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Bhopal revisited by the Congress – justice denied

How thankful the nation should be in general and the people of Bhopal in particular because the GoM are sympathetic to the plight of the Bhopal gas victims. How hard the GoM worked because they looked into every aspect of the issue and they are going to keep working on. Surely they have rightfully earned their salaries and all that goes along with it as cabinet ministers and now ministers of the empowered group.
What is puzzling is the ordinary people are wondering what they have revealed and unraveled about the worst global industrial disaster now. Since they were empowered and worked as a Group one would think that new dimensions would be exposed. But one finds that documents are missing and the amount of compensation earlier promised was leveled down the reason not clear. So the GOI works without documentation-Safe way of working for safe passage to fugitives.
We must wait now for more compensation, for rehabilitation and for cleaning up. Why should the State of MP do the cleaning up which the Union Carbide poisoned the whole area? Why should the GOI pay-which means the tax payers, pay for this cleaning up business? Why should the DOW not be asked to clean up and pay the compensation. Is not Union Carbide in the new avatar DOW? Why punish the people of India again for the crimes of Union Carbide? Now we shall wait for the extradition of Anderson, this is again another tactic for buying time. Throwing small morsels to the victims and keeping them silent. This is exactly what the GoM have done-nothing more .And we are promised that they will continue working. Working for what and why? Trying to pull a fast one? What about the Congress first apologizing for Rajiv Gandhi’s utter indifference. Why and who abetted the crime in allowing the criminal safe passage? These are questions which need to be answered and the culprits fixed before compensation and cleanup is talked of. The main issue is being skirted and avoided. But for heaven sake let the people not be made to pay for the crimes and the conspiracy of those who were in power and allowed this to happen. It is injustice heaped on injustice.
There are three alternatives:-
1-The best would be that the Congress should dip into its kitty for its own negligence. So an apology and an absolution to become effective and valid only when there is reparation. Mrs Sonia Gandhi will understand this better. Let it pay the cost and not put the burden on the people again.
2-It could at least collect all the income tax dues from Hussain Ali Khan and pump that money into this cleaning up and rehabilitation business.
3-Or else the MPs can forgo their MPs Local Area Development Fund. Two crores from each now and no more for the next five years. Let that money be utilized. Even that is the people’s money yet the MPs irrespective of party affiliations must feel the pinch for the total failure of the political class all these years towards the victims of Bhopal.

It is clear that this is another conspiracy of the chief of the GoM-namely the PM’s wisecrack to cover up Rajiv Gandhi’s role in the whole massive human tragedy. At least now does the PM realize why Mrs Sonia Gandhi selected him to warm the gaddi? He is submissive to her unjust demands. Why should Rajvi Gandhi’s role be covered up? Can history be distorted, can truth be made untruth and can falsehood be held out as truth? Can hedging help? Mr Manmohan Singh should have restraint from playing such a role.He not only showed his feet of clay but also now has become a partner and an active one in the conspiracy and betrayal of the people.
It took 25 years for the Congress to sleep over it-thinking wishfully that with the 15000 dead and about 20 000 maimed and crippled and inflicted with physical disabilities of a wide range, the truth will get buried. That Rajiv Gandhi and the Congress can escape the sin –and the biggest sin in Independent India. Yet they did not hesitate to fault Modi-Year after year it was the Gujarat riots and Modi became the maut ke saudagar. Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her party did not spare Modi forgetting that the Hand is covered with blood-be it the Sikh genocide after the assassination of Indira Gandh or the Bhopal gas or the ethnic cleansing of the Hindus in J&K till date the Congress has not apologized to the nation. But if Modi terms the Congress as an old woman-then Priyanka takes umbrage and asks the media ‘do I look old”.Up jumps Jayanthi Natarajan demanding Modi to apologize to the women in India.
What is bothering and worrying is the fact that the Congress thinks that the Gandhis are the nation. This is something which we cannot overlook because it not just distorts the whole Indian polity but distends and dents the very concept of democracy. Over and above this it absolves all the sins and omissions including the betrayal of the poor of this nation by the Gandhis.
Hence now the Congress spokespersons are tying themselves in knots by defending Rajiv Gandhi in the Bhopal gas tragedy. How can they state that he did not have a role to play in allowing Warren Anderson to flee this country-how can they with their hollow words think that the people will believe that the Prime Minister was not aware of the safe passage given to Warren Anderson. How can we accept the myth that Rajiv Ganhi was in deep slumber or hibernating and suddenly woke up like Rip Van Winkle? Granted that was so-after his waking up what did he do?
So Arjun Singh was the culprit-then it is Narasimha Roa the then Home Minister who was the villain. First it was the Judiciary which let down the people….and so one after another the congress spokespersons try in vain to hold out their theories which only made them look ridiculous and pathetic.
Then comes Abhishek Manu Singhvi who tried to put to rest all our doubts by holding out that ‘The PM of India does not deal with what every police constable or police commissioner does’,Two things flow out of this brilliant theory. One that henceforth every police constable and police commissioner can allow a criminal if he is a foreigner to flee the country. There will be no objection neither from the State nor from the Centre. They are empowered with such powers. This is real news to the people.
Will Abhishek Singhvi brief his Congress spokesperson Arjun Modhawadia of the Gujarat State not to drag the CM and the Home Minister in the alleged fake encounter of which Tulsiram Prajapati has been accused of? Why should a CM and a HM stoop to the deeds/misdeeds of cops and police commissioners and be answerable? What is sauce for goose is also sauce for gander. The Congress must realize that it is in vain to try and detect a speck in the eyes of Modi when it carries a beam in its own. It will be judicious and probity for the Congress spokespersons to stop bashing Modi-for it boomerangs.
Is there a special immunity cover for the Gandhis? They cannot err, they cannot fault they cannot sin and they cannot be held guilty of any wrong doings. How come this blanket immunity/insulation to cover them? From where does such immunity evolve?
It is stated that Mrs Sonia Gandhi will not apologize because then she was not in politics then-a clever way to evade the responsibility as the President of the Congress party. How is she in politics now? By invoking the family legacy-by her being the bahu of Indira Gandhi, by her being the widow of Rajiv Gandhi. Which means she carries the legacy of the Gandhi’s-then the baggage she carries contains also the blood and suffering of 15 000 poor- the victims of the Bhopal gas, it also is loaded with the 3000 Sikhs massacred in 1984, over loaded with the thousands of Hindus brutally killed and others driven away from J&K. Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her children cannot escape this legacy baggage. When Priyanka does not fail to point out at the sacrifices her family had made for the nation then it is time to remind them of the lives that have been sacrificed because of their sins of commission and omission, of the injustices their negligence heaped on the nation. The poor are dispensable to them The Gandhis have always stood by foreigners and tried to save them at the cost of the Indian poor.
And now somehow Rajiv Gandhi must be saved-though he was the Prime Minister he was totally unaware of the thousands who were gassed to death-he was innocently unaware that Warren Anderson was allowed to leave the country and he was unaware that the price of an Indian life was whittled down to a mere 12000Rs.He was indifferent to the continuous suffering and pain and the dehumanized conditions in which the humans were living in Bhopal.
Just for a moment imagine what would have been the aftermath if 40 tonnes of methyl isocyanate (MIC0 gas wafted through Lutyens, North Block, South Block. The poor have been and will be the sacrificial goats of a system that we wrongly call democracy but in reality is a banana republic-thanks to the Congress party and its President.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

