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Anna Hazare’s U-turn

This is the perception and the reality that dawn on one who carefully follows the statements-utterances, the U-turns, the focus, the targeting the falsehoods, the untruths, the crusade-like campaigning, the time and the energy spent, the agendas drawn, and also the hoarse shrill voices that raise against Modi and his regime.

No other leader has drawn so much of ire, spite and falsehood statements uttered with such ease as Modi.So the inference is that Modi is the one who matters. One leader with conviction and concern with determination to take the people of Gujarat on the development track must be derailed and crippled. The plan is sinister-the Congress-its foot soldiers  and the NGOs are then anti-people and anti-development This is what flows from an analysis of the recent and not so recent anti-Modi stand.

Take for example Anna Hazare’s U-turn-nay somersault-he played the tune to the dance of Mallika Sarabai. In three hours he was able to assess the A to Z issues that confront the State of Gujarat. And these issue range from eviction and displacements to expensive education. This after meeting groups of people brought-may be even tutored by the India Against Corruption(Gujarat chapter).

Anna Hazare found himself isolated when he praised Modi a  month ago-this was spontaneous after all Anna was very much in India and what he stated regarding Modi’s super development and concern for the State was his own findings. Now Swami Agnivesh reveals that only after meetings these groups they have realized the problems of Gujarat. The media never highlighted these and it did not reach them in Delhi. What a stand on shaky ground. The media is ever focused on Modi land. The indices on development, the stray cases of violence are always given front page publicity when it comes to Gujarat. Anything adverse regarding Modi land is sugar and honey to the Congress and to the media.

So the praise Modi earned from Hazare drew flak and in a month’s time Hazare evolved into a politician with forked tongue. He has Swami Agnivesh by his side who is like a hawk scrutinizing the scenario and ever ready to fill in the gaps. Everyone knows where the loyalties of Agnivesh lie. It is ridiculous that Anna discovered that Gujarat is flowing with more liquor than milk-so fault Modi. Where does Modi come in this picture? Modi cannot be checking every shanty, every slum, every hideout and every person. If there is prohibition then there will always be illicit liquor flowing. This many States have experienced. Why can’t the Congress ruled State impose prohibition? If the police take firm action then it becomes harassment. The Congress has done enough to demoralize the police force in Gujarat. Hence a discredited cop Sanjiv Bhatt becomes a hero to Sibal and to Chidambaram. There is a limit to these leaders and their statements. Is Gujarat Pakistan? Even towards Pakistan they show more concern-but treat Modi as enemy number one and Gujarat under Modi as a hostile country-yes a country with expectations different, a step motherly treatment is handed out. We living here in Gujarat are citizens of India and need to be treated as such. This partiality and bias shown to Modi is actually directed against the State’s people. One Gujarat riot and the whole perception has changed. As though the Gujarat riots of 2002 is the first riot in India. That calls for some special and descriptive elaboration later.

In just three hours Anna learned so much of Gujarat-that there are more scams here in Gujarat than elsewhere. Which other State has Anna gone to meet the tutored groups with their tales of woe? One thought that Anna and his group were determined to fight institutionalized corruption-corruption at the top level-cabinet ministers; babus nay even the PM who shut his eyes and allowed A.Raja to loot the country. One thought that the fight against corruption was directly against the lakhs of cores of rupees stashed in tax havens. No, it is now Modi and Gujarat where Anna finds all the scams.Can Anna and his team find Modi corrupt? On the other hand look at the number of chief ministers involved in corruption-starting from Delhi.To expect no corruption is to expect the impossible. Gujarat is part and parcel of India and when India is totally corrupt how can Anna and his team think that at the grass root level there will not be any corruption in Gujarat? To expect a cent percent clean Gujarat is asking for the utopia.But in comparison look at the efficient administration, the development strides make by Gujarat under Modi’s stewardship these need to be assessed .Anna and his team will become a laughing stock because globally everyone knows that Gujarat’s CM is the best Chief Minister and that Gujarat is the best administered State.

