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Manish Tiwari’s uncivilized Modi bashing

It seems that Sonia Gandhi must be only praised, and treated with velvet gloves-while all other politicians can be damned and put under scrutiny.
When it comes to Modi then it is hold no bar bashing. He can be insulted referred to as ‘merchant of death’ by Mrs Sonia Gandhi –can this come from a civilized person? Now look at Manish Tiwari’s uncivilized bashing of Modi-In his over enthusiasm of projecting himself as the champion of Mrs Sonia Gandhi he stooped low and gone over board.Truth becomes untruth and sparks fly. What was uncivilized in Modi saying that his letters to the government at the Centre had not been answered and hence he thinks of sending one in Italian to get a response? The media and the Congress saw red-First- how can Modi rake up the foreign origin of Mrs Sonia Gandhi? Second, why target Sonia Gandhi for the price rise. Regarding the first can the foreign origin of Mrs Sonia Gandhi be completely forgotten or buried? For that matter she has not yet denied Dr Subramanya Swamy’s contention that she holds the Italian citizenship too. Even if she does hold dual citizenships she is by birth an Italian and she remains that. A paper of a certificate issued that she is a naturalized Indian does not make her a born Indian. For political power she needs to project her self as an Indian which she is not.
So Modi did not utter a falsehood neither had he said anything insulting-Mrs Sonia Gandhi is an Italian thats the simple bare truth and he stated it. What is wrong in this? What is uncivilized in this statement of a truth? To call Modi uncivilized makes Manish Tiwari uncivilized. Manish Tiwari the national spokesman of the Congress also crossed the decency rekha when he said that Modi has lost his mind. It seems that in his over enthusiasm to please Mrs Sonia Gandhi Manish Tiwari has crossed all decency and lost his mental balance. Public probity was never the mainstay of the Congress. It is those who run the UPA government who are off their minds. Otherwise would they be so mindless to the misery of the poor? Taking up cudgels to defend Mrs Sonia Gandhi does not bring solace and relief-not the solution to the price rise. One should have the courage to own up mistakes-to respect opponents. Again the Congress with his muck and mud covered edifice is no respecter of dignity and political correctness. Look at its track record-you have corruption in every field-, Judiciary, the Army, the Sports, the selection of awardees, et al. The Congress alone is responsible for the Telegana muddle in which the State has lost crores of revenue. We have the Congress openly and blatantly abetting corruption in the singular case of A.Raja- causing crores of rupees loss to the public exchequer. We have the first of its kind goof up when a Pakistani ex- general’s picture appeared in an advert along with Mrs Sonia Gandhi and the PM. and this for the prevention of female infanticide! Even if one is to over look this muddle (which never happens in another country-) what is the rationale for an Army general to figure in the prevention of female infanticide? Does this not go to prove how those running the government departments have lost their balance and is so flippant and careless when it comes to spending public money? Now the government has to probe-fix responsibility-that will be another wild goose chase. And what do we hear-a public apology. Does that wipe away the insult? We have a Rathore- an awardee of the President’s Police medal and discover thanks to the media- that he did not stop with molesting a teenager but used his clout to harass, humiliate and almost wiped off the family members of their dignity and their honor thus abetting the suicide of Ruchika. What has the Home Minister to say after hearing out the obnoxious,sadism of Rathore and his men?Mr Chidambaram was very touched! Not a word of condemnation from the national spokespersons of the Congress particularly Manish Tiwari. to this dehumanizing brutal episode. Had it been one of the Gandhi-Nehru family members what would have been the reaction? Nay had it been a family belonging to the minority community what would have been the reactions,actions and operations of the Congress. Did not our honorable PM spend sleepless nights when one of the minority community men was harassed in Australia? For Ruchika it was no response. Was the PM not pulled up like an errant schoolboy by the European Union for the rape of a nun in Kandhammal? He so subserviently apologized and promised that such would not happen in the future.All this under the regime of Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s Congress. The national spokesmen/women have their antennae directed to react in an uncivilized manner only when Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her children come under criticism. And Manish Tiwari states that Modi is uncivilized? Do civilized persons tolerate such crude, brutish behavior from those who held responsible posts in the government? Was it too much to expect them to condemn it, so who are off their minds-if these have a mind at all? How can one with a criminal record be conferred the Padma Bhushan and the Congress rushes to defend its action- and then distances itself. What does one call this sagacity, prudence, correctness or something exactly opposite to all these?
Coming to the second dimension of Modi’s – why criticize Mrs Sonia Gandhi for the price rise? Who runs the UPA government? If Mrs Sonia Gandhi has nothing to go with its governance then why does every government department print her picture in the advertisements projecting her as the chief architect of that program –the PM comes only next to her. If she wants to take the bouquets then she must also be prepared to take the brickbats. This is the hidden motive of her great renunciation drama-have power but not accountability. Modi was right in targeting her. She is the chairperson of a defunct UPA council-Only on that basis her pictures are printed in every government function/program/advertisement. So why should she not be targeted for this dismal situation of a price rise which has hit the poor of the poorest. Do we need a committee now to go into the poorest of poor and assess how this price rise has hit them? Modi as a chief Minister of Gujarat did the right thing and made a correct statement. Why should Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her children who want the limelight be insulated from criticism? They like to hog the lime light then they should not fight shy in facing the criticism as other politicians. Creating imaginary halos round them and placing them on pedestals is no sign of democracy. Sycophants and coterie, ‘Yes’ men and women, courtiers and chellas have no place in a vibrant democracy-Are we in a banana republic?
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

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