June 23, 2010 at 3:12 pm 6 comments

Maut ke saudagar

‘Maut ke saudagar’(Merchants of death)The nation is still waiting for the Congress President to break her silence and tell us who the maut ke saudagar are in reference to the Bopal tragedy. The Congress is running for shelter hither and thither. The Congress started a blame game as usual pointing now at the CBI, the Centre then at the State and then the Judiciary. No matter what it does the fact remains that Anderson cannot leave the country without the green signal from the Centre. It may be Arjun Singh who took the imitative and attended to all that needed be done at the State level. So both the Centre and the State with the Congress at the helm of affairs must own responsibility of this betrayal of the people. The people are no fools so the Congress can stop indulging in this blame game because it makes it look so hopelessly pathetical and out of a sense of direction-nay even of common sense!
Why is Jayanthi Natarajan and the Congress fuming and fretting at Modi targeting Mrs Sonia Gandhi on the Bopal gas tragedy? What is there ‘cheap and blatant’ about this. Granted that the BJP national executive held at Patna was a debacle does that absolve Mrs Sonia Gandhi and the Congress for their hypocrisy and their betrayal of the people? Why should Modi apologize to the nation? Does anything said against the Gandhi family calls for an apology to the nation? Is the Gandhis equal to the nation? The Congress has exposed not only its hollowness but blatant treachery. It needs to apologize to the nation. After 26 years of the Bopal tragedy it is waiting for the GoE ministers to look into all the aspects of the tragedy which is the biggest global disaster-15000 lives snuffed off and lakhs deformed, maimed and physically debilitated. Are the poor of this country such dispensable commodities? All these years the Congress tried to sweep it under the carpet. Aam admi was sold out for a few millions. What if the BJP was in power at the Centre and in Madhya Pradesh? The ‘maut ke saudagar fits the Congress perfectly because that’s exactly what Rajiv Gandhi and Arjun Singh did. Other agencies right from the CBI down to the cops who escorted Anderson were all obeying faithfully their masters then as it does now and expected to do always.
It is in vain that the Congress spokespersons try and insulate Mrs Sonia Gandhi from this because she is the heir to the legacy otherwise how and why is she what she is,and where she is? She cannot be selective in carrying the legacy baggage to pick and chose. So she needs to apologize to the nation for this genocide of 15000 Indians-all poor and powerless. The shame on the Congress starting from Rajiv Gandhi down is the way it bends backwards to please the foreigners. Are Indians so cheap? Just see how Quottrrochi was allowed to flee the country, how the money he looted was defreezed with the ‘honest’ Manmohan Singh stating that he was out of the loop. Whether Arjun Singh took the decision to allow Anderson to flee the country or he followed the instructions of Rajiv Gandhi or both the Centre and the State connived in allowing Anderson to escape the law of this land makes no difference. The bottom line being that a foreigner was so smoothly whisked out of this country while thousands lay dying and in agony. Will this be allowed in any other country of the world? Now to rub salt into the burning wounds-all these persons who played pivotal roles in these cases were not only promoted to higher positions as cabinet ministers but have been in their old age rehabilitated – thus we have Margaret Alva, Bhardwaj and Arjun Singh-all Governors.
Just look at the record of the Congress-Indira Gandhi imposes an Emergency-negates and keeps in abeyance the Constitution of India-lets loose her reign of terror-gags the media-all Freedom of speech and Rights of individuals thrown into the dustbin- to hold on to power. How was the Emergency justified? Was there a civil war? Has the Congress apologized to the nation for this?
Coming to Rajiv Gandhi case if Jayanthi Natarajan is honest and straight forward she must decide who is to apologize to the nation. The Sikh riots in 1984 which was engineered and supervised by Congress leaders who were sheltered and awarded positions in the party and in government-saw more than 3000 Sikhs massacred and women raped and sexually violated. Rajiv Gandhi watched this brutal killing, burning and demolishment of Sikh hamlets unperturbed-allowed this to go on for three full days. After which he coolly stated that when a big tree falls it is natural for the small plants round it to die. Is this not a justification of this pogrom? Who has to apologize to the nation madam Jayanthi? There is a saying in Tamil which she should know- trying to hide a full pumpkin in a plate of rice.
Then he sends the Indian Peace Keeping Force to Sri Lanka-Was it keeping peace or was it engaged in targeting the Tamils-indulging in rape and brutal killings? Today M.Karunanidhi is the cozy ally of the Congress but at that time he did not receive the so called victorious IPKF when it returned because he faulted Rajiv Gandhi for using the Indian force to target and kill Tamils. Power can inflict amnesia on leaders but not on the nation. We do not wear dark glasses to hide the naked truth. The Congress must tell us plainly who has to apologize to the nation
And again in 1984 Dec 2-3 the poor of Bopal were gassed- leaving about 15000 dead-the wombs of mothers became tombs-those who survived were crippled and were unable to eke out a livelihood because they were crippled, blinded and deformed.26 long years the Congress watched with no remorse-it was heartless and maintained a stony silence. The deeper you bury the truth it has an uncanny way of resurrecting itself. Now justice is haunting the Congress but the PM who spent sleepless nights when Haneef was harassed in Australia has suddenly awaken from his stupor and called for the Group of Empowered Ministers to submit its report on the Bopal tragedy-this after 26 long years of hibernation of the Congress. The law minister-Veerappa Moily is hectic desperately throwing straws to the wind- accusations against the judiciary and making promises of law reform, and promise of revisiting the case.The Congress spokespersons are whetting their sound bytes to be aired by the media. The theatre of the absurd show is on. It is in a state of desperation-save Mrs Sonia Gandhi; save Rajiv Gandhi do everything and anything towards this. How many years will it take again for the pathetic and unfortunate survivors to get justice? Is this a strategy of buying time? And Sonia Gandhi is heading a NAC a jumbo civil society-men and women of substance who are well acquainted in how best to spend the taxpayers’ money- to instill the necessary power to fight for Food security? ‘Lady Bounty’ we need justice not crumbs. This is not from the Congress funds but the taxpayers’ money and Indians are not beggars to wait for your largess. Good governance must and should ensure Food security automatically. Why labor into all these beggary programs when justice was denied, when foreigners who fleeced and snuffed out Indians were allowed to escape the law of the country? The Congress should tell us who has to apologize to the nation.
It is obsessed with the Gujarat riots which were a back lash and Mrs Sonia Gandhi goes to Gujarat and targets Modi with ‘maut ke saudagar’. What you sow you reap. Why, has she alone the license to use such phases against a constitutionally elected Chief Minister? Well then the same can be used against her. For the record of the Gandhis do not absolve them neither does it give them an immunity. The Congress cannot just field spokespersons to cover with hollow words the truth and justice. It is trying to digress and distract the attention by just indulging in Modi bashing. If Gujarat riots needs to be kept in focus then why not the Sikh riots and now the Bopal gas victims? If Babri Masjid has to be year after year brought to the electioneering then why not also the breaking of the locks of the Babri Majid by the orders of Rajiv Gandhi also brought to centre stage? That’s the starting point of all the communalization of politics. The pot cannot call the kettle black and the Congress spokespersons must realize they cannot any longer live in glass houses and throw stones at others. It would be judicious to own the truth and let Mrs Sonia Gandhi speak for herself and the legacy she is carrying-apologize to the nation. Why does she need spokespersons- is it the intricacies of governance that is being bandied? It is simple truth-facts of history and surely one who heads a Party and who chairs the NAC is capable of facing the brickbats that come along with the bouquets-let her speak for herself. The aam admis are waiting…..
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

