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The discovery by Rahul Gandhi

The Discovery of Rahul Gandhi
The great Discovery of India by Rahul Gandhi-that “there existed two Indias-one in towns and cities with high-rise buildings, computers, cars and modern gadgets, and the other rural areas still under developed for lack of facilities and opportunities”. To which India does the Nehru-Gandhi family belong? And why this great disparity-underdeveloped areas and highly developed areas? It is time to question the planning and the approach adopted to alleviate poverty and the indifference to the development of rural areas. It is the Congress with its long regime which had neglected the rural areas. His holding out the NREGS as the magic wand to banish poverty/hunger is ridiculous because it was not something new and again he cannot claim to be its brain child. It only goes to show how RG has no idea of the rural development schemes and how it all failed to alleviate poverty. Again not any one can walk into the PM’s office and make demands which are immediately sanctioned and implemented. So the disparity of the rural and urban India can even find a similar differentiation and a vaster chasm between Rahul Gandhi a first time MP and other MPs who have come from rural areas with greater insights. Will their suggestions be accepted by the Manmohan Singh?
Now the complaint of Rahul Gandhi that the BJP criticized him for taking a British minister to the rural areas to show the NREGS and its beneficiaries is off the mark. Rahul Gandhi perhaps knows very little of Indian history. It was the policy of the British which initiated the neglected of the rural areas. They focused on development not for India but for Britain. Hence our agriculture which was of no value to them was completely neglected. They focused on port areas which became unplanned towns-so that the goods could be transported to Britain. They brought in the railways to transport timber, cotton jute, etc-the raw materials to feed the Manchester machines. Britain thus became industrialized while India lagged behind with its towns becoming a spread of slums. The farmers and farm workers were pauperized with hardly any irrigation and employment, but heavily taxed and were compelled to migrate to the nearest towns like Madras, Calcutta and Bombay. There were no industries in the towns to absorb them into. These migrant rural folk had no skills and thus the proliferation of slums started. After 62 years of Independence is it not a shame to take a British minister to show how his great grand father- his grandmother and then his father neglected the rural areas and created the two Indias? Now with the great brain wave of Rahul Gandhi (as claimed by the Congress) the NREGS crumbs are being thrown to the rural power-this is termed as empowerment, and the world must acclaim Rahul Gandhi-hence the British Minister was taken by him to exhibit this great achievement. This surely will draw flak from those who know what development is all about and also those who are aware that the Congress is up to its neck in its propaganda in show casing Rahul Gandhi the great innovator.It is the Congress which took the stand no national program can be claimed by any individual leader or party. But then hen it comes to the Congress and the Gandhis it is different. Tokenism is not development-a night spent in a dalit’s house, a peep into a cowshed- is not experiencing the impoverishment of rural India. The highly development and secured areas like Luytens in Delhi-enclaves for the rich and the powerful, a political class with crores and crores of money in the cities all are a result not only of a lopsided development policy but of immorality in politics. This is evident in the growth of a powerful dynastic political class. Writing off the farmers debts is no great achievement-first Rahul Gandhi must answer why they fell into debts-why they were forced to commit suicides. Take for example a State like Andhra Pradesh-with the highest suicides of farmers is under the Congress-the crores which the late Congress Chief Minister Rajasekharn Reddy and his family owns runs to crores more than the State budget. From where did they acquire this wealth? The miners are the most neglected and the poorest and yet Koda, Sibu Soren was able to amass wealth, at the cost of the sweat and the blood –nay even lives of the miners. Whose allies are these? Are Rahul Gandhi and his party not abetting this kind of fleecing and swindling the poor and then throwing them crumbs as NREGS and show casing it? According to the Congress spokesman-Abhisekh Singhavi there is something called ‘guilt by association’ should such culpability of guilt not be placed at the doors of No 10 Janpath?
Who are the friends and the close associates of Rahul Gandhi and his mother- those with any number of cars and all the modern gadgets-so why this hypocrisy and the crocodile tears for the rural poor? The Nehru Gandhi family life style is the role model on which the lavish life of the political class and the glitterati is based on. Even the choice of Congress candidates is from the rich elite princely class. So which India is being promoted by Mrs Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi? Poor Gandhiji and his irrelevant simplicity-his Dandi march is replicated with Gucci shoes and track suits by the Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi.-the catalyst-what a mockery to imitate the fragile man with a loin cloth trekking with a walking stick and the Gandhi family trying to imitate this. It is all imitation-and tokenism. Who can go holidaying to foreign countries and celebrate a birthday bash in London? Is this an expression of being one with the rural people and their poverty, This is not to say that RG must semi-starve and live in a hut but there are ways of identification-not by a night stay in a hut and a peep into a cowshed. After all the two Indias which Rahul Gandhi discovered have been there always- it did not suddenly appear. He gets the feel of India for the first time perhaps and that is not a discovery but his exposure to real India.-even in this exposure there is vested interest-votes of the poor rural people who have been patient for 62 years waiting for things to change. If it did not change it is because of the Nehru Gandhi family. Yet the media follows Rahul Gandhi in this great discovery of two Indias and gives it such wide coverage. It is sheer political propaganda. It is time that Rahul Gandhi who professes to be sympathetic and a catalyst adapt a life style of simplicity and stop hobnobbing with the rich and the corrupt political class. Instead of holidaying abroad he can holiday in some remote corner of the rural India-(this does not mean RG should be cocooned in a boat house in Kumarakom.) This will change the face of rural India if the powerful and the rich live in villages with no facilities for at least two months a year-facilities will automatically appear-roads and electricity, potable water, all modern gadgets will find their way into these areas where the rich political class stay. So over to Rahul Gandhi- the catalyst-which means he will not change but will change others! Lets us wish that this change happens
PS-It is already happening –Rahul Gandhi’s mother-Sonia Gandhi’s photo will dot every 25 kilometers of the National Highway-thereby the two Indias will become one. Is that not a great equalizer of the two Indias-the developed and the underdeveloped? Drive along the Highways to realize this. And also gauged the great hypocrisy of the Congress which lays claim of a national program to itself and to Mrs Sonia Gandhi
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

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