Is Anna and his team then falling a prey to the enemies of development and want to destroy the one man who is holding out. Should it also politicize its struggle against corruption? Should it also become a handmaid of the Congress? If the answer is no then the statements must change the perception must be corrected-the goal of fighting institutionalized corruption cannot become a tool in the fight against Modi to give leverage to the Congress. This is petty politics and it is a sad day for the Anna initiative to be hijacked by vested interest and Anna graduating into a politician. His recent U-Turn is an indication.

Now a reference to Kapil Sibal’s expression of concern when he recently came to Ahmedabad.: Kapil Sibal must realize that we are not fools and that we are not prepared to swallow all that he says because he said it. It only reveals the pathetic jaundiced vision of him -and his mind.

Kapil Sibal stated that he is much concerned because the Gujarat riots are pending too long and wondered at the ‘pace’ and the ‘manner’ it is proceeding. He wondered how long the people should wait for justice. This is the Congress man who forgets that the Sikh riots of 1984 took 24 years and the main accused like Sajjan Kumar Jagdish Tytler were acquitted. That’s the manner in which justice flowed. On a review Sajjan Kumar’s case is pending.Jagdish Tylter the court simply accepted the CBI report in 2010 after 26 years.This is the manner and the pace of justice when it came to these top powerful Congress men.

Talking of ‘manner’ nine commissions were set up for the Sikh for example one to investigate the police-and another commission to investigate the role of police officers during the riot!! Another commission to ascertain the number of people killed in the riots ….Finally when Nanavati report was submitted in 2009 the concerned authorities found that no department action could be taken because the officers had retired and or died. This Mr Sibal is the state of affairs of the Congress regime and ‘manner’ it dealt with the massacre committed during its regime.

There is the Bhopal gas tragedy in which more people died than the people who died during the Gujarat riots This again during the Congress regimes both at the Centre and the State It is a matter of shame and condemnation that till date there is no proper compensation. This is the ‘manner’ and the ‘pace’ of which Sibal is not aware. but acutely conscious when it comes to the post Godhra riots.He is not bothered of the manner and the pace in the Godhra carnage-neither in the brutal killing of Swami Lakshmananda and his three co-workers-there is no vote bank here and hence Mr Sibal is least concerned. His one concern is Gujarat riots. To be specific Modi-destroy him through hook or crook and then Congress will have a free run he thinks in the State of Gujarat. For the sake of vote bank politics Mr Sibal and Mr Chidambaram and all the Congress leaders are playing with fire. They are prepared to mortgage their consciences if they have any, to garner the votes of the minorities and towards this keep the tensions high keep hitting at Modi and weaken him, paint him as a anti-minority man and the votes of the minorities will flow into the Congress kitty.

Has Anna Hanzare,Arvind Kejriwal and Swami Agniwesh joined this bandwagon of Modi bashers and morphed into politicians?-That will be a tragedy and a sad commentary on the champions who were resolved and took the initiative to fight institutionalized corruption and black money