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“He has nothing on”

The press conference of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh reminded me of the famous old fable told to us as little children: ‘The emperor’s new clothes’. A proud king who always liked to be flattered and surrounded by a coterie wanted to be decked in his best robes and go out in a procession. The courtiers knew the king’s weakness for flattery.
They decked him one after in silk and velvet robes-all imaginary ones and kept repeating to him how gorgeous he looked. The king was mightily satisfied. He went out on his procession with the crowds looking at their king but dared not verbalize the stark truth-what they saw. It was a little child who suddenly from the crowd shouted out ‘But ,he has nothing on”
What is the comparison? Looking at the News reporters and journalists who sat in awe listening to the Prime minister reel out his one year old achievements this story came to my mind. Were there achievements? No one dared to question him on it. True he did list out the events-the areas of governance-But were these events-and areas of governances marked with growth and a direction.

He along with Montek Ahluwalia keeps on assuring the country that the prices will come down soon. Since the UPA took change of the country’s affairs with Mohanmohan Singh (and his two unaccountable advisors) the prices have gone up by 400 percent. So when he says that it will come down soon it can mean that after another push upwards to touch 500 percent it may come down to 400 percent. Does this mean that the prices had come down? And what is the reason for this price rise? According to Manmohan Singh it is -floods and drought. The economist PM knows very well that the prices of the essential commodities rose when petrol and diesel prices were hiked by the UPA in 2007 and again in 2010 it hiked the import and customs duties of petroleum based products. We are told that fuel price hike is round the corner and will be decided on June 7th.The common people can expect the cascading effect on this and a steep rise in essential commodities-but then if only wishes are horses….then we beggars would be riders on the sharp curve upwards. He expects the economy to grow at 8.5 this fiscal year and reach a 10percent.Now as an economist the PM should know that growth does not necessarily mean less starvation and more employment-Growth need not be an index for pushing up those below the Poverty line above it. So in short as far as the economy is concerned it is a jugglery of figures-it is a showcase of rapid economic growth but he does not touch the absolute numbers in chronic hunger. There goes another imaginary robe of velvet and glamour on him
This area has been a miserable failure because that country knows our weakness-especially the weakness of the PM. It is fully aware of the UPA’s appeasement policy and its urgency to garner the vote bank. So any number of talks and the composite dialogue had no real composition to gel it-no trust .The simulated talks-the exchange of dossiers goes on-justification for the existence of the Minister of Foreign affairs and his ministry. There has been absolutely no effort on the part of India to act when it comes to cross border terrorism. On the other hand it has been quite wary to call a spade a spade and has been even bringing this national security threat under one communality-stating that both the countries are victims. So the perpetrators and the victims with one shot the PM had leveled down as victims. Naturally what does one victim talk to another victim-exchange their notes of suffering and their stories of agony and mourn together. That the UPA under Manmohan Singh was an utter failure regarding Pakistan and India’s relations is evident with the release of Hafiz Saeed the chief of JuD and the founder of the banned Lashker-e-Tayyeba. According to India he is one of the master minds of the Mumbai terror and enough evidence had been given to Pakistan on his role and activities of Saeed. Now what action does India expect Pakistan to take?And why this shadow boxing? Yet another imaginary robe for Manmohan Singh to be decked up.
Terrorism within the country is again soft pedaled because the majority –nay more than 95 percent of the terror acts of Jihadis. But again the imaginary robe must cover him-so terrorism has no religion But the PM again covers this with yet any robe-‘Terror if it is sponsored by particular religious elements, it has to be dealt with effectively and purposefully’ But this is in variance with the Muslim appeasement policy of the PM and his UPA government .Hence Muslim terrorists are handled with care-while Sadhvi Pragnya is half paralyzed and thrice administered narco analysis. Till date not a single Muslim terrorists has been brought to justice. The Afzal Guru case is a study by itself. Why should the execution of the Supreme Court sentence be such a problem-because Kashmir will burn-because Delhi will witness violence? Why? Does this mean that Muslim terrorists cannot be brought to justice? Then will it not be better to wind up this entire probe and these simulated faked encounters? Let both the Muslims and the Hindus go ahead with the terrorists acts. Why should the Muslims alone to handled with a velvet glove while the Hindus terrorists made to look as though they are threat to the security of this country? Why should there be two kinds of justice-either you have one justice or no justice.So that’s the great cloak of sequins thrown on the PM to make the performance of the UPA ‘satisfactory’.It is shameful to say the least.
How naïve and complacent for the PM simply to state that the Naxalism is the biggest internal security threat that our country faces. Hear, hear the unrevealed revealed. As though this is news and as though it was for the PM to disclose such a classified secret! The blood letting-the destruction by the Naxals the whole country is aware of. So what about it-that the PM also has reinforced this biggest threat. What consolation for the people of India. He did not say how the magnitude of this problem is going to be tackled. Not that he should chart out the strategy but he need to have assured the country on this front because his cabinet-both kitchen cabinet and cabinet ministers are at tangent on this issue. Each having their own theories on how to tackle/or not to tackle this problem. The Home Minister has publicly stated that he has a limited mandate. Limited to what extent? What does this mean in terms of containing and overcoming the Naxal problem? The bottom line being that nothing concert has been done-except the airing of the differences which gives greater defiance and power to the Naxals. So another fine imaginary robe thrown round the PM Did the nation get any assurance? Any hope that the knowledge of the magnitude of the Naxal problem will definitely be attended to with a firm hand and that the Naxals cannot take law and order into their hands and snuff out the lives of common people-They cannot destroy and demolish what has been achieved in the name of development.
The PM reiterates that his visit to Kashmir was a visit to one of the States of the Union of India. In J&K he gives us the information that there is a democratic government. If it is one of the States of the Union and if there is a democratic government why is there no democracy there? Why has J&K become an exclusive Muslim State and not a State for Indians? Why should the Indian taxpayers’ money be pumped in that State which refuses to be one among other States of the Indian Union? Why has it become a breeding place for anti-Indian sentiments and anti Indian civilities including rallies against India? Did the democratic State government put down even the burning of the Indian national flag –an act of treason with an iron hand or looked the other way?
G2-Spectrum and telecom minister Raja
Accepting the huge gap between what was generated by the G2Spectrum and the 3G Spectrum the PM wants us to look at this whole problem in proper perspective.If there was a policy since 2003 does all the ministries follow the policies laid down during the NDA period? To look at this huge loss and this blatant corruption we need the dark spectacles of Raja’s boss Karunanidhi. We are told to wait till the investigations are over. But why has A.Raja has not been asked to step down so that the investigations will be carried on without fear or favor? That because Manmohan Singh at last has found comfort in the PM’s chair and likes to sit on it a bit longer-there is a design. He does not want the DMK to shake it and there goes another robe to cover up the PM’s integrity and honesty in his blatant abetment of corruption.
Caste-Based Census
The UPA has earned a historic name with this achievement-It is COMMUNAL.The youth leader and his mother should look up the dictionary to find out what communal meansUnless the dictionary is old book and the Congress under Rahul Gandhi is scripting a new vocabulary with its current meanings. But the Fourth estate which we presume understands the meaning of communal should desist henceforth from pointing at the BJP and the saffron outfits as communal and cover the most communal political party-the Congress and the other communal parties of DMK,PMK,RJD,JMM,BSP, and SP et al as ‘secular forces. This is completely untrue and unfair. And now the communalization of the UPA goes down as one of its achievements with the caste based census to be taken during the biometric census. What more proof do we need?
Afzal Guru

