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Spare the people of your Statements Mr Chidambaram

Evidence against Saeed is in Pakistan’ stated P.Chidambaram.He adds that according to reports Saeed is placed under house arrest and that the J-u-D chief has been charged under two FIRs unrelated to 26/11.The UPA government must sit up and not just issue statements to the media. If the J-u-D chief is placed under house arrest and to Chidambaram it is a face saving technique for which he has no objection only reveals how slipshod the Congress led UPA government is when it comes to fighting terrorism.
The people have a right to know if this government really is resolved to fight terrorism and not just mouth hollow statements. There is substantial evidence that the Congress led UPA government is not prepared to fight terrorism. When it was quite evident that Pakistan’s military is abetting terrorism in giving training and direction to the terrorists Manmohan Singh and Yousuf Raza Gilani met at Sharm-il-Sheikh for talks. This bypassing the Vajpayee Mushrraf Declaration which was based on the understanding that composition dialogue will resume only after a categorical assurance from Pakistan not to use its soil for terrorism against India. This is a basic prerequisite for any meaningful talks with Pakistan.Yet Manmohan Singh bypassed this premise which means that no assurance is sought to continue talks. That was not a mere slip but a major setback and a clear indication of the Indian government’s soft policy towards terrorism.
The Manmohan Singh’s government had information on the militants trained in POK to attack Balighar dam that a secret tunnel was being built near the border town of Sailkot. Inspite of these shocking pieces of information Manmohan Singh had the callousness to warmly shake hands with Yousuf Gilani and worse still give the impression that both are victims. Where then are the perpetrators? When this was done at the highest level what is the use of Chidambaram’s oratory that the involvement of Saeed-the chief of the J-u-D in the 26/11 attack must be probed? Probed by whom Mr Chidambaram- by the government of India or the government of Pakistan? Both are victims then both need to have a joint investigation to get at the perpetrators. It is small consolation for the Home Minister to tell the people that evidence of Saeed’s involvement is in Pakistan. We better have the evidence and not shove the evidence at Pakistan alone because it will only engage itself in face saving techniques and Mr Chidambaram has no objection to that.
How long is the UPA government going to fool the people on its incompetence and its face saving techniques? Is a government’s credibility only to issue statements and to air views? Where is the action?
Why bother about the Saeed when this government is not capable of proving its resolve with terrorists here in India. Its ally the DMK released 9 terrorists of the Ul-Umma group involved in the infamous Coimbatore serial bomb blast in 1998 which took 58 innocent lives. How appropriate to celebrate the birthday of Annaduria by releasing terrorists-one among them-Fakrudeen Ali Ahmed was ‘suicide bomb’ which failed to explode. He and Mohd Ibrahim, Abdul Rehman, Abdul Farook, Abbas Abdul Jaffar, Mohd Rafi, Abdul Rahoop.Shahul Hameed, and Ashraf Sheik Kutty were freed.(Please note that terrorists are terrorists only when a single Hindu is involved it becomes Hindu terrorism). The whole case itself was soft pedaled when the chief of Ul-Umma was in prison two CMs were vying with each other to visit him and to see that all comforts were available to him. His subsequent role in the elections is well known. The UPA government’s persistent and adamant stand on the repeal of POTA and its opposition to the GUJCOC are clear indications of its soft policy towards terrorism. Can terrorists and other criminals be clubbed together? Terrorism is against the country-innocent people are the fodder-terrorism is an act of treason and treachery to destabilize the country and must be dealt as such. The UPA government will not fight against terrorism. Chidambaram can spare the people of his meaningless statements. So why bother about Afzal Guru-why bother about Kasab and why least of all bother about Saeed in Pakistan and its face saving techniques. When the Congress led UPA government has no face even to save when it comes to fighting and taking action against terrorists. But a ridder to the whole terrorism-had the terrorists been Hindus the picture would have drastically changed Chidambaram must answer why Sadhvi is still languishing in the prison?
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

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