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

May 27, 2011 at 4:13 pm 37 comments

EU travel ban on Modi justified says German delegation

There was a news item in the papers on 10th April “EU travel ban on Modi justified, says German delegation”. It adds that the parliamentary delegation on a two day visit to Gujarat was unofficial and supported by Missio, catholic non-governmental organization. The four member team claims to have closely watched the developments following the 2002 riots in Gujarat.
What business has this unofficial team to make comments on Modi-a Chief Minister of Gujarat? Was it their business to closely monitor the developments following the 2002 riots? Why this special concern of Gujarat? No NGOs and specifically the Missio was concerned with the pogrom conducted ruthlessly by the Rajiv Gandhi government in thw wake of the assassination iof Indira Gandhi and even today a couple of the perpetrators are evading justice. If it is the lives of people snuffed out and innocent blood spilled is the concern then there should be no bias in their approach.
It is appalling how an unofficial team can pass such adverse comments on a constitutional duly elected Chief Minister of Gujarat. It is uncivilized, lack of probity, ill advised and shameless. It is a slur on the people of Gujarat.
By such standards of assessment not a single Congress leader should be allowed entry in the USA and other EU countries in the wake of the 1984 genocide. Kamal Nath is one such. Mrs Sonia Gandhi who was then part of the household during the genocide of the Sikhs had nothing to say when she silently stood by her husband, who like Nero fiddling when Rome was burning watched the ruthless butchering of Sikhs. One woman assassinated by her one of her own body guards justified the massacre of 3000 Sikhs. So when a great tree fell the small plants are crushed…was Rajiv Gandhi’s justification. He allowed the Congress leaders to supervise and to instigate the genocide. Today many of them have been rewarded by cabinet positions and are in the echelons of power. But the roasting of 59 poor kar sevaks is not worth even a mention. The killing of Kashmiri pundits also is of no consequence. This ethnic cleansing till date has not been condemned and the record put straight. Why is the Gujarat riots alone an obsession-simply because of the vote bank policy and pray let us know where and how does the Christian Democratic Union Parliamentarians come in the picture? Is it to play second fiddle to Mrs Sonia and the Congress through the Christian NGOs camouflaged development work?
It is minimum courtesy that one does not walk into another’s home and pass adverse remarks of the head of the family. It is uncivilized, bad manners to say the least.
It is relevant to note Pascal Kober stating that he has reports from people how conversion was becoming difficult under the new religious freedom law where baptism ceremonies were getting reported. The hidden agenda of the Catholic Missio and the Christian Democratic Union.- is very clear. No country would tolerate such blatant interference in its affairs. The CDU Parliamentarians have no business in this country. If they come to supervise or overseer the funds spent and the programs of the Missio they should stop with that and not comment on our laws. Yes Freedom of religion does not mean to proselytize under the garb of development. That is no freedom but compulsion and deception. Why can’t Missio just clear out of this country and direct its attention to one of the Islamic countries to convert them to the Catholic Church. Is India their poaching ground? But to go further in their uncalled for remarks Ute Granold said to the media, ‘the chief minister of Gujarat has a radical tone to his politics and is described as dictatorial. He has a wrong perception of religious freedom.’ Thank you for those uncalled for comments. The CM of Gujarat does not need a certificate from the CDU MPs. The CM of Gujarat is answerable only to the people of Gujarat and they in turn have showed their respect, trust and preference for Modi in re-electing him and entrusting him with the destiny of the State.We do not need the approval of the CDU nor the Missio.
The sooner the funding agencies wind up their work in India the quicker will tensions ease and harmony prevail. The NGOs are working as a multinational corporate. It is big money spinning business and the money is meant to poach in the poverty areas. It is high time these unofficial delegations are clamped down. If the government of India does not act then the people of Gujarat will have to act-prevent the foreign agencies from entering Gujarat. They are not our supervisors and their presence creates tension and rift between communities. This has to stop. Is the Catholic Church in need of armies or recruits to proclaim the strength of the Church? They better then concentrate in the so called Christian countries where the churches are empty and where the people are no more Christians. .Exploiting the vulnerability of the poor these NGOs are out ‘harvesting souls’. It is unchristian and unjust. The universality that lies in the core of the teaching of Jesus is warped by these NGOs and their brokers. I would emphatically remind the Christian Democratic Union Parliamentarians this: “For the sake of 12 pieces of silver Truth was betrayed-today it is the same for the sake of funds and finance Truth is being bartered. Keep off Gujarat and stop Modi bashing. Look for other poaching places and if you are really imbibed with such crusading zeal to convert turn your attention to Islamic countries after Christianizing the European Union countries. Common courtesy demands that you the delegation apologize to the people of Gujarat for insulting our CM. Please do not come again until you learn minimum civilized behavior.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

April 10, 2010 at 3:55 pm 13 comments


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