Yes there is a law in this country and the people expect the government to carry out the execution of the Supreme courts verdict and not dilly dally with legal process. One should think that the legal process had come to its logical end with the SC’s verdict. Why now blackmail the nation by threats that Kashmir will burn-law and order will become an issue if Afzal Guru’s execution order is carried out. Does this mean that Justice can be thwarted and negated by such threats and the government will buckle down? Or is it part of the UPA appeasement policy to go soft on the Muslims? Vote bank erosion must be avoided by all means and towards that Justice can be the casualty. What if in the place of Afzal Guru it was one Hariram Krishnan? Manmohan Singh’s slip is showing…in spite of the numerous robes he has thrown on his person to cover up.
Corruption-Black money and Hasan Ali Khan’s tax evasion
If there was something called patriotism in the whole approach of the UPA these would have been tackled. India is not a poor country for money to be poured in for the NGOs. India is a rich country if one is to go by the mind-boggling amounts stashed in foreign tax havens. According to Swiss bank report Indians have stashed away$1.456 billion in Swiss accounts. There will be surely other accounts in other tax havens. India stands first in this black money hoarding outside the country and yet the UPA under Manmohan Singh is silent on this. There is no money for the Food security-then tax the poor people again and claim it as an achievement of the UPA2 but why not bring back this enormous amount kept outside the country. Whom is Manmohan Singh and his government protecting? The silence of Manmohan Singh on this account and the failure of the news reporters to raise questions on this is a betrayal of the people. The PM has a robot kind of performance and the soft ware has not been programmed for this. So he and the UPA abets corruption-blatantly encourages the flight of Indian wealth to foreign banks. This swindling of the people/of the public exchequer is not only contained with in the cabinet but is wide spread-all the rich and those with political and social power have ganged up against the poor of India. Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi stands by them. And we must give him a ‘satisfactory’ score-for his downright betrayal of the people.

Sonia Gandhi/Rahul
Manmohan Singh has thrown to the winds all his reticence to openly declare his good fortune in having the benefit of the advice of the world’s most learned woman and politician Sonia Gandhi. His qualifications need to be complemented by her educational qualifications-her political legacy and her hidden motives. He goes further to declare that he is very privileged to have the constant advice of both his wife and Mrs Sonia Gandhi. It is for people to decide how a PM can be so insensitive to democratic norms-Does he depend on a kitchen cabinet for advice or his council of ministers for advice. He says he is accountable to the people while both his advisors are not. But for a PM of this country to openly state that he benefits from the advice of these two is a confirmation that the PM is a puppet-He has also now learned the art of sycophancy and clearly indicates that he there at the goodwill of Sonia Gandhi. He confirms the fact- that he is in office but not in power. Then why complain when he is called as the weakest PM India has ever had?
His pet subject to put Mrs Sonia Gandhi at ease is his often repeated claim that Rahul Gandhi is best qualified to be in the Cabinet. The post is there for the asking. This assessment of Rahul Gandhi is based on two areas-his achievement as the General Secretary of the Congress-a post which he got simply on his legacy and not on his hard work. His qualifications-that he is the son of Sonia Gandhi and that he can talk English .But it does not matter if he has no idea of India and Indian affairs-it does not matter that he has no sense of history. A Harvard qualified PM’s assessment of Rahul Gandhi makes one squirm. Has he really some concern for India or has he only the concern to continue the dynastic regime of the Nehru- Gandhi family? Manmohan Singh is certainly not democratic-his views clearly exhibit his lack of adherence to democracy. His brief is clear-to keep the PM’s chair warm till the time when RG wants to sit on it. Can there be a greater misfortune for India and her people to have a PM who is simply a caretaker-a chair warmer-a puppet and is totally controlled remotely.
If only wishes were horses…So here behold the PM of India Manmohan Singh fully robed and decked in durbar with news reporters stands fully exposed in office-he stands fully revealed in office but with no power for – “He has nothing on”

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

May 26, 2010 at 9:42 am 11 comments

My dear countrymen/women

My dear countrymen/women: SCs,STs,MBCs,BCs,OBCs,FCs and OCs
Yes I am almost out of breathing even addressing you all and making sure that it is inclusive. I looked deep and long into the length and breathe of this beloved country of ours and found that the Indians are divided and segregated and tagged and ghettoed-each segmented each segment as a pawn for chess game of the politicians towards their vested interest. Thus I start this with a sad heart. I am not going to put anything new which you are not aware of, but I am trying to recapitulated and reinforce -the achievements (??) and the failures of the UPA1 and UPA2-all under the astute stewardship of the honorable and honest Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh and the de facto super PM-Mrs Sonia Gandhi-the renunciator.

