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Are we Free and Liberated

On the 14th Aug the print media carried two news items which need to be brought centre stage to highlight a particular dimension of what this nation is subjected to after 62 years of Freedom
Today is exactly one year since VHP header Laxmanananda Saraswati was murdered. The swamiji was 82 years old and his four disciples who were massacred along with him were Kishore Baba (45) Amirtananda Baba (62) Mata Bhaktimayee(40) and Puranjan Gantha(28)This was the infamous Kandhamal killings which led to the subsequent communal clashes between Hindu Kondhs and Christian Panas. The first charge sheet which was filed 5 months after the killings named 7 tribal or dalit Christians. The conspiracy angle was tightly shut. The murders were professionally executed but who hatched the plot and why remained unknown. The CID could not unravel-may be did not want to unravel this crucial dimension of the murders. It was also alleged that the Maoists were involved and the killer group was led by one Azad, a CPI (Maoist) leader operating in Orissa.
It makes little difference to the media whether the conspirators are tracked and punished. It does not seem to bother the UPA government that the gruesome murders were committed without any provocation-except that Swami Laxmanananda and his disciples were engaged in social work and spreading literacy among the tribals. This prevented the onslaught of the Christian proselytizers garnering men/women as ‘flocks’. It makes no impact on the Indian soul that pamphlets were distributed by an International Development agency working in that area and which communalized the people. It also does not matter to the larger public and the State government that conversion work was vigorously carried on in the name of development which led to alienation of the two communities. At the end of this what remains is that the perpetrators are at large-the victims are dead, the ‘secular’ media and the secular government at the Centre fault the majority community. The divide from perpetrators and victims become majority and minority divide. There is all sympathy, promises, financial assistance to those affected by the subsequent riots and clashes but not even a word of consolation to those who were gruesomely murdered in the ashram. The ‘secular’ media is not interested in the cause which led to the riots for the simple fact that the massacred were Hindus. Hindu lives are cheap and disposable. The ‘secular’ government at the Centre was silent but condemned the communal riots and extended all assistance and assurances to the Minorities that they would be safeguarded. The case has not been handed over to the CBI because nabbing the perpetrators is not on the priority list of the Congress. Unless and until the conspirators are nabbed those behind the planning will not be apprehended. And unless this is done the real cause for the professional murders will not be unraveled. Then what is Justice in this country after 62 years of Independence. To put it another way-if those who were massacred without any provocation happened to belong to the Minority community then how would the case be viewed? When Indira Gandhi was assassinated more than 3000 Sikhs were butchered. The government at the centre watched this genocide for three days. Was it not a Minority community which had to face the wrath simply because the assassin was a Sikh? So it looked as though there was a justification of the brutal killing the rapes and the harassment. A cause which had a violent reaction-a banyan tree which was felled and naturally all the little insignificant plants around had to perish. That was the justice dimension then. When it came to Swami Laxmanananda and his four disciples ruthlessly murdered in their own ashram the cause which triggered the subsequent clashes was not valid. Any action has a reaction. Unlike in an assassination-the communal clashes cannot be arrested unless the cause is removed. Why were the Christians angry with Swami Laxmanananda? Was he violent? Was he an anti-social man? Was he aggressive? By his dedication and good works he was preventing the tribal from being ensnared by the ‘development’ crumbs thrown by the proselytizers. So it is logical to infer that those who stood to lose-those who found Swami a hindrance and hurdle to their conversion work had planned to remove him from their path. There can be no other reason. Which means the crime planning can be traced to those Christian organizations working in the area. This is exactly why the governments both at the Centre and at the State level are uninterested to unravel the case and to nab the conspirators. It is essential to do this because the government can get at the root of communal clashes-not only at Kandhamal but in others places where communal clashes are reported. What caught the imagination of the UPA government especially the Congress was that in the subsequent riots some minorities-converted Christians were killed and a few thatched sheds called churches were destroyed. This made international news and there were echoes of this even at the European Meet. Our weak PM had to confess that the communal clash and the rape of a nun at Kandhamal was a blot on India.By such an application then this country is filled with blots because rapes are common especially in the States ruled by the Congress and the blots become conspicuous and blackened when it happens within the cloisters .But our weak PM hastened to smoothen the ruffled feathers of the European nations and promised that Minorities will be safeguarded. It is entirely an internal matter of this country and the issue should not have found expression at the EU summit. But Manmohan Singh being Manmohan Singh the weakest PM we ever had, buckled under the gaze of the EU and like a reprimanded school boy promised to behave better!
