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Independence Day celebration in Saudi Arabiia

I just could not take it out of my mind-tried pushing it further and further but it always inched its way back to the forefront of my memory. So the best would be to deal with it and share my disturbing thoughts with others.
I am referring to the Independence Day celebration held on the 15th Aug at Damman Saudi Arabia by Indian Muslims under the banner of India Fraternity Forum (IFF) Damman. The theme that was chosen: ‘Be the sentinel of Freedom’. The Independence Day message was given by the General Secretary Mr Perwez Ahmed.He touched on two areas-that India is a secular country where the Constitution guarantees minorities- religious, social and economic rights but these are not extended to the Muslim minorities in India. He declared that ‘real freedom cannot be achieved if we fail to provide equal rights to all citizens of India.
The first sentence is right but what follows is not-namely that these are not extended to the Muslim minorities. For that matter we had Manmohan Singh our PM declaring that Muslims have the first claim to the fruits of development. One can take the horse to the pond but can one make it drink? India has an appeasement policy-this includes not only benefits for being a Muslim but also out of turn and out of law increments! For example not a single country has subsidized Haj pilgrimage. It is like a broken record to keep repeating the same thing but one cannot help repeating because it shows to what extent the Government of India under the Congress will go that extra step to even ensure the salvation of the souls of the Muslims. This under the garb of its ‘secularism’
All are citizens as stated by Mr Perwez Ahmed and hence all are equal, but Muslims are more equal than others otherwise what explanation would one give to the government setting up a separate ministry and a separate budget for the exclusive development of the Muslims-this under the ‘inclusive’ development policy of the UPA
Surely all are citizens and need be treated on the same plane but why are Muslims demanding special status on the basis of religion? Even if a house owner refuses to rent out his/her house it becomes a national issue and concern for the Minorities Rights Commission to take it up. Does the house owner not have any right to choose his tenant? It is entirely another matter that Hashmi made a U-turn later but the damage had already been done-thanks to champions like Mahesh Bhatt and our over sensitive media which waits to pounce on ‘communal’ issues in the name of secularism.
If Sharuk Khan is held up in the USA –Newark airport for security checking for two hours it becomes an international affair and a case of discrimination which makes even the government of India embarrassed and concerned. Ambica Soni told the media that we should give tit for tat and treat the Americans the same way! Instead of appreciating the all are equal as far as security of the country is concerned lesson held out by the seucuirty personnel at the airports we are exhibiting that some are more equal than others-specially if they are Muslims. Immediately religion came to the forefront and that Muslims are discriminated. But Muslims do not pause to consider why this perception of theirs and what is this complex they are suffering from. Is India pampering the Muslims simply for the sake of vote bank politics and inflicting on them a kind of a phobia? Our PM suffered sleepless nights when Dr Haneef was harassed in Australia. He did not hesitate to make this public. Would he have lost sleep if one Raman or Lakshmanan was harassed? Mr Prewez calls for a united effort to fight for ‘real freedom’. A bit of an explanation needs to go into this united effort. By whom? By the Muslim community? What is its perception of real freedom?
Getting back to the Freedom message of Mr Perwez Ahmed his second area of concern was the growing ‘fascism’ in India which poses a grave danger not only to the Muslims but to all marginal groups. So ‘all are Indians’ yielded to Muslims and marginal groups. Where is the grave danger from fascism and who are these fascists? If Mr Prewez had in mind the Hindu fundamentalists without hesitation one is obliged to put the record straight-India’s grave danger is from Muslim fundamentalists and the jihadis from across the border. Mr Perwez lost an opportunity to give a call to the Islamic countries to stop funding fundamentalists-to stop this fake currency being dumped into India to stop the illegal infiltration of Muslims from Bangla Desh and stop targeting this country and its innocents from the terrible misplaced religious indoctrinated jihadis. They are the modern fascists who brainwashed with religious fundamentalism kill innocent citizens of this country and de-stabilize the nation’s economic and social stability
Mr Perwez had overlooked the fact that all the lands belonging to the Muslims mosques are governed by its own organization like the Wakf Board. But all the Hindu temples by the government and the monies are used for this ‘first claim’, the Haj, the inclusive development and the separate ministry and separate budget business. How equal are all citizens Mr Perwez?
Mr Perwez cautioned the present government not to act under the –pressure of the USA and not to strength the Hindu communal forces in India with the help of State legislation and bureaucratic set-up. Is it the contention of Mr Perwez to dismantle the present bureaucratic set up and put one in place on religious quota? Shall we phrase this as ‘inclusive’ development and secularism? Given the numerical strength of the Muslims in India they are amply represented at all the tiers of the government-starting from the Vice President, the judiciary, the Members of Parliament-the confidants of Mrs Sonia Gandhi who holds the reins of power, on the various panels and Commission et al .All these are not doing enough for the Muslim community Mr Perwez. He forgets that the UPA 2 comprises of the Congress, RJD, All India United Muslim Council, NCP, Indian Union Muslim League, DMK and the JMM. Are these parties not bending backwards to appease the Muslims? Are these parties blocking the flow of Fundamental rights guaranteed in the Constitution to the Muslim community? If so Mr Perwez must call upon the Muslim communities to throw them out and to vote for other parties which would ensure the true freedom to the Muslim community. Was it not a travesty of truth that the theme of the Freedom Day celebrations in Damman Saudi Arabia was ‘Be the sentinel of Freedom’. Standing on a foreign soil to fault India and to state that Muslims are not extended the Constitutional guarantees sends a wrong message. It is political wrong by all norms both internationally and nationally. It had hurt the patriotic sentiments of all true Indians.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

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