1-Unprecedented Corruption and Scams:

It is not in isolated pockets but so wide spread with its tentacles ensnaring and clawing right from the Cabinet Ministers down to the lower division clerks. What is unprecedented is that the Union Cabinet Ministers are involved directly and indirectly in this looting of the public exchequer and Manmohan Singh is an honorable man of undisputed honesty. That the highest echelons of the government are unabashedly in this looting business brings to the forefront the question- if the Council of Ministers has something called co-responsibility? If so then the PM who is an honorable man as we all know is also accountable for this looting..
An example to illustrate the magnitude of this gigantic loot; is the 2G-Spectrum- one billion dollars=4000 crores. If this is the retrospective bill for Vodafone for 2G-Spectrum, one can easily compute the loot of 2G Spectrum-the mother of all scams. It is not less that one lakh crore=22 billion dollars. And Manmohan Singh is not only an honorable man but a great economist. Yet as his own ministers are involved in this plunder Manmohan Singh is helpless and pretends that he is unaware. The question is why?
To this scam please add the Scorpene deal, the Koda Mining scam, the IPL scam, the amounts involved are mind-boggling. So the UPA2 can be christened as the fountain head of scams-the biggest looter in independent India. Please note that all the time there is the mother head-the renunciator- Mrs Sonia Gandhi for guidance. Who goes about as a saint talking of food security and Rs 100 per day for each member of below the Poverty line families under the NREGS. as a reflection of her empathy and concern for the poor. Should we not thank her magnanimity for the poor of India while all the time she has allowed those close to her-her allies and her handpicked council of ministers to loot?

2-The National Census and the National Population Register

Mr P.Chidambaram stated that ‘The biggest exercise since humankind came into existence is on’-the National Census. My dear countrymen and women please pause and think clearly on the nuances, the fallout of this massive exercise. We have the Unique Identity Card and simultaneously the National Population Register being enumerated. The enumerators have been instructed that for the NPR the nationality of the respondent must be entered as declared by the respondent without checking or getting into any argument or asking for further proof. But citizenship rules direct that during the verification process, particulars of such individuals whose citizenship is doubtful shall be entered with appropriate remarks in the Population Register.
Before I proceed I need to remind my readers that the UPA2 under Manmohan Singh-the honorable PM and the renunciator-Mrs Sonia Gandhi is a bundle of contradictions. Here is one case. How can doubts creep if there is no questioning and verification and demand of proofs? So what is there later to verify and how? Whom to verify? This is mind you the biggest exercise since humankind came into existence’. What an achievement…. Is it feasible to undertake verification when there has been no clarification already at the first instance?
Now what is the problem here-the fact that we have 20 million illegal migrants.
So this massive exercise-the first of its kind since the existence of humankind is nothing but a fraud-a legitimization of illegality-.This is what the UPA under Manmohan Singh-an honorable man has been indulging in. Illegality becomes legality. It is the largest ever regularization if illegal migrants in the world.
Why has the UPA2 not followed the directions of the Supreme Court in pushing out the illegal migrants? So P.Chidambaram must change this achievement of the biggest exercise since humankind came into existence as the biggest legitimization of illegality- another massive fraud of the UPA2. What are its implication? Our population figures will be completely wrong-non Indians will be morphed as Indians and of course tagged into the various segments/ghettos for furthering the vote bank politics. What does this imply to the poor Indians- that their share of the development cake is being given to illegal migrants? Why, because these migrants form the bulk of the vote bank for the UPA2.If this is not cheating and conspiring against the children of India then what is it? The demographic profile of the population will also drastically change and this will have its impact and implications in all the development planning. In the political scenario one non Indian migrant who has become Indian by simply stating so can stand for elections and take hold of political power. We do not need any invasion by foreign powers. The UPA under the honorable PM is handing over power to foreigners on a platter. Will such betrayal of the people be witnessed in any part of the world?

3-The figures of population in chronic hunger

After 6 decades of independence we are told that 28.7% of our population is in chronic hunger. Now there is another figure floated by the GOI that it is 37.2% of the population which is under chronic hunger. So how does the UPA2 intend to grapple with this? Postpone the problem shift the issue and focus elsewhere.-It jumped at the differences in the fuigures28.7 and 37.2. So ascertain which is correct-Does not matter if these famish and die in the mean time.Let the Standing Committee which has no time even to sit must decide which is the correct figure. And what are the mechanisms to arrive at the correct figure? A new set of figures-surely because the chronic hungry are not static –new groups will join their ranks and the already famished ones will mercifully die. But the UPA2 will get what it wanted- time and avoidance to tackle the problem. After all the hungry have always been with us-let them continue to be in hunger. Numbers can be juggle and the Poverty line shifted using new concepts of poverty measurements according to convenience. So it has been send to the Standing committee.
What happens in the meantime? Mrs Sonia Gandhi sheds tears and waves her Hand asking the people to vote her party back so as to tackle this chronic hunger. Any fool will realize that instead of verifying the exact figures-which in India is always evasive one can at least start at the 28.7 %.The truth is that the finance for the Food security to appease this chronically hungry population is not available. The present food security costs 55 crores and it will take another 30 % to tackle the chronic hunger. The ridiculous picture and the contradictions of the whole issue is all our Honorable Members of Parliament are getting subsidized food in the Parliament canteen. They are also expecting a five fold salary hike for no work. It is simple justice that any hike in salary must be linked with output and performance this when we have chronic hunger looming large and we distribute Rs 100 per person per day as remuneration for 100 days a year. So let the MPs of the standing committee leisurely decide on the figures in chronic hunger is 28.7 or 37.2 %.There is no hurry since they eat and since they can look forward to fatter salaries all at the cost of the poor suffering people. One would think that people’s hard earned money must be accounted for. Is it not immoral to spend their money on the MPs –their foreign jaunts while we evade tackling chronic hunger of people? Is there not some thing called austerity?
This is shameless because the UPA2 is a government of Panel Raj and commissions which eats into the public exchequer. Then what are the ministries for? Please my dear countrymen and women ponder over this and let it seep into your consciences because we have an honorable PM who is programmed not to react. Not to take any action against those who loot and against those who lavishly and shamelessly spend people’s money. The contradictions in perceptions and priorities can be gauged when the PM in waiting Rahul Gandhi asserts that in the next visit of Bill Gates the poor will talk in English. Youth power and the powered statements that flow from Rahul Gandhi our next redeemer offers some solace to those who are in chronic hunger. What about the minimum health facilities, what about the basic survival inputs like even water? It is the ability to converse with Bill Gates in English that is the priority and the promise of tomorrow.
All this and more under Manmohan Singh who is an honorable man, and a world class economist. Have you forgotten that he had collected a good conduct certificate from Bush? Have you forgotten that he studied under the light of a kerosene lamp? Does it pull at your heart strings? But the chronic hunger people can wait for his Standing Committee to pin point the accurate figures. What an achievement in inclusive development