Global media was horrified that a nun was raped-It seems that nuns can be raped within the cloisters and even murdered, the media is not shocked and it makes hardly any news. The message is clear.It all depends on who the perpetrators are and the location of the sexual violation and rape.The rape of a nun during the clashes even had the Internuncio in Delhi to take up the issue. The Pope and the Christian world was agitated-India was painted as a nation where the minorities are unsafe. The massacre of an old revered swamiji and his four ashramites did not matter for the simple reason that they were Hindus.62 years of Freedom and this is the kind of Justice we have. A marked differentiation in the value of life-depending on religion. A body blow to Equality-a Fundamental Right enshrined in the Constitution.
The next news item was the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) plans to put India under its watch list because of the ‘inadequate’ response to religious violence, particularly against the country’s Muslims and Christian minorities. This is a serious matter to be immediately deal by the UPA government. The USCIRF has no business to poke its nose in the internal affairs of the country. It is unjust, uncalled for and there is no justification. With a billion population one should say that India has lived in harmony with the diverse cultures and religions but for the interference of outside powers. The cross border jihadis have injected a fear and terrorized the people. The jihadis are in 99 percent cases Muslims and it is natural for the other communities to view the Muslims with resentment. This is not to justify the resentment but to put across the hard facts of human reactions and feelings. The USCIRF seems anxious to fish in troubled waters. Any interference in the affairs of India must be downright rejected.
No country in the world would be able to produce such a long list of churches that have been constructed in the last ten years. There is a quantum jump in conversions. A word of caution here. Official records do not show the correct number of Christians because the Schedule castes even after conversion cite themselves as Hindus to garner all the benefits of the SCs like Reservation and full scholarship etc. Another indicator of minority harassment is the unending list of ‘converts’ to Christianity and to Islam. Do these two indicators go to prove that the minorities are harassed and do not have freedom of religion or do these testify to the proselytization and abuse of freedom by the minorities? Are these indicators that minority communities are being persecuted? The same can be said of the Muslims. Their mosques are safe- prayer time is even allowed within the office working hours-the roads can be blocked for them to assemble for their prayers, they are subsidized for their Haj pilgrimage to Mecca. Is there any country in the world whose government is concerned to finance the minority community for pilgrimages? Has any Islamic country done this? But here the tax money of the Hindus is being distributed for Haj subsidy! There is a separate ministry to attend to their affairs-a separate budget allocation to fund their development. The ‘appeasement’ of the Muslims in this country has gone to the extent of depriving other communities. We have the Prime Minister announcing that they have the first claim to development. Where in the world would there be a similar example? And the USCIRF wants to make out a case that religious minorities are not protected sufficiently. Next they would want to bring in their own security force into this country to protect the minorities. The vile scheme of the USCIRF is obvious. Some pretext or another to invade the territorial, political and social sovereignty and integrity of this country. It seems to me that the USIRF has to justify its existence and is unemployed. It finds India a safe place to invade for employment because we have a Mrs Sonia Gandhi with her catholic allegiance to Rome and a puppet Prime Minister both view the nation with the spectacles worn by the USIRF for their vested interest in vote bank politics. There is more development of the Muslims in India than in any other Islamic country. A few European countries could come under the scanner when it comes to racism and violence based on racism. The USA itself is not free of this. Nobody has appointed the USA and its panels to be super cops. Did the USA consult the UN or other nations when it went ahead and waged a war against Iraq? When it failed to discover the weapons of mass destruction which it accused Saddam Hussain of amassing what was the reaction of other nations? And finally after the total destruction, demolishment of a nation, its civilization and its leader USA had the cheek to announce that it was misled-there were no weapons of mass destruction. Was the USA hauled in the World court for its atrocities and its torture camps?
Has the USA the Power of Attorney to supervise other nations? America must realize that it is no longer a world power-that without India’s support it will collapse-financially and politically. If it has the courage and the guts then let it bring Pakistan, Bangla Desh, under its watch list for atrocities against the Hindu minorities there. Let it request a visit to China and see the reaction. Let it put Australia on its watch list for racist violence unleashed on the microscopic minority community-Indians. This is a sad commentary on the state of affairs India is faced with after 62 years of Freedom. A weak Central government under Mrs Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh has subjected India to a subservient servility, exposed it to terrorism by its soft policy and divided the people as majority/minority. Are we really Free and Liberated as a nation?
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

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