will all this come under the golden rule of the majority’s duty to protect the minority? The Muslim minority cannot qualify as a minority community because ‘minority’ denotes small in numbers-helplessness, no ability to solidarity and powerless etc. But are these attributes of the Muslim community? They are strong, consolidated-receive enormous funds from the Islamic countries in fact they are a threat to the majority community.. This is the truth and the harsh truth. They have a ministry to take care of their affairs, a budget towards this. No Islamic country will ever subsidize the Haj pilgrimage because it is un-Islamic why then should India subsidy the Haj pilgrimage? Does this come under the golden rule of protecting the Minorities and guaranteeing their salvation? . One Malegoan blast and the UPA government sent its investigation machinery after it-the result was it failed to pick up the intelligence inputs that Mumbai is under siege.The result was Mumbai was painted red. Now with the Goa blast, terror has assumed a religious adjective. It has become Hindu terror. What about all the Islamic terror? What about all the Muslims terrorists? Will Mr Chidambaram please provide a list of the serial blasts across the country in the last 6 years and also the names of those who were involved? The nation needs to know how justice is being warped when it comes to punishing the Muslims-does this come under the golden rule and duty of the majority protecting the Minority. And is this rooted in Human Rights Mr Chidambaram? Bring them to justice first-lets go by the serial order of blasts. What instead of Afzal Guru it is some Narayanaraman? Will this government be indifferent?
Next comes the ignorance of Chidambaram-he was ‘unaware’ of the resolutions passed by the general session of the Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind at the Deoband seminary. His PS one Mr M.A. Siddique claims that he read from the draft prepared for him .Let us accept that Chidambaram- was unaware at that point of time. Now that he is aware that the top Muslim body has issued Fatwa against ‘Vande Matram’ let us have his reaction. Why can’t he issue a statement? Now who is threatening the peace and harmony of this country Mr PC? Who is holding out against a faith and a nation? Now where is the golden rule which you read out from the draft prepared for you? Islam is not an alien faith –is Hinduism an alien faith? What is precious to the majority can be trampled and religious leaders can issue fatwas. Can the minority hold to ramsome the majority? This fatwa business is a weapon against the majority community and keeps the Minority from integrating. Prior to the elections fatwas are issued. What if the Hindu religious leaders also do the same? We are waiting for the reaction of Mr Chidambaram to the fatwa against Vande Matram. There was a hidden threat in the Home Minister’s address, “our Muslim brethren are honored citizens of the country-a nation can ignore its minorities at its own peril” Are the majority not honored citizens- but if they are not respected and treated with equality it is at the peril of the nation Mr Chidambaram. Today fatwa against Vande Mataram-tomorrow it will be against hoisting the national flag and next will be against upholding the Constitution-it is coming step by step-thanks to your vote bank appeasement policy. You and your party are exposing this country to great peril for power. One nation, one flag, one law let the minorities accept if this nation is to remain a nation and they be honored citizens within. This is the golden rule rooted in Human rights all over the World
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

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