4-The tax evasion of Hassan Ali and the billions stashed in tax havens

I have put this last not because it is last of the UPA2’s fraud and deception but to highlight the skewed structures in Indian polity that throws up disparities and injustices in such magnitude. We have a 28.7 % in chronic hunger on one side and on the other side persons like Hassan Ali abetted by the honorable Manmohan Singh and Mrs Sonia Gandhi in his mammoth tax evasion.The Finance Minister says there is no money for food security when the tax evaded by Hussan Ali can easily meet the whole financial requirement of the Food security.
According to the government’s statement Hassan Ali Khan owed Rs 50,345 crores to the tax department as on March 31st 2009.If we go by this that sum would have escalated to approximately 100,000 crores The Budget papers listed Hassan Ali as the single largest defaulter but in the present budget papers his name was missing.When the media questioned the Finance Minister he stated that Hassan Ali has paid every penny.But the revised estimates for 2009-2010 did not accommodate the 100,000 crore due from Hussan Ali.Then the fraud of the GOI is revealed. The existing Income Tax Act was amended to waive impediments for tax defaulters to approach the Settlement Commission to resolve the tax disputes. If Hassan Ali approaches the Commission it would enable the government to evade sharing information of Hassan Ali’s undisclosed foreign assets according to the International tax treatises entered by the government.
One can computer the total income of Hussan Ali on the amount of tax he owes-it would be in excess of 150,000 crores. What are his sources of Income? How many foreign banks has he accounts? Whose benami is he? It is clear that the GOI was shifting and evading and abetting Hassan Ali and his tax evasion. For example according to the Swiss authorities publicly the GOI sought help in probing Hassan Ali’s Swiss account, privately it sabotaged the probe by submitting forged documents asked by Switzerland’s Federal Office of Justice. Since April 2007 the GOI has kept silent on the Swiss request for proper documents.(Does this not ring a bell-exactly like the Quattro chi’s case when our officers went to Argentina without the required papers?)
This is blatant abetment of tax evasion.Does this not indicate the Man Mohan Singh’s government is directly involved in conniving and colluding with scam esters and looters? And the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is an honorable man. colluded in this great fraud. Does it not indicate that the PM is helpless because Hassan Ali is a benami of the highest in political power? This is the only answer one can conjure. Otherwise the silence of Manmohan Singh cannot be explained off.
This is the not the only one case of tax defaulters-what about the others-what action is the GOI taking. To get the cut motion voted out promises are made. Favors are promised at the cost of the people. So Lalu and the fodder scam is put in cold storage .Mayawati is also pacified when the CBI probe is called off. But whose money have they all eaten into. Not the Congress party’s. Who is being hit directly by hunger and starvation-not Mrs Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi? Why cheating the people and depriving them of their just share? Then why make false promises? The whys find no answers. But the inaction of Manmohan Singh who is an honorable man and who is said to be above corruption calls for some sane explanation. Has he fallen in love with power and the PM’s chair? If he has the integrity which is being attributed to him then should he not put in his papers? Can he preside over this kind of unprecedented loot and betrayal of the people? Do the people of India not deserve something better?
It is for you my dear countrymen/women to cud chew on all these issues and to use whatever is in your power to throw out such a corrupt UPA. But before that a mass movement must be initiated to discontinue the Electronic Voting Machine for the simple fact that it was tampered with and can be tampered with. The proof is- Chidambaram was declared victorious only after the third round of recounting. If the EVM is fool proof then why were there recounts?
The great fraud under Manmohan Singh-who is an honorable man and Mrs Sonia the great renunciator of power must be stopped to save this country, and towards this all Indians irrespective of caste and creed-majority/minority must unite. Can we allow the branch on which we sit be chopped, our country to be infested with looters, our children deprived of their basic rights and our people taken for a ride all the time?

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

May 18, 2010 at 2:11 pm 8 comments

On the Press Statement of the two BJP MPs

It is not without reason that the Press release of two BJP MPs has gone up on my blog. I do not belong to any political party but have strong convictions and views on the affairs of this country. It is easily discernible that there has been/and is a bias against Modi. I am not sure if this bias originated from the 2002 Gujarat riots. Even if it has that is no reason to continue attacking a CM of the State who has put in hard work and aims at the development of the State. There has been a continuous harassment and bashing of Modi both in the media and in the utterances of the Congress spokespersons. Mrs Sonia Gandhi even went to the extent of referring to him as ‘merchant of death’ Had it been uttered by anyone else on the Congress in reference to the Sikhs genocide-it would have demanded a public apology. From the tone and tenor of Mrs Sonia Gandhi her spokesmen/women have picked up the unjust bashing of Modi.
No CM can be refused a visa to a foreign country. This was done one can be sure through the behind the scenes hectic machinations of the Congress. And its supporting NGOs. Otherwise why had the UPA not protested when a Constitutional head of the country had been refused a visa it is not a personal blur on Modi but a blot on the country and an insult to the people of Gujarat who had voted Modi as their CM.Look at this childish attitude:
If there is a meeting of CMs the media and the Congress keenly watch out the body language and the way of address and behavior of the others towards Modi. Did Mr X warmly embrace Modi? Did Mr Y call him my friend? Did Mr Z shake hands warmly with Mr Modi etc.? What a low level of probity in public life. Is Modi a political untouchable? All these have come to only reinforce the unjust political and psychological harassment meted out to Modi.
True the Gujarat riots are there I am not going into the legal and political nuances of the riot. It is sub-judice. But I find the media putting Modi on trial and already demanding his head. One should watch Teesta Setlvad’s facial expressions and her tone in down right putting the blame on Modi in the case of Eshan Jafri’s killing. That it is in court did not prevent the media to put Modi on trial.
The SIT grilled Modi for 9 hours was big news for even Ambika Soni to claim that Modi is frustrated because of his being grilled. Nobody gave the credit to Modi for submitting himself to the grilling. How many of the Congress and its allies would? Sibu Soren was absconding as a cabinet minister, Sajjan Kumar went underground till he was brought to court for his bail. Any number of cases can be quoted to prove that the politicians have shown scant respect for judiciary and investigative agencies.
It is in this background that one should view Modi’s submission to the SIT. Again as an onlooker I keep wondering why the Godra roasting of 56 Kar Sevakar did not stir the conscience of the nation? Are some lives easily dispensable and others unique and precious and accountable depending on the religion to which these unfortunate victims belonged?
Of late every day the news papers were giving graphic accounts of ‘saffron terror’ and along side the CBI’s consistent and persistent probe of the police on the Sohrabuddin encounter. It has already termed as ‘FAKE’ encounter by the media and the Congress politicians much prior to it being established.Having established it as fake now it is left to the investigative agencies to prove that it has indeed being faked! Why put the cart before the horse. Should not the investigative agencies start the probe with an open mind? The media abets the creation of a vitiated and prejudged case sheet. It is relevant to note that in this ‘faked’ encounter three States’cops were involved, but only Gujarat cops are being grilled and jailed. For example Rajkumar Pandiyan has been in custody since 2007 without being granted a bail. Why are the other two States which were also involved in the ‘fake’ encounter of Sohrabuddin not being investigated and the alleged cops jailed? It so happens that the other two States are being ruled by the Congress. One need not be a pro-Modi or an anti- Modi to detect the gross bias, discrimination and undue harassment
On using the ED, SIT and the CBI the Centre has been always been holding these three agencies directly on leashes. When it decides to harass its political opponents the leash is loosened. This is no great analysis but simple facts that have happened. Be it Mayawati, the Yadavs, the Central agencies are held out as a threat to toe the line of the Congress-which Sushma Swaraj has rightly called it the sword of Damocles.
The Press statement of the two BJP MPs have given some date to show that ‘fake’ encounters that have taken place in other States. But there is no CBI pressure/effort to book the culprits. Why this undue focus on Gujarat? If it is not the CM then it is the police force. Is there a purpose to demoralize the police force? If so then it is the people of Gujarat who will be at the receiving end. If the police do not perform their duties then the people of the State will suffer. Should we have a lax police force? This does not mean that the CBI should not perform its duty but it means that Gujarat police has also the right to equality and cannot be discriminated against by the CBI, the Judiciary and the Central investigative agencies. This will not auger well for the security of the country and its people..
UP tops in the list of encounter deaths-Has the CBI fixed the culprits and booked them? In 2009 UP had 68 encounter deaths-it will be valid to ask the CBI what had happened to these cases? Again the political bias cannot be allowed to run into booking the culprits and goons –be they in the police force or outside. But for heaven sake do not at every level demoralize Gujarat-its able police force-it efficient administrators and its Chief Minister. All are children of Bharat trying their best to work for the people of the State. Is it small wonder that Gujarat is the best administered State in India? One would think that the Centre government should be proud of its performance instead of picking holes. If only other States too were on the same work culture what a prosperous INDIA we would have. Does the Congress led UPA want the country to prosper or want itself (read Congress) to be in power at the cost of the Aam admi? Justice cannot be upheld through injustice, bias, discrimination and anti-people. Gujarat’s people cannot be for granted.
The intention of the Press release must be towards bringing out such an awareness towards demanding fair play.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

