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CBI’s gameplay in Gujarat


Press release dated May 2, 2010

Senior BJP leaders Purushottam Rupala and Vijay Rupani
reveal the conspiracy of Congress Government to
throw spanner in the works of Gujarat Golden Jubilee celebrations

The Central investigative agency CBI comes under
cloud in the minds of people of Gujarat

CBI is Congress Bureau of Injustice

Central Government is using CBI as its hand maiden
to defame Gujarat and lower the standing of
the popularly elected government of
Chief Minsiter Narendra Modi
in the eyes of the people of Gujarat

If the CBI does not stop acting as the hand maiden of the Congress
than it would not take much of a provocation for the enlightened people
of Gujarat to launch a Jan Andolan against the CBI

The senior MPs of BJP Shri Purshottambhai Rupala and Shri Vijaybhai Rupani have made serious allegation against Congress-ruled Central Government that it is hatching conspiracy in using CBI as Congress Bureau of Injustice to topple the duly elected and popular government of Narendra Modi in Gujarat. They have warned that if the CBI does not stop acting as a hand maiden of Congress in Gujarat, then the enlightened people of Gujarat will not sit idly by. CBI has to face people’s agitation. Both the MPs have given a chronological detail of the work of CBI in Gujarat which has raised many questions. The duo said that CBI once a agency of integrity is now investigating the death of cold blooded terrorist like Sohrabuddin, instead of finding truth, totally under political directives, doing something which is against their scope of their work.

Shri Purshottam Rupala and Shri. Vijaybhai Rupani said that for more than 31/2 years many top police officers including IPS officers are in prison. And instead of conducting the trial, stays are obtained, and Congress want to keep the investigation going on till malafide intention of establishing political connection is achieved. They added that as a last resort, they are using CBI to throw out the popularly elected government of Narendra Modi.

Questioning the credibility of CBI, these senior MPs said that, CBI has become doubtful in the eyes of Gujarat. Before four months, on 12-12-2009, CBI was handed over the investigation of the Sohrabuddin case, but CBI deliberately chose the Swarnim Jayanti occasion to taint the name of Gujarat, so the historical even is disturbed and the popular government of Modi comes under severe crisis, the police force is demoralized and fails to provide security to the people who come to attend the celebrations. CBI, with this bad intention, dug open old cases, and started arresting top police officers in the name of investigation. Planned efforts are being made to crate fear in the minds of police officers by sending summons.

The demoralization of police force in Gujarat, at the time when crores of Gujaratis are attending different functions to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Gujarat, a question arises, if at this time if any terrorist attack or anti-national attack takes place in Gujarat then what would be the fate of the innocent people?

The MPs threw light on the nature of political discrimination against Gujarat. They said that in the entire country from 2002 to 2007many such encounters had taken place and in Gujarat those who died in encounters is much less when compared to other states.
Year Total Other States Gujarat
2002 55 U.P-44 –
2003 118 U.P-78
Maharastra-05 02
2004 109 U.P-68
Mahrastra-04 04
2005 84 U.P-54
Bihar-07 06
2006 45 U.P-29
Bihar-03 04
2007 301 U.P-51
A.P-05 01

These facts speak for themselves why CBI is giving priority to the case of criminal and terrorist Sohrabuddin. Are other encounters not important? Why should Gujarat should be showcased, and aimed at and made target of political vendetta?

Both these MPs also said that, in it discussed that three States are involved in Sohrabuddin case, out of which two States are Congress ruled. A question has arisen about their role, but not a single person has been arrested in Andhra Pradesh. This clearly tells that, the entire case is used only to demonize Gujarat, and a sinister design to harass Gujarat Government politically.

Shri. Rupala, and Shri. Rupani said that while the justice loving people of the entire country is demanding for the death sentence of Afzal Guru, the Congress ruled central government is telling that there are many others cases pending prior to the case of Afzal Guru and cases will be taken in chronological order. In CBI also many cases are pending for a very long time. But in order to harass Gujarat and to spoil the environment, the case of Sohrabuddin has been taken on special priority as part of the plot.

They clearly told that, Supreme Court had ordered CBI only to investigate the Sohrabuddin encounter case. But instead of that, as nothing was available in the investigation, foul play is done by collecting a variety of false complaints, CBI, motivated politically, is proceeding in the name of investigation. At the instance of Congress, CBI is taking up work which was not entrusted to it, to put Gujarat administration and police under pressure and tension, to settle political scores.

The MPs also alleged that it was a malicious design to destroy Gujarat, and to put a hurdle in the development and progress of the state. These activities cannot be kept hidden, warned the senior MPs. It will not take time for people’s temper to turn against Congress government that is showing soft corner for terrorists like Sohrabuddin. The popular Narendra modi government, which enjoys unshakable trust of people, may be an irritant to the Congress government at the Centre. If CBI does not keep away from becoming a tool in the hand of Congress government, they will have to face people’s ire which can turn into a big agitation.

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