May 4, 2010 at 6:28 am 9 comments

Gujarat and the CBI


Press release dated May 2, 2010

Senior BJP leaders Purushottam Rupala and Vijay Rupani
reveal the conspiracy of Congress Government to
throw spanner in the works of Gujarat Golden Jubilee celebrations

The Central investigative agency CBI comes under
cloud in the minds of people of Gujarat

CBI is Congress Bureau of Injustice

Central Government is using CBI as its hand maiden
to defame Gujarat and lower the standing of
the popularly elected government of
Chief Minsiter Narendra Modi
in the eyes of the people of Gujarat

If the CBI does not stop acting as the hand maiden of the Congress
than it would not take much of a provocation for the enlightened people
of Gujarat to launch a Jan Andolan against the CBI

The senior MPs of BJP Shri Purshottambhai Rupala and Shri Vijaybhai Rupani have made serious allegation against Congress-ruled Central Government that it is hatching conspiracy in using CBI as Congress Bureau of Injustice to topple the duly elected and popular government of Narendra Modi in Gujarat. They have warned that if the CBI does not stop acting as a hand maiden of Congress in Gujarat, then the enlightened people of Gujarat will not sit idly by. CBI has to face people’s agitation. Both the MPs have given a chronological detail of the work of CBI in Gujarat which has raised many questions. The duo said that CBI once a agency of integrity is now investigating the death of cold blooded terrorist like Sohrabuddin, instead of finding truth, totally under political directives, doing something which is against their scope of their work.

Shri Purshottam Rupala and Shri. Vijaybhai Rupani said that for more than 31/2 years many top police officers including IPS officers are in prison. And instead of conducting the trial, stays are obtained, and Congress want to keep the investigation going on till malafide intention of establishing political connection is achieved. They added that as a last resort, they are using CBI to throw out the popularly elected government of Narendra Modi.

Questioning the credibility of CBI, these senior MPs said that, CBI has become doubtful in the eyes of Gujarat. Before four months, on 12-12-2009, CBI was handed over the investigation of the Sohrabuddin case, but CBI deliberately chose the Swarnim Jayanti occasion to taint the name of Gujarat, so the historical even is disturbed and the popular government of Modi comes under severe crisis, the police force is demoralized and fails to provide security to the people who come to attend the celebrations. CBI, with this bad intention, dug open old cases, and started arresting top police officers in the name of investigation. Planned efforts are being made to crate fear in the minds of police officers by sending summons.

The demoralization of police force in Gujarat, at the time when crores of Gujaratis are attending different functions to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Gujarat, a question arises, if at this time if any terrorist attack or anti-national attack takes place in Gujarat then what would be the fate of the innocent people?

The MPs threw light on the nature of political discrimination against Gujarat. They said that in the entire country from 2002 to 2007many such encounters had taken place and in Gujarat those who died in encounters is much less when compared to other states.

Other States


















These facts speak for themselves why CBI is giving priority to the case of criminal and terrorist Sohrabuddin. Are other encounters not important? Why should Gujarat should be showcased, and aimed at and made target of political vendetta?

Both these MPs also said that, in it discussed that three States are involved in Sohrabuddin case, out of which two States are Congress ruled. A question has arisen about their role, but not a single person has been arrested in Andhra Pradesh. This clearly tells that, the entire case is used only to demonize Gujarat, and a sinister design to harass Gujarat Government politically.

Shri. Rupala, and Shri. Rupani said that while the justice loving people of the entire country is demanding for the death sentence of Afzal Guru, the Congress ruled central government is telling that there are many others cases pending prior to the case of Afzal Guru and cases will be taken in chronological order. In CBI also many cases are pending for a very long time. But in order to harass Gujarat and to spoil the environment, the case of Sohrabuddin has been taken on special priority as part of the plot.

They clearly told that, Supreme Court had ordered CBI only to investigate the Sohrabuddin encounter case. But instead of that, as nothing was available in the investigation, foul play is done by collecting a variety of false complaints, CBI, motivated politically, is proceeding in the name of investigation. At the instance of Congress, CBI is taking up work which was not entrusted to it, to put Gujarat administration and police under pressure and tension, to settle political scores.

The MPs also alleged that it was a malicious design to destroy Gujarat, and to put a hurdle in the development and progress of the state. These activities cannot be kept hidden, warned the senior MPs. It will not take time for people’s temper to turn against Congress government that is showing soft corner for terrorists like Sohrabuddin. The popular Narendra modi government, which enjoys unshakable trust of people, may be an irritant to the Congress government at the Centre. If CBI does not keep away from becoming a tool in the hand of Congress government, they will have to face people’s ire which can turn into a big agitation.

May 3, 2010 at 3:06 pm 2 comments

On P.Chidaambaram and the Lilliputians we have in the UPA-2

Thinking Aloud

Funny men at home in office
By Dr Jay Dubashi
The trouble with men like Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh is that they are pen-pushers, taking hours to draft letters in Oxford English, which even the Britishers have forgotten. They can prepare wonderful drafts, as Nehru used to do, while addressing his ambassadors. But there the whole thing ends. Nehru could have written a wonderful note on how to defend our northern borders from the Chinese. But the Chinese, like the Americans, do not read notes. John Kennedy could not write even a short sentence correctly. They read guns and missiles, and they know how to differentiate a phoney world you read about in the books from the real world.
IT is time Prime Minister Manmohan Singh got himself a new home minister. The current HM, P. Chidambaram, is a disaster, a man who is long on talk and short on action, like most Congressmen. He has no idea what is happening in the country, or, for that matter, outside the country, and though he makes great play that he is close to the United States-maybe because he spent a few years there-the fact remains that the US government has little use for him. Of what use is such a home minister?

Take the latest case of David Coleman Headley, apparently a double agent who has worked and probably still works for both the US and Pakistan, and takes money from both. He has confessed his part in the Mumbai bombings of 26/11 and received what amounts to a pardon from both his masters. The Americans have agreed to Headley’s condition-mark you, it is a condition, not plea-that he will not be extradited to India, which means he will be out of bounds for Chidambaram & Co from now onwards.

On paper, Indians can question him through video conferencing and similar gimmicks. Anyway, that is what Chidambaram says, but Chidambaram’s credibility in this matter is zero. After all, Headley has come to terms with US authorities without Chidambaram & Co knowing about it, let alone being consulted. They may be able to question him on the screen, but they will not be able to touch him or see even his toe-nail. David Coleman Headley has vanished without trace and there is nothing Chidambaram & Co can do about it, though his crime was committed in India, and Chidambaram happens to be India’s home minister. As far as Indians are concerned, David Coleman, or whatever his real name is, is just a shadow on the screen which Indians will not even be able to touch.

All this has been arranged by the Americans directly with Headley, who is their man and also their employee, without a word leaking to Indians in Delhi. Chidambaram, for all his torrent of verbiage after the deal was signed, did not have the faintest idea of what was happening behind his back far away in Washington, or maybe in Langley, the CIA headquarters. For, as far as the Americans are concerned, Chidambaram simply did not count. The deal is simply between the US government and their spy, and men like Chidambaram have no place in it.

Remember that Headley is a double agent – a CIA man as well as a spy for Pakistan. Whatever he did in Mumbai and elsewhere, he must have done with the tacit understanding, if not permission or consent, of either the Americans or the Pakistanis, or both. If the Americans knew it, why didn’t they alert Delhi? They are not telling now either, nor handing over Headley to us, because if Headley talks, he will tell us much more than is good for the Americans as well as Pakistanis. So, he has to keep his mouth shut, and the only way to do so in put him in jail, see that he does not fall into the hands of Indians, and finally probably get rid of him for all time to come.

Chidambaram says that, under the agreement, Headley is supposed to tell us everything. If Chidambaram can believe that, he can believe anything. Headley will be in jail, serving a so-called life sentence, US jail, not Indian jail, and when he is brought into the hall before the video screen, nobody will be able to tell whether he is the red Headley or his double. We won’t be able to touch him, even see him in flesh and blood. We won’t know whether the man we are talking to is indeed Headley. But Chidambaram will be able to tell the Parliament that we were able to question the spook. What a story!

Five or six years from now, Headley will receive a fresh passport, a new ID, maybe a new face through plastic surgery, and the crook will be back in Colaba roaming through the smelly alleys behind the Taj which he so loves. And there will be a news item in an obscure Virginia newspaper that a man called Headley, or David, or Coleman, died in prison this morning and God have mercy on his soul. And Chidambaram will adjust his snow-white mundu, and fell the channels in Delhi that Headley is dead. Case solved!

Assume, for the sake of argument, that the boot was on the other foot, and that Headley was an Indian spy and was involved in the 9/11 attack in New York city. What would Americans have done? Would they have written scores of letters to New Delhi – The kind of begging letters Chidambaram has written to Washington – asking to hand over Headley to them? Would they have sent emissaries to Delhi every few days to pray for more information on Headley? They would have done nothing of the kind. Remember these are the people who sent a whole army to Afghanistan and reduced Kabul to rubble just because the terrorists who brought down the twin towers came from Afghanistan’s Al Qaida.

The Americans would have taken the first plane to Delhi, ask Chidambaram to receive them at Palam, and walk straight into his or Manmohan Singh’s office and ask them to hand over Headely to them, or else. They would have come with a contingent of Marines – not a whole army as in the case of Afghanistan – parked them on the lawns of the Home Ministry, and rattled their guns along the Rajpath. They know that Indians shiver, particularly Indians who have gone to Harvard or Cambridge, when they see guns, real guns, in the hands of a white man. And with the Marines marching up and down the Rajpath, Chidambaram would have meekly handed over Headely to them on a platter and asked the Americans, “Mere Liye Kuch Sewa?”

The trouble with men like Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh is that they are pen-pushers, taking hours to draft letters in Oxford English, which even the Britishers have forgotten. They can prepare wonderful drafts, as Nehru used to do, while addressing his ambassadors. But there the whole thing ends. Nehru could have written a wonderful note on how to defend our northern borders from the Chinese. But the Chinese, like the Americans, do not read notes. John Kennedy could not write even a short sentence correctly. They read guns and missiles, and they know how to differentiate a phoney world you read about in the books from the real world. This is why America is a powerful country with armies in almost every corner of the world, and that is also why we are not. Our world is confined only to dusty files and now, to the inanities on the TV. When Chidambaram appears on the TV channels and makes faces, he thinks he is addressing the world. Actually nobody is interested in him, except the men who adjust their cameras and take shots. The real world has better things to do.

It is not only the Mumbai attacks of 26/11. it is now nearly two months since the bombs went off near German Bakery in Pune and the state home minister, like the union home minister, says that investigations are going on. Chidambaram says that the state authorities were duly told about a likely attack on German bakery but the state Home Minister, not a particularly bright chap, says that they never heard anything from Delhi. And Headley, who seems to have been everywhere, was in Pune too, and stayed a whole day in a hotel near the bakery and whose fingers can be seen all over the place.

The Westerners treat us like nobodies, because we ourselves think we are nobodies. When you bend and cringe before foreigners, like well-behaved dogs, the foreigners think we are another canine species-and treat us accordingly. Here is a double agent who murders two hundred Indians and others in the heart of Mumbai and quietly walks away and all our home minister can do is twiddle his thumbs and talk about video conferences. Can anything be more shameful?

(The writer can be contacted at 301, Mani Kanchan Apts, Kanchan Galli, Law College Road, Pune-411004)

April 8, 2010 at 12:36 am 6 comments

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